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Game Day: NFC Divisional Playoff – 49ers vs Packers at Lambeau Field

It’s going to be a cold one at Lambeau Field tonight when the San Francisco 49ers take on a rested Packers in freezing temperatures. In back to back seasons under the helm of coach LaFleur, Rodgers and the Packers have entered the playoffs as the top seed in the NFC. Unlike last season, this team is looking better overall health-wise and performance-wise. Hopefully the special teams will be at playoff caliber performance.

OLB Za’Darius Smith and OLB Whitney Mercilus have been activated from Injured Reserve this week. Smith played only 18 snaps in week one and has been out since due to back surgery. OT Billy Turner was also active during practice this week.

Also returning is WR Randall Cobb, who was also activated from Injured Reserve. He will be a helpful addition to the the pass game since MVS is not likely to play.

LT David Bakhtiari and CB Jaire Alexander are both listed as questionable. Bakhtiari did manage to play a bit in the previous game, but was only active at practice one day this week.

DL Kingsley Keke was released this week. He was claimed off waivers by the Texans.

Injury Report

Game Information

Who: Packers vs 49ers
When: 7:15PM – Central
Where: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wi.
Radio: WTMJ – Listen Live

Nov 28, 2021; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) is greeted by teammates after being introduced prior to the game against the Los Angeles Rams at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Deepsky January 22, 2022

    Z Smith will make zero difference, he will be a no show just like every other playoff game. I also expect because he’s going to play for himself, which means he’ll look to get a sack and give up the edge. We’ll see Samuels running right past him. We’re going to see just how bad the offensive line REALLY is for the Packers. Dennis Kelly vs Nick Bosa? Rusty offensive lineman vs a top 5 sacking team? Rodgers will let up and play average again against his favorite team, just like he always does. Add some smash mouth football causing at least one Packer turnover before halftime and I suspect the Packers will be behind by at least two scores by half. The cold will then work against the Packers. 200+ yards rushing by the 49ers. This team just isn’t as good as last years team, now with a declining defense that the Lions scored at will on. This is a matchup which the 49ers wanted out of any of the remaining NFC teams.

  2. PF4L January 22, 2022

    Damn Deep….lol
    I want to watch the game with you my man!!
    Good times.
    Look….i may not disagree with some of what you said…but who gives a fuck, let’s let the game play out and see what happens.
    Enjoy the ride!!
    Here’s what i know….you got, AR, AJ, AJD, DA, DB, JA, ZS, ES, DC.
    Hell…maybe RG, MVS and PS decide to make a play or two..
    I’ll roll my dice with these guys at Lambeau…Hell yea!
    Win or lose, i’m enjoying the hell out of this game.
    Keep an open mind, something entertaining always happens in a Packer game.
    It’s been my outlook for about 6,7 years running.

    Chinupnsmile Deep….Life is good!

  3. Tom M January 22, 2022

    I would agree somewhat. I think it’s expecting too much for ZaDarius, Alexander, and Bakhtiari to have a significant impact after such a long layoff. Likewise I wouldn’t expect a lot from Randall Cobb. Even when healthy he was vastly inconsistent. Missing MVS who is doubtful would be a big loss. He’s certainly capable of exploiting the 49ers weak secondary. Sure glad MVS started that meaningless game in Detroit and aggravated his back injury. But at least he was on the field when Rodgers locked up the MVP. Because it’s all about stats and awards. Still, this is a game I expect to win. I’d load the box to stop Mitchell, a good but not great back, and make Jimmy Garapolo beat you. If he out plays Rodgers then we’ve got no business in the NFCC game anyway. But Rodgers is 0-3 in the playoffs against the 49ers. The wild card is the Packer run game. This game is why you used a second round pick on Dillion. You take it to pound town with Dillion using the weather to your advantage. Then have Rodgers make a few plays on third down to Adams. This is a game “Michael Jordan” should win. Next week against the Rams or Bucs I’d be far less confident. No excuses tonight.

  4. Howard January 22, 2022

    I think I used this Lombardi quote a few years back before an important Packers vikings game because it was appropriate to the matchup. This game/matchup applies just as much if not more.
    Some people try to find things in this game that don’t exist but football is only two things – blocking and tackling.”- Lombardi.
    The Packers have been the lesser of the two teams for the most part in both categories throughout the season. The Packers need to step it up. The better team in blocking and tackling will win this game.

