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Green Bay Packers Draft Needs List: Why Wide Receiver Will Be Number One

It’s not a pleasant experience for NFL teams to lose talent in free agency, but it happens every year. The Green Bay Packers are no exception. They could not agree with Davante Adams (former wide receiver) on a long-term deal.

Well, to put it simply, the Packers and Adams were not seeing eye-to-eye financially. Hence, this forced the team to place the franchise tag on him this season.

And now that Davante Adams is gone, the Green Bay Packers face a huge problem: a severe wide receiver talent deficiency. That’s something they must address as soon as possible.

They Need Two Wide Receivers

Of course, it’s not ideal for bringing your players in free agency. However, when you don’t have enough salary caps, that’s all you can do. And this is the case for the Green Bay Packers this season.

The Packers started the year with about a $50 million salary cap. But because of the smart moves done by Brian Gutekunst (general manager), they’re below the cap due. Still, they were able to re-sign Rasul Douglas and De’Vondre Campbell.

Even so, there are many things to do, particularly at wide receiver. Besides Davante Adams, wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling wasn’t able to come back. He recently signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, as you can see, with Davante Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling gone, the Green Bay Packers will need to bring in two veterans.

Green Bay’s Options

The Green Bay Packers took a significant risk by letting go of Adams and MVS. As a result, they’re in a tough spot and now severely want wide receiver depth. So, what are their options?

Free Agents

Well, they can sign two wide receivers in free agency. The advantage of this is that they can get two veterans already familiar with the NFL and could make an immediate impact. And that’s what they need right now, players who can come in and contribute right away.

The downside is that free agency is always a crapshoot. You never know how players are going to perform once they change teams. And the Packers have been burned by signing big-name free agents in the past. So, it’s a risky proposition.


Another option is to explore the possibility of trading for a wide receiver. This move has its advantages and disadvantages as well. On the plus side, you can get a player already familiar with your system, and you don’t have to worry about him being a bust. The downside is that you may have to give up some valuable assets to get him.

If the Packers are going this route, they might want to sign Terry McLaurin. The Washington Commanders star is the most recent name linked to the NFL trade rumors.

Here are Terry McLaurin’s game statistics:

• 16 touchdowns
• 3,090 receiving yards
• 222 receptions

With outstanding performance, Terry McLaurin won’t only give the Packers the vertical threat it needs. But he can make contested catches and move the chains. Getting him would cost a lot. However, the talent outweighs the cost. The NFL Super Bowl Odds of the Packers will undoubtedly increase if McLaurin gets acquired.

NFL Draft

Another option is to take a wide receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Packers have two picks in the first and second round of the upcoming Mock Draft. And they should use these opportunities to pick up the next star wide receiver of the team.

The good news is that the top of the draft is flowing with wide receiver talent. That means the Packers should be able to find a quality receiver, including Jameson Williams from Alabama, Treylon Burks from Arkansas, and Chris Olave from Ohio State.

Plus, considering the current stockpile of Green Bay, the team can be bold enough to acquire one or two of them.

Chris Olave is an explosive pass catcher and an exceptional route runner. Aaron Rodgers demands greatness from his wide receivers. In particular, he wants his pass catchers to run, be in the correct spot at the right time and run good routes.

And Olave has that ability, making him a perfect fit for the Packers’ offense. On the other hand, Treylon Burks is quite similar to Chris Olave. He’s a great route runner and played in one of the best college conferences. While he doesn’t have top-end speed, Burks is a great receiver who could be a steal in the draft.

Jameson Williams can accelerate through the ball and run after the catch. He doesn’t slow down and takes the right angles.


Heading into the 2022 NFL Mock Draft, the Green Bay Packers face some urgency in acquiring talented wide receivers. With Adams and MVs departing, the Packers need to address the wide receiver position in the draft. The Packers have many options at their disposal, and it will be interesting to see how they use their picks to address this need.


