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Packer’s Different 2022 Draft Approach

So much debate has been shoveled by the usual draft pundits about the Green Bay Packer history of not drafting a wide receiver in the first round lately that you’d think the team had an actual written rule banning the thought of a round one wideout. For those of you losing sleep that the Packers will miss out on an All-Pro receiver because they can’t bring themselves to draft a pass catcher in round one it is time to take a Tylenol PM, rewind some wise words from your quarterback and R-E-L-A-X. This draft is different.

Different because in the 2022 NFL draft the Packers have an extra first round and second round pick. Different because they let three of their top five receivers walk during the offseason. Different because Gutekunst has made it clear he doesn’t always follow Ted Thompson’s conservative approaches. And finally, different because the Packer front office is listening to Aaron Rodgers and his input has weight in personnel decisions. Tom Clements and Sammy Watkins will have jobs in Green Bay in 2022 thanks to Rodgers input being part of the personnel process now in place at 1265 Lombardi Ave. There is no doubt he will have influence on this draft process and the pass catchers drafted by the Green and Gold.

The most critical question that must be answered by Gutekunst & Rodgers Inc. is what is the talent available at wide receiver late in round one? If the Packer brain trust thinks there is a prospect who has what is often defined as “number one” receiver potential, then you draft that game changing player. If you face options with an equal amount of talent and potential, say three or four prospects with “number two” receiver potential then you have to decide on basically four options:

1) draft a player that has the same talent as one that will be drafted later in the draft, or,
2) trade down and pick a prospect early in the second round, or,
3) wait until your next selection, or,
4) pick a player who plays a different position and try to trade up in the second round.

There are at least eight wide receivers that have been named as potential first or second day draft picks:

Garrett Wilson OSU
Jameson Williams * Alabama
Drake London * USC
Chris Olave OSU
Treylon Burks Arkansas
Jahan Dotson Penn State
Skyy Moore W. Michigan
George Pickens * Georgia

Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver George Pickens (1) makes a diving catch while being guarded by Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Kool-Aid McKinstry (1) on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022, during the College Football Playoff National Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

On the bubble of this group are four more prospects:

Christian Watson NDSU
John Metchie III * Alabama
Jalen Tolbert S. Alabama
Alec Pierce Cincinnati
*= serious injury

Mar 3, 2022; Indianapolis, IN, USA; North Dakota State wide receiver Christian Watson (WO35) goes through drills during the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Twelve prospects with at least “number two” potential, but how many have true All-Pro potential? Tape review has four players who displayed elite skills in college. Williams and Metchie III from Alabama and Pickens all had speed and the ability to catch contested balls. Unfortunately, all three suffered serious knee injuries and are still recovering. Pickens is the farthest along, having returned to the field for the final games of the 2021 college season. London displayed top caliber ball skills and was able to produce at a high rate on a mediocre USC team. London repeatedly made contested catches, but that may be because he does not possess elite speed. London is recovering from a serious ankle injury and did not run a 40 yard dash at his recent pro day. The Packers are focused on winning in 2022. It is hard enough to get a fully healthy rookie receiver to make an impact. Would the Packers gamble on a receiver with a bad wheel? Not unless their medical showed a complete recovery.

Some draft mocks have the top five picks on the list (Wilson -Burks) gone before the Packers send a card to the commissioner. Others have Burks or Olave available to the Packers. If five teams ahead of the Packers are drafting pass catchers at least one team will probably pass on the injured options in the top five. Olave ran a 4.39 forty at 187 pounds. He has good tape which shows route running experience. The Packers need a receiver who can, “take the top off a defense” as LaFleur recently stated. If Olave is there it would be hard to pass him up. If the lone receiver from the top group left is Burks, then the Packers won’t be finished drafting receivers. At 6’3” and 225 lbs. Burks was probably the biggest slot receiver in college football. He is a good receiver but not a burner, running a 4.55 forty.

If the Packers gamble on one of the receivers injured in college, it may be Pickens. The 2021 Peach Bowl highlighted Pickens’ talents. While he did have a bad drop on a 7 yard curl, he made two highlight leaping catches and adjusted well on off target throws. His speed was obvious and he had no trouble cutting on his repaired knee. Pickens and Alec Pierce had very different impacts on the game. Pickens was the leading receiver for the Bulldogs with seven catches for 135 yards and one TD. Pierce had only three catches for 28 yards and a TD. While Pickens looks quick and speedy, Pierce seems like a slower receiver with sneaky speed. Pierce made many high point catches in his career (review the ND game) and was able to make some great contested catches but watching his tape Pierce’s 4.41 forty compared to Pickens 4.47 at the combine surprises. Pickens only knock are small hands, the smallest of this group. To compare, Skyy Moore has the biggest hands at 10 ¼ inches while Pickens are 8 ¾.

