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Potential Packer Late Round Picks

The late rounds often involve long shot wagers on college players who’s dreams did not all come true. Injuries, bad choices, lack of opportunities, bad system fits, personality conflicts and immaturity can all contribute to a burst bubble of college realities.

Some injuries can be rehabbed to the point of complete health. Some leave questions. Questions about character are often harder for a teenager to repair as a college athlete. Schools are reluctant to disclose alleged details of incidents that might blemish a university’s reputation. Suspensions for “undisclosed” or unspecified rule violations can leave an NFL recruit flapping in the wind.

Kylin Hill lasted until round seven in 2020 after having his opportunities limited by a new coach with a passing game that did not include him. There were rumors of battles with staff, then a suspension, before he left the team mid season. Before his injury it was clear Hill had talent beyond the average seventh round pick. Hill lasted to pick 256 because of character questions combined with falling stats in his senior year.

The 2022 draft will have late round picks or undrafted free agents with high round athletic talent that fall to the later rounds just like Hill. Potential picks in this category include:

Jan 1, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Kevin Austin Jr. (4) scores a touchdown against the Oklahoma State Cowboys during the second half of the 2022 Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Austin Jr.

The Notre Dame leader in yards and catches in 2020, Austin Jr. ran an official 4.43 forty at the NFL combine. Currently sitting at prospect number 344 on CBS Sports’ draft eligible player ranking in part because of injuries that limited his first years and a year long suspension for undisclosed reasons.

Feb 3, 2022; Las Vegas, East wide receiver Josh Johnson of Tulsa (84) gains yards after making a reception during the East/West Shrine Bowl at Allegiant Stadium. Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Johnson

This Tulsa standout is predicted to run a forty at Tulsa’s pro day in the 4.3 range. He had 83 receptions and topped one thousand yards. Johnson was a late bloomer, transferring from IowaState to Tulsa. Even with 83 catches Johnson has a free agent grade due to a “bad hands” label. His size at 5-10/180 pounds also contribute to his low rank. CBS ranks him at 329.

WR Tre Turner

Oct 16, 2021; Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies wide receiver Tre Turner (11) runs past Pittsburgh Panthers defensive back Marquis Williams (14) during the second half at Lane Stadium. Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Tre Turner

The 6’1” 185 lbs. wideout struggled through plantar fasciitis and a sports hernia but still caught 40 passes in 11 games. He ran a 4.51 forty at the combine but poor QB play and small hands have him listed at 272 by CBS.

Oct 16, 2021; Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; Pittsburgh Panthers tight end Lucas Krull (7) runs a play during the second half against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Lane Stadium. Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Lucas Krull

Krull stands 6’6” and weighs 254 pounds. He ran a 4.65 forty and is a good enough athlete to de drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2018. Krull spent a number of years trying baseball and had a serious injury that ended his previous college season. Krull ended his 2021 college season with 38 catches for 451 yards. It was not enough for CBS rankings, they ranked him 391. His age is 24 making him older than some players looking to sign their second NFL contract.

All each player above wants is a chance to get into a training camp and prove their worth. The Packers have a proven track record of finding late picks and free agents that contribute to Green Bay’s success. If there was ever a year to find another Donald Driver late in the draft, 2022 could be it.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Mitch Anthony March 17, 2022

    Once again Paul, thanks for putting in the work and keeping things going here.

    For those of us who followed for years, we went through a long phase of the draft and develop philosophy. Remember the conversations of some years ago when some of us would be very frustrated and questioning the rationale of the team that was sometimes 10, 20, or maybe even close to 30 million under the cap? It was a while back during Ted’s time when a lot of fans questioned why GB didn’t fish in the free agency pond all that much.

    Then Gute came along. Gute not only went fishing in that pond, he took a net. GB went from one side of the equation to another and spent some big bucks in free agency. It can now be argued that the financial situation of today dictates a bit of a shift back toward draft and develop, to be able to find good picks who can contribute on the cheap while value can be obtained from rookie contracts during the first few years. They were able to score on Allen Lazard in such a way. Just as your write up describes situations of players tumbling down the draft boards, such was the case of Allen Lazard falling through the cracks.

    That’s why this draft is maybe a bit more important (they all are important) and the evaluators and scouts have to be on top of it. I think a lot of us have had some genuine doubts about some drafting decisions and player evaluation decisions in recent years. The draft can be a real crap shoot. If the balance sheet shows 50/50 or better, you’re actually doing well as a GM. You’d almost want them to score on contributors in the first four rounds for sure, get a surprise (two would be great) in the late rounds, and then find that UDFA who can make it on to the 53 as a bonus (Jack Heflin as an example). That would be nice.

    When you brought up the factors of why some of these players tumble down the boards I think of a phrase I often use to showcase some of these types of players. Low impulse control. How many times have we seen that factor derail a kid’s chances, or even derail an NFL player’s career? Man, if we could adequately test for that. Colin Kaepernick made a big deal about the combine and selection process and equated it to an old slave purchasing process (Good God, gimme a break). Not only the physical testing but the poking and prodding and trying to trip your trigger during the interviews. But it sometimes really works. I think of a few years ago when Jachai Polite was mocked as a first round edge prospect coming out of Florida. He even showed up on some GB draft crushes. He totally flamed out in his interview process and fell down the boards to where the Jets grabbed him in the third round and by August he was waived out of camp. After a couple PS squad stints with the Seahawks and Rams he’s now an Argonaut. Point is, the poking and prodding and asking the right questions is necessary to protect the investment and it can work.

