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Lambeau May Feel Lost, But at Least it Loved

As Ross Geller, among others, once said: “Nobody likes change”. Sometimes, though, it is unavoidable and loved ones disappear off into the distance leaving nothing but memories behind them. Some of those will be fond, others not so much.

For the Cheesehead Nation in Green Bay, a flame that once burned brightly is in danger of fizzling out. Aaron Rodgers, it would appear, is mulling over a summer romance that could see him fall into the arms of another.

It will be painful if a parting of ways is confirmed, but there are plenty of good times to recall and tales to recount that will stand the test of time and live long in the memory banks of those who witnessed a sporting fairytale firsthand.

There is also the heady mix of nerves and excitement to look forward to when it comes to starting afresh, with those in Wisconsin eager to move on quickly from events of the past and keep collective focus fixed firmly on the future if a new chapter is to be opened.

Matt LaFleur and his coaching team, along with those in the boardroom, will face an almost impossible task when it comes to finding a successor to Rodgers. How do you replace the irreplaceable? They will, however, prepare to open that process with confidence and positivity.

They are painfully aware that four-time MVP winners do not grow on trees, but seeds of success can be found if you dig in the right places. The tools are certainly there to aid that process, with scouting networks and video analysis teams already accustomed to spending endless hours watching tapes and picking through statistical data.

Unearthing value that allows collective progress to be made is their bread and butter, with a fiercely competitive squad demanded on an annual basis. At the best online betting sites, with off-field bonuses available there to complement those being sought on the pitch, LaFleur’s side are +1600 shots for ultimate glory in 2023 within the sportsbook at DraftKings. Those odds will be trimmed if confidence-inducing decisions are made in the quarterback role.

Moving on

The Packers are yet to nail their colors to any particular mast, with the confetti only just being sent off for recycling on the back of Super Bowl LVI. Time is on their side when it comes to appointing a leader under center and it is best not to rush into any hasty decisions.

Hearts will feel a little broken if Rodgers heads the same way as Brett Favre before him, but now is the time to do business with heads firmly screwed on.

That may feel difficult at present, with emotions running high, and only time will tell whether the right move from here is to favor experience over enthusiasm when it comes to putting down roots with a new fancy for 2022 and beyond.

There may yet be a Ross and Rachel-style happy ending, with this particular break not made permanent just yet, but if change is sought then time is a great healer and the locals at Lambeau Field can console themselves with another old saying – it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. NobodysBurfect February 28, 2022

    There are a lot of angles to this.


    Extending Rodgers effectively ends any opportunities for love to take over. That translates to a wasted pick, which Gute doesn’t want on his resume. But trading away your 4 time MVP, back to back winner of the last 2 years, isn’t a move anyone wants to make.


    Rodgers has a right to get paid. All athletes deserve to make hay while they can, they know how short their careers are. But making him the highest paid player in the league will have ramifications long after he’s gone. There is no way they can field the same amount of talent and potential that we had last year unless we kick the salary can down the road for YEARS. That’s generally not how the packers do business, it’s not how I would either.


    People (Tom) like to bitch about Rodgers being greedy – “wHy CaN’t hE pLaY fOr a HoMeToWn DiScOuNt!! hE OnLy CaReS aBoUt MoNeY!!!” Aaron has long been an advocate for the players union, and the fact is that it sets a bad precedent for the NFLPA if you accept less than hour market rate. That fucks over other players in the league, and it translates into cheap assholes like Jerry Jones trying to underpay their talent.


    I don’t know what the answer is to all of this, but holy hell are we in for a wild offseason. I’m signing off til draft time, have a happy and healthy spring everyone. Someone ask Rob about 40 yard dash times for me.



  2. Tom M February 28, 2022

    It’s called Title Town, not MVP City. If there were ever a time to move on, now would be it. Rookie HC’s in Minnesota and Chicago. A second year QB in Justin Fields starting for the Bears. Possibly a rookie QB in Detroit. While Cousins has long since peaked. It’s no wonder Rodgers “owns” the pathetic NFC North. It’s what comes after all the stat padding where Rodgers always struggles. And if he can’t deliver, and he clearly can’t, then the sooner we start the process the sooner we can get over all this drama. Rodgers is like that loose baby tooth you had as a kid. You knew you had to pull it out. But you just couldn’t make yourself do it. Then you were glad it was finally out and you didn’t have to worry about it anymore. You can live in fear of the future or you can embrace it. Thanks for the memories Aaron.

  3. Tom M February 28, 2022

    Never did I say Aaron Rodgers is greedy. What I said was you can’t have it both ways. Get paid 50 million and expect a roster full of players ready to win it all now. The salary cap doesn’t support that. At the end of their careers both Brady and Brees took less money so their teams could win it all by signing FA’s and giving contract extensions. Because they valued going out as a champion more important than going out as the highest paid player at their position. While it’s more important for Rodgers to be paid the most. That’s his prerogative. It’s far easier for Rodgers to dominate the very average NFC north than elevate his team in the playoffs. He doesn’t want to play outside his comfort zone. He’s good in the regular season and that’s it. He’s saying, I can’t win it all but I can accumulate stats and win awards so pay me the most. As an Aaron Rodgers fanboy, if your comfortable with that NobodysBurfect, good for you. I want more from my QB. I expect more. Even if his name is Aaron Rodgers.


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