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How Important is Randall Cobb to the Packers in 2022?

Randall Cobb might be in his second spell with the Green Bay Packers, but it could be argued that the 2022 NFL season could be one of the most significant of his career in the Green Bay area.

Of course, many know the relationship that he has with Aaron Rodgers, with the wide receiver and the quarterback having a close friendship away from the field, as well as having an incredibly effective relationship on the gridiron.

Naturally, when a number of sports betting enthusiasts on prominent platforms like Betway, take a look at Green Bay fixtures, many will take a look at what is being offered between these two men, as each of them continues to leave an impression.

The last couple of seasons has been a little different for Cobb as he has returned to the Packers to play for the first time under Matt LaFleur after returning to Lambeau Field after a stint at the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans for a sixth-round draft pick following the eight-year spell he had the first time around. However, we can all expect him to be an integral part of the offense this season.

The Packers need Cobb to step up

Indeed, the Packers will need to look at improving their offensive weapon options as they have lost both Davante Adams, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling in free agency. Allen Lazard continues to remain, but Cobb is going to have to compliment him as he is the more experienced player.

Having essentially been the fourth wide receiver on the depth chart, the veteran will know more about LaFleur’s offense and should be in a position to make an immediate impact where he can team up effectively with Rodgers once again.

Cobb has shown he can still be effective

The 2021 NFL season showed that he was learning, as he continued to improve with each game that he played in, although it would be easy to argue that his production was never as good as those who use Betway to bet on the games involving him would have initially hoped.

Cobb did have a solid outing when he played in the absence of Adams, Lazard, and Valdes-Scantling in Week 8 when the Packers played the Arizona Cardinals. Although he was only targeted five times, he did manage to make three receptions for a total of 15 yards, scoring two touchdowns.

His last game of the season due to an injury he sustained – the Week 12 victory over the eventual Super Bowl LVI champions, the Los Angeles Rams – saw him have his best game in his second stint with Green Bay, as he had four receptions for a total of 95 yards and one touchdown. He did make a return to the field in the NFC Divisional loss to the San Francisco 49ers but had no receptions.

What could we see from Cobb in 2022?

As mentioned, the upcoming 2022 NFL season looks to be one that is going to be of incredible importance for Cobb and one that Betway punters may look at as a way of trying to maximize their NFL betting experiences.

The wide receiver managed to record his best season since the 2015 campaign in regard to the number of TDs scored, as he managed to end up in the endzone on five occasions. Some will suggest that it shows he still has what it takes to be an effective weapon, especially as he has shown that he can be a good route runner, thus making him a viable target for Rodgers.

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  1. PackerFan April 27, 2022

    I fully expect Randall Cobb to have a huge impact at WR this season. The most important thing for him is to be healthy. If he stays healthy he probably has 15 TD’s including two in the final ten seconds to beat the Bears

  2. Deepsky April 28, 2022

    My theory is the Packers are going to load up on receivers after the first round, so Cobb is not going to be heavily relied upon. The Packers could trade even their first pick for two second round picks and do a lot better drafting because unlike the QB position, there’s not a great difference in success rate between 1st and 2nd round receivers, 58 percent starting vs 49 percent starting. Cobb will have to put on his coaching hat.

  3. Tom M April 29, 2022

    The problem with Randall Cobb will be staying healthy. Rodgers targeting Cobb like he did Adams will be a disaster. At 31, he’s here only because Rodgers wants him here and not really for production. I would keep your expectations at a minimum. You’d be better off hanging your hat on Sammy Watkins than Randall Cobb.

  4. PF4L April 30, 2022

    Well….Cobb had 5 TD passes last season on 39 targets. More than he’s had since 2015.
    Flip the coin and Watkins had 1 TD on 49 attempts last season.
    The thing with Watkins (besides lack of production) is that he’s signed on with 5 teams since 2014.
    Five teams at 28 years old?
    Being the 4th pick his draft class, that’s disturbing.
    Adams was picked 53rd of the same draft
    Neither of these guys are the answer. But at least with Cobb you got some production.
    Gute did have the good sense to sign Cobb last season, as he had a large part in two wins.

  5. Tom M April 30, 2022

    Your saying then, Cobb had his best season in 6 years and still only managed 39 catches and 5 TD’s. Not very impressive is it? Randall Cobb is 31 years old and doesn’t scare defenses in the least. Likewise Cobb is on his 4th team in 4 years. He may have contributed in two games but was virtually non existent in 15 others. If Rodgers plays favorites, like he’s known to do, and only throws to his buddies, it will be a disaster. Cobb is no Davante Adams. More than likely, Cobb will be hurt by early October then in and out of the lineup the rest of the year. Such is the life of 31 year old WR’s in the NFL. Or are you going to proclaim Cobb is Jordy Nelson reincarnated and still in his prime at the tinder age of 31? And like Jordy, full of many more productive seasons even if 32 other GM’s think your full of shit? Randall Cobb and and the even more ancient Marcedes Lewis are taking up roster spots because GM Rodgers wants them there. Gutekunst would cut both in a heartbeat. At 28, Sammy Watkins can still run. Cobb, not so much. I’m not going to die on the Sammy Watkins hill defending him because I can’t get excited about the signing. But let’s revisit this Kevin at the end of the season and see who’s “stats” are better. Who knows, you might actually be right for once. But I wouldn’t bet your momma’s double wide on it….