    Overall I think GB has done better than most in the character department so there’s some confidence that when they might take a flyer on someone, they’ve done a pretty good job of balancing risk vs. reward. Here’s hoping their talent evaluation is on top of the game on draft day.

  2. Dean March 17, 2022

    Draft and develop had a chance to work back when the coaches had more time to work with the rookies in the off season. GB even had a “quarterback school” in the off season ….
    With the new rules concerning players practice times, getting free agents to fill some of a teams holes is a must.

  3. Dean March 17, 2022

    Wow, trading D Adams to raiders? Well, 20 million dollars to find a free agent WR…

  4. Skinny20 March 17, 2022

    lol, Packers showed balls and got rid of Davante. Love it! Before all Packer fans lose their shit realize he was basically a non factor in the playoffs his entire career in GB. Great regular season WR and unreal stats but disappeared in the post season. This may be the move that lights the charge up their ass come post season.

  5. Cheese March 17, 2022

    LOL, this front office must be really damn good at pissing people off. Even though Adams is now the highest paid WR in the league, as he wanted to be, the Packers were reportedly willing to pay that as well! Apparently it was reported that Adams “would never play for the Packers again” as “the situation was too far gone.” Not that I agree with paying Adams that kind of money but you have to wonder what his reasons were for still not taking that offer and wanting to go elsewhere. Obviously his buddy Carr is in Las Vegas. Is Carr going to force the ball to Adams like Rodgers did? Because Aaron stared down Davante like a set of titties. At the same time, there were moments where you felt like Davante was the only guy on the field worth throwing to because everyone else couldn’t hang onto the damn ball.
    Green Bay now gets to lay in the bed that they made for themselves because the last WR they picked in the top two rounds was eight years ago in 2014, which just so happened to be Davante Adams. Maybe Cobb can finally live up to that #1 WR contract he signed way back when before he disappeared. I wonder if Jordan Love knows how to run a route tree?
    Wow… sure makes you wonder what happens from here.

  6. Dean March 17, 2022

    Cap room to sign R Douglas and maybe one of MVS or Tonyan plus two high draft picks to find a WR in the draft.

    Can you say defense and running the ball! 3 quality CBs, Campbell at MLB, plus a strong pass rush could make for a top 5 defense if they add a quality run stopper.

  7. PF4L March 17, 2022

    “At this point, the Packers’ top receivers on their depth chart are Lazard, Cobb, Amari Rodgers and Malik Taylor.” – Rob (clueless) Demovsky
    In a separate article….
    “Za’Darius Smith, who was named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first two seasons with the Packers….” – Rob Demovsky
    Except for the fact that Z. Smith wasn’t named to the Pro Bowl in 2019. Most Packer fans and reporters should know better without looking at wiki (which is also wrong).
    Doesn’t anyone remember Z Smith wearing the “snubbed” shirt?
    C;MON MAN!!
    Say what you want about Rob Demovsky, but he’s been wrong about the Packers so often, i wouldn’t be surprised to learn he isn’t even a Packer fan.
    Maybe…..he “denounced” his Packer fanship…idk.
    That’s been going around lately.

  8. PF4L March 17, 2022

    Skinny…i don’t think it took big balls from the Packers…i think Adams told the Packers to eat a dick.
    The Packers did something pretty basic in the NFL, they franchised Adams to get something for him.
    The Packers are not a better team without him. Should i repeat that?
    I doubt if a player is going to come into Green Bay and instantly have the rapport with Rodgers that Adams had.
    What would be funny is if Rodgers changed his mind and retired. This team is going nowhere in 2022.
    If the Packers would have traded Rodgers, they’d be sitting in the Kings throne with seriously righteous draft capitol right now with many options.
    Trade picks for present players, move up in the draft, whatever they wanted. Plus the benefit of having a beneficial cap number for the future.
    The Packers don’t have big balls…they fucked up again imo.

  9. PF4L March 17, 2022

    Cheese, lol…here’s the thing….if Cobb couldn’t step up and be the #1 receiver when Jordy went down in 2015, what are the chances of him doing it 7 years later?
    Fucking Gute (smh)…..We don’t need no stinking receiver in a receiver deep 1st round….we got our eye on Jordan Love.
    Because as Gute tells it…” we did what was in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers”
    In Gute We Trust!!!!

  10. Kato March 17, 2022

    Eh, I don’t think the Adams thing is a big deal. Maybe Rodgers will get back to spreading the ball around again and not as Cheese put it “staring down Adams like a pair of titties.” Besides, Rodgers numbers without Adams have actually been pretty good, and they average 31.6 ppg without him.

  11. Kato March 17, 2022

    Man, there is crazy hate here for Gute. All he has done is built a roster that has won 39 games in three years. I can’t believe there is still hate for the Rashan Gary pick, I think it’s pretty apparent at this point that it was a good pick

  12. Cheese March 17, 2022

    My comment about Cobb was 1,000% sarcastic as I do not expect him to step up and be a #1. Purely a dig at how he couldn’t do it back then and for sure isn’t going to do it now. Cobb has value he’s just not a #1.
    The question is, how do they remedy this… Julio Jones? Jarvis Landry? Take three late round WR’s and hope for the best?

  13. Katp March 18, 2022

    While I love Julio Jones, dude really started to look his age last year. Unless he gets vet minimum or a little over. A trade for Brandin Cooks could make sense. Or ask Seattle if Metcalf is available.

