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Could Stafford’s Success Convince Packers to Trade for Experienced QB

Speculation about Aaron Rodgers’ future is picking up pace in the NFL, with many expecting the Packers legend to depart from the franchise in the offseason. 

Green Bay drafted Jordan Love in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2020 with the view that the former Utah State player would replace Rodgers as the next franchise QB. At the time, they would not have expected the transition to happen as quickly as 2022.

If Rodgers does end up leaving Green Bay in 2022, GM Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur will have to decide what is best for the franchise ahead of the new season. They will have seen the success Matthew Stafford has had with the Los Angeles Rams in the 2021/22 campaign, and that could influence their decision. Stafford had a career-high matching record of 41 passing touchdowns in 2021 and a passing percentage of 67.2, so it’s clear to see that he adapted quickly to his new team.

The Rams opted to trade for the experienced QB in early 2021 from the Detroit Lions. That bold move has been justified as Stafford has led them to the Super Bowl, which will be played at their home stadium. The home side has Super Bowl winner odds of around -200 in their clash with the Cincinnati Bengals. Impressive wins against divisional rivals Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, as well as surviving a comeback from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have highlighted their strong credentials.

Options Available to Packers include Ryan and Wilson

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan has had a fantastic career in the NFL since he was selected as the third overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The veteran QB was the NFL’s MVP in 2016 but he has yet to win a Super Bowl ring.

A trade for Ryan would ensure the Packers have a lot of experience at the position again. Like Stafford, Ryan has featured in an Atlanta team that has not been able to finish with a winning record very often.

The 36-year-old did lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl in 2016, but his side were on the wrong end of an incredible comeback by the New England Patriots, inspired by Tom Brady. If a trade for Ryan was offered, the Falcons may just cash in on their QB who is approaching the latter stages of his career.

A move that would keep the Packers at the top end of the betting for the Super Bowl next season would be to secure Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. The 33-year-old is a Super Bowl winner and has been so consistent in his position since making his debut in 2012.

The Seahawks are a franchise who are rebuilding, which is why there has been speculation about Wilson’s future among pundits. Seattle finished 2021 with a losing record of 7-10. Wilson deserves the chance to challenge for another Super Bowl ring and he could get that in Green Bay.

A trade for Wilson would not be cheap, however, the Rams knew what they were getting when they gave up so much for Stafford in 2021 and that would be the case here for Green Bay.

Whoever does get the job of succeeding Rodgers as the starting QB has a huge act to follow.


  1. Tom M February 10, 2022

    Matt Ryan is a poor man’s Aaron Rodgers with a similar type career. He’s been on good teams yet never been able to carry them. At 36, he looks to be on the decline. No thanks. Russell Wilson has carried Seattle for years and has a few good years remaining. Wilson is 5 years younger than Rodgers and despite all the MVP nonsense, still the younger, better QB. The bottom line. There are few teams in the NFL that are as bad as Detroit that have squandered an elite QB. It’ll be sink or swim with Love.

  2. Packtat87 February 10, 2022

    This has to be one of the most ignorant, far fetched, uninformed and nonsensical articles I’ve ever read. This site’s gone to shit.

  3. PF4L February 10, 2022

    Because….all it takes is a QB.
    Stafford had a year equal to 2021 or better, back in 2011.
    What i can’t understand is why he wasn’t in the Super Bowl that season.
    Because….all it takes is a QB.
    Yea…lets trade up and draft Love to replace Rodgers, then after 2 seasons, lets give up a bunch of draft picks for Ryan or Wilson.
    All while the Packers have to get rid of talent or not resign current talent to sit under the cap.
    If we get Ryan or Wilson, who is his #1 receiver who he’s taking us to the Super Bowl with?
    MVS? Lazard? Amari Rodgers?
    Who is his #1 tight end?
    Tonyan? (if re-signed)
    Resign Sternberger?
    Because….all it takes is a QB.