  6. PF4L April 30, 2022

    Give it a rest short bus……
    I simply talked about the acquisition of Watkins, and compared his production to Cobb’s.
    That’s it, simple.
    Don’t try to take my words and twist it into something it isn’t, in your fucked up childish mind.
    Concerning Lewis and Cobb…maybe if Gute wasn’t controlled by Aaron Rodgers (as you say).
    Then maybe Gute could grow a backbone, stand up, and become his own man, making his own decisions.
    Fun Facts…..
    Christian Watson RSA score…9.96
    Jeff Janis RSA….9.93
    We’re talking….Julio Jones athletic metrics here.
    I’m hoping Watson can do more than just stretch the field. Janis did that and only cost us a 7th round pick.

  7. PF4L April 30, 2022

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    RAS….The NFL drafting guide for….Dummies.
    Calm the F down!….it’s a joke.

  8. Killer April 30, 2022

    Day 3 of the draft and no articles on the Packer picks? What kind of site is this? Or is it due to shame?

  9. Tom M April 30, 2022

    No one gives two shits about RAS scores. It’s what the tape tells you. And since you can’t evaluate talent, you just shit out numbers. Are they football players? Can they play at the next level? So now your telling us Christian Watson is Jeff Janis because some bullshit number says so? Not surprising from someone who said Rashan Gary was a bust. Let’s revisit this prediction during the season.

  10. Kato April 30, 2022

    Tom, the Packers do clearly covet high level athletes, as you can’t teach athleticism. Whatever deficiencies there are in their game, they count on coaching to correct those.
    I hate to quote PF4L, but I am not about to crown anyone in this draft class, buuuuuuuuttttttt…. this is the best I have felt about a draft class top to bottom in several years. Just a feeling. Maybe every one of them will suck balls and be out of the league in 4 years, and I will eat crow. How long have Packers fans asked for this team to take off the ball linebackers seriously, and we cycled through late round picks and street FAs, and we finally seemed to find a winner in Campbell last year? Now we take another one? It’s been talked about that the Packers would like to get away from three safety looks, and even if Walker is just good, not excellent, he is an upgrade over Black. If he can live up to his billing being a taller guy with speed, they may finally have someone that can cover TEs. Plus his tape shows sideline to sideline speed which when is the last time the Packers have had that from the LB position?
    I don’t remember if I said something on an article here, but I really didn’t want the Packers to draft Watson. Not because I don’t like him, I just think he is too risky. He has the highest ceiling of any receiver in the draft, but thought that Pickens was the safer choice. I will say, I did see a video of Watson shirtless in 19 degree weather in the snow at a NDSU game today, and it can be said he would naturally fit on at GB. He also is a pretty good blocker in the run game, which he had to do a lot of in the run heavy offense there. They gave a lot up to get him, but I would like to believe in karma, because the vikings ultimately gave up that pick to allow the Packers to take him. Nothing would be sweeter than Watson making them pay year in and year out, it feels like destiny.
    Absolutely loved the Doubs pick, in my mind I was begging the Packers to take him. His tape is super impressive. Wouldn’t be shocked if he is a bigger contributor than Watson year one. Loved the OL picks too, both are versatile and fit their offensive scheme.
    Overall I thought the Ravens had the best draft, but that team has been so goddamn good in the draft for years. So many great picks, Kyle Hamilton is a baller and will be an all pro by year 3. Belicheck, I don’t know what he was doing, it seemed like he was drunk. Picked a lot of guys that would have been available two rounds later.

  11. Kato April 30, 2022

    Also worth noting Dean Lowry’s days may be numbered, and he may be a post June 1st cut. With the drafting of Wyatt, and signing of Jarron Reed, plus TJ Slayton being on the team along with Kenny Clark, he seems to be expendable. Seems like the Packers could get younger, cheaper, with more upside there. If that’s the direction they go, it is worth saying that Dean Lowry was an excellent 5th round pick and I will always be fond of him. Solid player, and overachiever. He will catch one with another team looking for a rotational 3 technique or even possible starter (bears have a need there)

  12. Tom M May 1, 2022

    Brian Gutekunst hit it out of the park in the draft. This defense has a chance to be special. It’s literally stacked from the DL to LB to the secondary. And if he hits on Christian Watson, that’s a legit #1 WR. The name you heard over and over again from Packer fans before the draft was either Chris Olave or Christian Watson. But I’m with you Kato, I’d have preferred George Pickens. He’d have been the safer pick. But he’s not without risk either with his off the field issues. As GM, sometimes you have to swing for the fences. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Living in California, I’ve seen many a UCLA game. Sean Rhyan is both fluid and athletic. I don’t need a RAS score to tell me what I see. He’s a far better athlete than either Royce Newman, last years starting RG, and local boy, Cole Van Lanen. I think he can play RT at the next level. I can’t speak for the rest of the draft class. Once again Gutekunst out drafted golden boy John Schneider. Many a Gutekunst hater’s first choice for GM when Ted retired.