  14. Howard March 18, 2022

    I don’t think the Packers ever had the possibility of signing Adams unless they agreed earlier in the year to pay Adams more than Hopkins. Adams appears to have had the belief that Hopkins was making over 27 million a year. The Packers did not believe Hopkins was making over 27 million a year. I’m glad Adams did not take the last minute offer (if true?) from the Packers to top the Raiders. It may hurt for a year or two to lose Adams, but I think Adams saved the Packers from theirselves. The Packers in this case did what the Patriots have done over the years. If you have a player that you know wants more money than you can afford or he is worth, you trade him for multiple picks or players that can help you in the current season.
    It is hard to find very many wide receivers in the NFL that do not have their production drop off substantially when they hit the 30 mark. Injuries occur more often. Adams has been for the most part healthy. However, Adams has put a lot of miles on his legs including his knees. Adams makes some of the most sudden cuts in the NFL, and he has been doing so for years. The mileage on Adams legs and joints from practice, training, and games has to be to the point of requiring some maintenance. I just don’t see Adams keeping the same production, and at approximately 28 million a year you just have say good for Adams. It will be interesting to see if the Adams signing will be a cautionary tale in future years to teams about large contracts to aging receivers.
    With the loss of Adams there is no doubt the Packers need to find a new #1 receiver to drop Aaron Jones from the current Packer #1 receiver slot. The Packers do need to sign a quality veteran on a short term contract, if there is one available. Draft a couple of receivers with their top 4 picks and try to get the young guys to mesh with the system by the middle to later part of the upcoming season. I would not be against signing MVS to a short term reasonable contract, but MVS should be considered a field stretcher and a #3 receiver. If the Packers did sign MVS he would be the only receiver of the current Packer receivers that would warrant a safety over the top.

  15. Kato March 18, 2022

    Good post Howard. I am looking at this the same way you are. The only problem is the “trust issues” that Rodgers is so famous for (and you literally never hear about any other QB having those issues. The age 30 thing is very real. A few years back in his age 29 season Julio Jones put up like 1600 yards. 30, 1300 yards, then 800, then 400ish, don’t remember the exact numbers. Sure, you could say the Packers are going to blow it all up eventually anyway, but it would be nice to not have the cupboard completely bare. I honestly feel like the presence of Adams has hurt Rodgers ability to form connections with other receivers. The offense in games he missed honestly looked better than in games he was in. He is going to have to start trusting other guys or it will be a rough season

  16. Deepsky March 18, 2022

    I can’t remember a time when the Packers traded a player for decent draft picks. Even Favre only got a third round pick. They traded Bruce Clark to the Saints for a first round pick after he signed with a Canadian football team and they used that to get Tim Lewis. The Packers got a couple of second round picks for Tim Harris, which I think they used one of those to get Mike Holmgren. Trading the low first round pick to the Eagles in 1991 which netted two first round picks and allowed the Packers to trade for Favre was probably the best trade for picks, but that wasn’t for a player.

  17. PF4L March 18, 2022

    A NFL QB is going to throw to whoever can perform.
    Run the right roughts, make the right cuts, be where you are supposed to be.
    There is a reason #1 receivers have the most targets, because they are dependable and can perform.
    Yes…Any… NFL QB will go to that receiver more often.
    Call it trust if it makes you feel better.
    But a receiver who is arguably a top 5 receiver in the league, is reliable, and can perform consistently, will get more targets than ho-hum receivers (reality).
    I’m not sure how this is confusing.
    I’ve been saying for years, receiving has been a problem, that we have nobody behind Adams.
    Well gee…..i just looked in the cupboard and it looks like slim pickings.
    I’ll say it again and again and fucking again……
    MVS and Lazard are role players, nobody is giving you a 2nd round pick for either of those guys.
    They are what they are.
    So now what…..?
    The Packers have to scramble to put a wide receiving core together on this team because, of neglect?
    Now…they are in desperation mode and trading teams know it.
    Are you going to draft a wideout in the 1st or 2nd round to replace Adams, then you are still looking for a #2 or…
    Are you going to give up the draft picks you obtained for Adams and get a blue chip receiver with a big salary?
    And if you draft one…how long does it take to be an impact player?
    Gute neglected this area for years, now he can’t, and he’s in a weak position because of need.
    And how about a tight end?
    Is Jimmy Graham available?
    Many of you thought we didn’t need anymore receivers.
    Now we see how losing just one receiver brings clarity to that false analysis.
    Yes…Rashan Gary was productive…..
    He was the 12th pick in the draft and was productive.
    That’s just crazy, who would expect that pick to be productive?
    He became productive in his 3rd season.
    Is he a game changer?
    Is he a star player in the NFL?
    Nick Perry had 10 sacks one season, was he a star player?
    Kyler Fackrell had 10.5 sacks one season, was he a star player?
    Congrats Gary, you had 9.5 sacks one season.
    Will Gary become an impact player?
    More power to him.
    Clay Mathews was the 26th player selected in the first round.
    In his first 3 seasons he had 29.5 sacks, 6 FF’s, 4 picks including 2 pick sixes.
    That…is a star player.
    Wearing a #52 jersey doesn’t make you Clay Mathews.

  18. PF4L March 18, 2022

    Stay in school kids!

  19. PF4L March 18, 2022

    Almost forgot….
    Cheese, i was laughing with you, not at you.
    I get you brother.