  1. Mitch Anthony April 12, 2022

    If the current wide receiver room had more depth and stability a roll of the dice on Jameson Williams might be a good one. As it is right now it is hard to imagine spending high draft capital on someone who might not even play in 2022. The needs are too immediate but, they’ve done some confounding things before. If not for that injury, he’d likely be the first WR taken in the draft. Whomever has that luxury of taking on a project will get a very good wide out. I hope a team before GB takes him so the Packers draft room isn’t so tempted. Immediate need should win out on this decision.

    Chris Olave, Trey Burks, and even George Pickins have the right attributes to be considered for one of those first picks, in that order. Pass on Drake London and Jahan Dotson, they are overrated. I want to like Christian Watson as much as others do but, what was the level of competition during his college time? Paul featured a write up on Watson and Alec Pierce and I would give the edge to Pierce as someone to hope for as the second WR taken by GB.

    It is highly likely a gem is found in the later rounds that could also be a contributor. GB has had meetings with Velus Jones Jr, Samori Toure, and Tyquan Thornton. Don’t be surprised at any one of them showing up maybe on day three as the third wide out taken by GB.

    Thanks for the write up Andrew.

  2. PF4L April 12, 2022

    Green Bay Packers Draft Needs List: Why Wide Receiver Will Be Number One?
    Answer: Brian Gutekunst

  3. PF4L April 12, 2022

    So….let me see if i have this correct.
    The Packers want to do what’s “in the best interest for the future of the Green Bay Packers”. (per Gute).
    So they trade up for a QB to sit for a couple years to replace Rodgers, ignoring the team at the time in the 1st and 4th round..
    In other words…they “prepared” for their eventual plan of Rodgers leaving.
    Now consider…..they had to have a clue that there was a good chance of Adams leaving and losing MVS in free agency, especially citing the salary cap situation. I mean, you would think that they played out that scenario in one or two of their weekly power meetings…right?
    So…what happened…plans changed?
    After ignoring the wide receiver room, after failing to acquire a legit #2 receiver the Packers changed course and decided going with Love was the wrong move. They don’t have to concede it, we all know it was a bonehead strategy.
    Some of us thought so at the time.
    Now we have Rodgers and a empty wide receiver room.
    My question being…..
    Why would they spend so much time, energy and resources preparing for Rodgers exit, and do almost next to nothing preparing for the possible exit of Adams and to a lesser extent, MVS.
    I mean…..Wouldn’t being prepared for that…..be in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers”?
    This same receiver problem …since 2018 (smh)
    Maybe the Packers have to deal with it now as priority #1…because, umm, well, umm…they ignored it for so long?
    Disclaimer: Some purple headed bowl of loudmouth soup stated that wide receivers aren’t a problem position for the Packers recently, citing the fact that Rodgers won back to back MVP’s.
    That may make sense….to him and the other 3 dullards who follow him, but informed Packer fans know better.
    But then again this same dullard “assured” us that Rodgers would be gone after this last season, even naming the team he was going to.
    Then, of course, he also told us….we could “take that to the bank sweetheart….lol.
    Because he….. “knows it all”….lol
    Never a dull moment in here…except of course, when there aren’t any new articles for 10 days.
    When do we start to figure out what Jordan Love’s trade value is?
    Or should we just do nothing, pay him his 12 million guaranteed as he sits ion his ass for 4 years?
    Good job Gute.
    Lets hope Gute didn’t give Jordan Love his (COUGH) guaranteed 5th year option after the draft, and before he even got to Green Bay, like our purple headed Barney told us he did,,,,,,,lol
    So dumb, it’s funny.

  4. Cheese April 12, 2022

    Nice post PF4L. Yes, the way the QB and WR positions have been handled over the past several years is nothing short of mind boggling.
    “Why would they spend so much time, energy and resources preparing for Rodgers exit, and do almost next to nothing preparing for the possible exit of Adams and to a lesser extent, MVS.”

  5. rebelgb April 13, 2022

    Oh God give it a rest. Seriously. Your anti Gute shit is just boring at this point.

  6. Sal April 13, 2022

    This reads like it was written for a middle school English assignment.

  7. PF4L April 13, 2022

    Rebel….please….don’t call me God.
    Thanks for understanding.

