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Packers Have a Big Move Ahead

The Packer brass are currently trying to be patient waiting for Aaron Rodgers to make a final decision on his future in Green Bay. Some would say that is the biggest decision looming for the Packers. But there is a decision beyond Rodger’s future that will ultimately have more impact on the Packers long term success. Is Jordan Love the heir apparent that will keep the Packers in Super Bowl contention?

Love had a washout of a rookie campaign due to Covid scuttling the preseason. In his second season he received a gift from Rodgers, more practice as the number one QB in camp than most backups ever get. Rodger’s bitter relationship with the Packer front office gave Love more time to practice, more reps, and more time to learn the playbook. He was slated to start every preseason game. His debut against the Houston Texans was not impressive and led to a 26-7 drubbing. Love excited early after being stripped of the ball on a sack that “dinged” his shoulder. He produced two first downs and a touchdown on one drive to stake the Packers to a 7-3 lead, but had four drives that resulted in four quick punts. When he left the field for good the Packers were down 13-7.

The second preseason game Love sat out due to his shoulder. What would have been an interesting dual between Love and the Jet’s Zach Wilson never materialized.

Week three of the preseason saw a good match between the Bills Josh Allen, drafted two years before Love. Allen looked like a frightened rabbit when he got run out of Lambeau in his fourth start for the Bills in 2018. The Packers took Allen and his Bills to task in a 22-0 victory. While that lopsided loss put the Bills at 1-3 for the season, they finished 6-10 and the next season Allen took Buffalo to the playoffs.

Love was overmatched by Allen in the preseason. Allen proved in 2021 he is a franchise quarterback, narrowly losing to Kansas City in the playoffs that included 36 points and a late touchdown drive that seemed to be enough to ice the game.

In preseason against Buffalo, Love and the second string Packers struggled against the Bills’ starters. Love went 12-17 for 149 yards, an interception and a fumble that was recovered. While he did lead a 12 play 75 yard drive with 9 first downs, the offense turned the ball over on fourth and goal at the one.

The next drive pushed the Packers to the Buffalo 21, but Love threw a critical pick ending that opportunity. The next drive went twelve plays and ended on a missed field goal. In the end analysis of the preseason Love showed improvement and was able to move the ball against a playoff caliber team.

Love’s next test was against Kansas City in the regular season. Love went 19-34, throwing one touchdown and one critical interception. Down 13-0 late in the third quarter, Love led a 14 play 68 yard drive that ended on a intercepted deep pass intended for Davante Adams. Love was handicapped by a missed field goal and a blocked field goal in the first half. If Love doesn’t throw the pick and the Packers make their field goals, their 16 points would have changed the conversation of Love’s performance and perhaps his future. But there is no way to erase that pick, or his other picks and fumbles. There are real questions about Love’s accuracy and his ability to make big plays at critical times.

As I sat in the stands watching Josh Allen on that pleasant evening in 2018, I could see panic in his eyes as he scrambled from pressure. He looked worse than any game I’ve watched Jordan Love play. Allen’s rise should give hope to any Packer fan. Early struggles by young quarterbacks can be learning lessons. The greats overcome early failures and rise above them. Love has made some inaccurate throws but he has also put together some decent drives and seems to have an NFL caliber arm and enough athleticism to concern defenses when he scrambles.

The 2022 NFL draft does not have a consensus #1 QB that pundits see as a future Hall of Famer. When the Packers drafted 2 quarterbacks in 2008, Brian Brohm in round two and Matt Flynn in round seven, they already had Rodgers ready to take over for Favre. If Gutekunst follows Ted Thompson’s QB strategy then he should draft more quarterbacks early in the draft, probably in this upcoming draft if Rodgers bows out of Green Bay. A number of websites point to the 2023 QB class as more promising that the 2022 draft class.

So do the Packers look QB in 2022 or 2023? The draft strategy may be driven by Mr. Rodgers decision of which neighborhood he wishes to play in next year.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. PF4L February 18, 2022

    Well….i think the Packers brass, have a pretty good idea on what Rodgers wants, and what the Packers want by now.
    Matter of fact, they might be working (negotiating details) as we speak.
    Concerning the drama from last off season….
    My educated guess is that some respect was given and earned (rom both sides) during communications since then between Rodgers and the team.
    Maybe they are working on keeping him around. which seems next to impossible to improve your team and not regress while trying to re-sign (or tag) Adams.
    I mean…how much cash are the Packers willing to push down the road?
    If they kick the cash can down the road again this year, last years cash they pushed down the road will seem like pocket change.
    I agree with Tom, the Packers should try to trade him and get something for him.
    Of course, i said the Packers should have traded him last season when his value was the highest.
    Which Tom disagreed with.
    So it only took him an extra year than me….to see the light.
    Good job Princess…keep up the good work.
    Of course….a trade may not even be in the works. The Packers may have conceded to Rodgers to let him end his career in Green Bay, on his terms.
    There are a few different roads this could take us.
    I just think, the Packers keeping him in Green Bay is the most likely, but as always, time will tell if the right call is made.
    Right Gute?.

