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Packers Sign Jaire Alexender to Extension

The Packers had a stellar pass defense last season that allowed only 219 yards per game and 18 interceptions, despite the fact that All-Pro cornerback Jaire Alexander missed 12 regular season games due to injury. There was little doubt that the Packers were going to sign Alexander to a contract extension, the only question was for how much and when.

The signing happened on Monday which included a $30 million bonus as part of a lucrative $84 million over the next four seasons. Alexander’s $21 million per season average is a record for defensive backs, which is $700,000 more per season than Denzel Ward and $1 million more than Jalen Ramsey.

Prior to the extension, Alexander was only under contract through this season, which would pay him a shade under $13.3 million. With the huge signing bonus prorated over the duration of the contract and a base salary of just under $1.1 million, the Packers made a wise economic move. This adds to their salary cap space, which had been about $11 million.

Alexander was the Packers first-round selection in 2018 and 18th overall. He had 66 tackles and an interception as a rookie, and was named to the PFWA’s All-Rookie Team. Alexander started all 16 games in his second season, recording 58 tackles and two interceptions, good enough to be named an alternate for the Pro Bowl. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2020 and earned second-team All Pro honors.

Although he missed most of last season, Alexander returned to play in the NFC divisional round of the playoffs against the 49ers. Despite having only five interceptions over four seasons, Alexander is a dominant cornerback, recording the fourth most pass breakups from 2018 through 2020.

The Packers have been conscious to upgrade the cornerback position over the past year and it has paid dividends. Eric Stokes was selected in the first round of the 2021 draft and they kept Rasul Douglas in the mix after inking him to a three-year deal worth an average of $7 million per season.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Mitch Anthony May 18, 2022

    It was a good thing, a very good thing, to get the Alexander deal done and secure his future as a Packer. The other good thing about this deal was the structure of the money in 2022. There still is some flexibility involved here with money available in 2022 to get some other deal done down the stretch if indeed this is yet another – going all in – season.

    Some are tossing theories out that there could be a bit left yet to secure a veteran free agent wide out, should the need present itself during the course of the season. A name bantered about for late season availability is Beckham. Well, we shall see. A whole lot happens between now and that potential then.

    Thanks for the write up Ed.

  2. Tom M May 19, 2022

    Jaire Alexander was a great pick in the 2018 draft that virtually no one saw coming. It’s hard to get INT’s when the opposing QB doesn’t throw your way. Which, by definition, is a shut down corner. Just as impressive was what rookie Eric Stokes and practice squad find Rasul Douglas was able to accomplish last season while Alexander was hurt.. It will be exciting to watch this trio on the field this year with all three healthy. We haven’t had a starting group this good since we had Charles Woodson, Sam Shields, and Tramon Williams. This contract isn’t possible if Davante Adams is resigned. It’s absolutely the right call. Contract extensions will be next for Elgton Jenkins, Rashan Gary, Darnell Savage, and AJ Dillion. Core players you can build a team around.