  8. Tom M April 14, 2022

    Where would you girls be without Brian Gutekunst to bitch at? Poor little Erin would have to actually take responsibility for choking in the playoffs without your favorite GM to blame. How many SB’s did little Erin win with Adams and MVS? That’s right, ZERO! Adams won’t be worth his contract and old man Rodgers couldn’t throw the deep ball to MVS. Last I checked you don’t play games in April. Don’t you fret girls, your favorite GM will have the WR room restocked come training camp. “Oh, but will that be enough time for them to earn Aaron’s trust”, you say? You girls are as big a drama queens as little Erin himself. I can see why you love him so much. Erin’s a big boy. He can make it work. But you ladies keep making excuses for him. It’s what you do.

  9. PF4L April 14, 2022

    Tom M April 14, 2022
    Where would i be without Erin Rodgers to bitch about?
    Answer….Ummm…You wouldn’t be here, because you wouldn’t have anything to say.
    What did i win?😁

  10. PF4L April 14, 2022

    Princess Tommi…..
    If you don’t like what i have to say concerning Gute, and the truths i write about him….
    Then tell me how i’m wrong…dispute it, say something intelligent on his behalf, don’t just whine and cry about it constantly.
    Coming in here, being nothing more than a little trolling bitch the way you do, is no way to create, what you would call….a life
    Say something intelligent, stop repeating the same shit over and over and over and over and…….
    No wonder this site is going to shit.
    It started happening about the same time you added the new username “Tom M”.

  11. Tom M April 14, 2022

    And what “truths” do you speak PF4L? That Aaron Rodgers is the greatest QB ever? He isn’t. That Rashan Gary was a wasted pick? He’s not. He’s a stud. That Kurt Benkert can play in the NFL. He can’t. Unless holding a clipboard counts. It doesn’t. That we’d trade ZaDarius Smith? I’m still waiting for those draft picks from Minnesota. And my personal favorite, that team captains actually mean something. Only to the mind of a simpleton like yourself. So many “truths” so little time…..

  12. rebelgb April 14, 2022

    “and the truths i write about him….” PF4L. ” Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity”. – Tim Fargo
    How fricking arrogant you are. You seem to have a lot of time responding. Are you one of Bidens living off the tit babies who has no job?
    Gute is going to blow this draft in 2 weeks out the block!

  13. Empacador April 15, 2022

    Rebel, take your fucking politics elsewhere, we already know you are a racist fuckstick. Spout your implied Trump nut hugging bullshit elsewhere. We get it, everyone that disagrees with you and your conservative politics are “libtards”. You’re as tiring as reading Tom and Killer’s bullshit. Seems those 2 aren’t Packers fans yet they spend a lot of time commenting and responding here, how come they get a pass? Nice to see they’ve allowed you to find your balls. Time to add you to the list of posters to ignore which is a club of 3 morons.

  14. Ed April 15, 2022

    Well said Empacador.

  15. Tom M April 15, 2022

    Empacador, you don’t have to have your nose buried up Aaron Rodgers ass to be a Packer fan. And just because I don’t care for the little diva doesn’t make me a Viking fan either. I know you and your buddy PF4L think 2+2=5, it doesn’t. Aaron Rodgers will have a top 5 defense, a top 3 running game, and a healthy OL. He’ll have Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb, Allan Lazard, and at least two WR’s drafted in the top 5 picks. When your QB is being paid 50 million per, that’s plenty to make the passing game work. Instead all you hear are excuses and finger pointing. Brian Gutekunst can’t suit up and play for Rodgers. If Rodgers preferred the WR room in Denver to what he has now, then he should have told Gutekunst, I want out, trade me. He elected to stay. He’s not blaming Gutekunst and neither should you girls.

  16. PF4L April 16, 2022


  17. Empacador April 16, 2022

    Hey Tom, YOU AREN’T A PACKER FAN. I busted your ass admitting as such when you were trying to impress your new friends over on that other site several months ago, to which I shared here, remember poser? The way you lump everyone who doesn’t agree with your worldview on the state of the Packers shows how much of a petulant baby you are. Mommy and daddy didn’t love you enough? Seems like you’re the one who is butthurt when everyone doesn’t completely agree with you but you also seem to be a misogynist considering your penchant for calling everyone girls and ladies. I’m sure your scathing retort directed at me for calling you out will be entertaining, but the fact remains, YOU AREN’T A PACKER FAN, YOUR WORDS, NOT MINE. Get over yourself and your Rodgers hate, we get it, you can’t stand him. I’m tired of his antics as well and I don’t think extending him was the right move, but I’m not questioning his sexuality or anything like the bullshit I’ve seen you post about him. Show us on the doll where he touched you inappropriately so you can start healing dude, Jesus Christ already.