    Now, from the article…this is where i get confused….
    Love had a washout rookie campaign due to covid….huh?
    But did Herbert have a washout rookie campaign due to covid?
    Playing with the same covid restrictions in camp, didn’t he have a breakout rookie season with/DPOY.
    Yea..lets just blame covid, hell…..it’s convenient i reckon.
    ” Love showed improvement and was able to move the ball against a playoff caliber team.
    Umm ok :)
    Moving the ball against a “playoff caliber” team…in pre-season?
    Yea….i don’t know if i’m hanging my hat on that one.
    As we all remember back in 2015, we had the elite pre-season MVP, and future Packer HOF QB that some Packer fans got all warm and fuzzy over.
    He also moved the ball against playoff caliber teams….in pre-season
    Now, years later…..to Packer fans, he’s best known for his youtube video cooking venison.
    Is Jordan Love a better prospect than Brett Hundley…..?
    Hard to say really.
    But doesn’t that speak volumes?
    A 7th round pick vs. a 1st round pick you traded up for.
    Something isn’t adding up there.
    Maybe MLF is right when he keeps repeating ” he has a ways to go” concerning Love.
    I think i’ll trust what i see with my own eyes, backed up by MLF, who knows him far better than i do.


  2. Nik Yasko February 19, 2022

    Article meekly tries to refute its own main point–that Love is a bust. More than likely, he is. Do agree that they should keep drafting QBs. They will not win with AR, who has morphed into this weird prima donna given to playing small in the clutch, or Love, who lacks the skill set.

  3. KILLER February 19, 2022

    Piffle, so many words, so little actually said.

    As a Vikings fan I am hoping the Packers sign and extend Rodgers. Then they don’t get draft picks for him. He has a couple disinterested years left during which his cancerous personality grows weighing down the body of the team. That’s what cancer does. He’ll keep doing great in season and falling flat on his face in the playoffs. Each year the Packers will be doomed to failure though he will build the fans’ expectations upwards. He is like the perfect torture machine for the selfish bratty ignorant lowbrow Packer fan base (not you MMSUCKS + many others who post intelligently but, yeah, obviously Piffle is an example the people I speak of).

    With the extension his contract money will be pushed into the future. So, after two more failed years, Rodgers retires leaving the Packers with a heavy cap hit ghost of gay psycho lying QB past. Years to recover.

    But, all that said, I don’t think it happens that way. Note the way in which the beard was shaved away. As per contract, reason for break-up to be named by Rodgers after the contract has run its course. And what did Rodgers choose? To have Woodley say that she and Rodgers broke up because “he put football first.” Are you kidding me? This break up reads like a PR promo for Rodgers. (by the way she never went to even one of his games. Not one.)

    The fact Rodgers chose to have her say that indicates he does not put football first (it’s been obvious for a while now that he puts himself first and family last) but wants to deceive possible trade destinations that he does put football first. Deceiving is what Rodgers thinks he is good at. Well, we’ll see if any teams fall for it. I’ve said t before and I’ll say it again: I would not trade a 7th round pick for Rodgers at this point in his career and at this stage of his psychosis.

    Yes, Piffle, I am writing again about Rodgers. He is a fascinating train wreck of a human being and it is even more fascinated that some weak-minded and gullible (cough cough Piffle cough cough) still idolize him. I’ll keep on commenting about him as long as he’s with the Packers and beyond and most especially because it irritates Piffle’s ability to self-deceive.

  4. PF4L February 20, 2022

    KILLER February 18, 2022
    Yes, Piffle, I am writing again about Rodgers, my “obsession” continues.
    This time i only mentioned Rodgers by name 10 times in my post.
    Less than half of the 22 times i mentioned him back in one post in 2018.
    I’ve been doing this for years.
    I don’t call it an obsession Piffle, my therapist tells me it’s born from a larger part of my mental and emotional disabilities i face every day of my life.

  5. PF4L February 20, 2022

    Well, despite our history…i hope you get better someday and you can find some piece of mind and normalcy in your life.

