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Packers Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is Off to the Broncos

With QB Aaron Rodgers not likely to stick around another season, the news that Nathaniel Hackett is taking his talent to Denver pretty much seals it that the magic of the 2021 offense is not likely to be repeated next season.

Hackett was hired by the Packers in 2019 after losing his Jaguars gig where he had to work with Blake Bortles. Hackett was the scapegoat for the Jaguars’ woes and the Packers made a great hire along with their new coach at the time, Matt LaFleur.

Facing a lot of salary cap pressure, the Packers will need to make some tough decisions to move forward. Losing Hackett is obviously not something the team needed on top of that.

Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett talks with quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) before their game against the Oakland Raiders Sunday, October 21, 2019 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.MARK HOFFMAN/MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

There is some talk of Rodgers following Hackett to the Broncos, but nothing substantial…

Rodgers has promised recently that his decision about next season will be made soon after the current season ends — this is unlike a lot of the uncertainty in the past offseason. It would be reasonable to think that we will know what Rodgers is planning for next season by the end of February.

Jason Parker

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  1. Tom M January 28, 2022

    Hackett, Rodgers, and Adams will be cuddled up in a hot tub somewhere in the snowy mountains of Denver watching the SB together and planning their revenge. It’s amazing how both Favre and Rodgers careers have mirrored each other. Each with polar opposite personalities. Favre, the good old country boy, reckless with the football. Rodgers, the hipster and pseudo intellectual stingy with his. Yet neither could ever win it all. Looking back, it’s easier to forgive Favre. He seemed so self unaware compared to Rodgers. Always cold and calculating.

  2. Cheese January 28, 2022

    “Favre, the good old country boy, reckless with the football. Rodgers, the hipster and pseudo intellectual stingy with his. Yet neither could ever win it all.”
    Newsflash- Both Favre and Rodgers have Super Bowl rings you stupid fuck. But I guess you wouldn’t know that considering you’ve admitted to not being a Packers fan.

  3. PF4L January 28, 2022

    “It’s amazing how both Favre and Rodgers careers have mirrored each other. Each with polar opposite personalities. Favre, the good old country boy, reckless with the football. Rodgers, the hipster and pseudo intellectual stingy with his. Yet neither could ever win it all.” – Clueless twat

  4. Tom M January 29, 2022

    Joe Flacco and Trent Dilfer also fell into a SB. As did Drew Brees. No one will ever argue they’re the greatest. And no one will ever argue Rodgers is the GOAT. I don’t care how many MVP awards he has. With the game on the line, Jimmy Garapolo, some say a lesser QB, put together a game winning drive in the 4th quarter. While everyone’s hero, could not. But it’s ok ladies, tinker bell shits the bed again and your your looking for someone to blame. Take your hostility out on me. I’ve got big shoulders. Can’t be a Rodgers fanboy without a scapegoat. You two ladies care to predict how many SB’s Rodgers wins in Denver? A team that truly appreciates him! Let me help you. He’ll win the same number Favre did in NY and Minnesota. ZERO! Like Favre before him, Rodgers has worn out his welcome. He’s no longer worth the drama. And it’s not like either of you two clueless Rodgers fans boys didn’t see this coming.

  5. PF4L January 29, 2022

    ” Take your hostility out on me. I’ve got big shoulders.” – Princess
    Don’t confuse hostility, with your blatant stupidity.
    When you say something so epically false, you might get called out on it, Nancy.
    You may have big shoulders, but you seem to display a miniscule mind.
    You got one thing right though.
    Minnesota = Zero.
    Have a nice day.

  6. To January 29, 2022

    You can be a Packer fan and not like Rodgers. They’re not one in the same. By your convoluted logic you must be a Vikings fan because you don’t like Brian Gutekunst, Mark Murphy, Kevin King, Jordan Love, Rashan Gary, Preston Smith, Royce Newman. Or any other player you’ve cluelessly bitched about. Not to worry. Denver is now accepting former Packer, mentally challenged fans. You, Cheese, Ferris, and the rest of you discerning fans are gonna want to sign up today! I’m confident you’ll all elevate the Bronco gene pool….

  7. Rebelgb January 29, 2022

    To, you sir won the post of the year!! Bravo!

  8. PF4L January 29, 2022

    Yes..Post Of The Year!!!
    Raise your glass the new guy!!!…Salute!
    His first post….and he won an award!!
    Welcome to the site…..new guy.
    You fucking people kill me..lol….so simple, yet, almost entertaining.