Dotson has good tape but a small frame (5’10”/175 lbs) and the Packers are flush with smaller slot receivers. LaFleur was honest when he emphasized needing to have every type of weapon in the wideout group.

Moore, an alum of former Packer #1 receiver Greg Jennings has many similar attributes to Jennings. He ran a 4.41 forty (Jennings ran 4.48) he has good hands but he is small, just under 5’10” and 195 lbs. (Jennings was 5’11” and 197 pounds). Could Moore provide a déjà vu for Rodgers and help the team to another Super Bowl?

The outside player in this article is Christian Watson from SDSU. Watson has all the measurables the Packers are craving. He’s big, fast, and has experience running gadget plays, blocking and playing in the cold. But coming from a subdivision conference has has not played against NFL level talent, nor has he tried to memorize an NFL playbook or learn the NFL nuances of playing wide receiver in the NFL. After looking at as much tape as I could find on Watson I can’t tell if he will become another Jordy Nelson or just be really fast and peak at a Jeff Janis level.

Perhaps the Packers will focus on Jalen Tolbert, another small school prospect, but he is the most likely of the bunch to be a second round pick.

As with all these prospects only time will tell. Often for receivers your success is linked to the skills of your quarterback. For all his post Packer bickering, Greg Jennings couldn’t put a good QB in Minnesota to help his stats. The receivers who get drafted by this Packer team will have a PHD level course awaiting them. Let’s hope they pass the test.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Mitch Anthony April 19, 2022

    Paul, the one thing you hit on with Drake London was the one big thing that concerned me the most about him and that was the high percentage of contested catches. For some that may be a good thing, that he is winning the battle of the ball. For others that may be a concerning thing in that, he might not be fast enough (which will further be exposed in pros), or he may not be running great routes and getting separation enough and he is putting himself in situations for contested catches (which will further be exposed in pros).

    I can’t imagine GB going below their size metric too much this time around. They really went away from their size metrics with Amari Rodgers last year. I don’t think the smaller guys here get the highest consideration. But hey, we shall see. For those of who have tried to guess on these things over the last few years, we’ve been wrong more than right when it comes to the Packers during the draft.

    Of your list of twelve names the ones I give “some” probability to are: Olave, Burks, Pickens, Pierce and Watson. I base that on “if” GB stays put and waits until their current draft order and I’d be real happy seeing two of those names called for GB in the first two rounds. A run on receivers before GB picks will totally change that up and the first two could be gone.

    Lost in this conversation of pass catchers is any type of discussion about potential tight-ends. The highest ranked TE right now is Trey McBride and many mocks and rankings put him as a R2 prospect. Could a McBride be a real down field TE threat that hasn’t been in GB since Finley? With two R2 picks is he worth taking a flyer on with one of the second rounds picks? With TEs needing a more protracted development a pick like that would have to have a lot of faith in his ability for some immediate needs as a pass catcher. Was the really good year of Tonyan an outlier, or a real indication of his future potential? A lot of other decent TE prospects will likely show up at the end of R3 and into R4. Would a pick of a Jelani Woods (6’7″), or another prospect be the potential replacement for Marcedes Lewis? MLF seems to want to feature the TE more in his offense and the team does have a need to pick one somewhere in the draft equation.