  5. MMSUCKS January 22, 2022

    I am looking forward to seeing the Packers pull off this win. I want them to win as badly as any of us do! I don’t really expect them to; why? Because this IS the worst matchup for Green Bay PERIOD. Green Bay has shown throughout most of the hyear that they play poorly against good running teams. Besides, none of the guys coming back from injury will be difference makers because they are NOT GAME READY. Bakhtiari most likely needs to redo his surgically repaired knee . . . Something is NOT right with it. I’m seeing great players grabbing at straws attempting to play when they probably will all be liabilities rather than assets. The “Frozen Tundra” is a MOTHERFUCKING MARKETING MYTH, propagated to ensure fanbase attendance and positive folklore (mythology). It IS a great story; however, it is ONLY THAT. I remember watching Favre on the sidelines years ago in a very cold playoff game. He had fear and pain in his eyes! His arthritis was probably on hyper drive in his joints. I lived in Ashwaubenon, went to high school there. My Dad had season tickets for decades. It was way TOO COLD to enjoy most of those late-season games PERIOD. Anyone thinking any differently is full of shit! Only half-wits and fools want to play and/or sit on cold aluminum seats in those conditions.
    If the better O lines and D lines hold their ground, then San Francisco wins 27-12. If by some miracle, half of our “returning injured” play above (well above mind you!) expectations, Green Bay pulls this one out by a slim margin . . . 30-27.
    There is not enough time nor space to type out my frustration(s) with how Gute and Murphy have continued to play out a sub-par plan with the defensive side of the ball (most likely poor scouting?), whether it is with players or coaches or both!!!! The impact has been seen weekly for the last 10 plus years. ST play is directly affected by WEAK DEFENSIVE PLAYERS. Obviously, the coaches cannot always “polish a turd”. Moreover, weaker coaching and poorer playing create missed gaps, weaker response to tighter edge play, and loss of player morale. None of this mind you is the QB1’s fault. Any QB1 (FOR ANY TEAM!!!!) that has dealt with, or endured this lack of talent AND subpar defensive coaching LOSES ALL OF THESE GAMES! It becomes a hopeless morass of blunder to fight against. After a few quarters (or nearly a full season) of dealing with this slippery slope, it becomes too much.
    The Offense CANNOT always cover-up, nor can it overcome the ineptitude of a teams’ worth of defensive players who cannot play at the higher levels. This creates some VERY POOR play on the Special Teams units each and every year! Add that to a defense run by a mediocre coach? It spells disaster in the playoffs!
    Only luck and good fortune can beat those odds, let us trust that Green Bay has that tonight!
    Go Pack Go!

  6. Sean January 22, 2022

    Wow Deep, not a Packer fan are you? Yosh or Bak will be against Bosa, Bosa rarely plays the other side of the line. I expect Z. Smith to only play obvious passing situations, so no edge to give up. Mecilus most likely will see the field more and plays the run pretty damn good. I fully expect the Packers to win.49ers can pull off the upset, any team can win on any given Sunday, or in the case, Saturday.

  7. MMSUCKS January 22, 2022

    The positive outcome is NOT 30-27. that was my attempt at repeating the 30-28 victory in San Francisco. It would be much less for both teams. More like 23-17 Green Bay.

  8. rebelgb January 22, 2022

    Sean thanks for bringing some sense to this thread. The naysayers just dont like the Packers front office and they would rather see the Packers lose than have any opportunity for someone to credit Murphy or Gute.

    What the haters are failing to mention, and making me chuckle: the Packers have a BETTER run offense. Um Jones/Dillon. Enough said. Over 2000 yards from scrimmage this year. 2000.

    MMSucks is funny, the players dont sit on “aluminum seats..” The seats are graphite and they are HEATED, with foot warmers underneath. This isnt 1985.

    Funny, if the “cold” is a myth and doesnt matter, why would San Fran practice outside at Bayport HS on Thur and Friday? I mean it dont matter right?

    Pack wins 28-17.

