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Packers on Top of NFC After Rolling Vikings 37-10

It wasn’t Christmas, it wasn’t Boxing Day, but our friends and family from around the NFL were still in the giving mood as the Cousin-less Vikings failed to mount any real resistance to the Packers on a cold Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

The Packer win clinches the NFC for the Green and Gold after Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys also gifted the Packers the opportunity to clinch home field a week before the season ended by allowing the Cardinals to come into AT&T stadium and rock the home team with a critical late season loss.

Aaron Rodgers started the game with some pinpoint passes to Davante Adams for 19 and then 30 yards setting up a 35 yard field goal that Crosby punched through the middle of the uprights despite a slight bumble on the hold attempt by Corey Bojorquez. Crosby had a good night hitting all his extra points and field goal attempts.

The Packer defense feasted on a conservative game plan that seemed to focus on runs to Dalvin Cook and short passes from backup QB Sean Mannion. Mannion did not make a turnover, but that was about as positive a critique as one can deliver. The contrast between Rodgers, who threw two touchdowns for 288 yards and a 114 rating, and Mannion, was clear from Rodgers first pass. Rodgers was dropping passes into tight windows the entire game, while Mannion was missing open targets.

Jan 2, 2022; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard (13) catches a touchdown pass against Minnesota Vikings defensive back Kris Boyd (29) in the second quarter at Lambeau Field. Dan Powers/Appleton Post-Crescent -USA TODAY NETWORK

The Packers defense held the Vikings to 27 total rushing yards. The defense ended the night with two sacks but seemed to have pressure on Mannion on almost every pass attempt. Until K.J. Osborn caught a one handed 30 yard sideline pass in the closing minutes, it looked like the Vikings longest play from scrimmage was going to be a fluke catch and run off of a ball that was thrown to Tyler Conklin but was caught by center Garrett Bradbury. Conklin was met by a viscous hit by Adrian Amos as he attempted to catch the pass, which caused the ball to ricochet back ten yards to Bradbury. Bradbury made a great catch as the ball was at his feet and then ran through the surprised Packer defense for 21 yards.

Jan 2, 2022; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers running back A.J. Dillon (28) reacts after scoring a touchdown during the the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -USA TODAY NETWORK

The Packer run game was again split between Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. The two runners combined for 189 total yards, including two touchdowns by the bulldozing Dillon. The Vikings official game yardage totaled 206 yards. Needless to say the Packers were dominant on both offense and defense and new Packer punt and kick returner, David Moore, had a 21 yard punt return. Packer fans have good reason to celebrate and watch next week’s game that should surely be quarterbacked by Jordan Love, with curiosity and satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have dismissed Antonio Brown after he melted down and left the team in the middle of the game. The Bucs almost lost to the lowly Jets. As a Packer fan, this Sunday was a true holiday of gifts. Let’s enjoy and be sure to write our thank you cards.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Deepsky January 3, 2022

    Two things make me feel a bit better about the Packers after this game. First, the defensive line played much better against the run, although that probably had to do with the Packers not fearing Sean Mannion in the least, allowing them to concentrate on stopping the run. And the Browns offensive line is much better than the Vikings offensive line. Stil, holding Dalvin Cook to 13 yards on 9 carries is pretty significant.

    The second thing is David Moore. Wow. I’m starting to think that maybe Amari Rodgers is just an incredible bust. Again, this gives Packer fans a little bit of hope in the playoffs.

    As for the Bucs, remember Tom Brady lead the league in passing yardage. More than 1000 yards than Aaron Rodgers. Even with the loss of Godwin and Brown, he’ll still make plays, especially at crunch time in the playoffs. And Aaron Rodger has always had trouble with the Bucs, whether in Florida or Green Bay.

  2. Sean January 3, 2022

    Great team win, special teams played a lot better than expected. Defense played well holding Cook to 13 yards. Nice that they were able to lock up #1 seed a week early, even better that the knocked vikings out of the playoffs.

  3. Savage57 January 3, 2022

    Any win over the Vikings is to be savored, but one which seals the #1 tournament seed while knocking the Vikings out is reason to lap it up like a babe their mother’s milk.