  2. PF4L April 19, 2022

    I don’t think the debate is about…..NOT drafting a receiver in the first round for the Packers.
    Yes, the media writes about that, because they think that makes the story…that isn’t the story.
    When is the last time the Packers drafted a receiver in the 2nd round? how about the 3rd round, before Amari?
    The last time the Packers drafted a receiver in the 4th round, he was cut after one year. One fucking year he lasted.
    No….the real story is….
    “When was the last time the Packers took the receiver position seriously?”
    The 2020 draft was deep in 1st round receiver talent….So when i read…..
    ” If the Packer brain trust thinks there is a prospect who has what is often defined as “number one” receiver potential, then you draft that game changing player.” – P. Edwards
    I agree….
    So….we shouldn’t draft a QB for the bench in the first round?
    I’m confused….are we now trying to add talent on the field?
    Are we done drafting 1st round bench players?
    Is this a new paradigm?
    That’s about as far as i made it down this article because i don’t deal with fantasy draft strategies.
    Lets draft player Y, how about…we trade up and draft player Z, what if…we trade down for player X, the Packers should draft….
    Blah, blah blah.
    It’s entertaining for some, and that’s all good, but it isn’t my thing.
    I wait and see who’s drafted and then i check them out. Mostly what’s been said about them.
    I skip their college highlight reel, i wait to see reality on the field in the NFL
    I call this pre draft time… silly season….because it almost never pans out the way, or what players the fans want their teams to draft.
    Actually, it never pans out.
    Hell…the “expert” mock draft guru’s only get 5-7 picks right in the first round, and most of those are the expected 1st 5 or 6 picks.


  3. Killer April 19, 2022

    Watson will certainly be drafted before Round 2 ends. Outside chance to go end of Round 1. That’s it. That’s all I have to say about that.

    I won’t even verbally fence with Piffle this time. Yeah, I bet he has enough problems….

  4. PF4L April 20, 2022

    First smart thing he’s done this year.

  5. Mitch Anthony April 20, 2022

    “When was the last time the Packers took the receiver position seriously?”

    I can’t disagree with that at all. Once again I miss seeing article contributions by Rob Born. Rob hasn’t been on here for quite some time again and I don’t know why. Over the last several years Rob often would beat the drum for drafting a blue chip WR prospect higher in the draft order and I found myself agreeing with him – a lot. I also thought GB missed the boat on doing so when it could have helped the team immensely. Early on when Adams suffered some concussions I thought a need existed for a viable number 2 to become number 1. As time went on it was apparent that affordability of the number 1 meant GB needed to adequately develop a potential successor and those opportunities came and went.

    I appreciate when writers give submissions here for us to discuss. Rob always did his research and put a lot of care and thought into what he would provide this site. Whether you agreed with him or not, he gave us some good reads and some good discussions. If his work is gone, I’ll miss it. This topic right now was right in his wheelhouse.

    “Hell…the “expert” mock draft guru’s only get 5-7 picks right in the first round, and most of those are the expected 1st 5 or 6 picks.” Truer words have not been spoken. How does Mel Kiper keep his job from year to year? But hey, during this slow silly season, we can spit ball. Then we can brag to our pals we got one right once in a while. It passes the time.

  6. PF4L April 20, 2022

    I have to comment on Mitch’s mention of Rob, beating the drum for a blue chip receiver.
    I remember it well.
    Where Mitch and i differed, was that i vehemently argued Rob’s point of view.
    At the time, we had two playmakers at wide receiver in Nelson and upcoming Adams, plus we still had Cobb and two hopefuls in Allison and Montgomery.
    Then……We welcomed a new GM who didn’t think we needed Nelson’s services any longer, even at a hometown discount. The new GM thought signing Jimmy at 10 million/year was the better way to go.
    Probably because he does things “in the best interest of the Green Bay Packer.”
    So…Nelson (the td machine) was gone…Cobb was turning into a shell of his one standout season. Montgomery was then forced into being a rb because of injuries.
    Then i’m thinking….what if something happens to Adams?
    Yea..maybe circumstances dictated……but at the end of the day…Rob was correct.
    Which i gave him credit and let him know he was right and i was wrong, (more than once in here).
    Why would i bother doing that?
    Because, it’s who i am.
    Mitch nailed it, and is spot on about Rob’s work in here, he was no doubt, the hardest working writer i’ve seen in here.
    As i’ve written before, his work was always appreciated and he probably did it all for nothing in return.
    I’d have to put Rob at a 3 way tie for MVP in the history of this website.
    Monty McMahon gets an honorable mention.
    I think Monty wrote this….describing Rob as a contributor.
    Rob Born, contributor
    Rob was born and raised in Fond du Lac and he got a mechanical engineering degree from Marquette. As the only pre-Lombardi member of the Total Packers Crew, Rob is the resident codger, elder and sometime angry old man. He’s already done more shit than the rest of us could dream of. Rob has been a pilot in the Air Force, he’s been a newspaper editor, a lawyer and an entrepreneur. He currently lives in Whidbey Island, Washington and he’s here to class this fuckin’ place up!
    I think i should have been mentioned as a “contributor” by Monty.
    But it wasn’t to be.
    Matter of fact, i think he might still owe me a t-shirt.
    But at least, he let me come back to the Total Packers family…each timed he banned me 😲
    Anyway…Rob, if your reading this…i hope all is well.