  9. MMSUCKS January 22, 2022


    I’m speaking of the Fans sitting on crappy bench seats genius. If your reading comprehension was at least normal, you would have understood that. Here is what I stated; “Only half-wits and fools want to play and/or sit on cold aluminum seats in those conditions”.

    Love your double negative . . . ” it don’t matter right?” Stay smart folks . . .

  10. Adam January 22, 2022

    Blow the whole thing up. Holy shit that was disappointing.

  11. Stiggy January 22, 2022

    I think all you ass hats owe Tom a big apology. The special teams sucked fucking dick but you can count on Rodgers to pull his 2nd half disappearing act.

    Kudos to the niners….showed what a team with a winning mentality looks like.

  12. MMSUCKS January 22, 2022

    Special teams are a joke. Aaron Rodgers was a COMPLETE BUFFOON with his 3rd and long ILL ADVISED attempt. MLF shit the bed with his piss-poor play calling. Green Bay had NO ANSWER

    The only thing that I did NOT get right was that the Defense actually played decently for the first 3 quarters. The rest of my call was correct. The 49ers D was an absolute mismatch for Green Bays offense. WHAT A JOKE.

    All I can say is that Garoppolo is a joke. And so was Rodgers tonight.

  13. Packtat87 January 22, 2022

    No, Stiggy, Tom is and always was a fucking idiot. Never met anyone 100% wrong all the time. Throw enough shit at a wall and somethings going to stick.

  14. Kato January 22, 2022

    This isn’t all Rodgers fault, but when you are the highest paid player in the league, there is a certain expectation for level of play, and he didn’t come close, plain and simple. He advocated for Cobb, and threw to him maybe once? The common denominator in all of these playoff losses has been Rodgers not playing well. He simply isnt very good in the playoffs. The defense put them in a position to win in three losses. He was been shut out in back to back first halves of NFC championships (falcons and 49ers) I thought the play calling was bad as well. What happened to the RPOs? Just all around disappointing. This was a really good roster. There is no excuse for Rodgers. He came up short, period.

  15. Mitch Anthony January 22, 2022

    Well, wasn’t that…..SPECIAL.

    Rodgers to Adams, Rodgers to Adams, Rodgers to Adams, special teams failure, lather, rinse, repeat. Such limited diversity in the offensive passing attack, such a predictable outcome with that ST unit. So many of us on this forum predicted a special teams bed shitting in the playoffs. Well, there it is.

    Not going to rag too much about the defense, they played, they pressured for most of the game. This one is not on Joe Barry, my whipping boy Kevin King, or the defense.

    Oh yeah, I think Lazard had a catch. Did any other WR?

    I gotta admit, I was coming around to buying in on the hype. The extra week of rest, the home field advantage, the cold, the walking wounded coming back, yada yada. Dumbass. I’ve been around long enough to know better. Should be interesting to see what the future holds in store. What might be the reaction, or overreaction to this? Does this curtail any MVP conversation? Was Drayton escorted directly out of the building and not allowed in the locker room? Okay, that’s my overreaction.

    Don’t let the off season get stale gang. Now more than ever the speculation abounds.

  16. Tom M January 22, 2022

    Bye, bye Erin! Don’t let the screen door hit ya, where the Good Lord split ya! Like Bogart told Bergman in “Casablanca.” “We’ll always have Paris.” So to can Packer fans tell Erin, “we’ll always have your MVP awards.” Sure special teams fucked up. But when the “Michael Jordan” of the NFL can only put up 58 yards and a FG in the second half of the biggest game of the year for the second year in a row. It’s time to rip that scab off and start over. The drama starts in earnest tomorrow. Where will I be next year? Will I retire? Who shall we blame? So many questions. I have a question for you ladies. If Aaron Rodgers is the “Michael Jordan” of the NFL, does that make Jimmy Garapolo “LeBron James”? After all, Jimmy G put together a 4th quarter game winning drive. While little Erin did what he always does. Shit the bed.

  17. MMSUCKS January 22, 2022

    Sorry Sean, I typed in your name rather than REBELGB. Absolutly wrong on my part! All apologies! But NOT to REBELGB.

