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Packers Predictions for the Season Ahead

It’s time to start speculating again. Before you know it, the football season will be under way and we’ll be enjoying all of the drama that unfolds, and the hundreds of incredible matchups. We can’t wait.

What would make it even more exciting? Well, a good season for the Packers could make all the difference, and though it might be a good idea to say it quietly, we think there’s a chance that the Packers could turn themselves into a force once more.

If you check the sports betting sites in Ontario and look at the markets for winning the Super Bowl, there is always a fairly mainstream school of thought that the Packers have a chance. By the time the season kicks off again, we may be in a position to make the Packers one of the early favorites.

In this guide, we’re sharing some of our thoughts and predictions for the season ahead, and for the rest of the offseason. Of course, we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen – that’s all part of the fun of football.

Prediction #1 – The Packers will draft a wide receiver in the first

Ask Packers fans what the “missing piece” currently is in the team and they will probably tell you that the wide receiver position is a weakness. As Davante Adams becomes a free agent and the Packers are unable to give him the contract he needs, there are a number of decisions to make regarding the WR position.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Allen Lazard will also be on the market, so the team is starting to look a little thin on the ground.

Surely then, the Green Bay Packers will look to use their first round draft to pick up a wide receiver. This is something they could have done in recent years and they may well have learned from those errors.

Prediction #2 – Packers to unearth talent in the later rounds

The later rounds can be great for picking up some real gems, but there are undoubtedly a lot of problems with some of these picks.

Often, we see young prospects whose careers have been somewhat derailed by problems, such as injuries.

Kevin Austin Jr. is one of the names that we’ve picked out. He ran a 4.43 40-yard dash at the NFL combine and we have seen what this youngster can do. He was the Notre Dame leader in both yards and catches back in 2020, but suspension and injuries have limited his prospects. He’s one of the young talents who could thrive in the right conditions, but he’s only number 344 on the CBS Sports player ranking.

The later rounds can be used to great effect and with the Packers needing to add to their ranks, it is time for some clever scouting.

Prediction #3 – Return of the King?

Kevin King is not the most popular name among Packers’ fans, but hear us out. The Packers could re-sign him on a one-year veteran minimum contract. If they signed this deal, it would actually save the Packers over $1m, as opposed to letting him go as a free agent. Whether King would take this minimum deal is something we don’t know.

Prediction #4 – Packers to reach the playoffs

Rodgers has signed an extension, and that means that the Packers always have a chance.

Unfortunately, Adams was traded out, which means that Green Bay lost an incredible talisman who will be sorely missed. The receivers, as we’ve already discussed, could be one of the issues for Green Bay but with some money freed up in the salary-cap, there is the chance to do some good business.

The Packers have a challenge laid out ahead of them but with Aaron Rodgers on their side, there’s always a chance that they can do some damage.

While the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs are the early favorites in the sportsbook, the Green Bay Packers are not too far behind. At the time of writing, they’re considered fourth or fifth favorites, so it would be silly to bet against them.


It’s going to be eventful – that’s basically the only thing that can be guaranteed at this point. The Packers have some work to do in the offseason, but there is a feeling that they aren’t too far from being real contenders if they manage to make the right moves with their draft picks.

The season is likely to be thrilling, and could be fruitful for Packers fans.


  1. Tom M April 27, 2022

    The “missing piece” is a QB that can actually win in the playoffs. That hasn’t happened in over a decade. Drafting a WR in the 1st round won’t change that. Mr Regular Season may not win the MVP award this year but this is a playoff team regardless. Vegas certainly thinks so even if the Gutekunst haters don’t. Too many Packer fans correlate Rodgers stats to wins. In 2019 the Packers were 13-3, won a playoff game and Rodgers threw 26 TD’s. The defense and run game now is far superior to that team. We’re in a weak division and your not paying Rodgers 50 million to win 7 games. The regular season and winning the division isn’t the issue. It’s what happens once the playoffs starts is where the wheels always come off. And the only constant now is Rodgers.

  2. Howard April 27, 2022

    Andrew, just to ensure no one is confused. Kevin King could sign with the Packers for a veteran minimum contract. The Packers would not save even a penny by signing King. There would be no 1Mil. in savings. King was a free agent as of February 21, 2022. The 3 mil owed to King for void years was “dead money” as of February 21, 2022. Nothing the Packers do now with King can save any portion of the 3 million in “dead money” for void years.

  3. Mitch Anthony April 27, 2022

    Okay. Let’s stop mentioning the “KK” name. It showed up in another thread and now in this one. I don’t want this to be like Beetlejuice where if the name is mentioned three times in succession, he appears.


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