  7. PEdwrds April 20, 2022

    I have to put my two cents in too. I miss Rob’s writing and hope he is well.

  8. Deepsky April 21, 2022

    Again, my prediction is the Packers won’t pick a receiver in the first round. I don’t think they believe that there’s much difference between a mid to late first round receiver and a second round receiver, but a defensive player, that’s a big difference. I suspect the Packers will take a defensive player with the first pick or maybe even a QB if someone like Malik Willis falls near their pick at 22. Then probably another defensive player with the next first round pic, a future need pick, like a safety. I wouldn’t be surprised then if they took two receivers in the second round.

  9. Tom M April 21, 2022

    Unless Olave or Jameson Williams falls to 22, I’d have to agree with Deepsky. The signing of Sammy Watkins doesn’t force you to now have to take a WR in round one. Jameson Williams is probably the best WR prospect in the draft. His ACL injury could cause him to drop. With Watkins on the roster you could wait until he’s healthy at mid season. If the top 4 or 5 WR’s are gone by pick 22, don’t force it. Draft a WR in round 2. Alex Pierce has a little Jordy Nelson in him. And like Jordy he’ll go in the second round. They’ll be plenty of WR’s to choose from at 53. It’s interesting you mention QB, Malik Willis will be long gone but Matt Corral is a possibility in round 2.

  10. PF4L April 21, 2022

    I don’t know, some QB may “fall” to Gute in the first round….again.
    How exciting would that be?

  11. rebelgb April 21, 2022

    I love the “Gute has neglected the WR position in the draft” argument. Didnt Mr. Rodgers win the last 2 MVPs? Hmmm how did he do that with no receiver talent? Its like saying Tiger woods would have done better winning the Masters with a better 3 wood. I mean come on. So we had the best receiver in football for years and what? We needed to draft another one? Like Rodgers needed another body to throw too? GIve me a break. Name Bradys wide receivers his last 2 SB’s with New England? The WR argument is nothing but an anti-Gute clown show. God forbid you blame the so called MVP and his 50Mill contract for only scoring ONE TD in the NFC title game, AT HOME. You people are so stupid your almost funny.

  12. Tom M April 21, 2022

    Look Kevin, your 38 year old ex boyfriend can’t play forever. If Jordan Love isn’t the answer then the time to start looking is now. You’ve got multiple early picks. Your nothing in the NFL without a franchise QB. I know you prefer to put your head in the sand and pretend Erin is Tom Brady, he isn’t. Mark Murphy said in a recent interview Rodgers current contract is in reality a series of one year contracts that span three years. He could retire at anytime. The Packers need to be prepared. And no, having the clipboard holding Kurt Benkert isn’t being prepared.

  13. PF4L April 22, 2022

    PF4L April 21, 2022
    I don’t know, some QB may “fall” to Gute in the first round….again.
    How exciting would that be?

  14. PF4L April 22, 2022

    rebelgb April 21, 2022
    “Didnt Mr. Rodgers win the last 2 MVPs? Hmmm how did he do that with no receiver talent?”
    When did anybody say he had NO receiver talent the last two years?
    Sometimes it’s like the Special Olympics of football debate in here.
    The dumbing down of this website.
    See what you started Princess?

  15. PF4L April 22, 2022

    Tom M April 21, 2022
    “Mark Murphy said…………..”
    Gee….When Mark Murphy speaks, people listen…lol
    I suppose we should listen to Murphy.
    I mean…didn’t he used to be a NFLPA attorney….Tommy?
    Special Olympics

  16. Mitch Anthony April 22, 2022

    Sammy Watkins does not greatly change the WR room nor greatly alter draft strategy at this point. The incentive laden contract is only $350k guaranteed with a possibility of reaching near $4m by meeting a lot of benchmarks. At this point Sammy Watkins is much closer to being the next Devin Funchess than being the next big thing. Here’s hoping for good things from this move but I wouldn’t count on a lot from what looks like a one year rental with a chance at redemption. GB is shaking the dice cup and hoping for a good roll. I hope so too but I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in it right now.

