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Who the **** is Hub Arkush?

In 55 years as a Packer fan and a fan of the NFL in general, I had never heard of Hub Arkush. In all fairness, I never read Chicago papers. Never felt the need. I am sure I have at least a few times in my lifetime perused articles offered by Pro Football Weekly. If Arkush wrote the articles I read, I never noticed. Arkush’s job title is Editor and General Manager of Chicago Football and Chicagofootball.com. He says he has been covering Chicago Football for 44 years. He is also the publisher and editor of Pro Football Weekly. Maybe I heard his voice when he was a broadcaster of the Bears radio network from 1987-2004. If I’ve heard him on Westwood one as an NFL sideline reporter or analyst his name never stuck. It’s almost like I spent my entire adult life as an avid NFL fan and Arkush never made a mark, not even a drop in the pond. In my world he was a nobody. Nonexistent.

Today, Arkush is making front page news by calling Aaron Rodgers “the biggest jerk in the league” and “a bad guy”. His comments were a direct personal attack. In the only football related comment he made about Rodgers play on the field he acknowledged that Rodger’s play was sufficient to argue he deserved the MVP award. Arkush’s stated reasons for not voting for Rodgers included Rodger’s off season actions with the team. He claimed that Rodgers held his team and fan base hostage and “ruined” the off-season program. Arkush said Rodgers vaccination status was just, “a log on top of the fire.” He said that it was possible that Rodgers vaccination status could have impacted their season and come down to the Kansas City game. He then acknowledged that it didn’t impact the Packers status as the league’s top team in wins and clinching the conference a game before the season ended, “but it could have” Arkush surmised.

In 55 years as a fan, I have seen players win the MVP award who were later accused of murder and convicted of robbery and sent to prison. (O.J. Simpson) I have seen award winners who have been accused of sexual harassment (Peyton Manning and yes, unfortunately Brett Favre via photograph) One MVP was convicted of child abuse (Adrian Peterson). I never heard Mr. Arkush speak publicly that those trophies should be taken away, but maybe I just wasn’t listening. There has been one MVP accused of deflating footballs on a cold day. That QB destroyed his cell phone before NFL investigators could search it. If we were going to vote for the biggest jerk or bad guys, would Henry Riggs III or Nate Hobbs or one of the players arrested for assault or maybe a player kicked off a team for violating rules beat out Rodgers? Not mentioned by Arkush.

Nov 21, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) in action against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Rodgers seems to be loved by his teammates. If you listen to players like Aaron Jones talk about how Rodgers went out of his way to support him it is hard to fathom Rodgers as a “bad guy.” I wish Arkush had been asked if he voted for Rodgers in the past.

To make up for my lack of education on Arkush I decided to do some research. Look up his past comments. Here was the first one I found on twitter:

“I like the Packers and I hope they are back in the hunt this year, but Ha-Ha Clinton Dix is a more complete safety than Adrian Amos. Just deal with it guys. Telling the truth isn’t a slap at the Packers.”

Before the 2019-2020 season, Arkush doubted the Packers stating Matt LaFleur didn’t have the resume of Matt Nagy, but admitted LaFleur was a well thought of young coach. Arkush thought the real issue was going to be Aaron Rodgers and he didn’t think he would change. Arkush stated the talent on the Bears team would win the division with the Vikings playing a role in the outcome. He also questioned the moves of Brian Gutekunst in free agency, calling them risky and doubted if the Packers could contend, likening their outcome to be the same team as 2018-2019.

So Mr. Arkush has been wrong before, but in all of my research I never saw any report or article where he made such a personal attack. Players trying to leverage their teams is part of the NFL and other pro sport landscape. I don’t condone it from a fan perspective, but it is part of the off season game. Many have piled on Rodgers for his vaccination status or his vaccination “lie”. The conversation doesn’t usually include the only people he lied to were the press. His teammates and coaches knew his status as did the NFL. He did not drop a fake covid card into the hat and he followed protocols around his teammates.

Rodgers’ fight with the front office was not fully revealed and has seemed to have no effect on team chemistry. He has always maintained his love of his team and his coaches. So why is he such a bad guy according to Arkush? Is Arkush nothing more than a Bear homer who hates this Cheesehead QB who openly yells he “owns” the Bears when their fans flip him the bird after a hard fought touchdown? Perhaps. Perhaps he was just wanting his 15 minutes of fame. Hope you enjoy it Hub. It won’t last.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Dean January 5, 2022

    Hub kinda reminds me of a certain poster on this site…
    Matt Lafleur had Arods back when asked about Hub’s comments — something like Hub does not know what he is talking about with the conversations that went on between Arod and GB management (Matt would know both sides).