  20. Kato March 18, 2022

    Sure, I wouldn’t necessarily say I disagree with Gutes decision to not address receiver early in drafts after Jordy Nelson departed. But let’s not misconstrue this and pretend like people aren’t getting open. Receivers as a group in this offense have been in the top three in open % and wide open % the last two years according to next gen stats. LaFleurs scheme makes it a lot easier for players to get open.
    Yes I understand the concept of having a number one receiver and wanting to get him the ball as much as possible. But at some point, you have to be more diverse in your attack than throw to 17 40% of targets. When the offense was at its best in 2020, you had a rotation of guys having big games early (Adams, Lazard, Jones, Tonyan, MVS). Rodgers really got away from spreading the ball around whenever Adams was in the lineup and that made them much more predictable.
    Your hatred for Rashan Gary is laughable at this point. You are a fucking amateur and its sad. Imagine thinking sacks are everything while forgetting that he was a positive force in run defense, while Clay Matthews wasn’t great. How many 12th overall picks don’t turn our? Fuck, how many top 10 picks don’t work out? Rashan Gary ranked 4th in pressures in the entire league, only Nick Bosa, Myles Garrett,and TJ Watt ranked ahead of him

  21. Cheese March 18, 2022

    PF4L, it’s all good. Either way, as long as you got a good laugh that’s all that matters. People are way too uptight these days, especially Packer fans lol. Who can blame them?! Laughter is the best medicine and Packer Nation needs an indefinite IV drip.

  22. Tom M March 19, 2022

    It didn’t take you girls long to start crying over Adams. “Who’s little Erin going to throw to now!” No one gives two shits about Aaron Rodgers having Davante Adams to pad his stats. Davante Adams wasn’t even the best WR on the field in that playoff loss to the 49ers. The best WR was Deebo Samuel. For a 141 million, the Raiders can have him. And they still won’t beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. PF4L tells us little Erin can only throw the ball to who’s open and that’s only Adams. Is that so, you wise and sage talent evaluator? Except of course Allan Lazard was wide open on the very last play in the Packers playoff loss. Where, once again, Rodgers was forcing the ball to Davante Adams. We may not have won the SB girls but at least Rodgers made damn sure that he and Adams would both be the highest paid players at their position. Because stat whoring makes you rich. It doesn’t make you a champion. And neither Rodgers or Adams will ever be champions.

  23. Dean March 19, 2022

    Looks like R Douglas and Tonyan signed with GB. Losing Adams hurts the offense; however, if the extra $20 million in cap space and 1st/2nd round picks allows GB to sign/trade for a quality WR, draft 2 quality players, plus keep Douglas the overall team maybe better in the long run.

  24. PF4L March 19, 2022

    Kato…little man….
    I have given Gary his props for pressures over the years.
    Reading someone’s post is one thing, understanding it is another.
    I have had Gary’s back, that he should be starting as the 12th pick (on numerous occasions) I ripped on Gute, not Gary.
    So F U saying that i hate Gary, i never said that, and i don’t need some keyboard tootsie roll dick like you telling me what they imagined i said or feel.
    I’ve said Gary is a high motor, and consistently gets pressure.
    I think it’s great that he ranked fourth in pressures, he almost gets there to make a play.
    Gary had 9.5 sacks as a starter, and also had 2 forced fumbles in 17 games.
    He made some plays. That gives him 2 forced fumbles in 3 seasons.
    In relation to other players, those numbers aren’t taking him to the Pro Bowl.
    You don’t get into the Pro Bowl by being 4th in pressures, you get in by making plays, impacting a game, being a game changer.
    My point pickle licker…..was that he isn’t at that level yet.
    But what did i say, i said….more power to him.
    Thank you for understanding.

  25. Kato March 20, 2022

    The fucking pro bowl?!?!?!?! Who has given a flying fuck about the pro bowl and who is selected in years? Sacks aren’t everything, there is a bigger picture. Would you rather have player A) 9.5 sacks, 6 sacks created by pressure, 23 incompletions created by pressure, and 3 picks created by pressure or player B) 17 sacks, 3 sacks created by pressure, 13 incompletions forced, and one interception created. Always so short sighted piffle.
    Your hatred of Gutey makes you a fucking clown. Yeah, the Packers may not make the playoffs without Rodgers, depending on what QB is at the helm. Mitch Trubisky, probably not. If it’s Garappolo probably. The roster top to bottom has been one of the most talented since 2019. Especially the last two years. It is a stark difference from the roster in 2017, 2018. I literally can’t take you seriously.

  26. Savage57 March 20, 2022

    Gute and Russ are doing yeoman’s work putting together this roster in the face of some pretty significant challenges.

  27. Tom M March 20, 2022

    What you said PF4L was Gutekunst should have drafted Brian Burns because he had a bigger impact as a rookie. His stats were better. And that’s all you look at. The stat line. Rashan Gary was a 21 year old rookie with rare skills and enormous amount of talent. But more importantly he was willing to work his ass off to be a pro. It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict Rashan Gary would have a breakout year. I told you he’d have 10 to 12 sacks. He had 9.5 and has established himself as one of the games best young pass rushers. If he stays healthy his career will far surpass Brian Burns in Carolina. You can thank Brian Gutekunst for that. Like corners, you can never have too many pass rushers. We were luck to have three really good ones in ZaDarius, Preston, and Gary. You can only play two at a time. At some point injuries occur, and when it happened Gary was ready. You be wise PF4L to stick to the virtues of “team captains” and leave talent evaluation to others. You hate Brian Gutekunst because in your mind he’s the reason Aaron Rodgers can’t win the big game. Sure. It’s Gutekunst fault Rodgers missed a wide open Allan Lazard.