  3. PF4L May 19, 2022

    Tom makes a great point…..
    You want to re-sign core players to build a team around.
    Kudos Tommi 🤔
    Take Preston Smith for example….
    Gute and Ball saw what an impact Smith made through the years and locked him up for another 4 years at only 52 million.
    Lets see, that’s a total investment of 104 million over 8 seasons.
    Personally, i, and i know a lot of others thought the Packers were going to tell Smith to kick rocks after last season.
    But Preston knew it was a contract year, and actually made some plays. After barely showing up in 2020, who woulda guessed?
    If Z Smith had a better relationship with the Packers…i believe he would have stayed and Smith would be gone.
    Why?…because Z Smith isn’t Preston Smith…Z Smith is a legit consistent playmaker.
    At the end of the day, the Packers needed two edge rushers, so they re-upped on Smith.
    Here’s where Russ Ball did the smart thing. He only guaranteed Smith’s contract for the 12.2 mill signing bonus they gave him.
    (About the same guaranteed money as Love is making.)
    So, you could call it a 1 year deal with minimal dead cap damage if they want to replace Smith in 2023 (and i believe they do). which i will explain now…..
    Gute’s pick of Quay Walker is (hopefully) the right move strategically. Coinciding with Ball’s 1 year deal for Smith.
    I’m sure it was a purposeful strategy between Gute and Ball, and if Walker works out (starts in his 2nd season)
    Smith gets sent packing next March.
    It’s a solid, well thought out plan, so if Walker works out as a legit NFL edge rusher in his second season, and if Devonte Wyatt can be a legit starter, this defense has the potential to be something special.
    If the defense could be a top five defense giving up less than 20 points a game, i say look the fuck out.
    If Rodgers can win 2 MVP’s with only one legit starting receiver the last two seasons and the defense keeps trending upward.
    I like this team, sans receivers and special teams.
    Here’s the thing….that’s a lot of “IF’s” i just wrote….not usually my style.
    But…For the first time in years, i have a bit of off-season optimism (go figure..right?)
    That’s great and all…..but even with some optimism…here we are, still somewhat depending on a 1st year rookie draft class, to put us over the top, like we have been doing in recent years
    If the D-Line and inside LB play improves, could the safety positions be the weak link of the defense?
    Savage fell off a little last season but all in all, we’re ok at safety

    Make no mistake, Gute had his job cut out for him when Ted was (reassigned).
    Ted left some positions neglected and/or didn’t think they were important.
    But to a lesser extent, Gute is somewhat guilty of the same thing regarding what he could have done with the Love picks….but it is what it is.
    That will be further discussed when/if Love is traded, or signs a lesser back up contract.
    I call that judgement day because then…the media and websites will report it and rehash that whole pick situation.
    Some GM’s have lost jobs over that kind of move, but Gute has done well enough with his other early picks, and his free agent pieces that he’s in no danger of going anywhere.
    Matter of opinion…you may very well hear the Packers extending his contract during, or after this season
    I just hope the Packers didn’t guarantee Love his 5th year option after the the draft…(chuckle).

  4. Tom M May 20, 2022

    Are you still pissed off Kevin because ZaDarius Smith didn’t make team captain? Cuz I can assure you he’s over it. That’s right sweetheart, core players. Core players your favorite GM drafted, signed as FA’s, and signed off other teams practice squads. You can’t pay everyone and ZaDarius was the odd man out. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. But it’s understandable why your clueless. Having back surgery and being 30 years old made the call an easy one. Let Minnesota take the risk. We’re going to have to pay Rashan Gary soon. Can’t waste money on two aging OLB’s. Here’s a big IF for ya. If Aaron Rodgers actually shows up in the playoffs. I wouldn’t count on it.

  5. PF4L May 21, 2022

    Glad you’re here Gomer
    Now can you tell us clueless Ladies how Gute managed to guarantee Love’s 5th year guarantee even before he signed his contract?
    How does that work exactly?
    I just don’t understand it, because i’m clueless.
    What puzzles me is, why would Gute guarantee a players 5th year option right after the draft?
    I mean, did Love earn the 20 plus million 5th year option, like most players have to?
    Also….if they trade him, are they obligated to still pay for his 5th year option, that they guaranteed?
    Many questions, we need answers Princess.
    You seem to know it all.
    Now if Gute…did in fact guarantee Love’s 5th year option before he even arrived in Green Bay (as you have stated).
    What best describes that strategy…..
    A) Really stupid
    B) Really fucking dumb
    C) A seriously epic, dumbfuck move
    D) The best strategy……ever
    I believe you’re an “honorable” intelligent NFL fan Tom, who enjoys educating us with your highly respected football intelligence.
    So please….educate us Ladies.

  6. Rebelgb May 23, 2022

    The problem with Z Smith is his back. No team really wants to take a big chance on that kind of injury. Who knows what the Packers Dr’s were saying behind closed doors. Could have been completely different story than what Z’s Dr’s were saying. I think hte Pack made the right call on that one. Really I think 2 things are going to make or break this season: Injuries and WR. Not really going out on a limb there I suppose. Injuries have really hurt the Pack in the playoffs the last 2 years, especially on OL and we need our WR to work as a group this year.


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