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Brandt’s Top 100 Clarify Packer Options

Gill Brandt recently released his top 100 prospects for the 2022 NFL draft.

With the Packers possessing 5 picks within the top 100 picks, let’s look at each potential draft selection and the players that Brandt lists around those picks. We will break down the five picks before the Packers first selection in each round and include the five selections after the Packers final selection in each round.

A review of the selections Brandt lists just ahead and behind the Packers draft picks give the best estimate of the options that may be available to the Packers when it is their turn to hand in their card to the Commissioner. The five selections above and behind also factor in the most likely trade scenarios.

Round One: Packers Selection 22 & 29


Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa
Trevor Penning OT N. Iowa
Jordan Davis DT Georgia
Dax Hill S Michigan
Trent McDuffie CB Washington
Nakobie Dean LB Georgia


Kyler Gordon CB Washington
Jalen Pitre S Baylor
Malik Willis QB Liberty
Jameson Williams WR Alabama
Chris Olave WR OSU
Matt Corral QB Mississippi

The Packers should delete the quarterbacks from their pick options, unless, a QB needy team offers a great package to trade down. Out of the ten picks that are left, three players play a position of need. Jameson Williams is still recovering from ACL surgery and may miss part of the season and all of camp. The two players left are Olave or Penning. If Jordan Davis is available I will be screaming at the TV for the Packers to pick him. His size speed and film all scream a potentially better version of Kenny Clark. What a team those two would make. While I like Nakobie Dean, he doesn’t fit my priority needs.


Zion Johnson G/C B.C.
Kenny Pickett QB Pitt.
Logan Hall DT Houston
Arnold Ebiketie EG Penn State
Travis Jones DT UConn.
Tyler Smith OT Tulsa

When you see that no other wide receivers make this tier of players it could reinforce the need/urgency to take a WR with selection number 22. The next WR on Brandt’s chart is the diminutive Jahan Dotson at #37. I like his college tape but his size may limit his ability to win outside in the NFL.

If Brandt’s board is accurate, the Packers may take a hard look at Tyler Smith, Ebiketie or one of the two safeties, Pitre or Hill. Even if Olave is off the board I can’t see the Packers investing either pick on Williams and his significant injury.

Tied to these options, I would feel lucky to nab Davis and Olave. But I would be willing to pass on a wideout if I could guarantee Brandt”s board held true, a luxury not given to real GM’s.

Round Two: 53 & 59


Perrion Winfrey DT Oklahoma
Christian Harris LB Alabama
Chad Muma LB Wyoming
Daniel Faalele OT MN.
Cam Jergens C Nebraska
Cole Strange OG Tenn./Chat.


Tariq Castro-Fields CB Penn. St.
Troy Anderson LB Montana
Leo Chenal LB Wisconsin
Trey McBride TE Colorado St.
Nik Bonitto EG Oklahoma
Alex Wright DE UAB
Jelani Woods TE Virginia


Alec Pierce WR Cincinnati
Drake Jackson DE USC
Jamaree Salyer OG Georgia
Danny Gray WR SMU
Christian Watson WR NDST

Brandt sees Christian Watson and Alec Pierce at 66 and 61 respectively. If Brandt’s board plays out in real life the Packers could get two speedy young receivers in the second round. That would allow for a pick to help the defense in round one. For my money I would lean towards picking one of the tight ends and either Pierce or Watson. Watson has experience in an offense as a jet sweep runner and long speed threat, but after more tape review he does have a few drops where he seemed to anticipate contact. Pierce seems to be the better 50/50 ball catcher and has a bit more experience with a more complicated route tree. McBride seems to be a willing blocker with decent technique while also running a 4.56 40 at his pro day. Woods had 24 reps on the bench at the combine and ran a 4.61 forty but seems slightly faster than McBride on tape.

Round 3: Pick 92


Kalon Barnes CB Baylor
Logan Bruss OG Wisconsin
Andrew Stueber OT Michigan
Tyquan Thornton WR Baylor
Kyron Johnson LB Kansas
Wan’Dale Robinson WR Kentucky
Velus Jones WR Tennessee
Makai Polk WR Mississippi St.

Seeing Brandt’s board for the back end of the third round made me realize why the Packers were meeting with Velus Jones. Jones may be available and he would give the Packers a speedy and experienced return man. Thornton is also in this list but after bursting out a 4.28 forty at the combine, I can’t believe he would still be available here.