  28. Tom M March 20, 2022

    The Minnesota Vikings traded the ultra talented yet disgruntled Stefon Diggs for a number one pick and replaced him with Justin Jefferson. One of the best young WR’s in the NFL. They didn’t miss a beat and Jefferson is playing on a cheap rookie contract. While Buffalo had to pay Diggs. That’s a win for the Vikings. There are quality WR’s in every draft and this year is no exception. We now have 4 picks in the first 59 selections. Gutekunst will take at least one WR to replace Adams with one of those picks. As good as Rodgers to Adams was, they were never Montana to Rice. And they certainly were never “Micheal and Scottie.” We don’t need stat whore Rodgers. We need clutch Rodgers. Who can hit a wide open Lazard in the playoffs. Or who can score at TD when he has 1st and goal on the 8 yard line against the Bucs in the NFCC game. While Ted was always tight with a buck. Gutekunst isn’t afraid to open up the check book. Living on the salary cap edge only works if it keeps you competitive. Gutekunst has done just that. It’s time for Rodgers to be something he’s not known for. Being clutch and winning big games. I have my doubts. Gutekunst is betting on Rodgers. I hope he’s right.

  29. rebelgb March 20, 2022

    PF4L I really thought your boyfriend getting $50 mill a year would make you a happier person. I mean you hate the Pack org so much yet they not only kept your boy, they made him the highest paid player in NFL history. Your posts used to have some semblance of insight, even when you were wrong, which was often; but lately you just sound like a butt hurt brain dead troll.

    Davante was very good, but Rodgers definitely used him as security blanket AND he took way too much interest in Adams being successful just for personal friendship. Rodgers needed to focus on the team, not his buddy getting a payday.

    The thing is, people like you, and your not alone, have forgotten what Lafluer believes in as a coach. What he made clear when he got here: he wants this team to be a running/defense led team. We will be better overall as a team getting rid of Adams. I didn’t say a “better offense”, maybe not statistically. But overall the talent we will be able to both acquire and draft will build this roster into a very strong contender if it can stay healthy. I myself am looking forward to a more diversified offense and a top 10 defense, maybe top 5.

    Adams wanted to be a Raider first and foremost. Why is anyone acting surprised? He was a professional here in GB and we thank him for that. But over the years it became pretty apparent from his tone and the way he talked hes a big city guy; and a bit of a diva. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 years from now he goes all Darren Sharper and we find out his true colors.

  30. rebelgb March 20, 2022

    Damn Tom, your last post was the best post in months. Good points about Jefferson. Look what Chase did in Cincinnati this year. Receivers are playing more and more NFL level type of football in college, so they are coming more prepared to play as rookies. Good QB’s make good WR;’s too. Rodgers can make almost any receiver good for the most part, any talented one anyways. Rodgers certainly knew 100% that Adams wasnt coming back. So the fact he chose to remain in GB tells you his friendship with Adams was important to him, but maybe not THAT important. I would not be surprised at all if Rodgers believes losing Adams will help him grow. Why not? One thing about Rodgers, you have to admit he is always looking to get better. Whether its his health, his wealth or his career; the guy looks to get better at everything.
    I went from dreading 2022 Packers season to being more hyped than ive been in a while. Shit hats off to Gute man. Kept Rodgers, got gold for Adams, Packers under the cap; and the biggest draft in our lifetimes coming up. Is it April yet?

  31. PF4L March 20, 2022

    Novel time…enjoy :)
    Savage….they are doing ok.
    It’s fairly basic to franchise a player and trade him. Especially a top producer in the league.
    My thought is they still hung on to Rodgers too long, instead of obtaining more draft capital, AND positioning themselves better under the salary cap at the same time.
    Big mistake imo..
    Again…i’ll repeat, i don’t see Rodgers and this team going to a SB in the near future. Just like i proclaimed before each of the last 3 seasons.
    What’s changed…?
    We lost a pro bowl playmaker in Zadarius Smith, We lost 3 quality (proven) offensive lineman.
    We lost one of the best receivers in the league. We don’t have a #2.
    We don’t have a (proven) tight end.
    We need another D lineman who can produce more than 3 or 4 splash plays a season.
    Are the Packers going to pay Savage big money?
    They have to pay Gary pretty soon after they pick up his option because they really don’t have a choice after making a bad mistake worse by resigning P. Smith…(who everyone thought was a goner)
    That was almost as impressive as pissing away draft resources for Love to sit on the bench for the future. Yet another colossal mistake.
    They have to pay Alexander huge money in a year, if not sooner.
    The salary cap dungeon will be commonplace for the Packers in the next 3,4 years.
    Keep pushing cash down the road Gute…keep chasing that ghost.
    Should i go on?
    Getting rid of Adams didn’t create cap space as many seemed to think, because he wasn’t counting anything against the cap to start with this season before the franchise tag.
    If we/anyone, are “hoping” for free agency and this draft to replace AND add enough talent to this Packer team to get to the Super Bowl….you just might be considered a dreamer.
    I remember some fan(s) in here proclaiming time and time again, the Packers had a good shot at going to the Super Bowl…because they have, a SB caliber team
    Fast forward. They lost their first playoff game.
    Funny how it seems star players seem to have a conflict with Packer management in some form or another.
    Nelson….Too nice of a guy to admit it.
    Favre…Nuff said.
    Rodgers…Nuff said.
    Z Smith….it’s pretty obvious there were problems.
    Martellus Bennett….The Packers pre-paid his seasons salary up front. (STUPID). So the head case created a situation to bolt from Green Bay….with almost his full salary up front. (DUH)
    Then the Packers tried recouping that up front money filing a complaint to the league, and the league laughed at them almost instantly. (DUH)
    Gute and/or Ball…. doing yeoman’s work.
    Just like releasing Nelson and signing that TD machine Jimmy Graham to 10 mill/year. Yoeman’s job Gute/Russ.
    And…..Wayyyyyyy, too much money for a mediocre Preston Smith.
    The waiting continues.
    As far as our 3 resident Rodgers haters…..
    I guess JP gives us no choice but to let them continue their circle jerk and reach arounds with each other, repeating their same non sensical logic and drama queen theory’s.
    Keep stroking boys.