  9. PF4L January 29, 2022

    Wait…after reading the rest of his post…how does the “new guy” know who i’ve bitched about?
    He brought up Denver, Cheese, Ferris……hmmm.
    Gee….that couldn’t be, our Princess…..?
    Nah….he wouldn’t hide under a different name (like a…twat), would he?
    So simple minded, you simpletons read like a book, always have.
    Killer/Princess and the two hanger on Rodger haters Deep/Rebel, should have their NFL fan cards revoked.
    Go follow something more to your speed, like girls gymnastics.
    Stop littering this site with all your childish, boorish antics.

  10. PF4L January 29, 2022

    To January 29, 2022
    You can be a Packer fan and not like Rodgers.
    Even though i denounced my Packer fanship and everyone saw it.
    Wait!…that wasn’t me…that was my different…i mean (a) different username!!
    Oh damn it….i give up…nevermind.

  11. rebelgb January 30, 2022

    PF4L noone reads your crap anymore. Your talking to yourself. The Rodgers era is over. Your nothing now but a bitter little troll. whats worse is unlike some at least entertaining trolls, you have zero imagination and say nothing even remotely interesting. We all know Packer Fan 4 Life is a lie. You have proved it time and time again. So do everyone on this site a favor: find some other site to troll until your favorite player Arodge finds a new team. Then you can spew your crap on the new site ad nauseum.

    Thanks and good bye 4Life.

  12. PF4L January 30, 2022

    ^^ Post Of The Year!! ^^
    Stay in school kids.

  13. Kato January 30, 2022

    Well this comments section is going as I thought it would. PF4L indulging himself on Aaron Rodgers’ ……. yeah. It’s weird he brings up McCarthy/LaFleur scapegoating coaches/players, yet, that is all PF4L does when the Packers lose a playoff game. It’s never Rodgers. If Rodgers makes like two plays in the second half of the game, they win. Instead, just like the Bucs game last year, the offense goes three and out back to back drives at key junctures late in games. Rodgers in his last 7 playoff losses: 88 qb rating, 12 TDs 7 INTs. As mediocre as it gets. I think Jay Cutler’s career rating was 85. But Cutler never won a super bowl. And Rodgers hasn’t been to one in 11 years so that’s a moot point. It was fun watching Rodgers dominate regular seasons only to become a complete pussy in the playoffs. Absolutely no heart, no rallying the troops, just mope and pout, much like Cutler did on the sidelines

  14. PF4L January 30, 2022

    ^^ 6 Rodgers mentions ^^
    Co-Post Of The Year?
    When does the crying stop?
    Holy shit people.
    When Rodgers retires or is no longer a Packer?
    Lol…i doubt it.
    Kato thinks (says) i’m indulging myself on Rodgers….?
    What i was actually doing was mocking the elementary minded viking fans/Rodger haters in here.
    Wisdom…is knowing the difference.
    But, enough about the illiterate short bus crowd.
    Congrats to the Bengals!!
    I guess we’ll be hearing comments in here about how shitty of a QB Patrick Mahomes is…right?
    3 4th quarter sacks?
    2 interceptions, one in the 4th quarter and one in overtime?
    3 total points in the 3rd quarter, 4th quarter, and O/T?
    Not to mention shitting the bed in last years Super Bowl.
    HORRIBLE!!…..is Brett Hundley available?
    Like Favre, Rodgers, and now Mahomes….
    None of them ever won a thing….
    Ain’t that right Princess?

  15. Mitch Anthony January 30, 2022

    Now I read Getsy is going to the Bears to be their OC. Well go make your mark Mr Getsy with,….the Bears.

  16. Kato January 30, 2022

    It was fun watching Stafford go out and put up 300 yards and 20 points on the same 49ers team that Rodgers looked completely inept against.

  17. Kato January 30, 2022

    See PF4L, the difference between Mahomes and Rodgers is that Mahomes has been to twice the amount of super bowls in a third of the number of years. And actually, I am mocking you for always scapegoating someone/something else than Rodgers and reason “they wouldn’t have been there without him anyway.” Rodgers was a bottom five quarterback in the NFL against pressure this year. The dude sucks unless things are absolutely perfect for him. How many NFC championship games has he played well in? The dude is a fraud when it comes to the playoffs, plain and simple.

  18. Kato January 30, 2022

    I also love how PF4L doesn’t actually refute anything with facts, but instead attempts to mock people. Your act is getting old, just as old as Rodgers inability to play up to his hype level in the playoffs

  19. PF4L January 31, 2022

    Kato January 30, 2022
    See PF4L, the difference between Mahomes and Rodgers is that Mahomes has been to twice the amount of super bowls in a third of the number of years.
    Because a QB gets to a SB on his own merit?…
    Sounds like you’ve been “learning” from Tommi.
    The team, the coaches, the front office?…have nothing to do with it?
    It’s only the QB that gets a team to the Super Bowl?
    Is that why Mahomes is superior Kato?
    You really believe that Kato? Or do you want to retract, and try retaining some dignity?
    Because you speak, as if it’s true.
    If you are trying to dumb this place down….you’re succeeding.
    Yes…Mahomes is 1-1 in the Super Bowl. (.500)
    Rodgers is 1-0 (1.000)
    Good point though Kato.
    Rodgers never lost one.
    Now tell us more about when you said Rodgers should be benched because his career was over and the Packers should start Brett Hundley.
    Entertain us.

