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With Packers Season Now Over, Focus is on Injuries, Playoffs, and Super Bowl

Once again, the Packers have found themselves at the top of the NFC going into the playoffs. This is despite a troubling season of injuries, COVID, and the occasional off-field Rodgers drama.

This may feel similar to last year going into the playoffs, but another year has ticked by on Rodgers’ tenure that is almost certain to end soon. Despite some distractions from his appearances on the Pat MacAfee Show, he seems to be laser-focused in his playing. In fact, knowing Rodgers, all that controversy is probably what helps fuel and motivate him. Whatever works, I suppose. Yet again, there is a very strong case for him to be the league MVP. If not, there is going to be a lot of upset folks that might link Rodgers not winning the MVP crown with his vaccine related comments. We’ll just see how that goes.

As far as Packer Super Bowl odds go, they’re looking good but anyone is going to tell you at this point that it’s highly dependent on what we hear about injuries from the team this week. If you’re in Wisconsin, it’s unfortunate that the State of Wisconsin has yet to legalize sports betting. Local fans who want to bet on the team to win this year’s Super Bowl will need to go to a surrounding state to do so. For those who are close to Michigan, Sports Betting Dime has a list of active sportsbooks that can be reviewed before taking action. The Packers are currently given the best odds to win this year’s Super Bowl and that is something agreed upon across the board of sites.

We know that the Packers will not play the Bucs or the Cowboys in the divisional round. Otherwise, their opponent will be among the Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, or the Eagles.

Injuries Linger

Obviously, the bye week during the wild card round is going to be a boon for the team. The Pack had their regular season bye historically late this year — on top of that, LaFleur played his starters during this past weekend’s game against the Lions and Marquez Valdes-Scantling left with an injured back in the first half. Not to say this makes it a poor decision on LaFleur’s part, but this was the risk he was willing to take.

The good news lately on this front is that LT David Bakhtiari made a return to the field after a year long absence. He was active against the Lions and left in the second quarter. Despite leaving early, his health seems to be fine:

Another player we might see return in the playoffs is CB Jaire Alexander. While his absence is felt, team moves like picking up Rasul Douglas — off the Cardinals’ practice squad at that — has been hugely beneficial. Douglas was another bargain under Gutekunst’s belt. Douglas turned out not to just be a decent replacement, but has shown that he is a Pro Bowl caliber player with a bright future in the league. Other bargain acquisitions for the team recently are listed here.

Key players still listed on Injured Reserve include Za’Darius Smith, Robert Tonyan, Elgton Jenkins, Billy Turner, and Randall Cobb.

Dec 25, 2021; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates with teammates after completing a touchdown pass making him the all time leader in touchdown passes in the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Samantha Madar/Green Bay Press Gazette -USA TODAY NETWORK

All eyes and ears are going to be eager this week for any clue from the team as to how certain injury recoveries are progressing and who we might see in a couple weeks on the Frozen Tundra.

Jason Parker

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  1. Dean January 11, 2022

    Z and Turner are back practicing. Wow, good news for both the OL & DL. Things are lining up for GB to make a run.

  2. Dean January 11, 2022

    Bakhtiari was “coaxed” (a text, I think) into playing against the Lions by Rodgers based on what Bakht said. Maybe partly why Rodgers wanted to play? It was worth the risk just getting Bakh the snaps and working on game conditioning. A rock solid LT was sorely missed last year in the playoffs….

  3. Tom M January 12, 2022

    Both Bakhtiari and Myers played because they needed the reps. They both looked tired and spent after such a long layoff. And neither played up to their standard. Rodgers playing had nothing to do with it. Only the Packers gets 1st and goal inside the one yard line with a power back like AJ Dillion. Then proceeds to pass until they score a TD only to pad Aaron Rodgers stats for MVP votes. Nick Wright said it best. If voting for MVP was only about stats then you don’t need voters. Just put everyone’s stats into a computer and let it spit out the winner. All the off field stuff matters. I couldn’t care less one way or the other about the MVP. We’re two home game wins away from the SB. After a promising first half of the season, the defense hasn’t played particularly well. This team is too reliant on Rodgers. And if you expect Erin to carry the day, expect to be disappointed. We’ve been down this road too many times before. Especially worrisome is that Jordan Love didn’t play particularly well either. While not awful, I’m not seeing enough to think he’s ready. Which is good news for all those here who worship Rodgers. A contract extension won’t be out of the question. That means more offseason drama, winning the division, followed by playoff disappointment. The cycle continues next year. Oh, goody!