  4. Tom M February 11, 2022

    Aaron Rodgers can stat whore during the regular season like no other. Winning big games in the playoffs he folds like a cheap suit. Matt Stafford has already accomplished what Aaron Rodgers has never done. Beat the 49ers in the playoffs. And if he beats Cincinnati on Sunday he’ll have the same number of SB wins as little Erin. Stafford will also have a window to win another SB before his career ends. While Rodgers window has slammed shut. Don’t start with your bullshit on how it “takes a team to win” PF4L. This “team” beat the 49ers, the Rams, and the Bengals during the regular season. This “team” was good enough. Aaron Rodgers was not. Little Erin could have been the hero, and everything you dream he is, but he let everyone down. And he’ll do it again next year if Murphy and Gutekunst are foolish enough to bring him back. Look Packat87, the article acknowledges that Aaron Rodgers isn’t the answer. It then asks the question, could the Packers follow a similar blueprint to what the Rams have done at QB to get to the SB. It’s a legitimate question. Meant to spark debate. Lost on those who can’t see past their idol, Aaron Rodgers. The Joe Rogan of the NFL.

  5. Deepsky February 11, 2022

    Stafford was a good QB on a terrible, terrible team. Anyone could see that. On a good team, we now see he now is a Super Bowl quality QB who can actually make game winning plays in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers will see Stafford’s success on a significantly better team and think he needs to leave, ignoring the fact that the Packers defense played lights out in the playoffs, better defense than the Rams played against the 49ers.

    As for the Packers next QB, I think the Packers would much prefer a younger, more mobile QB when Rodgers leaves. Modern coaches want mobile QBs. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much from Jordan Love that told me he could avoid sacks and run at appropriate times.

  6. Tom M February 11, 2022

    I agree Deepsky. No one wants Jordan Love to succeed more than I do. However, I can’t let what I want cloud what I see. And right now, I’m not seeing enough to have the confidence he can be the man going forward. Then again, when your best WR is Juwann Winfree as it was against Detroit. That’s not giving the young QB much to work with. No one knows what we have in Love better than the coaches who see him every day in practice. If the Packers do make a serious effort to resign Rodgers, that tells you the powers that be have no confidence in Love either. It seems to me, the only way to manage the situation is to trade Rodgers and give Love his shot next year. By 8 to 10 starts, perhaps less, you’ll have your answer on if he’s your next franchise QB. If not, then you use your remaining picks for Rodgers and move up to get the hot QB prospect in next years draft. An option preferable to going thru what we just experienced year after year.

  7. PF4L February 11, 2022

    “An option preferable to going thru what we just experienced year after year.” – Princess
    Like….going 26-7 the last two seasons with a QB who won back to back MVP’s?
    AGREED…nobody wants to go through that hell again.

  8. Tom M February 12, 2022

    That’s right PF4L. While you bask in the glow of stats, regular season wins, and MVP awards. The rest of us went thru heartbreaking playoff losses to the Bucs and the 49ers. And why would anything be any different next year? The reality is Aaron Rodgers has an abysmal playoff record. He’ll be 39 next year when the playoffs start. Presuming your hero gets that far. Why would things be any different? After 17 NFL seasons they won’t. Regardless where he plays.

  9. PF4L February 12, 2022

    ” Don’t start with your bullshit on how it “takes a team to win” PF4L.” – Tommi
    Yea Tommi…you’re right again…because it doesn’t take a team to win Championships….i must be wrong again….what utter bullshit i spew…right Tommi?
    Then you wonder why people here show you no respect.
    Tommi….Total Packers own self denounced Packer Fan…..

  10. KILLER February 12, 2022

    Piffle sad! Piffle sound cranky! Like baby!

    Packers are too strapped to keep Rodgers or pick up a premiere QB (Ryan, Wilson) unless they want to ruin their next several years by moving money owed into the future.

    It’s time for the Packers to bite the bullet. How much of their success is Rodgers? How good, or not, is Lefleur?

    Here is another question: The Packers have had an incredible run of refs seemingly working for the team and doing all they can to help the team win. Several to half a dozen wins a year the last few years were due to the ref calls and non-calls. Will that continue?