  20. PF4L January 31, 2022

    Kato January 30, 2022
    I also love how PF4L doesn’t actually refute anything with facts, but instead attempts to mock people.
    Nope, i never refute anything with facts….lol
    Nothing gets by you right Kato?
    Sometimes people deserve to be mocked Kato.
    Sometimes they have it coming
    Need a list of reasons why?
    I hope this doesn’t confuse you at all.
    Maybe when someone brings up peoples Mothers and sisters into the conversation, asking other long standing respected readers about their families female sexual performance?
    Does that qualify to be mocked Kato?
    How about when people make statements that are so galactically stupid, are they not to be questioned Kato?
    Is that off limits?
    Kato…how about when someone admits to not being a Packer fan, then constantly comes in here and obsesses with hatred over our HOF QB?
    Is that a troll?….or am i the troll?
    Kato….how about when someone mocks people in here by calling them Ladies?
    Or…when he mocks, is that allowed…by you?
    Kato…how about when someone constantly mocks users in here by insinuating they want to, or have sucked Rodgers dick?
    Kato…How many times has that been mentioned?
    Kato…do you respect someone who makes up and hides under a “new username” to say something derogatory about someone…like a coward?
    Or do you not have a problem with it, because you do the exact same thing?
    Here’s one thing i noticed through all of that Kato…..
    You never said a fucking thing to that troll!!
    You never stood up for your own…Packer Nation Fans.
    F U and the horse you rode in on.
    I’m proud of all those who stood tall and spoke up against him, as a Packer fan, on a Packer website against that disgusting waste of humanity.
    Kato…..You,Deep,Rebel,killer/tommi….you all can bathe in your Rodgers hate together.
    All 4 of you can continue “mocking” Rodgers.
    I’m sure mocking Rodgers is allowed….correct?

  21. Sal January 31, 2022

    Rob, I think a couple of your regular commenters need a timeout. Sifting through all the juvenile insults and bickering has become a real chore.

  22. PF4L January 31, 2022

    Timeout?….lol….ok Daddy.
    Sal….this site allows, and encourages open content and dialogue.
    It’s the very reason trolls like Tommi can infiltrate and poison this site on their own terms without question.
    I don’t make the rules, this site does.
    You don’t.
    Like Kato….you didn’t seem to have any problem with it in the past.
    Thank you for understanding

  23. INPKRBKR February 1, 2022

    Tommi the Twat and Kato the Cuck….one in the same

  24. Ferris February 1, 2022

    Goodbye everyone. This used to be fun but a lot of you are just too stupid for me. Tom and Rebel please, please try in your lifetime to use the proper forms of YOU’RE AND YOUR. For the last time when saying YOU ARE it is YOU’RE. I just can’t read YOUR crap especially when YOU’RE using improper forms. You can bomb away on me now but I won’t see it. Had enough stupidity for a lifetime.

  25. Mitch Anthony February 1, 2022

    Maybe the comments forum needs to go through a rebuild process along with the Packers. Whatta ya say? Let’s have a combine of sorts where potential posters can go through drills on the proper usage of ; you’re and your, their, there, and they’re, to, too, and too, who and whom, etc. Proper spelling of Michael vs. Micheal (my pet peeve), Rogers vs. Rodgers (cause even if he’s gone – he’ll get brought up). English language can be tough people.

    Should the combine be virtual, or in-person? Because in-person will likely require proving vaccine status, right?

    Just a joke gang, just a joke. Lighten up folks.

  26. Mick February 1, 2022

    In an article on Packers Wire, Tom Silverstein reports that ST coordinator Drayton has been let go. With the calamity that has been the STs’; LaFleur had no other option than to let him go. Now, will the organization put more value into STs; with a creative coach, not to mention personnel? You know, like looking outside 1265 Lombardi!

  27. PF4L February 1, 2022

    PF4L January 23, 2022
    The second fall guy under the MLF regime….Maurice Drayton.
    Wait for it…..

  28. MMSUCKS February 2, 2022

    I Hate to see you go Ferris. You have been one of the posters in here that understood the protracted mess found at 1265 Lombardi . . . I truly enjoyed YOUR musings, and your honesty.

    All the best to you! Trusting that you may find it in your heart to post in here again.

  29. PF4L February 3, 2022

    I’ll second that…. Reconsider Ferris.
    The trolls have been put in their place.
    Underground where they belong.