    Time to go play Trollio on the Minneshithole Star Tribune website to share some cheer with Vikings fans.

    I promise someone will post a comment about how next year the Super Bowl is the Vikings.

    Probably Killer.

  4. Ferris January 3, 2022

    A return man who can catch!!!! And who seems to be aware of where the gunners are relative to where he catches the ball!!!!
    Is this a normal thing on other teams? I am new to these concepts.
    Mike Zimmer looks like someone who does not want to deal with people or players another day.

  5. NobodysBurfect January 3, 2022

    As Ferris noted, the biggest change I saw was lane discipline on special teams. People weren’t running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Good tackling all night, which we usually only get from Campbell & Amos. Shout out to Barnes for the pass breaks ups too.


    Antonio Brown has a long history of off the field problems, but I’m 100% convinced he’s showing signs of CTE. Around 5 years ago he got clobbered by Vontaze Burfict (dirtiest MFer I’ve ever seen on the field), and things have been a downward spiral for him since. He used to do commentary for the top 100 show, and his personality seemed calm & mild mannered. He’s off the rails now, it’s sad and scary. I hope he gets help before someone else gets hurt.


    Hence my nickname – forever fuck that guy.

  6. Tom M January 3, 2022

    Just think of how much better it would have been had we still had Rick Wagner and his PFF grade of 77! Why, we could have scored 50! Right PF4L? So Rodgers now wants to play next week in an absolutely meaningless game. Why Erin? What are you afraid of? Jordan Love? You afraid he might put out some good game tape? If you recall, we were in this situation many years ago with a meaningless last game also against the Lions. Rodgers sat that last game and Matt Flynn played. Flynn threw for 5TD’s and 400 yards and parlayed that performance into a nice FA contract. Now Rodgers wants to stay after bitching all last year that he wants to leave. There is absolutely no sane reason for Rodgers to see the field Sunday. We’re going to find out who runs the the team. Is it management that keeps him on the bench. Or is it assistant GM and purveyor of all things pseudo science Erin Rodgers. Stay tuned.

  7. Mitch Anthony January 3, 2022

    You ever see pictures of Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend? I wouldn’t want to spend much time around other people or players either. Mike Zimmer is hero-grade material in this department.

  8. Howard January 3, 2022

    Cook is a very good back, but Cook’s attitude after the first Viking drive said screw this shit, it is cold and we are not going anywhere, or doing anything in this season or on this night.
    There is good reason to believe Z. Smith will not play again this season. I do believe after watching Clark get double teamed almost every play that if Z could come back, you put him in the middle near Clark on passing downs. Let Z and Clark play some games in the middle of the line. You can’t double team both of them. If nothing else it would free up Clark from so many double teams. It would also give a better push up the middle from power and/or speed.

  9. Mick January 3, 2022

    Ya, I don’t think Z. Smith will be back this year either. I’m also concerned if we’ll see Bahk also, considering he didn’t even practice this past week, kind of raises a red flag. I think we’ll see Alexander, maybe even Myers and Cobb. As Ferris mentioned above, we have a returner who catches the ball, and knows what to do with it when he has it. It’s only one game but, this might be the spark the return units need. STs’ have improved over the last couple of weeks but, our punter struggled last night. On the DL, I and many others in here, have hoped the team would address help for Kenny Clark. Lancaster and Lowry have played well at times, but teams with a strong OL have wiped them out of the play too easily. Maybe if Slaton gets more experience, that would help.

  10. Tom M January 3, 2022

    How in the hell does an old fart like Mike Zimmer get a hot piece of ass like that? I say good for him! Being the head coach of the Vikings is it’s own special perks. I wonder if she dumps “daddy” next Monday when he’s fired?

  11. PF4L January 3, 2022

    Tom M January 3, 2022
    How in the hell does an old fart like Mike Zimmer get a hot piece of ass like that?
    Can someone explain to Gomer what 4 million dollars a year can buy.

  12. Packtat87 January 3, 2022

    Give it up PF4L. You’re not going to explain economics or cause and effect to someone that lacks the ability to see Kevin King is a problem.

