Packers’ Preseason & Roster Wrap-Up

Brett Hundley

It’s the regular season, baby! It’s finally here.

It was an eventful preseason for the Green Bay Packers. Much has happened since the last time we stepped up to the mic.

We’ve got the full preseason rundown, including a look at what might be an improved Packers’ defense. The team certainly now has plenty of options at cornerback. Seven to be exact. It illustrates just how reactive the Packers have become.

The biggest story of the preseason just might be the declining stock of quarterback Brett Hundley. The Packers tried to showcase him and he didn’t help his trade value.

Of course, the big topic of the weekend were roster cuts.

Surprises? Sure, plenty of them, as usual. There were the losses of Brian Price and Taysom Hill, the latter of which wasn’t a surprise to either of us. Then there were the guys who the Packers kept — Justin McCray and Lenzy Pipkins?

Okay, guys.

There are the new additions, as well. The pass rush looks different with Ahmad Brooks and Chris Odom.

Plus, Lane Taylor is a rich man.

It’s rich and meaty!

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