    Sports in general, as per fans, are driven by personalities / talents. I don’t think the NFL caters to Green Bay. They catered to Aaron Rodgers. The better he looked and the more wins he achieved (they assisted him in getting), the more in drove the NFL money machine. Rodgers is a piss poor human being but he is interesting and the NFL fueled that interest. Will the NFL be interested in propping up the Packers without Rodgers? My guess is no. The loss of Rodgers takes away a few wins and the loss of the ref advantage takes away even more than the loss of Rodgers. We’ll see.

    In the playoffs, watched by so many, the refs were fair. I think the NFL does not dare give teams advantages in the playoffs. In fact, they seemed to only do it during Packer home games where the crowd is all for it and sees what it wants to see. The NFL does not want to be obvious or to risk an outcry as that would harm the revenue stream.

    That is why Rodgers could not get the Packers into the Super Bowl. No more ref help once the playoffs start. And you get what you saw, home loss to a battered and tired 49ers team, 10-17.

    I’m guessing dark days ahead for the Packers.

  11. PF4L February 13, 2022

    The refs help the Packers!!….Tommi, sad😢
    The NFL “fixed games helping Rodgers win….Tommi, cranky!!😓
    Rodgers isn’t a very good person!!….Tommi, upset like baby 👶
    The vikings never won a Super Bowl…Tommi, living in reality 🤦‍♀️
    Oops….i get confused easily with tommi & killer….my bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 👨

  12. PF4L February 13, 2022

    It’s Game Day Bitches!!
    Rams vs Bengals,,……i’m talking…the fucking Super Bowl.
    The greatest game on earth happens but once a year.
    But you wouldn’t know it being in this football blog.
    Super Bowl LVI…5:30 PM….FOX…ENJOY

  13. joefan February 13, 2022

    So the early rumors are that the Packers are going to redo Rodgers contract to keep him for 2022. I assume they’ll do the same for Adams. And that means that a bunch of players get released. As much as I do want Rodgers for another season, his play has not lived up to his standards. I don’t think the Packers should give Rodgers another $100 million contract even though that is what he’ll probably get. We can fast forward to next year and it will be another playoff exit probably in the divisional round or earlier. With the amount of guys probably leaving to create cap space to keep Rodgers, they’re going to be a worse team.

    The Packers are probably tempted to keep Rodgers for as long as possible because they know they will win in the regular season. The rest of us fans who want to see a superbowl though will be disappointed. I’ve seen this play out for the last ten years. Rodgers has elevated bad teams, but he’s also been on good teams. The end result is usually the same. A loss in the playoffs either getting blown out or not performing when it matters like against the 49ers when the offense only scored 10 points.

    I think the Packers should build towards something different, which would mean trading Rodgers and releasing Adams, but I think they are too comfortable with the way things are.

  14. Cope February 14, 2022

    Cool! Now Aaron Rodgers has as many Super Bowl rings as Matt (Lumpy) Stafford.

  15. Tom M February 14, 2022

    Quote me PF4L. You love to quote me. I never blame refs. Never. Blaming refs is for losers. You either get the job done or you don’t. I don’t hide behind stats or perceived bad calls by refs. What I’ve said about Rodgers is he’s a diva. A stat whore. A gay man pretending to be straight. A man who can’t even be honest with himself. Which explains the anger. Now, as far as the rumors about Rodgers contract. You’d be looking at a two year, team friendly deal. If he’s demanding 100 million and 4 years, you trade him. Brian Gutekunst isn’t going to gut the roster he’s spent the last three years building just to keep him. Rodgers reworked his contract to get Cobb. He’d have to be willing to do the same to keep Adams. He’s also said he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild. In order to stay, he’ll have to be willing to take a Tom Brady type deal. Rodgers will never win the AFC west. Never. He’ll be a one and done wildcard loss in Denver. Rodgers knows that. And Bronco fans will turn on Rodgers in a heartbeat. While if he stays in GB for less money, they’ll always be fans like PF4L, Ferris, Cheese, MMSUCKS, that will love and cherish him no matter how many playoff games he loses. Personally, I think it’s a mistake. I’d trade Rodgers and move on. A trade makes too much sense.

  16. PF4L February 22, 2022

    Who has more Super Bowl rings than the vikings.
    Trent Dilfer.