  32. Cheese March 20, 2022

    I can barely convince myself to respond to most of the nonsense on here anymore.
    “Because stat whoring makes you rich. It doesn’t make you a champion. And neither Rodgers or Adams will ever be champions.”
    Can someone call AJ Hawk and have him tell Rodgers that’s he’s never gonna be a champion? If he doesn’t answer maybe you can try Charles Woodson. Or better yet, Greg Jennings. I know he would gladly remind Rodgers that he’ll never be a champion.
    “We will be better overall as a team getting rid of Adams. I didn’t say a “better offense”, maybe not statistically. But overall the talent we will be able to both acquire and draft will build this roster into a very strong contender if it can stay healthy.”
    I don’t consider myself a giant Adams fan and I don’t agree with paying him $28 million a year but getting rid of Adams doesn’t make the offense, defense, or special teams any better. Draft picks don’t mean anything if you can’t pick the right players and actually get them on the field.
    “Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 years from now he (Davante) goes all Darren Sharper and we find out his true colors.”
    Davante definitely has an ego but to compare him to Darren Sharper?? The guy who went to prison for drugging and raping women?? That’s totally ridiculous.

  33. Deepsky March 21, 2022

    Adams has the best feet in the game and great hands, but in the playoffs he’s pretty average. I’m not sure if it’s because teams game plan him better, or the playoffs are more physical, or if Rodgers just doesn’t get him the ball or what. He’s had a few 100 yard playoff games, but more often his play is average and there’s always a team that dominates him and it knocks the Packers out of the playoffs. I’m hoping the Packers get a more physical receiver or tight end.

  34. PF4L March 22, 2022

    What some people don’t understand is that, in the playoffs, especially NFCCG’s…you are playing some of the best in the league at that point.
    You might not be able to do against the Bucs, 49ers in the playoffs, what you did to the Bears, Lions, and queens in the regular season.
    If you can’t handle a teams pass rush, you just might be in trouble….
    See Rodgers, Mahomes, Burrow.

  35. Cheese March 23, 2022

    So Davante found out about being traded to the Raiders while he was in the bathroom from a text message from FORMER Packers quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy, now offensive coordinator for the Bears, showing him what was on Twitter. Not knowing whether it was true, Davante called his agent who then said “well I guess your a Raider” because even he was in the dark about it.
    “Some slippery stuff happened with that I think”- Davante
    Is this a dig at the powers that be? Why is it that so many players have communication issues with the Packers front office? Would it have been so hard to say “could you guys wait ten minutes to break this to the press so we can call Davante and tell him ourselves?” Or at least call his agent. Ultimately, going to the Raiders is something that Davante wanted so he was excited about the news but you want to hear that from your employer, not through social media screenshots.

  36. Mitch Anthony March 23, 2022

    Must be they never completely addressed that “silo” thing they once talked about.

  37. Howard March 23, 2022

    Cheese, I don’t disagree that the Packers over the years have not communicated well, if at all with Packer free agents, or impending free agents. In the case of Adams I believe Adams and/or Adams agent were aware ahead of time a trade was going occur. That is if you believe the below article (link) by Peter King. King gets into the negotiations between the Packers and Raiders, including the details about Gute giving the Raiders permission to work out terms of a contact before the trade was to be consummated. You will need to scroll down the article a bit to find the Adams trade details. In this case I believe Adams and/or Adams agent was well aware a trade was going to occur before the trade was announced. If Adams was not aware of the trade that was on Adams agent not the Packers. Again that is if you you believe King?

  38. Cheese March 24, 2022

    Interesting find, Howard. Maybe the Raiders and Adams agent/ Adams agreed to a price point IF the trade went through, but were not notified of it actually going through when it did? What I was referring to was mentioned in the first few minutes of an interview Davante did with Raiders.com
    I guess we’ll never know exactly how it went down. It doesn’t really matter. There are bigger things to focus on. I was just taken off guard by Davante’s comment about things being “slippery” and hearing about the news from a text message by someone now outside the organization. Maybe I was looking too far into that comment, or maybe not. It’s time for Green Bay to find some receivers.

  39. Kato March 24, 2022

    What is going on here? No writeup about Adams being traded, and speculation on where he goes? Nothing on Jarron Reed?
    Fine, does anyone else find it odd how a segment of Americans believe that a woman that went through male puberty while competing in sports has no athletic advantage over her natural female competition?

  40. Mitch Anthony March 24, 2022

    Fine, does anyone else find it odd how a segment of Americans believe that a [man – who competes against women -] that went through male puberty while competing in sports has no athletic advantage over [his] natural female competition?

    Fixed it for you.

    Yes, odd. Very, very odd. But hey, I’m not a biologist.

    That aside, Kato’s right. There should be plenty discuss now with Adams a Raider, Scantling is apparently a Chief, the addition of Reed, the upcoming draft. Rob Born has been ringing the bell for a high drafted blue chip receiver since as long as I can remember on this site and this draft should finally be that time. Four picks in the first two rounds should be great fodder for an article or two.