  6. Tom M February 20, 2022

    As you’ve pointed out PF4L, I’m not an Aaron Rodgers fanboy like yourself. I was most certainly in favor of trading Rodgers after the loss to the Bucs last year. And said as much. So this “year behind trading Rodgers” nonsense is something your pulling out your ass. Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like Rodgers and management have made nice and will get a team friendly two year deal done that will allow the team to still keep its core players. You don’t give a 38 yr old QB contemplating retirement a 4 yr 100 million dollar deal. The question Packer fans have to ask themselves is this: “do I emotionally invest myself in a team that will ultimately disappoint me come January?” Because the regular season is all Aaron Rodgers can give you. Personally, at this point, I’d rather take my chances with Jordan Love. But I know you girls love little Erin. So we’ll get more of the same. Along with all the finger pointing that comes with it when Rodgers ultimately comes up short in the playoffs. It’s idiotic to compare Jordan Love’s first season to Justin Herbert. Herbert was groomed to be the immediate starter. He got all the first team reps from rookie camp onward. While Jordan Love was never meant to be on the fast track playing behind Rodgers. Think Rashan Gary playing behind the Smith boys his first two years. It’s a concept I like to call draft and develop. And that was the plan from the very beginning for Jordan Love. Love’s play has been uneven at best. He played parts of two preseason games with virtually no starters. I didn’t like the game plan against the Chiefs. I thought MLF was asking Love to do too much. Still Love played as well as Patrick Mahomes who only threw for 166 yards. He did play better against Detroit but you’re always going to be limited when Juwann Winfree is your best WR. Jordan Love needs to play, he needs to start. We need to know if he’s the answer. We simply don’t know based on a very limited sample size. Holding on to Rodgers doesn’t answer that question and only causes us to cling to the past. A past filled with playoff heartache.

  7. PF4L February 20, 2022

    Sure killer :)…after saying all season you were against trading Rodgers after the season prior, now go ahead and say you were for trading Rodgers back then…..lol
    The readers here remember my opinion (multiple times) that Rodgers should have been traded last off season when his value was at it’s peak. They also remember you against that.
    Don’t underestimate the intelligence of actual real life Packer fans.
    But….it’s what we’ve come to expect from you, more waffling bullshit….lol…smh.
    Princess…as a denounced Packer fan, why don’t you pick up your marbles and bounce.
    Maybe then, (real Packer fans) like Ferris, Cheese and MMSUCKS will post more.

  8. PF4L February 20, 2022

    ” It’s idiotic to compare Jordan Love’s first season to Justin Herbert. Herbert was groomed to be the immediate starter. He got all the first team reps from rookie camp onward.” – Total Packers Troll
    Love and Herbert had the exact same guidelines and rules set forth regarding camp, virtual meetings, the amount of actual field time, face to face, etc.
    At the time…Jordan Love was drafted to be groomed, the next starting QB.
    The point was, dumbass…..that after two camps, all of the 2nd year training camp, if Love isn’t ready yet…somethings wrong with that 1st round pick draft strategy.
    Does everything have to be explained to you time and time again, until you understand it?
    J. H. C. boy…I’m not here to tutor you on the basic fundamentals of critical thinking.
    At some point Tommi, you have to start thinking for yourself and figure these things out on your own.
    My advice, grab a big bag of chips, leave the keyboard alone for awhile…and just read and learn on your own.
    Because frankly sweetheart, i’m getting tired of having to explain everything to you.
    Not to mention reading your repeated comments for the 100th time we’ve all heard before.
    Seriously, voice an opinion and leave it alone.
    Stop repeating the same shit over, and over, and over, and over and……
    That and your constant broken english.
    Holy shit.
    If you insist…instead of pretending to know what you’re talking about, how about you entertain us some more with more stories of how worried Rodgers was that Love was breathing down his neck and how Rodgers was worried that Love was going to steal his job….lol.
    Seriously ….those stories were pretty funny.
    Damn stupid of course, but coming from you…somehow comedic at the same time..
    Hell, take us into the fantasyland you live in……and teach us how the Packers can guarantee a 5th year option for a drafted player, before….he even signs a contract.
    Go ahead Goober…we all could use a good laugh.
    Thank you for understanding.

  9. Tom M February 21, 2022

    All this coming from the man who told us Kurt Benkert was an NFL QB. Since you were ahead of the curve. Now telling us you’d have traded Aaron Rodgers after the loss to the Bucs in the NFCC game last year. Who, pray tell, would have been our QB this past season? The man, the myth, the legend himself, Kurt Benkert? Because by your astute talent evaluation Jordan Love has to be a bust because he hasn’t had the same career arch as Justin Herbert. You made similar claims about Rashan Gary. Stating we’re not getting enough out of the 12th pick of the draft and that Carolina’s Brian Burns was the superior player. The 21 year old Gary needed time to develop and to get his opportunity. It all came together for him this year. You might want to give Jordan Love 10 or 12 starts before you call him a bust PF4L. You like to alternate between having your foot in your mouth and Aaron Rodgers dick. I won’t ask which is bigger.

