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Aaron Rodgers’ Legacy vs. Love’s Potential

In May of 2020, reporter Andrew Sciliano asked a question to Aaron Rodgers a his legacy. Rodgers responded, “finishing his career as a Green Bay Packer was very important to him.” He then said whether he actually did retire a Packer was, “out of his control.” Since May of 2020 the Packer’s front office outwardly seems to have relinquished that “control” to Rodgers. The key word in that last sentence is “seems”.

Rodgers himself has lauded the increased communication between him and Gutekunst. The hiring of Tom Clements has been acknowledged as being “influenced” by Rodgers input by coach Matt LaFleur. LaFleur has a history of hiring assistants that he trusts via prior relationships. He admitted he had no history with Clements. For LaFleur to hire a QB coach not in his tree of trust is nothing but an attempt to keep Rodgers a Packer. Most fans will remember Rodgers vocal annoyance to Mike McCarthy when he replaced Alex Van Pelt in 2018. That lack of communication led to a rift between Rodgers and McCarthy that one could argue was the beginning of the end for McCarthy’s tenure with the Packers.

QB Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and quarterback Jordan Love (10) are shown Monday, August 17, 2020, during training camp in Green Bay, Wis.

Since last season, the Packers have made concessions; they have said all the right things. They want Rodgers to lead the Packers. He is the “guy who makes it all work.” All of the words, the hiring moves, the signing of Randall Cobb, all communicate they want Rodgers back. The one statement we have not heard from the Packers is they want Rodgers to retire a Packer. The Packers have leaked information that they are willing to make him the highest paid player in the NFL, but they have been very quiet about the length of the contract.

If Rodgers was looking for a guaranteed long term deal, no one but his agent and the Packer’s negotiating team know if that has or will be offered. If Rodgers truly is spending time mulling the possibility of life in another NFL city, his past comments would make a fan believe the only reason could be the Packers not being comfortable with his long term plans to remain in the NFL. Or, maybe retiring a Packer is not that important to him after all. Only Rodgers truly knows what is factoring into his decision. One thing is clear, if the Packers commit to Rodgers for three or more years, they are going to have to sacrifice the potential of Jordan Love. Love has proved nothing but still has potential. This NFL draft is missing the quarterbacks that pundits predict will be a decent NFL starter. The Packers might be able to draw more interest in a draft trade for Love this year then they will in years to come. If the Packers could trade Love to jump up in round one to get a potential game changer like Georgia defensive lineman Jordan Davis, could that be enough to get the Packers to a Super Bowl?

The speculation is always fun, but the Packers moves are all in Rodgers’ hands now. We will soon know the importance of legacy to Aaron Rodgers, and to the Packer front office.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Mitch Anthony March 8, 2022

    I guess they’re going with legacy.

    So now that the Underwear Olympics are over, who are the draft crushes? Would be nice to go better than 50/50 in the draft this year, if at all possible.

  2. Skinny March 8, 2022

    Pack about to spend 400 million on three players. Ted is rolling over in his grave right now, lol.

  3. Deepsky March 9, 2022

    The long term problem for the Packers is Ted Thompson is gone. A lot of guys bashed him, and probably at the end of his career he was suffering medical issues which affected his judgement, but the guy was a good GM. There is one thing in common between Rodgers and Farve. Ted Thompson did the main scouting evaluations on both of them. With Favre, Wolf had asked Thompson to evaluate him, and Thompson believed he was the real deal. Thompson is a big reason the Packers were good for 30 years. I gotta wonder if he evaluated Mark Brunell too.

    So far the current GM has yet to show us he or his staff can evaluate QBs.

  4. Tom M March 9, 2022

    The Packers are now following the New Orleans Saints/Drew Brees blueprint on roster building. After going all in on Drew Brees for a super bowl that never happened. The Saints are a whopping 70 million over the cap without a viable QB option. Take a good look, because that’ll be the Packers three years from now. This only works if we can get a SB out of Rodgers over the next 3 years. After his pathetic performance in January that seems highly unlikely. Many are highly skeptical of this contract and rightly so. While all the Aaron Rodgers fanboys are giddy with excitement. It’ll be interesting to see where the Packers and the Seahawks are three years from now. After trading Russell Wilson, Seattle will have a young roster flushed with talent while the Packers will look like the old and over paid Saints. I always said Aaron Rodgers is Drew Brees. Stat whore who can’t win the big game. I guess this makes Brian Gutekunst a Mickey Loomis Saints GM clone. Gutekunst better be right on this. I’m not confident he is.

  5. joefan March 9, 2022

    Gutenkunst is taking the easy way out. The Packers will be the easy favorites again to win the NFC North with Rodgers, but that has more to do with the division being in shambles. There’s no actual competition except the Vikings, who might also be worse off. By re-signing Rodgers, the Packers are likely to win the NFC North and make the playoffs again. The fans will be happy because the season will be “successful” but then probably end in disappointment like all the others. That is all the Packers have done for the past 10 years. They ride Rodgers to the playoffs where they lose against better teams. I do think Gutenkunst should get credit for getting the Packers a good enough defense the past couple years, but Rodgers didn’t take advantage of it. Now Gutenkunst has to lose his guys to keep Rodgers. But he probably knows that they will still have a winning season which makes him look good.