  17. To April 22, 2022

    Yes, Kevin. When Murphy speaks, people listen. When Erin speaks, you wet your pants. Now back to your Erin Rodgers photo album and let the big boys talk about the draft.

  18. Cheese April 22, 2022

    Yes, Rodgers did win the last 2 MVP’s. The Packers also just lost THREE of their top five WR’s to free agency, including arguably the #1 WR in the league, but I see some here saying that GB needs to take another 1st round QB so he can sit on the bench next to the other 1st round QB that is currently sitting the bench, and WR can wait until the end of the 2nd round. Even after getting a 1st and 2nd from the Raiders to compensate for losing Adams?
    I can’t even….
    Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
    Why should the Packers be frantically worried about drafting a franchise quarterback when they already have one on the fucking roster? Sure, Rodgers will retire eventually so let’s spend all of the best current resources and multiple 1st round draft picks on players that aren’t going to make it on to the fucking field. Brilliant. #WinNow

  19. Kato April 23, 2022


    Yeah, let’s continue with the narrative that the Packers have been terrible in the draft, relative to other teams in the last decade.

  20. Kato April 23, 2022

    Honestly, I hope they don’t take any of those guys in the 1st round unless it’s Olave, who is probably the most pro ready player in the class. Or Pickens. Otherwise, pass on the rest of them, super small frames. I know people like Burks, but most of his routes came out of the backfield or lined up tight to the formation, or slot. I don’t know if he can function as an X receiver. Honestly, if they think Pickens will slide to the beginning of round 2, they should just trade back from 28. I really like Alex Pierce, and think he would fit their offense well. Also like Christian Watson, but not sure he can contribute right away.

  21. PF4L April 23, 2022

    No, No,No…..Lets talk about 2015 when you said Rodgers was finished and it was Brett Hundley’s time.
    Kato…learn the difference between the last decade of drafts, and situational draft picks that were …at best, ridiculous at face value, not too mention making no logical sense in trying to win Championships in the now.
    Or can’t we talk about that?
    It’s simple…you either want to win today, or you give up, and build for years down the road.
    When you roll the dice, sometimes you lose.
    I’m hoping i don’t have to explain that.
    Hint: It has nothing to do with doing what’s in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers. OOPS
    Fuck it…lets just call it Rodgers fault and move on😉
    The draft ranking article that Kato speaks of, is a mathematician’s wet dream (think college interns). Consisting of scores tabulated from (get this)…a teams win/loss record over that decade. Which has little to do with draft picks, when you’re smart enough to realize a teams win/loss record has more to do with a team’s philosophy, coaching, and perhaps….a HOF QB? (OH SNAP)
    Look at all those teams ranked high…what do they have in common?
    Another tabulation of a teams score is…how that player did over a period of time, even if that player was with (get this)… a different team
    So…the team that drafted him, gets the credit. Not the team he blossomed with.
    Hardly an evaluation solely on a draft picks success on the field with the drafting team.
    Example:…scores are evaluated on a players performance over the years, even if he went to another team…..think Micah Hyde.
    The more accrued years the player stayed in the NFL, the better the scores FOR THAT DRAFT PICK. So a lot of those score’s get accredited towards Big Ted.
    This isn’t black and white…DETAILS MATTER.
    “… a 2012 class having higher CAVOE scores than a 2020 class doesn’t necessarily mean the 2012 class was better. It means the 2012 class has accrued more value over 10 years than the 2020 class has over two.
    The Truth.
    You’re welcome.

  22. Tom M April 25, 2022

    According to reports, the Packers will only draft a WR in the first round if one of the top prospects fall to them at 22 and will not force the issue. This makes sense. However, the top tier WR’s Drake London, Chris Olave, Jameson Williams, and Garrett Wilson will likely be long gone. The WR most often mocked to Packers at 22 is Treylon Burks. A nice player, but closer George Pickens and Christian Watson than the elite group and probably a reach at 22. I still say it’s OLB or DT at 22. Also, the Packers really like T/G Zion Johnson who’s been compared to Elgton Jenkins for his versatility at 28. The Packers would likewise listen to trade offers for 28th pick. Matt Corral and Desmond Ridder have both been linked to Detroit at 32. If someone wanted to move up ahead of the Lions for a QB, we’ve got the pick. Some mocks even have Malik Willis falling to the back half of the 1st round. I’d love to trade the 28th pick for a 1st round pick next year when the QB class is more promising.

