Total Packers (totalpackers.com) is not affiliated with the Green Bay Packers. We are a news and entertainment organization that reports on the Green Bay Packers, their players, personnel and business, among other things.

We also often make fun of these things because 1. they deserve it and 2. it’s our right to do so. Mostly, we provide news, analysis and commentary, much the same way the Green Bay Press-Gazette does (packersnews.com), only better.

You will actually be entertained when you read our stuff, as opposed to the stale, tired and boring copy you’ll get from the Press-Gazette, Journal-Sentinel or Packers.com.

Even though Total Packers has every right to write stories about the Green Bay Packers, report on the Green Bay Packers and say what we think about the Green Bay Packers, there are some in the Green Bay Packers organization who like to threaten this right.

Without fail, on a yearly basis, Total Packers receives a cease and desist letter from the Green Bay Packers or their representatives. This letter inevitably claims that we do not possess the same rights as their approved news organizations (Press-Gazette, Journal-Sentinel, et. al.). See here for an example.

We strongly disagree with this assertion. In fact, there’s a very clear law that covers what we do and our right to use the Packers name. It’s called Fair Use.

We feel that we receive these threats only because we publish content that some people in the Green Bay Packers’ front office dislike.

This country was established based on checks and balances and therefore, we feel we can say whatever the hell we want, so long as it is false, libelous, etc. And as most of the people who contribute to this site are Green Bay Packers stockholders, that feeling is absolute.


Further, the Green Bay Packers — or at least someone in that front office — thinks you are so dim that you can’t tell the difference between this site (Total Packers) and whatever presence the Green Bay Packers have on the Internet.

In other words, the Green Bay Packers regularly assert that their own fans are idiots.

We created this site specifically for people who get it. The passive fans, the bandwagoners, the clowns who wore No. 4 Vikings jerseys… this site was not created with them in mind.

We have always wrote exactly what we felt with little to no filter and we’ve let you say exactly what you wanted to, even when you’re a total douche.

That is the spirit of why this site was established.

We can bitch about the Green Bay Packers if we like. We have a right and in some cases, a duty, to do so!

And if they happen to be salty because we have a better website than they do, they have a right to sue us.

But let me ask you this — who sues their fans? Their biggest fans? Fans that actually, because of their efforts (which return very limited monetary results), make them more money… make them more popular?

You’d have to be a real scumbag to beat someone like that down.


That’s why we display this link in our header. Because someone in the Green Bay Packers front office thinks you’re a buffoon. That you can’t tell the difference between this site and the Packers’ site.

If you’ve read this far and still don’t know the difference, here’s the payoff…

We publish stuff you’ll actually want to read, while the Packers will publish stuff based on soundbites approved by the powers that be.


If you are looking for the Green Bay Packers’ official site or to get in touch with the Green Bay Packers, then you should visit Packers.com.

Total Packers is not affiliated with the Green Bay Packers in any way. We’re not uptight enough.

If you frequent this site, you already knew that.