Brandt’s review has expanded the options of position and players the Packers may focus on in the 2020 draft. If allowed to pick from any player within 5 places of the Packers current draft positions, my draft
Would result in the following picks for the Packers:

22) Jordan Davis DT Georgia
29) Trade down into second round
45)Daniel Faalele OT MN.
53)Trey McBride TE Colo. St.
59) Alec Pierce WR Cincinnati
78)Tyquan Thornton WR Baylor
92) Velus Jones WR Tennessee

My goal was acquiring multiple impact receivers with speed, a versatile TE that can also stretch the field, a right tackle that has starting potential year one, and one defensive impact player. To do that I made one trade down to ensure one extra WR had game breaking special team potential. Thornton blocks, catches the ball and has ultra elite speed. Pierce ran a 4.41 forty and battles for 50/50 balls making high point catches. Faalele is so massive and yet so athletic for his size with good coaching he could someday dominate. If you put him on the end of the line on the field goal team, nobody is getting past him. Davis has the chance to be good enough to change offensive game plans. Jones has dynamic punt and kickoff potential, taking two to the house in college. He ran a 4.31 forty at the combine and has great balance and vision after the catch.

On paper, this is a good draft. Let’s hope the Packers find as many on field gems as this article claims to have accomplished. Who would you draft and would you make a trade up or down? Good luck!

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Herm April 13, 2022

    Gill Brandt should teach a drafting course for the GM’s. I’m not convinced a lot of them understand what he has done here and how you use this to manage the draft. Too many of them fall in love with one player and allow the draft to manage them. I’ve been reading various articles on team needs and some of these teams have really been harmed by their past GM’s.
    This draft will be very interesting because the Bears and Vikings are under new management and the Lions are just in the 2nd year of their new management.
    There is a lot of good QB drama this year. Will the Lions and Texans control themselves and add talent instead of chasing after a QB? What will Carolina, Atlanta, and Seattle do about the QB position? Is Ryan Pace writing a book about how to fill the QB position? I’m still not sure Justin Fields is the answer. Where will Carson Wentz play next year?
    We are getting close folks.

  2. Mitch Anthony April 13, 2022

    Kind of like some aspects in your mock but, Daniel Faalele? Not sure about that one. The guy is surprisingly athletic/fast for someone his size but holy cow, his size…. GB seems to value guys who can plug and play at different positions across the line when necessary because injuries to big guys make it necessary. The wear and tear on the body of an offensive lineman compounded on a nearly 400 pound man. I just don’t know. GB is pretty good at finding their type of versatile o-line dudes all through the draft and I’d be very surprised at such a pick.

    Plug in the best edge/linebacker prospect at 45 or even the best available safety.

    Keep the articles coming Paul. You’re giving us things to talk about since Jason must be off working as a mercenary in Ukraine.

  3. Killer April 13, 2022


    Aaron Rodgers is who we thought he was. (Well, not who Piffle thought, but the rest of us were right)

  4. Killer April 13, 2022

    Go to Twitter and type in “Aaron Rodgers.” You won’t believe what he’s done now! A new low!

    It almost falls under child abuse.

  5. Tom M April 13, 2022

    Just because Gil Brandt has Malik Willis and Chris Olave slotted in the 23-28 range doesn’t mean that’s where they’ll be drafted. Most mock drafts have both players in the top 20 which I would agree. Many Packer fans desperate for a WR want Christian Watson drafted in the first round. Never thought of him as a 1st round talent and Brandt agrees having him come in at 66th and making him a 1st round reach. But I like your approach. A big, talented DT at 22, then an OLB or OT at 28. The top rated TE on most boards in McBride at 53 and then either Watson, Pierce or someone like them at 59 and 92. I also think the most likely spot to trade back is the 28th pick. Especially if one of these QB’s drop. There’s been a lot of buzz about that kid from Cincinnati. Any WR drafted 22 or 28, save Olave, would be a reach. You could find WR’s just as good at 53 and 59. If Gutekunst stays put, some combination of the highest rated players at OLB, OT, DT, or safety with his first round picks. Then draft WR’s. That won’t make Rodgers fans happy but it could put us over the top on an elite rated defense.

