Packers’ Free Agency Preview & Success Debate

Ted Thompson at the Combine

Just in time for the meaty part of the offseason, the Total Packers podcast is back.

We’ve got a quick look back at the 2016 season and the success debate. Was it a successful season? We’ve got differing opinions on that, as well as some rare praise for Mike McCarthy.

Free agency is about to begin and the Green Bay Packers have a lot of questions to answer. As far as their own free agents, there are two must-have players on the list, although we disagree on who is No. 1 and No. 2.

The real hole that needs to be plugged is the No. 1 cornerback spot and it appears that can only happen by signing an outside free agent. We will run down who the top candidates are and what they provide. Is Ted Thompson motivated to actually sign someone?

We don’t think Thompson is necessarily ever motivated to do anything, but in this case, he pretty much has no choice.

The Packers have the cap room and they have some flexibility to create more if they want. Will they utilize it? We’ve got plenty of scenarios to discuss.

Let’s get to it.

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