  18. Kato January 22, 2022

    2nd half disappearing act? He disappeared after the first drive essentially. Had one flukey 75 yard throw to Aaron Jones, after a 49ers timeout when the Packers appeared content to go into half. After the fist drive, what did Rodgers have besides the 75 years pass, like 70 yards in the last three quarters? 0 TDs. Lol. You can’t blame the front office for this one. This was probably the most talented roster in the league top to bottom. Probably the most talented packer team of the Rodgers era.

  19. Kato January 22, 2022

    MMSUCKS, I actually thought they played well the whole game. They only gave up 6 points. They should have won that game, had the STs, LaFleur, and Rodgers not shit down their collective legs.

  20. PF4L January 22, 2022


  21. Cheese January 22, 2022

    Dear Packers, please stop…

  22. Kato January 22, 2022

    This game further cements what I have been saying for years. Rodgers is the greatest regular season QB of all time. Once the playoffs hit, he cannot make the the plays. His level of incompetence in the playoffs is breathtaking. Year after year it was a new excuse from his diehard fans here. One person in particular. Goofy how he loved to rag on Rashan Gary. Gary was literally the Packers best player on the field tonight. He played a far better game than Rodgers has played in the playoffs in a long time. I have no more faith that Rodgers can reach another super bowl, unless he is on an all time great team that can carry him.

  23. Sean January 23, 2022

    Well, that was a disappointment. I thought the offense was on track with the opening drive for a touchdown. That certainly wasn’t the case. The offense was mostly forgettable. Lewis fumble stopped any chance on the second drive, it was all downhill from there. The defense came ready to play and did a damn good job for the most part. Special teams, what a joke and has been all season. I expected missed field goals not a blocked field goal. Figured maybe even a muffed punt, not a blocked one for a touchdown. Special team mistakes gave the 49ers their first score with Deabo 45 yard return. Special teams gave the 49ers their next 7 with a blocked punt and their final 3 with only 10 men on the field, after a timeout no less. The offense really needed to get a few first downs to help flip the field and they just never were able to do it. The running game all but disappeared after Dillon left with an injury

  24. For 52 years I have been a Packers fan. No more. I am tired of having my heart broken by the team I loved from my earliest memory. You chumps didn’t DESERVE to win and don’t deserve the fans of Wisconsin or fans of the general ilk of the “Packer Faithful” Disgusting. Good thing you all lost now and saved us the additional false hope and heartbreak of sucking and losing the Super Bowl. If you wanted to win WHY OH WHY didn’t you build a defense and a special teams unit. YOU HAD ALL STINKING YEAR TO NOTICE THAT YOU DEFENSE AND SPECIAL TEAM CHOKED WHEN IT MATTERED. I was gushing with PRIDE for 55 minutes. All a champion a REAL CHAMPION would have needed to do was run the clock out in one final statement drive. You all made a statement alright. You told the world what every Packer faithful has known for 15 years. The Packers are regular season terrors, paper tigers, and playoff PUSS–ies. You can’t pin this one on Rodgers either. Never liked the man but this loss STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN and it stinks of a coaching staff that FAILED to train up a defense and special teams unit to play all 60 NOT 55 MINUTES of a playoff game. Glad that your hearts are as broken and as humbled as mine is now. PACKERS: THE BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT IN FOOTBALL.

  25. Zwoeger January 23, 2022

    I hate those short kick offs. Blocked field goal was on Kingsley. Bojorquez waited to long with that last punt. And then of course there was (not) ST. Rodgers looked tiered from the beginning. The rest is mentioned already.

  26. PF4L January 23, 2022

    “Probably the most talented packer team of the Rodgers era.”
    Finally…we can get rid of Rodgers and actually win something.
    Super Bowl team?….Championship caliber?
    Things we won’t hear for awhile.