  18. Cheese April 16, 2022

    Don’t mess with Empacador. He will verbally massacre you, your posse, and the Loveboat you came in on.

  19. Empacador April 16, 2022

    I’m not tone deaf Cheese and had to take some of my own advice. I realize there are people here that were sick of my constant bitching about McCarthy as well as Favre. And I’m gonna beat up on Favre one last time at the end to show people the similarities between then and now and whose been excoriated more. But I’ll own up to beating those horses to death. I’ve also said stupid things like I thought Matt Patricia would be a good change of pace for the Packers being a defensive head coach vs the Packers penchant for hiring offensive minded head coaches. These are only some of my crosses to bear.

    What I find humorous is when someone is such a hypocrite by publicly denouncing their support for the Packers on another site because of the way the Packers are conducting business. Then will come here attempting to to do a 180° spouting a different pretentious BS narrative claiming how they are still a Packer fan by saying Gutekunst and company are doing this great job. But because they aren’t an “Erin” fan they continually imply anyone who supports Rodgers must be gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) which screams “homophobe”. And anyone who supports/agrees with something PF4L or some other more outspoken Packer fans here agree with tend to be labeled as girls or sissies or somehow less manly/masculine. I don’t have any proof of Aaron Rodgers’ sexuality, but I have proof I shared with people here that Tom is a poser, to which he did not dispute.

    Yet people like Killer, Tom and rebelgb will blindly look the other way when it comes to a real traitor, womanizer and duplicitous asspipe like Favre because he serves their purpose. Lest anyone here need be reminded how he conducted himself during his playing days and this whole “awe shucks” grandpa crap is just an act. See, he’s a real man, fucking around on his wife with everything that walked in and around Green Bay which makes him not gay, so appeals to some posters. And he went scorched earth after being cast out of Green Bay to play for one of the Packer’s most hated rivals, while openly offering assistance to help beat his former team and rooting for another Packer rival to beat the Packers in the playoffs. That whole “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” kinda thing which was real funny right up until Viking fans got the full Favre experience once he threw another awesome pick in an NFC championship while running around like a kid having fun out there. Which would appeal to some other posters that don’t have integrity. And his politics appeal to yet some other posters.

    For those of you that haven’t been long time readers of this site, here are some articles to see how totalpackers today compares with totalpackers yesteryear using Favre as the catalyst instead of Rodgers. Some of the comments are gold. I wonder what some posters here today would have said back then. Also included are some other links to illustrate the points I made above and to spare you from political quotes if you don’t want to read them. Happy Easter you bunch of heathens.







  20. PF4L April 16, 2022

    Two people in here hate Rodgers, 2 people can’t stand him and obsess over him in their post.
    Two people can’t stop writing about Rodgers sexuality and calling his women beards.
    Is the light coming on yet?

  21. PF4L April 16, 2022

    I’m not sick of Rodgers antics, (Farve was much worse, over a longer period of time)
    Also, i think the Packers gave him plenty of reasons to be pissed.
    I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Packers upper management team isn’t the most skilled when it comes to communication, and building healthy relationships with their high profile players.
    But….i agree with Empac that extending him was the wrong move.
    Matter of fact, i spoke back when, that he should have been traded a year earlier when he wanted to be traded.
    His value was the highest and…San Fran would have given up a Kings ransom for him.
    With that said, i say that not because i want to see Rodgers leave.
    I say it because it would have been in the best interest of the Packers salary cap, and to cash Rodgers in for assets.
    Because at the end of the day….
    I’m a PackerFan4Life.

  22. Packtat87 April 17, 2022

    Empac that should have been an article in and of itself. One of the better reads on the site so far this year, well said.


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