  2. Mick January 5, 2022

    Nice article Paul. I have to wonder if Hub Arkush is one of the “Fire Nagy and the GM” crowd; after realizing his Bears didn’t win the division, with the Vikings playing a role in the outcome statement. I also wonder if Hub thinks of some of his finger flippin’ fans as jerks? Well, I highly doubt anyone in here will lose sleep over what Hub thinks, or more importantly; what he says.

  3. Mitch Anthony January 5, 2022

    This guy is just an example of how well the “othering” project is going. Critical thinking and objective thinking be damned as long as you are hating the right people, you know – the ones perceived as not in the proper tribe. As Paul pointed out the examples I never realized that Brady pulled a Hillary with the cell phone. Who learned from whom? Ray Lewis was another name that popped into my head. Revered and worshiped as a player and commentator but well,…you know. This is the NFL, some do fail the character test at times, some in very grand displays. But to go stupid over vaccine status at a time when vaccinated players are still testing positive in such numbers is really boneheaded. Really?

    In a way, I’m glad this dumbass went full dumbass with his comments and made it as personal as he did. For no good reason he may have just given someone yet another chip on the shoulder to push the motivation over the top.

  4. Veej January 5, 2022

    Hey Hub, have you quickly forgotten about a bigger jerk in the league who took his pads and jersey off and paraded around a football field topless? Hmm 🤔 I mean that talented 🤡 has routinely been a problem child on every team he’s been on.

  5. Empacador January 6, 2022

    Well, well, well, lookie what I found. A POSER gets busted, I happened to be perusing some articles when I came across this Hub Arkush thing on “The Spun” and read the comments after the article. One poster’s comments stood out which I copied and pasted here for your reading pleasure. You be the judge.

    “Tom M
    I wholeheartedly agree. Aarogant Rodgers deliberately, knowingly, and repeatedly broke the rules surrounding protocol. He should have been held accountable and made an example of, castigated even more severely than are athletes caught using performance enhancing drugs or match fixing. Lifetime ban. I live in Wisconsin and have stopped being a Packers fan over the team’s egregious and irresponsible behavior. I don’t care how exceptional Aarogant Rodger’s Neanderthal-level skill is at throwing a small projectile accurately across short distances. He misled the league as he broke the rules, forced players of other teams to take risks of which he deliberately made them unaware, made a big joke out of nearly a million Americans who died, and smirked when he got away with it.”

    “And the truth shall set you free.” All this time we thought Tom hated Rodgers. Seems Tom isn’t a Packer fan after all because of the way the TEAM has failed. Like Murphy? Gutekunst? LaFleur? Gee, I wonder whose been saying that in here for far longer than Tom? This solidifies everything now. I don’t personally read any of Tom’s bullshit posts same way I simply ignore anything killer posts. I see the author and simply skip them. But I’m betting Tom claims it is some other Tom M. **SMH** What a fucking tool. Watch him double down on spewing his vitriol. Link to the article with the comment, if it hasn’t been deleted yet.


  6. Tom M January 6, 2022

    Actions have consequences ladies. Herb Arkush may be vocal about his views but he won’t be the only voter with similar conclusions. OJ Simpson, Payton Manning, Brett Favre, and Adrian Peterson were never accused of any wrong doing during the years they actually won the award. If they had, they wouldn’t have won either. There is no clear cut MVP this year and it could go in any number of directions. Lying about his vaccination status won’t help Rodgers cause. It will play a factor whether you like it or not. Rodgers focus should be on winning the SB. Not calling out an MVP voter. But when you can’t win championships you have to be content with awards. I guess that’s why it’s so important to Rodgers and why all you ladies are in a fuss. As far as Arkush and his Dix vs Amos comparison. I’ll say this. Ha Ha Clinton Dix was a first round pick and the highest rated safety in his draft class coming from Alabama no less. While Adrian Amos was drafted in the 5th round and looked like a career back up and special team player. Everyone was wrong about Dix, not just Herb Arkush. The knock on Matt LaFleur as a HC wasn’t his offensive prowess. But could he command a team? Was his personality too easy going? Would Aaron Rodgers walk all over him the way Brett Favre did Mike Sherman? These were legitimate concerns by more than just Herb Arkush. Fortunately they’ve turned out to be nothing. So let me see if I understand you correctly. It’s perfectly acceptable for everyone here to be critical of Brian Gutekunst over the most preposterous of issues. But if Herb Arkush does it, it’s validation he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to his MVP vote. Got it. One last point here. Herb Arkush used to write for a Chicago Bears news letter as I recall back in the days before the internet. He’s a Bears fan. Maybe, just maybe, Rodgers should have walked back on his owning the Bears statement. Instead Erin doubled down. You can be humble and diplomatic in such situations. Or you can piss people off. If you choose the latter, don’t be surprised when you don’t get their MVP vote. And make no mistake, Arkush wanted Rodgers to know he wasn’t going to get his vote. Payback is a bitch.