  41. PF4L March 24, 2022

    As much as i enjoyed this site over the years, this place isn’t exactly the go to website concerning the happenings of the Green Bay Packers. I mean…2 articles in 17 days?
    Even during the season articles were scarce.
    I’m not going to count them, but i wouldn’t be surprised if CHTV put out 50 new articles in the last 17 days.

  42. PF4L March 25, 2022

    MVS signs 3 year 30 million dollar deal with the Chiefs
    Only in America folks!!
    Jimmy Graham anyone?
    The difference being…Jimmy Graham was once relevant.
    Of course, the high intellects in the sports world will blame this on Rodgers.
    11 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers got all the money. Then his receivers left. Leaving him with an ancient Randall Cobb at WR1. Priceless.
    10 hours ago

    As a Packer fan this is disappointing. Packers overpaid for Rodgers and this is the reckoning.
    Because Gute……had nothing to do with the Packers having no wide receivers, it’s all (wait for it)…Rodgers fault..
    Gee…we may not have any wide receivers…but we have Jordan Love…..What say you Gute?

  43. Killer March 25, 2022

    It was interesting that no other team had ANY interest in Aaron Rodgers. I’d posted that if I was a GM I wouldn’t give up a 7th round pick for that cancer in a human shape with his aging body and various psychiatric issues. I posted that but assumed there would be a dumb or desperate GM out there but I underestimated their intelligence. No one wanted Rodgers. That should not be surprising. He could quickly get a GM fired due to the lost draft picks, over-payment, and just plain attitude.

    What is surprising, SHOCKING, is how much the Packers then paid him. The only competition for his servies was retirement. Rodgers is an attention whore so that wasn’t much competition at all. If management stood strong, they could have had Rodgers for 35 million a year. Instead, cap disaster for the team.

    It may look bad now with the loss of Z.Smith, the linemen, Adams, and MVS (and, soon, Chandon Sullivan), but that kind of loss will occur every year Rodgers remains a Packers AND FOR TWO MORE YEARS AFTER HE’S GONE!

    Rodgers, team cancer, attention whore, psycho, and one-man cap disaster.

  44. Ed March 25, 2022

    Meanwhile, the Viking are planning their Super Bowl parade route.

  45. Cheese March 25, 2022

    Oh look, more nonsense.
    “It was interesting that no other team had ANY interest in Aaron Rodgers.”
    Killer, if you believe no team in the NFL was interested in Rodgers you are either a crackhead or the biggest troll this side of the Atlantic. Complete absurdity. Grow a brain.
    PF4L, when I read that nonsense you found on some other site it makes me feel like my IQ just dropped 20 points. Somehow the Packers completely neglecting the WR position for years is Rodgers fault. The Chiefs giving MVS $30 million? That’s insane. MVS has never been more than just a guy.

  46. Killer March 25, 2022

    Cheesy, your own GM, Gute the Bad, stated no other team had any interest in Rodgers, that he took zero calls about him. Are you saying Gute the Bad is a liar and not to be trusted? Or are you saying he is a crackhead troll?

  47. Cheese March 25, 2022

    If Gute said that, and you believe him, then you are both crackhead trolls.
    Gute also told the public that Jordan Love “fell to him” after trading up in the first round to get Love, all while reiterating that he “had no plans on drafting a QB.” This was also after Gute flew out to watch Love play and set up several virtual meetings with Love prior to the 2020 draft.
    After all the quarterbacks that have been moved this offseason you want me to believe that not a single team in the NFL called to inquire about about a player that just won two consecutive MVP’s? Complete and utter nonsense.

  48. Tom M March 26, 2022

    It’s clear now how Gutekunst is shaping the roster. He’s focused on defense and running the ball. Effectively making Aaron Rodgers a game manager without Davante Adams. This could be a good thing. We’ve had over a decade of stat whore Rodgers only to be ultimately disappointed. Only with Rodgers do you hear this incessant bullshit about earning his “trust.” No such nonsense from Brady or any other NFL QB. Then again, only little Erin gives you a book club. It’s his way of enlightening the masses. Rodgers will have no choice but to throw it to unproven, rookie WR’s. Gutekunst is forcing Rodgers to now play out of his comfort zone. A comfort zone that’s full of stats but no championships. Look, Rodgers could have left for Denver. But the thought of facing Mahomes, Herbert, and now Adams with Derek Carr, made him decide to take the easy way out. Where he’ll just stay in the NFC north and bully the Bears and the Lions. Aaron Rodgers decided to protect his brand and play it safe. And it gives girls like PF4L and Cheese the evil Brian Gutekunst to always blame when Rodgers chokes. No reason to risk going to Denver to prove his doubts correct when he can stay in Wisconsin and be worshiped no matter what. Right, girls?

  49. icebowl March 26, 2022

    Man, I leave you guys to manage the team for a few years and come back to this shitstorm….

    – #12 re-signs for all the money in Green Bay, WI.
    – WRs leaving in droves
    – Boatload of Packers signing with the enemy (Queens and DaBearz)
    – Players choosing to pass GB offers to catch errant passes from Tannehill instead of #12… (Woods)
    – Not to mention QB1 trying to get back with his ShowMeTheMoney Honey…

    As if the shit going down in Ukraine aint bad enough… ….

    Wondering, which one (if any) of the washed up FA WRs they’ll waste $$$$$$$ on…

    Just celebrated my 54th year as a fan, I may not have it in me to survive another 80’s ….