  4. PF4L January 12, 2022

    ” We’re two home game wins away from the SB, which wouldn’t have happened if the Packers were dumb enough to follow my stupid advice about sitting all the key starters 4 weeks ago.” – Moron viking fan

  5. Dean January 12, 2022

    Well, according to Bakhtiari, he was not going to play until the text from Arod “coaxing” him to play. I’ll take Bakhtiari’s word for that over what some poster here has to say!
    My guess (could be wrong) is that after the longer than expected (emotional roller coaster) rehab with a cleanup procedure, Bakhtiari may not have been confident or mentally ready to play against the lions. Getting the text from Arod would suggest that Arod had confidence in Bahktiari. Can not lead your friend and leader of the Pack down…

  6. Dean January 12, 2022

    “Can not let your …”

  7. Tom M January 13, 2022

    Do you ever have anything intelligent to say PF4L? Or do you just react to everything I say? Why not head on over to your bible, PFF, and tell us how wasted draft pick Rashan Gary graded out this year and then get back to us with a stat filled report. You and your girlfriends can all rub one off together talking about his stats!

  8. rebelgb January 13, 2022

    Tom the funny thing is this site used to be full of posters. Back then most people couldnt stand PF4L. But eventually people like him drove the masses away and all you have left are idiots that post the same crap he does. Now he thinks hes popular! Yeah with like the 5 posters that are left on the site. Thanks to him this site is pretty much dead. But hey he has a home where he can be a keyboard God in his own mind. So we should just feel good for him i guess.

  9. PF4L January 13, 2022

    I feel good for and about myself rebel…thanks for the kind words, it’s what you do best here.
    Monty selling and leaving the site had nothing to do with the current site rebel?
    I’m solely responsibly for this website’s success?
    Have you told JP this discovery of yours?….LOL.
    E-mail him….he’ll probably ban me so everyone comes back 🤣
    Maybe start a petition?
    Then it will be just like when Monty was here…how’s that sound Sparky?

  10. PF4L January 13, 2022

    LOL…Tommi…..”My Man”
    Looks like i pushed the right button :)
    I’m sorry Tommi, i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
    It’s not all that bad Princess, i think you may have found a friend in rebel.
    Maybe rebel can tell you stories about how he thought Rodgers was “finished” years ago.
    How cool would that be right?
    First of all Princess…i’ve been here 10 years and i have said many, many intelligent things….
    Well at least 2 times i have, that i can remember.
    But i may have stolen those from Howard….¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    But i’ll work on it for you k pumpkin?.
    You’ve said many intelligent things also Tommi.
    Like how Mark Murphy use to be a NFLPA attorney.
    How McCarthy is calling the plays for the Cowboys.
    How good a season Kevin King had.
    Your vikings making the playoffs.
    Should i continue…..?
    Thanks for participating Tommi! 👍
    Hang on just a G D minute here!!
    Did Tommi just write a post without mentioning Rodgers?
    GTF out!!
    It’s a world gone mad people!!!!

  11. Tom M January 13, 2022

    Actually rebelgb, he’s the reason I started posting. PF4L is just so full of shit. He can’t squat and piss unless Erin or PFF tells him to. He wouldn’t know what to do with an original thought if it bit him on his fat ass. Aaron Rodgers is my hero because PFF tells me so! I don’t give a flying fuck about “book clubs”, how receivers need to earn his “trust”, or how he whores himself out for MVP votes. You don’t get any of that shit from Tom Brady, the real GOAT. And you sure as shit don’t get the constant drama. In fact, your don’t get it from anyone but Erin. And the clueless girls here love him to death for it all. Yet no one is really expecting this team to go to the SB, so they’ll talk endlessly about MVP awards. Our only chance is if the defense shows up like it did the first half of the season. Having Alexander back will be huge, and if we can get even just a few reps from ZaDarius, that would also go along way. Mr MVP couldn’t out play Jared Goff and the 2-13-1 Lions. He’ll shit himself if Brady comes back to town. We need the defense to step up.

  12. Mick January 14, 2022

    Against the Lions, the absence of Campbell was very obvious. He has the speed and recognition to cover the short- middle zone of the defense, which the Lions smartly exploited. Barnes did what J. Barry asked him to do; (spy on the RB), because he isn’t as fluid as Campbell in coverage on crossing routes. It seemed to me that Barry then had a safety or CB help to disguise the loss of Campbell. Campbell and Alexander will be back, and now we get word that Z. Smith and even Mercilus (surprise); are practicing. We all hope that they can contribute – even if it’s on a snap count, and for depth purposes. This defense needs to find it’s mojo that they had the 1st half of the season.

  13. PF4L January 15, 2022

    Tom M January 13, 2022
    “In fact, your don’t get it from anyone but Erin.”
    This is your brain on drugs.
    Just say no kids, and stay in school.

  14. PF4L January 15, 2022

    Tom M January 13, 2022
    “Actually rebelgb, he’s the reason I started posting.”
    Hear that rebel?….i bring people to the site.
    Without Tommi…(according to rebels math) we’d only have 4 people here without Tom.
    You’re welcome!