  6. Howard April 14, 2022

    I would be surprised if any of the so called draft experts would be within a 5 player + and – slotting with Gutekunst, Brandt included. If you look at the previous three years of Brandt’s top 100 or 150, Brandt has hit the sweet spot (5+-) with Gutekunst’s picks only twice in the first three rounds. Both of those players were the Packers first round picks of Gary and Love. Stokes was ranked #58 by Brandt. Beside Gary and Love, Brandt and Gutekunst have not been very close to agreeing on player slotting in the first three rounds. Sometimes Brandt has a player slotted higher than Gutekunst drafts the player. Most of the time Brandt has the player slotted several picks below Gute’s pick. In a few cases the players Gute picks are not even on Brandt’s top lists. Savage, Dillion, and Deguara as examples. Not saying that Brandt has better judgement or draft board than Gutekunst. I will say as more players are drafted it becomes harder to stay with initial slotting of players. In addition every draft guru has players they start to love. Those love affairs vary between draft gurus the further you get into the draft (top 15). Add in that Gutekunst targets (falls in love) with certain players and everything can go awry with player slotting between draft gurus and the Packers draft board after the mid point of the first round.

  7. Tom M April 14, 2022

    It isn’t just Gil Brandt’s big board although Paul mentions him specifically. But rather the consensus of multiple “experts.” Granted, some are just pulling names out of their asses while others are either former scouts or have access to front office personnel. Their opinions obviously would carry more weight. There are always surprises and this year will be no exception. Gary was a top 12 pick and was a top 12 talent. That was a no brainer. While Love was picked by most to go in the back half of round one. Scouts say in every draft there are on average really only about 18-22 players with true 1st round grades. Once they’re gone teams can go in wildly different directions depending on need. It’s not that surprising then that Gutekunst has been so unpredictable. I know of no one who had Eric Stokes as the pick in last years draft but he turned out to be the right call. As did AJ Dillion in the second round. While Deguara didn’t pan out, he also was at the end of the third round where the hit rate goes down substantially. Still it’s fun to speculate.

  8. Stiggy April 14, 2022

    If Jordan Davis falls to the packers I will be surprised.

  9. Kato April 14, 2022

    Yeah, I fail to see how Sammy Watkins mummified corpse does the Packers any good, but we will see

  10. Tom M April 15, 2022

    Exactly Kato. This move reminds me of the Randall Cobb trade. Made only to make Rodgers happy. So now we’ll have two old receivers that can no longer run or stay healthy taking up roster spots. Great. It won’t effect the draft where Gutekunst will take at least two WR’s. My guess is only one player between Cobb and Watkins makes the team. Does this mean Rodgers actually goes to camp this year so Sammy can earn his trust? Please!

  11. Deepsky April 15, 2022

    There’s a theory out there that Gutekunst drafts for Packer needs 2-3 years down the road, never for the current needs. If that’s the case, we’ll see a safety and a QB with the first-round picks.

    As for Sammy Watkins, I think he could be a good addition. Wasn’t he supposed to be the next coming of Jerry Rice? He’s more versatile than MVS. The big issue is injuries. Reading articles about him you would think his first name is “When Healthy”.

  12. Howard April 15, 2022

    Deep sky, you bring up a good point about a safety. Brandt has Dax Hill at about the 21st slot. NFL.com has Dax with a 41st best prospect grade. Hill has some speed, lateral quickness, and ability to play multiple positions such as Safety and corner. That is the type of player that Gutekunst drafts. It is not a given that Amos will be extended after this year, or that Savage will be given a 5th year option. Add in that Alexander and the Packers may not be in agreement on the cost for a contract extension. Hell we may see Alexander go the same route as Adams, tagged and traded after this year. I hope not!! There could be a good case that Hill could fit needs for this year as a dime or nickel back and replace Amos, Savage, or Alexander next year. I don’t think the Packers take Hill at #22, but they may at 28 if available, or they may trade up with their 1st 2nd round pick and grab Hill.

  13. PF4L April 16, 2022

    As far as Gute taking a QB in the first round this draft to build for the future, i have to think he learned his lesson.
    Tom M April 15, 2022
    Exactly Kato. This move reminds me of the Randall Cobb trade. Made only to make Rodgers happy.
    So if Watkins doesn’t work out.
    It’s Rodgers fault.