  27. Kato January 23, 2022

    Also, LaFleur deserves a lot of blame. The 49ers were obviously going to bracket Adams and not let him beat them. The obvious thing to do is gameplan for your other skill players. Maybe part of it is the arrogance of Rodgers thinking he can get it to Adams every play, idk. The starting offensive line configuration was also very curious. Obviously being without your LT is challenging for any team, but they were without him the whole year. Nijman was wasn’t “great” this year, but he was solid enough. Why the hell would you put a rusty Billy Turner out there at a position he has struggled with in the past? Why not have some continuity and play Nijman at left tackle and play Turner at his natural right tackle position? Also, LaFleur is ultimately responsible for the special teams debacle. His words about being more involved in it in the future rung hollow to me. Anyone with a functioning brain watching this team this year were VERY concerned about special teams. They were a problem all year. I know it is unusual for a team to make a change at coordinator in the midst of a season, particularly a playoff team. One example I can think of right off hand was the Ravens firing their offensive coordinator late in the season in 2012, and all they did was win a super bowl. Drayton should have been fired after the bears game. If nothing else, as a statement to the team that poor play is unacceptable.
    What a shit show. Mind numbingly bad ST play, and an incredibly poor offensive showing led by the offensive brain trust and Rodgers.

  28. Kato January 23, 2022

    I mean, no matter who your kicker is, when it’s cold like that those kicks won’t make it to the end zone. Notice the 49ers didn’t have any touch backs themselves

  29. Kato January 23, 2022

    And you are blaming a player no longer on the team (Kingsley) and no, Bojorquez didn’t wait too long. It was incredibly poor blocking up front

  30. Tom M January 23, 2022

    Just stop PF4L. Year after year it’s the same song, different verse with the one constant. Erin. You don’t use the words championship team or SB team with Rodgers. It’s stat whore and MVP contender. The defense makes a huge 4th down stop with 6 minutes left and a 7 point lead. Rodgers gets a couple of first downs, game over. He lays an egg. Rodgers gets the ball back with 4:30 left in the 4th quarter game tied. Time to be the hero Erin. Nope, can’t do it. The game is too big for him. And don’t give me that “all he had was Davante Adams” shit either. All Jimmy Garapolo had was Deebo Samuel on that last drive. How’d that work out for the 49ers? Who was the dumb shit who said had we drafted Brandon Aiyuk he would have had a 1,000 yards with Rodgers! Did he even catch a pass? He made as much an impact as Jordan Love who never played a down. That argument doesn’t fly either. How many more years do we have to do this before you ladies realize Aaron Rodgers isn’t who you think he is?

  31. Tom M January 23, 2022

    Aaron Rodgers, the Kirk Cousins of the playoffs. His sorry ass can’t get on a plane to Denver fast enough. Where Bronco fans will be in no mood for his book club or his home spun COVID remedies. Someone explain to me how he’s going to beat Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Derek Carr when he can’t outplay Jimmy Garapolo? But Erin is the GOAT, right ladies? Rodgers is now 0-4 against the 49ers in the playoffs. I guess they’re not sorry they took Alex Smith after all.

  32. Deepsky January 23, 2022

    I was completely wrong about the defense. They played their second-best game of the season. If someone would have said that the 49ers were going to be held to 13 points, I would have said the Packers would win at home easily.

    But the rest of my pregame opinion was pretty close, except my estimation of just how badly Rodgers would play. That was truly abysmal. I don’t want to hear about how he had a decent QB rating. I don’t want to hear about how special teams lost this game, we already knew they sucked. Rodgers is an MVP who makes 35 million a year. Yet almost every throw was off. He had no vision. He had no mobility. Rodgers simply does not come to 49ers games with the same competitiveness that he plays against most teams. On top of that he looked old and cold. It reminded me of the 2007 game against the Giants where Favre looked old and played terrible.

    After the Packers went on their 6th or 7th 3 and out near the end of the game with 5 minutes left, I kind of calmed down, realizing we had already seen the last of good quarterbacking in Green Bay. It was a good 30-year run. I am old enough to remember the 80s and some of the 70s, I know what’s coming. Most of these modern-day Packer fans will be gone after about 5 years when it again becomes humiliating to be a Packers fan. I’ll be wearing my Rodger’s jersey.

  33. Gary Casey January 23, 2022

    Aaron Rodgers simply cannot win the big one….when you flex your muscles and demand that you have personnel decisions run by you, you have to back it up on the field……

  34. Sean January 23, 2022

    Heartbroken I have no idea what game you watched. That defense played well, the best game they played all year. That was a melt down on the offense and special teams. You can’t leave your defense with continual three and outs from your offense

  35. joefan January 23, 2022

    Rodgers disgraced the team with his terrible play. When was the last time a team lost when they only gave up 6 points on defense? Or 13 total points? The MVP can’t do better than 13 points? Rodgers missed Lazard wide open on the third down pass where he threw to adams who was double covered. He wasn’t seeing the field at all. Brady would’ve put up 21 easily on this team last night maybe even 28.