  10. PF4L February 21, 2022

    Lol….Poor Tommi has to make things up in his own fantasy world of…make believe.
    Show me where i actually said, Love was a bust.
    Keep reshaping the truth, in the form of lying.
    Keep showing us your true colors Sparky.
    Is this why society has shunned you?
    Is this why you hang out in places you clearly aren’t wanted?
    Does this look like i called him a bust?
    Or is lying, the means of how you squeak by in life?
    PF4L February 20, 2022
    Should Love get the chance to start full time and show what he’s learned the last 2 seasons?
    Absolutely, Gute owes him that, after chasing Love as a #1 pick.
    More talk of male to male oral gratification Princess?
    Why is your mind always…thinking about that?
    No judgements.
    Princess….i JUST got done telling you i’m tired of explaining things to you, and here you go again.
    Seriously, don’t make me have to have this talk with you again….or i might have to…….take the gloves off.

  11. Tom M February 22, 2022

    PF4L said the following. Jordan Love didn’t beat out Tim Boyle his rookie season and is therefore a bust. Jordan Love’s career hasn’t started out like Justin Herbert and is therefore a bust. Camp arm Kurt Benkert out played Jordan Love, therefore you surmise Jordan Love is a bust. What are we to make of Jordan Love after the astute talent evaluator PF4L has spoken? Jordan love will be the next Tom Brady? I think not! You need to make up your mind sweetheart. First you tell us Aaron Rodgers is the best QB ever! Then you proceed to quote mindless stats to make your feeble argument. Now you tell us your were ahead of the curve. Advocating a trade of Aaron Rodgers after the loss to the Bucs in last years NFCC game. And who, pray tell, would have been the QB for the Packers this past season had such a bold trade been made? Why, Kurt Benkert of course! PF4L tells us he clearly beat out Jordan Love. Benkert has been passed around the NFL more than PF4L’s sister. He’s no NFL QB. Nevertheless, PF4L, who has the mind of Ron Wolf, was ready to play GM and work his roster magic! After jerking off to Rodgers every night for years. PF4L now wants us to believe he was in favor of trading Rodgers. And miss out on another MVP award? Why, you cherish those move than SB wins! You’ve talked nothing but shit about Jordan Love since the day he was drafted. Because Love represents the beginning of the end for Rodgers. Ultimately causing you to have separation anxiety from your one true love and hero, little Erin.

  12. PF4L February 22, 2022

    First you say i said it… then i surmised it.
    You can’t show where i said it, because it was never said..
    JC dude….you are just an enormous piece of shit.
    You’re parents must be proud.
    JP….i hate saying it, but this place has gone south ever since you took it over from Monty.
    Have fun.

  13. PF4L February 22, 2022

    “You made similar claims about Rashan Gary. Stating we’re not getting enough out of the 12th pick of the draft and that Carolina’s Brian Burns was the superior player.” – Princess
    What i said, shit for brains..,….
    Was that Burns was more productive, and picked 4 spots after Gary. Also saying it wasn’t entirely Gary’s fault that Gute mismanaged drafting Gary and his free agent signing of Preston Smith, forcing Gary to the bench.
    Do you understand that you dumb ass lettuce head?
    No, we didn’t get enough from the 12th pick in comparison….was i wrong jellohead?
    Brian Burns…2019 pick 16, 1st round.
    85 solo tackles
    25.5 sacks.
    6 forced fumbles
    Rashan Gary…2019 pick 12, 1st round.
    59 solo tackles
    16.5 sacks
    2 forced fumbles.
    What is so hard to understand dumb fuck?
    Do you need this explained to you, also?
    No..we didn’t get enough production from him, because he was drafted to sit on the bench.
    And if Z. Smith didn’t get injured, he would have sat on the bench in his 3rd season.
    Who drafted the 12th pick to sit on the bench?
    Your hero…Brian Gutekunst.
    The same guy who chased your other super hero Jordan Love.
    Since your clueless right now.
    Let us know in the future, how that worked out.
    Soon, they will have to decide whether to guarantee Gary’s 5th year option, just like they will have to decide on Love’s 5th year option a year from now.
    This is a learning opportunity for you jughead.
    NFL teams have to make a decision on a 5th year option for 1st round picks, at the end of the players 3rd season by early March.
    Understand that Goober?
    Or should i type slower for you?
    Maybe space the words farther apart…would that help?
    I hope you learned something today.


  14. Bob DItka's Dog February 23, 2022

    You’re still here? Holy shit, now that’s sad.