  13. Sean January 4, 2022

    Great team win! Special teams wasn’t a disappointment as expected. Even better to get first round bye in playoffs as #1 seed, and close the door on any hope vikings would get to playoffs. Now the starters can rest and relax if coach allows them to for two weeks.

  14. Deepsky January 4, 2022

    Zimmer can provide his girlfriend with what women want the most in life. The ability to lord their situation over the women they hate.

  15. Mitch Anthony January 4, 2022

    A man will marry the best looking woman he can afford. A woman will marry the richest man she can stand.

    Men use money and power for “it”. Women use “it” for money and power. You can marry more in ten minutes than you can make in a lifetime.

    Men prefer the company of other men in the same income tax bracket. Women prefer the company of other women with their same butt size.

    That being said, if you see too many wine bottles and cat bowls, run. Run fast.


  16. Empacador January 4, 2022

    This is called the “Hot and Crazy Matrix”. It has a section for men and a section for women. Should put the whole Zimmer thing into perspective. Enjoy!

  17. PF4L January 4, 2022

    Mitch Anthony January 4, 2022
    A man will marry the best looking woman he can afford. A woman will marry the richest man she can stand.
    True words.
    Taken to the extreme…see Anna Nicole Smith and J. Marshall Howard.
    24 year old stripper, meets ultra rich 86 year old.
    Now…how the hell did such an ugly old wrinkly ass guy bag a 24 year old bleached blond bimbo.
    Was she hot for his body Tommi?
    Any clue why?

  18. Tom M January 5, 2022

    We’ve all heard of Aaron Rodgers “book club.” It’s mostly standard new age fare. Like Joe Rogan’s new book, “Ivermectin, it’s not just for horses anymore.” But today Erin has a real treat for you! It’s Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” The Bible of pseudo intellectuals everywhere. Rand, the mother of Objectivism, is universally denounced by both conservatives and liberals alike. It was William F Buckley who said, “I had to flog myself just to get thru Atlas Shrugged.” Erin, sweetheart, your trying too hard. Just because your the smartest football player in a room full of 53 of them does not an intellectual make. Your not that smart. Stick to being a diva. It’s what you do best.

  19. Tom M January 5, 2022

    I’ve seen that before Empacdor and it’s funny as hell. Aaron Rodgers should watch that clip before he picks his next D list actress. Shailene Woodley in not hot by any stretch of the imagination hot and is crazy as hell. Tom Brady marries a super model, Jimmy Garapolo dates porn stars. And Rodgers with all his money and fame is engaged to Shailene Woodley? I guess when your “fiancé” allows you to suck dick, your willing to give up the eye candy part of it. To each their own as they say.

  20. PF4L January 5, 2022

    Tom M January 5, 2022
    “We’ve all heard of Aaron Rodgers “book club.”

  21. rebelgb January 5, 2022

    Deepsky when it comes to Women and Men you have summed it up perfectly. Well done sir!! As for the critics of whats different this year compared to last year when we also had homefiled advantage? Simple: AJ Dillon and a more physical defense. Add to that 89k in crazy fans and likely a much colder winter…….well yeah I think homefield advantage means more this year.

  22. Ferris January 5, 2022

    Tom….YOU’RE not that smart. And you prove it over and over and over. JFC…IT’S YOU’RE when you want to say YOU ARE. You did it twice (again) just to prove how stupid you really are. Stick to being a dipshit…it’s what you do best.

  23. Tom M January 6, 2022

    Sweet Ferris, no one loves little Erin quite like you and PF4L. He’s gonna miss all this in Denver. It’s time for the two of you to head on over to PFF and marvel at Rick Wagner’s “77 passer rating” and lament on what might have been……

  24. Tom M January 6, 2022

    PF4L doesn’t have a book club. What he does do is link you to cartoons. Lots and lots of them. That is, when he’s not over at PFF telling him what to say…..

  25. PF4L January 6, 2022

    Tom M January 6, 2022
    “…and marvel at Rick Wagner’s “77 passer rating”
    Stay in school kids.