  23. Tom M April 26, 2022

    Hey Kevin, I mean PF4L, Shailene has officially broken up with Erin a second time! You’ve got a chance! Defend his honor with every fiber of your being to impress your sexually confused hero! Your franchise QB didn’t want to play for the Packers last year and demanded a trade. Oh how soon the girls forget. And he was none to sure about playing for us this year. Fear not, we have the clipboard yielding Kurt Benkert at the ready to be our champion! Your such a drama queen…..

  24. Howard April 26, 2022

    Paul, I would take Tolbert over Moore. Tolbert is a little slower straight line, but has better change of direction speed. The one thing that may make the Packers like Tolbert is he appears to have a better feel for how to set up defenders to get them out of position on deep passes.
    Last year Paul used the photo of Stokes in his pre draft article. Is the picture of Pickens a sign from Paul that Pickens is one of the Packer’s picks?

  25. PF4L April 26, 2022

    Tom M April 26, 2022
    Hey Kevin, I mean PF4L, Shailene has officially broken up with Erin a second time! You’ve got a chance! Defend his honor with every fiber of your being to impress your sexually confused hero!
    Really Tom?
    That’s the best you can come up with?
    Do you giggle like a child while your typing that?
    I mean…C”MON MAN!
    Tom M April 25, 2022
    According to reports, the Packers will only draft a WR in the first round if one of the top prospects fall to them at 22 and will not force the issue. This makes sense.
    Gee, ummm,….Couldn’t Gute trade up for a receiver in the first?
    Didn’t they get a first and a second for Adams?
    Ever think of that Einstein?
    Or didn’t it occur to you?
    You are now slightly smarter than you were 15 seconds ago.
    You’re welcome.
    WAIT!!….Didn’t the Packers draft Guru try trading up back in 2020?
    I should do some research and find out how that worked out?
    I could try calling NFLPA attorney Mark Murphy and ask him.
    He told us all football operation decisions go through him.
    Anyone have Ted’s number?
    Tom….Please, try to do better.

  26. PF4L April 26, 2022


  27. PF4L April 26, 2022

    Speaking of first round picks….
    Anyone hear who Kevin King signed with?
    I’d imagine he’s hot property in the free agent market.

  28. Kato April 26, 2022

    PF4L you are a fucking clown and everyone here knows it. You are smarmy little c*nt that thinks he is smarter than he actually is, and attempts to put people down as a total asshat to feel better about your shortcomings as a human. You wouldn’t talk shit to any person here to their face, keyboard warrior tough guy. Now, on to point out where your reading comprehension is a little lacking.
    These scores are NOT based on win loss record. They only put the win loss record as a mark of the teams success with those drafts. If you could actually read, the scores were based on the expected value the player would provide, based on where they were drafted. If it was based on winning and losing, genius, Washington wouldn’t have been the 11th best drafting team but yet have a bottom 10 record. Now, as you did get one thing right, yes this includes players not with the team anymore (Micah Hyde). Yes, it was obviously a mistake to let him walk, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact he was an incredible draft selection, especially for taking into account the draft slot he was taken in. Yes, I perfectly understand an older draft class has more time to accrue value than say last year’s. Do you think Gute’s are going to get worse? Jaire Alexander, Rashan Gary, Elgton Jenkins, Jon Runyan, perhaps Darnell Savage if he can rebound from a down year? Erik Stokes if he can build on his rookie year and AJ Dillon
    Obviously, to anyone with any reading comprehension, there are a few weaknesses to these rankings. First, with the first place team, the Seahawks. Their grade is heavily weighted by the 2012 draft by getting a franchise QB in the 3rd round and a HOF linebacker in the 2nd round. Ever since that draft, they have had mostly negative drafts with a few bright spots here and there. Then, the aforementioned Washington Commanders, whose grade is heavily weighted by Kirk Cousins, which takes into account him basically being a top 12 QB in the NFL pretty consistently since year 3 and being a 4th round pick resulted in incredible value, but if you take him away, they have a negative draft score, which more accurately reflects the franchise’s success winning and losing games. Green Bay is boosted by their success in rounds 4-7 finding a lot of value there, in fact ranking 1st among all teams. Obviously they have had a few misses with premium picks, but if you actually go through and look at every team, you will find they have a lot of misses too. Green Bay had a couple of overall negative drafts, but they were mostly consistently average, and had a few pretty good ones, relative to the league mixed in. Really, the only teams that have consistently drafted better than GB over the last decade were the cowboys, ravens and chiefs. Seriously, PF4L, with me explaining how this works, go through and tell me what other teams you would rather have for their drafts besides the ones I named?