  14. Tom M April 16, 2022

    Eric Stokes was drafted because of an immediate need for a competent corner to start opposite Alexander. Likewise the Packers will draft a WR early and expect a significant contribution right away, So the 2-3 years down the road doesn’t apply. Most GM’s and scouts tell you that you draft OLB, CB, DT, OT, and QB early because they’re the hardest to find and the most important positions in football. While you can find WR, RB, interior linemen, ILB all throughout the draft. You’ve got to have a QB, a pass rush, and a cover corner to win in the NFL. Based of his previous draft history, Gutekunst seems to work off this philosophy. Both Rashan Gary and Jordan Love didn’t represent an immediate need but were drafted because of their superior skill set and the position that they play. Ideally you’d expect your first three picks to contribute right away. With lesser picks taking time to develop. Since franchise QB’s are so difficult and rare to find, and yet so vitally important to being a successful in the NFL. Gutekunst was compelled to take Jordan Love. The opportunity to draft a franchise QB for a team like the Packers who consistently draft at the end of the first round was then the right call over a need for WR. Love may not work out and if he doesn’t then you’ve still got time to find another QB. Because like it or not, 38 year old Aaron Rodgers days are numbered. The time to develop a replacement is now.

  15. Herm April 16, 2022

    Another reason given for the 2020 draft was to focus more on the running game. In a playoff game where the weather makes passing difficult and the game is close and low scoring, why couldn’t the Packers win with their running game?
    Is it because a running game needs a solid offensive line? Oops. I know people think the Packers do a great job evaluating and using players but being clever and cute only works if you win.
    Who ever heard of your right guard being the backup left tackle? Every time a player goes down they shuffle the deck so at least two positions are impacted on the offensive line. When you operate like this and things get tight, you lose.

  16. Cheese April 16, 2022

    The Packers just lost three WR’s this offseason, including their number one WR, but when GB picks up a WR in free agency it’s solely to “mAkE rOdGeRs HapPy.”
    It makes total sense. Rodgers is basically taking this team hostage and running it on his own. I heard that Aaron forged Gutekunst’s signature onto Sammy Watkins contract without him knowing. Gute didn’t find out until the next day. By the time Gute found out there was nothing he could do about it. Watkins was a Packer whether Gute liked it or not.
    I wonder what’s the next devious plan up little Erin’s sleeve? It’s like a spin off episode of “Pinky and the Brain” except it’s titled “Gutey and the Brain,” and Rodgers spends every night trying to figure out a way to take over the Packers organization.

  17. Tom M April 16, 2022

    If signing a veteran WR was not to make Rodgers happy, then certainly for his legion of fanboys such as yourself Cheese who can’t seem to stop crying that Gutekunst isn’t doing enough to get Rodgers “weapons” in the passing game. We’ve played the stat whore game and it doesn’t get you to the SB. Maybe, just maybe, playing defense, running the ball, with Rodgers actually running his HC’s offense instead of forcing everything to one player, might get it done. I’m skeptical to say the least. They say RB’s fall off a cliff by the time they hit 30. And WR’s aren’t far behind. That’s why I was glad to see Adams go. Better a year early than get stuck with that awful contract. Randall Cobb is a perfect example of a WR well past his prime. While he did have a couple of good games, he had just as many where he was a non factor then ultimately he got hurt. It’s reasonable to assume Sammy Watkins will follow a similar pattern. Although I do think Watkins has more left in the tank than Cobb. To me, this isn’t a move Gutekunst makes anymore than the trade for Cobb last year. Look at the numbers Cheese. A team usually carries 5 WR’s and you’ve already got four slots filled. Watkins, Cobb, Amari Rodgers and Lazard. Can’t really restock the WR room if your gonna fill it with old guys like your QB. After Matt LaFleur spent one season as OC in Tennessee he saw the versatility that a big back like Derrick Henry brings to an offense. AJ Dillion is such a back and a surprisingly good receiver. To Herm’s point, I’m not sure I follow your criticism of the OL. Billy Turner got the big contract because of his versatility to play RG and RT. He actually played better as a tackle than guard. By seasons end, we were down three tackles. Bakhtiari, Jenkins, and Turner. Both Yosh Nijman and Dennis Kelly played exceptionally well. Most teams don’t have one decent backup tackle. We had several. For all the injuries the OL help up exceptionally well.