  7. Howard January 6, 2022

    Good question Paul, who is Arkush?
    He’s a pedantic, pontificating, pretentious bastard, a belligerent old fart, a worthless steaming pile of cow shit, figuratively speaking.

  8. Tom M January 6, 2022

    Here’s another “good question” Howard. Is everyone who votes against Rodgers for MVP a” pedantic, pretentious bastard?” “A belligerent old fart?” “A worthless steaming pile of cow shit, figuratively speaking?” Because Herb Arkush won’t be the only one. Rodgers is not universally loved outside of Packer fans. I know, I know, that’s blasphemy to many. But I think your onto something here. Move over Kevin King. We’ve found a new villain in Title Town and his name is Herb Arkush! Personally, when we lose in the playoffs, I’m gonna blame Herb Arkush for upsetting Rodgers. Thus causing his piss poor stats in the 4th quarter of yet another playoff loss. Who else is with me? You’re all like Pavlov’s dogs. Conditioned to only care about MVP awards. Because after all these years, that’s all Erin is capable of giving you. Even Rodgers most ardent fanboys don’t really expect a SB victory. You can only expect so much from the “Michael Jordan” of the regular season.

  9. Arch Stanton January 6, 2022

    Hub Arkush (Not Herb) is a Chicago Bears guy. As a Packers fan living in the Chicago Suburbs (unfortunately) you can listen to his commentary on the Bears and NFL in general on a local AM radio station several times a week. Most of his stuff is fairly even handed when it comes to teams other than the Bears. He comes across as not being a fan of Rodgers but usually acknowledges him being one of the best, if not the best QB’s in the NFL. I’ve heard him comment in the past that he wouldn’t mind Rodgers being the QB of the Bears. He is a left wing liberal nut when it comes to politics based upon comments I’ve heard him make on the radio. I can almost guarantee you his outburst mostly has to do with Rodgers not being vaccinated. Rodgers “I own you” comment about the Bears probably has something to do with it too. His acknowledgment that Rodgers is probably the MVP but he won’t vote for him because he’s a jerk says a lot about Arkush. I would think you vote for the MVP of the NFL based on his work on the field, not whether you like his personality or not. He should have his MVP ballet taken away from him based upon his comments.

  10. Tom M January 6, 2022

    His name is Herb Arkush. But goes by “Hub” either would be correct. He used to have a syndicated TV show durning the season and then a website. Maybe with his brother? If I recall correctly the website went belly up after the Packers won the SB in February 2011. What he’s been doing since, I couldn’t tell you. He was always pro Bears but that was his target audience. This was back in Brett Favre’s heyday. I didn’t always agree with some of his analysis but he was generally respectful. Not like the sensational, obnoxious shit you get from ESPN and some of the other outlets. He’s certainly no Skip Bayless. Now, to his credit he did apologize. Not because he didn’t mean it. Rather for putting pressure on his fellow voters to comment on his remarks. He still isn’t voting for Rodgers for the reasons he mentioned. I know Mike Florio is a Minnesota Vikings fan. Not sure he has a vote but at least he’s got the good sense not to announce it. If it were me, I’d vote Joe Burrow. Division winner, and has completely turned that organization around. While Tom Brady has better stats than Rodgers which seems to be a big deal around here. Except for now, when it doesn’t matter and everyone thinks Rodgers should be a lock. He isn’t. Also Jonathan Taylor will get some votes which doesn’t help Rodgers chances. Any voters that are Bears, Lions, or Viking fans won’t vote for Rodgers. He’ll lose votes over COVID. And believe it or not, many are just tired of all the drama and ready to give it to someone else. Although everyone here thinks Erin is just misunderstood and are jealous. Sure. I could see voting end in a tie much like the year Favre shared the award with Barry Sanders. All of this is a moot point anyway. The award has no bearing on his Hall of Fame status or his perceived GOAT status. Three or four MVP awards won’t matter. He’s a first ballot HOFer regardless. He’s gonna have to start winning championships if he wants to be in that conversation for the GOAT and he’s running out of time.

  11. Cheese January 6, 2022

    Nice find Empacador. Not surprising in the least.
    I like your plan moving forward. As a great quarterback once said, “kill them with indifference.”