  13. PF4L May 1, 2022

    Tom M April 30, 2022
    No one gives two shits about RAS scores. It’s what the tape tells you. And since you can’t evaluate talent, you just shit out numbers.
    ^^Doesn’t get it^^
    Listen up Short Bus, my post contained satire humor.
    Intended for Packer fans here.
    You don’t get it, i fully understand.
    But…why are you always so angry all the time?

  14. PF4L May 1, 2022

    Christian Watson…..you aren’t a legit #1 receiver in the NFL until you are.
    How do you proclaim a guy like Watson, to be a #1 with 100% certainty…you have to be a damn fool.
    I heard this on ESPN about a 5th round pick….”This guy is the steal of the draft”
    I just smiled…
    Like, really?
    Hours after he’s drafted, he’s proven himself to be the steal of the NFL draft?
    GTFO of here…that is just ignorant.
    Pick your words more carefully…like, “he could end up being the steal of the draft.”
    But when it comes to the draft, everyone is trying to sound like an authority.
    Wasn’t Mandarich a LEGIT HOF left tackle in people’s mind?
    You aren’t….until you are.
    We see quotes all the time where experts like Kiper and McShay end up looking like total idiots after things they said about a player.
    Kato mentions watching a players tape…and not just Kato, but most everyone watches and talks about a players college tape.
    It’s an evaluation tool, it’s not absolute proof you can play in the NFL.
    Most players have great looking highlight tape.
    BUT…..that’s college ball, against college competition.
    The NFL is a whole different animal.
    If the transition from College to the Pro’s was easy.
    The NFL wouldn’t have had to adjust the pay scale for 1st round picks back in 2011…think JaMarcus Russell
    Tim Tebow would be a future HOF’r.
    Baker Mayfield wouldn’t have a foot out the NFL door.
    You get the jist i think.
    In the NFL world…you aren’t a LEGIT anything…until you’ve proven it on the field.
    I’m sure some thought Love was a LEGIT future starting QB, and he may very well be someday…but only, when he proves it.
    The NFL World…according to PF4L

  15. PF4L May 1, 2022

    Tom M April 30, 2022
    So now your telling us Christian Watson is Jeff Janis because some bullshit number says so?
    Lol…We all read what i said….and i said no such thing Tommi.
    But you constantly always twist my words in some demented way that you want people to perceive them.
    That isn’t twisting the truth. It’s called lying Tommi. You are a proven liar.
    Everyone here see’s how you operate Princess.
    Everyone here may not like me and that’s fine with me, but….
    Most know i’m straight up, consistent, and fair.
    I think it’s safe to say. Tommi is our resident moron.
    Like the awful next door neighbor, you can’t get rid of.

  16. Dean May 1, 2022

    The need for speed in GBs WR group. Looks like 2 of the packer WR picks have some serious speed, Romeo 21.25 MPH!

  17. Tom M May 2, 2022

    Hey Kevin, go play with your stats and your RAS scores while you thumb thru your Aaron Rodgers photo album. Let the big boys talk football. Christian Watson is Jeff Janis because they have similar RAS scores. So says Erin’s scorned former boyfriend. Jeff Janis was never a first round talent. But you wouldn’t know that.

  18. PF4L May 2, 2022


  19. Just Mike Now May 2, 2022

    Wow, after reading these comments you should change the name of the site to Total Retarded Packers.

  20. Kato May 3, 2022

    Talking about college players before they even play an NFL down is just filling in air time. In reality there are so so few can’t miss guys. Trevor Lawrence last year (that situation in Jacksonville was a dumpster fire), Quenton Nelson was the last one before that. There are very few prospects coming out of college that will just go to any team or system and just succeed at a high level. In this draft, I didn’t see any true alphas that weren’t without risk. Even with Aiden Hutchinson. He may end up just being a nice player that can provide like 8 sacks or so a year for you, which isn’t what you want out of a guy that was in the running for the #1 pick.
    I do think, on paper this is the best Packers draft in years, and ultimately predict we will see it on the field. I feel that good about these guys (besides Christian Watson, still skeptical there). But, as they say, everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth. All they have is talk, and it means absolutely nothing until they prove people right on the field in actual games, and not the bullshit of “they turned heads at the mini camp practice today.”

  21. PF4L May 3, 2022

    Damn Kato!


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