  29. Tom M April 27, 2022

    Look Kevin, I didn’t exclude the possibility of a trade. I said it was being reported that IF the Packers stay at 22 and IF the top WR’s were off the board Gutekunst isn’t going to take a WR just to make you happy. The problem with projecting trades is you have to have a willing partner. Kind of like you getting laid. You’ve got to find someone willing to have sex with you. And no, getting your sister drunk doesn’t count. But following your feeble train of thought. Let’s assume then that there are four top WR’s with 1st round grades. Garrett Wilson, Drake London, Jameson Williams, and Chris Olave. And let’s assume Brian Gutekunst loves Drake London as much as you love Erin and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to land the USC WR. It’s going to cost Gutekunst both first round picks and a second to move up 12 spots or more to get the guy he wants. That’s not happening. The other option is that Gutekunst has all 4 wideouts rated close to the same and would be happy with anyone of them. He lets the board come to him. He waits until 3 of the 4 are off the board and then makes a move. For example, let’s say Jameson Williams goes off the board at pick 17 with Chris Olave the only WR left. Then he makes his move to move up. The draft capital to move up is significantly less from 22 to 18. And it’s a game Gutekunst has played before trying to land Justin Jefferson who Chirs Spielman, then GM of the Vikings, turned down taking Jefferson himself. Trades are no sure thing.

  30. Tom M April 28, 2022

    According to reports, the Atlanta Falcons are pushing hard for a Jordan Love trade. Don’t they know the real talent is Kurt Benkert? Oh wait, they cut Benkert. Never mind.

  31. PF4L April 28, 2022

    Kato April 26, 2022
    PF4L you are a fucking clown and everyone here knows it.
    Now, on to point out where your reading comprehension is a little lacking.
    These scores are NOT based on win loss record.
    The draft ranking article that Kato brought up says this…..
    “To get the team ranking,…….”We INCLUDE a look at team records from 2012-2021. Not surprising, seven of the top eight teams in our ranking also had one of the eight best records over the last decade.”
    No Kato…you’re a fucking clown….and everyone here, and everyone here, already knew it.

  32. PF4L April 28, 2022

    “Brett Alan Hundley Jr. is an American football quarterback who is a free agent.”
    I’m not smart enough to know what that means.
    Any ideas?….Kato?

  33. Kato April 29, 2022

    Man PF4L is obsessed with something I said 7 years ago.
    Yes, they include the teams records, but that has nothing to do with the draft pick evaluations you asshat. They include the team records, because typically good drafting and winning ball games go hand in hand. Stay in school kids.

  34. Mitch Anthony April 29, 2022

    Well then, Watson is the receiver. How about that? Seemed like a bit of a price to pay (two seconds) but they got who they, and a bunch of fans wanted. Trading with a division rival to move up in R2 and giving the Vikes two seconds, oh my. Funny thing is, it doesn’t appear Minnesota did all that well with what they had available to them after the draft trade.

    Lots to like about the athletics on Watson. Hopefully he picks things up quickly and doesn’t dare drop a catchable ball in practice or well,….you know….that “t” word.

    Hoping for great things for Christian Watson.

  35. PF4L April 29, 2022

    Kato April 26, 2022
    These scores are NOT based on win loss record. They only put the win loss record as a mark of the teams success with those drafts. If you could actually read, the scores were based on the expected value the player would provide, based on where they were drafted. If it was based on winning and losing, genius
    PF4L April 28, 2022
    “To get the team ranking,…….”We INCLUDE a look at team records from 2012-2021.”
    Kato April 29, 2022
    Yes, they include the teams records, but that has nothing to do with the draft pick evaluations you asshat.
    It has to do with the draft ranking analysis.
    They INCLUDE that in a teams drafting evaluation….asshat
    I’d call you a retard, but that isn’t politically correct in today’s society.
    I think they refer to you people now as “Special Needs”.
    Thanks for trying Kato
    Try to do better.
    Maybe next time…idk….actually read the article you referred to?
    But sure Kato…i
    l’ll try to hone my reading comprehension skills…….asshat.


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