  18. PF4L April 17, 2022

    Remember back when Murphy said he was the boss, that he would make all final decisions concerning football operations?
    I think we all remember that, sans our favorite viking fan….Tommi/Killer.
    Well….here’s the latest from inside 1265 Lombardi Ave.
    According to my highly reliable source…during the negotiations (when Murphy and Gute were begging Rodgers to stay on….)
    Rodgers jokingly asked for total control of football operations.
    Murphy and Gute couldn’t say yes fast enough.
    Therefore…. changing the Green Bay Packer by laws once again, this time giving Rodgers total control.
    The best thing about this for non Packer fans, is that no matter what, no matter when, no matter why…..
    Everything, will clearly be….Rodgers fault.
    Rodger haters unite!!

  19. PF4L April 17, 2022

    Princess…Signing receivers isn’t…to make Rodgers happy.
    Is that the depth of your critical thinking process?
    Is that as far as your intellect takes you?
    No, it isn’t to make Rodgers happy…IT’S GUTE’S JOB, GOMER!!
    I repeat…his job
    To make Rodgers happy?
    I hope this isn’t the best you have to offer sweetheart.
    PLEASE…think for once, and try to do better than this.
    If you can.
    Providing receivers is Gutes job, in that regard…Gute is bordering on dereliction of duty, the way the receiver room has been handled over the past 4 years, resulting in…where it sits today..
    BTW….Cobb was largely responsible for two wins during last season.
    Rodgers had the good sense to add him to the receiver room, where talent was/is much needed.
    Rodgers got Cobb.
    Gute got Devin Funchess.
    Does this need to be explained.

    How many wins were the last 3 3rd round draft picks responsible for?
    ZERO….because they all have been NON FACTORS…across the board.
    Like most of his draft picks past the second round.
    Thank you for trying to understand.
    You’re welcome.

  20. Deepsky April 17, 2022

    So, I am going to put my imaginary Internet money on the Packers not taking a receiver with EITHER first round pick. Anyone else want to join me with a prediction?

  21. PF4L April 17, 2022

    When do we discuss the epic, colossal fuck up (ignoring the team at the time), of trading up for a bench player in the first round?
    A) When Gute admits the fuck up?
    B) When Jordan Love is cut?
    C) When Jordan Love is traded for a 5th round pick?
    (A) Will never happen.
    I’m going with C
    The Jordan Love story……
    Gute scouts Jordan Love and gets all warm, fuzzy, and tingly over him.
    Gute and Murphy detail a master exit plan to finally get Rodgers out of the Packers organization, by drafting Love and have him sit on the bench for 2 years.
    Gute…trade’s up and snatches Love in the first round knowing he won’t contribute to the team.
    Love will sit on the bench along with one of Gute’s other 1st round picks.
    The Packers and their coaches got 2 seasons to analyze the play, learning curve, and potential of inserting Jordan Love into the starting QB position for the Green Bay Packers.
    Gute said the reason for the Jordan Love pick is because it (is/was) in the best interest of the Packers
    The Packers then make the determination that signing Rodgers to 50 million dollars/year is the better choice and also (in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers.)
    It’s a crazy world amirite?
    The current Green Bay Packer brain trust…..
    Always entertaining.
    Stay tuned as we examine what some of our dear friends in here said about the Jordan Love draft pick some time after it was made.
    Also…entertaining (trust me).
    Also coming, is there one logical reason Murphy and Gute wanted to keep Rodgers around, other than the standard we want to win a Super Bowl schtick.
    Before you can win a Super Bowl, you have to get there. Losing two NFCCG’s and a Divisional round isn’t giving me a lot of hope.
    They missed a golden opportunity (again) by keeping Rodgers in my humble opinion.
    I have one reason why they kept him, but at what cost…. it cost them A LOT of money, and they gave up a lot of resources, including talent, potential talent, and real salary cap relief.


  22. Tom M April 17, 2022

    Personally I think Brian Gutekunst is a double agent. Secretly working for the Minnesota Vikings sent to undermined our hero, Aaron Rodgers! Sure he’s had a couple of lucky draft picks: Alexander, Gary, Savage, Jenkins, Stokes, MVS, Myers, Newman, Runyan. And maybe his FA signings ZaDarius, Preston, Amos, Campbell did contribute significantly to 39 wins in three seasons. Not to mention his practice squad pick ups of Douglas and Lazard. But it’s all pure luck. The discerning Packer fan, such as your narrow mind self PF4L, knows it’s all about the Jordan Love pick and nothing else. If there was only a way for you to let Erin know you love him so much! Your so much better for him than Shailene Woodley. And your a dude! That’s a huge plus in your favor!