  50. Kato March 26, 2022

    Honestly a run the ball and play defense style may not be a bad thing. Rodgers can’t do it anymore. And by “it” I mean pull a win. He is along for the ride at this point, for better or worse. Hopefully he can manage to throw a TD or two in the playoffs.

  51. Tom M March 26, 2022

    Even at 38, without Adams, Rodgers is still the best QB in the NFC north. And for 50 million per season, he better be. Had he gone to Denver, he may have been the third best QB in the AFC west. Behind Mahomes for sure, and possibly Herbert. We’ll still win the north and still lose in the playoffs next season without all the Aaron Rodgers stats that so many love to beat off to. After another disappointing playoff loss, Rodgers will take two months to contemplate retirement once more. And the cycle starts all over again. It’s hard to get excited about any of this.

  52. PF4L March 27, 2022

    Why would you even care Princess tommi?
    Didn’t you denounce your Packer fanship?
    Or….was that a “different” tom M?…lmao
    Why are you so invested in the Packers?
    That’s the same question i asked killer, you know killer right?
    He’s also a viking fan like yourself, but he’s knows the Packers like the back of his hand, a lot like you.
    Go figure right?
    Maybe it’s just a coincidence you and killer are both viking fans. both know a lot about the Packers, both hate Rodgers with a passion.
    Just…..a coincidence…..amirite?
    At the end of the day, us regulars on this site…wonder why you viking fans are so consumed and obsessed with the Packers and hating Rodgers.
    Why is that?
    Nothing better to do?
    You lonely?
    Does hating Rodgers make your life seem more…fulfilled?
    Your own viking team has a history of losing?
    Getting sick of the color purple?
    You ran out of gummie bears and skittles and need something to do?
    We already know you visit other sites and comment on them….so how many hours a week do you spend on football websites killer?
    30?…40?….50 hours plus?
    I’m not sure which personality you are today.
    So i’ll just say…have a fantastic day killer/tommi
    Afterthought:…Please….PLEASE….stop the insanity of repeating the same old shit a hundred times, day after day after day after day after day….1 or 2 times should be sufficient….wouldn’t you think?
    HERE’S A THOUGHT….Just write “I hate Rodgers” at the beginning of each post you write…..
    We get it!!
    No need to bring his name up 9 times and tell us he’s a stat whore for the 200th time in each of your comments.
    We all heard you the first time you posted it.
    We get it.
    So…try to think of something new to say if you insist on spending your life here.
    Seriously….think about it Little Man.

  53. PF4L March 27, 2022

    Tom M March 26, 2022
    Look, Rodgers could have left for Denver. But the thought of facing Mahomes, Herbert, and now Adams with Derek Carr, made him decide to take the easy way out.
    Because, i’m the Princess…i know how Rodgers mind works, how he thinks, what he basis his decisions on. Understand this…I can read Rodgers mind people.
    I’m telepathic….
    You can take that to the bank sweetheart.

  54. Tom M March 27, 2022

    See if you can follow me here PF4L. Your a Packer fan but you don’t like Brian Gutekunst. I’m a Packer fan and I don’t like Aaron Rodgers. I think he’s a pompous, self-serving, stat whoring, ass. A gay man pretending to be straight. A man who can’t even be honest with himself. A man quick to point the finger at others rather than take responsibility for his mistakes. A man more interest in being recognized as being the highest paid player than being a true champion. A man more interested in protecting his brand than taking risks to win Super Bowls. You don’t like Brian Gutekunst because he’s your excuse why Rodgers always fails. There’s no Brian Gutekunst in Denver. Best little Erin stay right where he’s at so Gutekunst can take the fall.

  55. PF4L March 28, 2022

    So…you denounced your denouncing of being a Packer fan?

  56. PF4L March 28, 2022

    Here are the differences Princess, i’ll help you out and walk you through it.
    I don’t (ever) personally attack Gute in every (any) post i submit.
    Can you say the same about your dislike for Rodgers?….Hell no
    Matter of fact, i barely bring Gute up in my post.
    I don’t have anything against Gute personally, never have, but i think he’s made some very bad decisions professionally,including keeping Rodgers.
    But i’ve also complimented him on occasion when it’s deserved.
    But you…..can’t stop obsessing about Rodgers personally in every post, as evidenced by your post above.
    Think, before you post Goober….thinking isn’t over rated.
    Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
    Don’t try to draw parallels with how we feel about Gute and Rodgers.
    It’s ignorant and illogical.
    But then again…it’s what we’ve come to expect from you, isn’t it?
    Now, go ahead killer….repeat another post obsessing about Rodgers for the 300th time, we haven’t heard it enough.
    Have a nice day pumkin.

  57. Tom M March 29, 2022

    By your own stupidity then, you must be a Viking fan because you don’t like Brian Gutekunst, Kevin King, Rashan Gary, Jordan Love, Royce Newman. The list includes just about every player either drafted or signed as a FA by our GM. In your small mind it’s Brian Gutekunst that’s holding you hero back. Then you say something really stupid like “ we should have traded Rodgers last year.” You never said such a thing! You’re too busy quoting his stats and telling us he’s the best QB ever! I’ve never seen a simpleton with a bigger man crush. And I’ve had to listen to Ferris, Cheese, MMSUCKS, and the like. While I’ve consistently told you Erin is a stat whore who can’t win the big game. Year after year, little Erin proves me right. And year after year you and the girls make excuses for him. Why will 2022 be any different? We all know it won’t.

  58. Ed March 29, 2022

    Tommy –
    Could you please post a picture of yourself. Nothing fancy.
    I just have this mental picture of you and I want to see how they compare.
    Thanks in advance.


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