  12. PF4L January 7, 2022

    About this Arkush guy and this article.
    Personally speaking, I don’t give this guy a word of attention.
    That’s exactly what he wants and why him and others speak out against famous successful people.
    See Greg Jennings parlaying his past Rodgers comments into a career in the media.
    I say personally, because it isn’t my job to write articles. I’m just saying, i wouldn’t piss on the guy if he was on fire.
    I’d wait until the fire was out.
    Dan Orlovsky from ESPN said it best if you care to find it.
    With all that said….I give the title of this article a “10”.
    Kudos Paul.
    Yes Empac….Nice find!!!
    If i read Tommi correctly….in his own words.
    ” I live in Wisconsin and have stopped being a Packers fan” – Tommi
    But yet, in here, he tries to convince us all that he is a Packer fan.
    That is 1% of the time. The other 99% he’s repeating hundreds of times his same old tired drivel.
    Tommi is…the lying, blowhard, stupid little weasel twat we always knew he was.
    This is just more proof…piled on.

  13. Ferris January 7, 2022

    Newsflash…Tom not only knows everything he is an expert on everything. Well everything except when to use the proper forms or YOU’RE and YOUR.

  14. Ferris January 7, 2022

    One thing he doesn’t know though are lines from Liar Liar.

  15. Tom M January 7, 2022

    Oh yes, that’s me! I come here to hear from real men and then watch them stand in line to wipe Aaron Rodgers ass! After Aaron Rodgers shit the bed in the 4th quarter of the NFCC game last year, what did he do? He immediately started talking about his future. “I don’t know where I’ll be next year.” “I don’t now what my future holds.” Dude, your under contract. So what’s Aaron Rodgers doing right now? Well, when he’s not whoring himself for MVP votes, and calling out a voter who doesn’t like his diva shit, he’s saying the same thing. “I don’t know where I’ll be next year.” “I don’t know what my future holds.” Dude, your five weeks and two home wins away from the super bowl. That should be your focus. That should be your goal. What happens after the SB will take care of itself. Instead it’s nothing but drama and you girls eat it up like it’s cherry pie. “It’s ok Aaron, you don’t have to win a SB!” “Just don’t leave us!” It’s all so pathetic.

  16. PF4L January 7, 2022

    Off the wall….
    TJ Watt…in 14 games, is one sack short of tying Michael Strahan’s sack record.
    The only question remaining, is how will he get that sack.
    Will he get it by beating his man?
    Or….will the quick and nimble Lamar Jackson mysteriously fall to the ground?
    Micah Parsons
    2021 1st round …(ironically) the 12th pick of the draft
    Rookie season….
    64 solo tackles.
    13 sacks.
    3 FF’s
    PFF Grade….87.7
    I heard from somebody, somewhere, that high 1st round picks have more expectations than say a 3rd round, or 6th round pick.
    Not sure if that’s true or not.
    But then again, i’m not that smart.

  17. Mick January 7, 2022

    More from the Antonio Brown saga. Latest thing I read is that AB is now throwing Brady; (his so called friend) under the bus. Brady was the guy who helped AB revive his career, invited him into his home and made him feel welcome. TB lobbied the Bucs brass to take a chance on AB, even though coach Ariens was hesitant. Well, it worked last year, Brown got his SB ring. Things have turned sour this season, and the AB we all know, from previous history; has surfaced. Are we surprised? This guy burns every bridge he crosses and leaves every relationship in ruins. He claims that he is an alpha male; and he is the victim, once again. If you have to declare that you’re an alpha male publicly, chances are you’re not an alpha male. I’ve got some advice for Antonio, if you’re in a hole, stop digging! One quote I read about AB, —– million dollar talent with a 10 cent head. Sad part of all this is; people who have mental issues, and need help, are the ones who think they don’t need it.

  18. PF4L January 8, 2022

    “It’s ok Aaron, you don’t have to win a SB!” – Wisconsin resident and self proclaimed non Packer fan
    AGAIN….for the clueless
    It’s not just up to Rodgers, whether “he” wins a SB.
    (last i checked)…Rodgers doesn’t play defense.
    He didn’t leave Evans, Brate, and Miller wide open for 21 easy points.
    For the mentally challenged…i’ll repeat for the 500th time.
    It takes a team to win a Championship.
    It’s a damn shame that some people’s hatred clouds logical thinking.
    That’s assuming they are capable of logical thinking to begin with..
    It’s also a damn shame i have to keep teaching this same lesson to the mentally and emotionally impaired.
    But it’s ok Tommi….entertain us with some more stories about how good of a season Kevin King is having….
    You clueless D F.