  6. PF4L March 9, 2022

    Love’s potential?…Really?
    What has Love showed in the NFL?
    Potential in the NFL is rooted from flash plays.
    I must have missed Love’s flash plays.
    Maybe they happened during a beer run…idk.
    This situation tells you all you need to know about Love’s present or future value to the Green Bay Packers.
    The only thing left, is Gute admitting he really fucked up that 1st round pick
    Drafting mistakes happen…all the time.
    That is not the sin here.
    The sin is, you got to the NFCCG, then instead of adding talent to the team featuring Aaron fucking Rodgers and a game away from the Super Bowl, you trade up and draft for the future?
    Because, in Gutes words.
    “It was a move made in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers.”
    Great move…Scooter
    Lets draft two first round players to sit on the bench two years in a row!!
    Who does that?
    Brian Gutekunst.

    The guy who gave up on his team, to draft his own QB, planning for the future.
    Then the simpletons can’t figure out why Rodgers was pissed after the 2020 draft.

  7. Deepsky March 10, 2022

    There’s zero chance the Packers will win the Super Bowl with Rodgers. None. The fanboys will complain the entire year about the Packers not having a top 5 defense, top special teams unit, not having at least 2 Pro Bowl running backs and not providing Rodgers at least 2-3 Pro Bowler receivers, but the Packers won’t win the Super Bowl because Rodgers simply doesn’t have what it takes to win against top defenses in the playoffs, even if he had all the above. And now the Packers won’t be able to resign Campbell or Douglas, plus they’ll have to let go a couple other starters go so that Rodgers could win his own personal Super Bowl, being paid the highest salary in the history of the NFL and staying in the public eye allowing him to continue to date Hollywood actresses.

    Still, I’m happy to have Rodgers back, postponing the 10-20 of abysmal Packers play which is coming.

  8. Tom M March 10, 2022

    I’m with you Deepsky. I just don’t see Rodgers ever winning a SB. The last three years we’ve blamed the defense, Kevin King, and special teams on consecutive playoff losses. While clueless PF4L says the Jordan Love pick cost us multiple SB’s because he doesn’t produce “flash plays.”This coming from the man who told us Kurt Benkert was an NFL QB. Both Gutekunst and Rodgers are taking the easy way out. Rodgers, who ultimately was afraid to go out of his comfort zone, will continue to bully the weak NFC north. Rather than go to Denver and face the best young QB’s in the NFL. The Packers will win the north only to be beaten by Matthew Stafford or Dak Prescott in the playoffs. When Rodgers misses a wide open Allan Lazard while forcing the ball to Davante Adams. So much for Rodgers and his “flash plays.”

  9. PF4L March 10, 2022

    Get help.

  10. PF4L March 10, 2022

    Tom M March 10, 2022
    I just don’t see Rodgers ever winning a SB.
    Except of course, for the Super Bowl he won.
    Tom M March 10, 2022
    The Packers will win the north only to be beaten by Matthew Stafford or Dak Prescott in the playoffs.
    Ok, now i’m confused….
    Will the Packers be beaten by Mathew Stafford and Dak Prescott?
    Or will those two have help from their respective teams.
    Team…being the key word there.
    Is the light getting any brighter yet Princess?
    Based on your comments, your as dumb as you’ve always been sweetheart.

  11. Deepsky March 12, 2022

    The year Rodgers won the Super Bowl, he played like crap against the Bears, like he always does against a top defense in the playoffs. He had 55 QB rating and threw 2 INTs, although he did run for a TD. That game showed how much the rest of the team has to carry Rodgers in the playoffs in order to get to the Superbowl. The Packers have to knock out the opponents QB and score as many points on defense as Rodgers does on offense.

  12. PF4L March 13, 2022

    The team has to carry Rodgers Deep?
    LOL…..Like the defense and special teams have been doing for a decade?
    You feelin all right son?
    That, and the rest of that drivel, might be (too close to call)…one of the dumbest things i’ve ever read in here.

  13. Tom M March 14, 2022

    If you’ll recall, Aaron Rodgers didn’t play all that well until about week 10 or 11. Up to that point no one was fawning over his MVP status. And we were 8-2 by playing defense and running the ball. As he continues to age and his skills diminish we’re less likely to see a return on this 200 million investment. In consecutive playoff losses the blueprint has been set on how to beat Aaron Rodgers. You play cover 2 and double Davante Adams. Rodgers is still talented enough to win a very weak division. Come playoff time, they’ll be no Lions or Bears to beat up on. Only good teams that will have Rodgers number. And when he faces adversity, Rodgers shuts it down. You tell me PF4L, which stings more? A playoff loss to Matthew Stafford as he’s on his way to back to back SB’s? Clearly making him superior to Aaron Rodgers. Or, a playoff loss to Dak Prescott and Big Mike? Proving that McCarthy was the one who had to put up with little Erin’s diva shit for years. Either would be equally painful in my estimation. Yet one will be our fate come next January. Personally I’d rather go 8-9 with Jordan Love as my QB than live through another bitter playoff loss. Then in the weeks that follow yet another disappointing playoff loss, they’ll be incessant retirement talk. Because Rodgers has to be the center of attention. Packer fans don’t have to be Nostradamus to know what’s coming. It’s now been a week since the joyous announcement of Lord Erin’s return. But no is posting their excitement. No articles praising his return. Why? Because while this maybe all well and good for Rodgers, LaFleur, Gutekunst, and Murphy. It’s ultimately the fans who got screwed.

  14. Ed March 14, 2022

    “Personally I’d rather go 8-9 with Jordan Love as my QB than live through another bitter playoff loss.”
    Spoken like a true Queens fan.

  15. Michael Ditka's Fish March 15, 2022

    Bet you were one of those people saying the same things about Rodgers when Favre was traded. Ya’ never learn, do ya?

  16. Mic March 15, 2022

    LOL, says the guy who lives their life on a 2nd rate Packer Blog.

    1. Jason Parker March 16, 2022


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