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Aaron Rodgers: a career profile

Having recently inked a three-year, $150m deal with the Green Bay Packers – which positions him as the highest-paid athlete in the entire NFL – scarcely a week goes by that Aaron Rodgers’ name does not make its way into the headlines.

And with a professional playing career spanning almost two decades, during which time he has amassed multiple playing awards and a Super Bowl Championship win, this seems entirely understandable.

However, now that Rodgers is entering what might be his final three-year contract cycle – unless he pulls a Tom Brady and ends up getting coaxed out of retirement mere months into it – it is the perfect time to reflect on his journey from high school football star to the highest paid athlete on the roster.

Early beginnings

Born in Chico, California, in 1983, Rodgers showed an early aptitude for sports such as football. His first successes came as a starting quarterback for the Pleasant Valley High School football team, where he set multiple records during his high school playing career.

Following this successful run as a high school athlete, Rodgers went on to play for Butte Community College. Although he had received offers to play as a walk-off for the University of Illinois, Rodgers decided to stay local for his first year.

Following a strong athletic and academic performance at Butte, Rodgers eventually started as a quarterback for the University of California, Berkley. And it was here that Rodgers really started to put his name on the sporting map. After three years at Berkley, Rodgers was eventually drafted as a 24th pick by the Green Bay Packers. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Career highlights

In his almost two-decade professional run for the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers has gathered a string of victories, player accolades and even a Super Bowl Championship.

Initially starting as a backup quarterback for the legendary Brett Favre, and after a number of years in a supporting role as Favre’s career wound down, Rodgers started to come into his own as a pro.

After transitioning to the role of starting quarterback in 2008, following Favre’s retirement, Rodgers went on to become one of the most successful players the Packers have ever produced.

Some of his career highlights include winning a Super Bowl Championship, being awarded an MVP accolade in the Super Bowl, four NFL MVP awards, four first team all-pros, 10 Pro Bowls, four NFL passer rating leaders, two NFL passing touchdown leaders, AP athlete of the year award, the Bert Bell Award and numerous other NFL playing records!

Illustrative of this illustrious career, Aaron Rodgers was the quickest-ever quarterback to reach 300 passing touchdowns, taking a mere 144 games to do so. Needless to say, regardless of who takes over from him when he eventually retires, Aaron Rodgers’ legacy will be hard to beat!


Although he is one of the most respected players on the entire NFL roster, Rodgers has not avoided controversy during his career.

Most recently, this came in response to Rodgers voicing his skepticism of the Covid-19 vaccine, and his support for certain controversial treatment protocols.

Beyond this more recent controversy, Rodgers has previously come under fire for hugging an NFL reporter in a breach of social-distancing protocols during a post-game interview on Christmas Day.

Pastimes and hobbies

When he isn’t scoping out new business opportunities or putting in hours of rigorous training each week, Rodgers is known to be a cinema fanatic. And in addition to spending his off-days watching movies in his palatial residence, Rodgers has been spotted at film festivals such as Sundance.

Rodgers is also known to frequent casinos, having recently been spotted at a casino with his most recent partner. And given the frequency with which Rodgers seems to appear at casinos, it is more than likely he also spends his off-pitch time playing virtual sports and other fun-filled online casino activities!

Business acumen

In addition to proving himself as a star athlete, Rodgers has also displayed considerable business acumen off the pitch.

Perhaps most notably, Rodgers recently acquired a minority ownership stake in the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team. This gives Rodgers the achievement of being one of the few active players to have an ownership stake in a professional team.

Outside of the sporting world, Rodgers has also been involved in launching a $50m venture and growth stage fund with Roth Capital. He currently acts as a general partner, along with Nate Raabe and Byron Roth.

With a reported net worth in the hundreds of millions, it appears that Rodgers has most definitely been putting those lucrative playing contracts and endorsement deals to good use!


  1. Mitch Anthony April 29, 2022

    Oh my, oh my, those controversies. Yet, he is still alive! Yet the reporter, is still alive. Oh mercy, thank the heavens. Despite his “inoculation” , his supreme physical condition, and his commitment to his nutrition and immune system – he made it. He played his was to another MVP while a whole lot of double vaxxed and triple boosted types didn’t fare as well. Which just goes to show, as time goes by – it wasn’t much of a controversy after all.

    I wonder what he thinks about Elon Musk buying Twitter. That could be the next controversy du jour.

  2. Tom M April 29, 2022

    Translation: Rodgers is playing for money to support his business ventures rather than win championships. Got it.

  3. PF4L May 1, 2022

    Translation: I hate Aaron Rodgers!!..I hate everything about him!!…I hate every fiber of his being!! I need a life!!”


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