  23. PF4L April 17, 2022

    Always so angry😒
    Personally, i don’t think anyone here…cares what you think.
    But you already know that, don’t you Barney.

  24. Killer April 17, 2022

    Some say Piffle and Erin would make a great couple. Some say they already are one.

    Others wonder if Piffle isn’t actually Erin, coming on here to vigorously defend himself and prop up his fragile ego.

    I guess we’ll never know but, certainly it must be one of those three.

  25. PF4L April 18, 2022

    BTW Mr. Happy….out of that list of drafted players….there are 6 starters.
    In 4 drafts…that’s 1.5 starters a draft…..impressive.

  26. Tom M April 18, 2022

    Always so stupid PF4L. But we’ve come to expect no less. Erin hasn’t married Shailene yet. You could still be your hero’s little bitch. Yes, you could be the next Kevin Lanflisi! Dream big my mentally challenged friend….

  27. Deepsky April 18, 2022

    PF4L. I think everyone pretty much realizes Jordan Love was a bad pick. The only reason I can think that the Packers had interest in him was what he did his junior year – similar to the way Brett Favre’s junior year was more productive than his senior year. By the way, Jordan Love’s junior year stats bettered Rodgers’ stats in any year in college. But there’s not really any point in discussing it. Even with a QB taken in the first round, odds are less than 50/50 that they’ll make the Pro Bowl, so it’s not a total shocker that Jordan wasn’t very good.

    My hope is that by playing Love a lot in the preseason he shows something might net us a 2nd round draft pick next year.

  28. PF4L April 18, 2022

    For those who read my post….i never said Jordan Love was a bad player. I HAVE said he deserves a chance, being a 1st round pick, the same i said about Gary.
    I have said (like Gary being chosen 12th, after spending over 100 million on two edge rushers)….it was a bad pick at the time given the circumstances.
    Jordan was drafted, not long after giving Rodgers a new contract, and the team unable to get past a NFCCG, on the crest of getting to a Super Bowl.
    I think that is fairly logical thinking.
    Quite obviously…..the Packers had an exit plan for Rodgers, two years later that plan took a 180 degree turn.
    Again…it was a bad pick, strategy and an embarrassment…for the Packers.
    That will get some media attention when Love gets traded, which may or may not be for another year.
    When and if Jordan Love gets a fair chance, that will determine what kind of player he might be, good or bad.
    It wasn’t Love’s fault he was picked by a team that badly mismanaged that whole situation.
    Jordan Love was a bust ….for the Packers.
    No need to look than any further than opinions of the pick after the draft, in here, and Nationwide.
    Lets be honest…after the pick, almost everyone…was like, “wtf did they just do?
    Whether they admit it, or not.
    But i must say Deep, thank you for being a mature adult in your post directed at me.
    My apologies if i didn’t always extend you the same courtesy in the past.
    Princess Tommi, i wouldn’t know how to spell Shailene’s name, or Lanflisi’s name without researching it.
    But then again, i have better things to do than research silly bullshit, and living on other websites denouncing my Packer fan ship, because a true Packer fan, wouldn’t even have thought of it, much less do it.
    Thanks for your obsessive nature, nice to see you using your time wisely.
    Now..go check your mail, this months new
    Hollywood star magazine might have arrived.
    Have a nice day.

  29. Cheese April 18, 2022

    I’m sure Jordan Love is a good kid and he doesn’t deserve to be put in this situation. It’s not his fault that the Packers front office is completely clueless.
    With that said, the pick of Love is summed up none better than by Ty Schmit AKA “Mad Mel Kiper.” Anytime I need a good laugh I come back to this.
    “Unless we’re gonna have this guy gain 90 pounds and play D-tackle I don’t know why the fuck we picked him!”

  30. Tom M April 18, 2022

    We all know who you are now PF4L. Your really Kevin Lanflisi! No one defends Aaron’s honor, no can quote his stats, no one marvels at his awards, no one loves him like you do Kevin! But why so angry with me? I just think your ex boyfriend is an overrated QB that chokes in the playoffs. It’s all those bitches that beard for him that should draw your ire. It’s the ladies that are cock blocking you! It’s time to let go Kevin. He’s not coming back….

  31. PF4L April 19, 2022

    ^This is what mental illness looks like kids^


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