    It’s time to move on. Something isn’t right and the Packers can’t win with Rodgers. I don’t think him and LaFleur are even on the same page. That was not LaFleur’s offense out there. LaFleur’s offense is about making smart throws and not getting stuck in long downs. It was completely unfair that Lazard only had 1 catch. Rodgers didn’t even try to throw to another receiver who wasn’t adams until the 2nd quarter.

  36. Kato January 23, 2022

    BuT RoDgErS is sO fUcKiNg GrEaT. Literally stared down a double covered Adams and heaved a pass that had maybe a 0.1% chance of being completed while Lazard is wide open in the middle of the field with room to run for a 30 yard play most likely. Dude isn’t Michael Jordan. He is a fucking fraud. I am done with him. He could go to Denver next year and throw for 5000 yards and 60 TDs in the regular season and be the number 1 seed while we miss the playoffs altogether and I wouldn’t blink. Know why? Because I know all of that stat production will be meaningless come playoff time, and he will wilt like he has done virtually every playoff run since the super bowl.


  37. Sean January 23, 2022

    The only problem I seen with that defense was Kittle had a free release all game. Barry came out of Fritz Shumur system, get the tape on Wayne Simmons play against tight ends, see how it’s done

  38. Kato January 23, 2022

    Joefan, this wasn’t even the first time he did something stupid like this. He pulled it in the 2020 NFC championship against the 49ers. Literally had a WR wide open in the end zone with no defender within 15 yards and what does he do? You guessed it forced it into double coverage to Adams. Game would have been tied 27-27. Now, maybe the Packers lose that game anyway because they were in the midst of making Mostert look like Barry Sanders, but a tied game at that stage at least alters it somewhat. The Packers don’t threaten to score again and lose by 17.
    He also pulled this in the 2015 NFC championship against the Seahawks. Ironically, he has Adams open who gets behind a hobbled Richard Sherman and likely would have scored on the play. What does Rodgers do? Throws it across his body into double coverage to Jordy Nelson. LOL. Would have made it a three score game

  39. Kato January 23, 2022

    Watching these games today, and a few things became abundantly clear to me. Rodgers never has been, nor ever will be Brady. For all the talk about talent, this and that, the dude folds when stuff isn’t going his way. Brady was down 27-3 today in the 3rd quarter, and he rallied the troops all the way back to tie the game. Guy is a competitor willed that team into believing they were coming back. Rodgers has never been that guy. Burrow, got sacked 9 times, and still made shit happen. Allen and Mahomes, holy shit was that a fun game, much better than watching a moping dick on the sideline pouting because things aren’t going absolutely perfect for him.

  40. PF4L January 23, 2022

    Tom M January 23, 2022
    Just stop PF4L. Year after year it’s the same song, different verse with the one constant. Erin. You don’t use the words championship team or SB team with Rodgers.
    Year after year? How long have you been here Ragnar?
    Short bus….If you’ve been here for years, you’d know the terms SB Team, and Championship caliber, is a reference to past comments in past years.
    Can you display any more stupidity than this?
    That’s rhetorical Princess, of course you can.
    Stop being such a stupid fuck commenting on things you have no clue about.

  41. PF4L January 23, 2022

    Here’s another one….
    Kato January 23, 2022
    BuT RoDgErS is sO fUcKiNg GrEaT.
    Jimmy Garoppolo’s 5 playoff game stats.
    2 Td’s….5 interceptions…146 YPG average…70.3 passer rating.
    Because according to Tommi and Kato, all it takes is a good QB to win playoff games.
    Garoppolo’s playoff win/loss record…4 wins…1 loss.
    Because it doesn’t take a team, all it takes is a good QB, like Garoppolo.
    Isn’t that right boys?
    Enough time wasted on the Riff Raff crowd….
    For those intelligent Packer fans who previously warned us about this special teams unit in the playoffs….Kudos.
    The second fall guy under the MLF regime….Maurice Drayton.
    Wait for it…..