Ravens Embarrassment and Mike McCarthy’s Misdirection

Brett Hundley

Well hell, the Total Packers podcast is finally back. Lucky for you!

After weeks of technical difficulties, we’ve gotten our shit back together. But on to the episode.

After the Green Bay Packers got thrashed by the Baltimore Ravens, Packers coach Mike McCarthy insisted the problem was turnovers. Sure, the Packers had five of those, but that wasn’t the issue.

We’ll tell you exactly what was. It’s something that typically isn’t an issue for the Packers.

Of course, we’ll dissect the play of quarterback Brett Hundley. Yes, Hundley was poor and we can tell you exactly what his problems currently are.

How about the running of rookie Jamaal Williams? Shawn and I disagree about what the Packers currently have with Williams.

And what has the injury to Aaron Rodgers shown us? We’ve got a few opinions on that, as well. We’ll discuss what it might mean.

Finally, there’s the Aaron Jones’ arrest. Significant?

We’ll see.

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