  19. Tom M January 8, 2022

    According to Boomer Esiason, who claims he has a source. Tells us Aaron Rodgers will boycott the super bowl because he’s upset over the NFL’s policy on COVID testing. Do I think he’ll actually do it? Not really, because I’m not convinced he’ll get the Packers that far. Is he capable of threatening such action? Absolutely! It’s totally consistent with his drama filled personality. Aaron Rodgers is the Antonio Brown of QB’s. Rules don’t apply to him. I’ll do whatever I want because I’m smarter than you. Because I make more money than you. Because I can throw a football better than you. It’s a delusional way of thinking that’s embraced by all that post here. I suppose if Aaron Rodgers had 7 rings like Tom Brady such behavior could be more easily tolerated. You could say, that’s just Rodgers being eccentric. But Rodgers hasn’t won a championship in over a decade. And there are more excuses for that than there are stars in the heavens. None of the multitude of excuses ever start with the man himself. There’s absolutely no valid reason other than to pad his stats for Rodgers to play on Sunday. And if Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, or even Mike Holmgren we’re his HC he would not. The risk of potential injury is greater than the greed for individual awards. But everything has to be about Aaron and not about what’s best for the team. His drama and intrigue started in earnest at the loss in the NFCC game last year and will continue until we lose again this year. When the drama of his exit strategy begins.

  20. INPKRBKR January 8, 2022

    “ There’s absolutely no valid reason other than to pad his stats for Rodgers to play on Sunday. And if Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, or even Mike Holmgren we’re his HC he would not. The risk of potential injury is greater than the greed for individual awards. But everything has to be about Aaron and not about what’s best for the team. “ Tom M, Tommi, Killer

    Now, if he didn’t play, Tommi the Twat would say something akin to “Erin is a pussy, and not a team player.”

  21. PF4L January 8, 2022

    Tommi the twat mentions Rodgers by name 7 times in one post.
    “But everything has to be about Aaron…..” -Tommi the Twat says
    Ironically….Tommi thinks exactly the same way.

  22. Mick January 8, 2022

    In regards to the “Rodgers threatening a SB boycott over covid restrictions prank”; I mean come on man! I doubt even most Rodgers haters believed that one. Word has it that Esiason was pranked into this nonsense. This is nothing more than journalism shaped by social media spewing shit without actually digging for the facts, or naming the source of the info. By the way, don’t they have producers overlooking this crap? OOOOHHH, I’m sorry, I forgot; we’re in the age of “nobody’s held accountable.” Seems to me that “clicks” on these social media sites are far more important than actual facts.

  23. Stickman January 8, 2022

    “TOMMY THE TWAT” this is becoming my favorite form of entertainment. LOL

  24. PF4L January 8, 2022

    “I’ve been told by multiple people in Rodgers direct circle…….” – source
    “Dumbest f***ing story ever,” Rodgers said.

    Esiason — a former NFL star who’s now an analyst and WFAN radio show host.
    Boomer asked if it was from someone who we should be trusting with this information, to which he replied…”i would….yes”.
    Fast forward a day, and we find out it’s a hoax.

    From PFT……(
    “At a deeper level, Esiason and Giannotti shouldn’t have done a real-time vetting of the tip Esiason received on a live radio show. They should have decided before the show or during a break whether the tip had sufficient credibility to even mention.”
    (ya think?)

    “So the joke originally was on Boomer. The real joke is on the rest of us. Whether deliberate or not, Esiason and Giannotti played this in a way that has resulted in a ton of free publicity.”
    I guess Boomer needed a jolt in ratings.
    With his ho hum personality…it’s almost understandable.
    Is Tommi the twat gonna issue a correction or retraction?….highly doubtful.
    Truth based facts, don’t really interest our resident viking Princess.

  25. Tom M January 8, 2022

    This isn’t going to end well for Rodgers. He’s gone from being a media darling to being vilified over misleading everyone over his vaccination status. To get even, and we all know he holds grudges, he’s now trolling the media. The media however will not be trifled with. They’ll simple stop talking about him. He has to be the center of attention. And they certainly won’t vote for him and his cherished MVP award. But you ladies continue to defend your precious little diva. I’m sure he’ll be fine….

  26. Dean January 9, 2022

    I wonder how much Tom is being paid to spew out his garbage about Arod? Seems like he is on multiple sites spewing the same garbage. Maybe he gets paid per word…

  27. PF4L January 9, 2022

    Dean…i had that lettuce head figured out from jump street.
    Just keeping it 💯