  30. KazooPackFan February 3, 2022

    This ^^^^

  31. Deepsky February 3, 2022

    While I think Rodgers was most at fault for the playoff loss at Lambeau and in retrospect he had a lot to do with other playoff exits, I still think he’s one of the best QBs to ever play the game. But his style of play and his competitiveness fail the Packers in the playoffs. It’s just a fact. This will be his mark after he is gone from the NFL.

    I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think Love is the answer, so I would like to see Rodgers retire with the Packers, knowing full well that he cannot win the Super Bowl, no matter how good the rest of the team is. Given the salary cap situation, the team isn’t ever going to be as good as it is now whether they keep Rodgers or not, but I think they’ll win a few more regular season games with an aging Rodgers than with Love.

  32. Mick February 3, 2022

    I agree^^^^^^

  33. Mick February 3, 2022

    I may be wrong but, Rodgers’ decision will be hinged on the fact if he is happy with all the changes that are supposed to happen a/c the cap. Good players are gonna be let go, and a big factor is Adams. Will it still be fun for #12 if Adams is playing elsewhere? The same can be said for Adams, if Rodgers isn’t retained. From was has been rumored, Adams is all about getting the big bucks, AND having #12 as his QB. Rodgers is more about commitment and security—–which also means more money. Because of the salary cap hell they’re in, the decisions that the brass have to make are; do they sacrifice talent at other positions on the team to keep Rodgers and Adams, or move on. Or, do they move on now and keep some of those other good players that would have to be sacrificed otherwise! The wild card here is if Rodgers is still having fun playing football. The next 3 months are gonna be interesting- to say the least.

  34. Mick February 3, 2022

    It’s being reported that a 49er fan- (Dan Luna) was beaten and severely injured in the Rams parking lot after the game Sunday. Nobody knows what caused this and there are no suspect(s) yet. Stories like this is what I don’t like about sports. It seems there has to be meatheads at these events, no matter what the event is, or where. Add more seats, increase attendance, serve liquor and other things; to make more money. What about security? After all, this is L.A.

  35. Empacador February 3, 2022

    Mick, I have a thought about what may have happened from personal experience. I was at the 1989 game (the Tony Mandarich debut game) where the Packers were losing 38-7 @ halftime to the Rams, only to come back and fall short losing 41-38. Walking out of the stadium that day Rams fans were talking so much shit to me and my buddy wearing our Packers garb about how the Packers got their asses kicked. Like getting in our faces and just being complete assholes. I’m thinking to myself “You guys were up 38-7 and eked out a 3 point victory on a Brent Fullwood fumble at the goal line which led to the only points your team scored in the second half, and this is an ass kicking to you?” while not saying a word. It was pretty obvious to us these fans were looking for an excuse to start some shit. Maybe this guy couldn’t contain himself and said something when provoked by Rams fans, who knows. I only know my one experience at a game in LA was the worst I experienced at any games I have attended in my life. I think Raiders fans would have been better behaved than the Rams fans we experienced that day.

    That game is one reason it is sad the NFL insisted on having teams in LA. The Packers travel well and there were lots of Packer fans at the game. People don’t really embrace NFL teams in LA because many of the people living there are from other parts of the country. It’s too bad San Diego had to lose the Chargers to play second fiddle to the Rams in LA. I think the Chargers had a much better following in San Diego than the Rams had in LA except by all the gang bangers trying to “represent”. Beaten over being a fan of the opposition. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about Packers fans anywhere resorting to violence like that. Although the Packers-Bears teams of the 80’s were doing a good enough job on the field beating each other up the fans didn’t need to.

  36. PF4L' February 3, 2022

    Lets examine something….
    We’ve heard continually, time and time again, day after day, month after month….
    That it’s up to the QB to take a NFL team through the playoffs and to the Super Bowl.
    All righty then…..
    Someone smarter than i am riddle me this.
    Why is it….that Mathew Stafford in his first season with the Rams, is going to the Super Bowl after going 3-0 in the playoffs?
    Now….why is it, in 12 seasons with the Lions, Stafford never sniffed the Super Bowl?
    Matter of fact…in 12 seasons, Stafford only reached the wild card round in the playoffs 3 times.
    Losing all 3 games.
    Hmmmm…..it’s a head scratcher people…a real mind bender…amirite?
    I read in here (can’t remember his name, some troll i’m sure) that to reach the Super Bowl…it takes a team, a front office, coaching…….
    That dude needs a time out or something.
    That’s just crazy…right?

  37. PF4L February 3, 2022

    Deepsky February 3, 2022
    I would like to see Rodgers retire with the Packers, knowing full well that he cannot win the Super Bowl, no matter how good the rest of the team is.
    Gee, the rest of the team doesn’t matter?
    I guess it is just the QB.

  38. Stickman February 4, 2022

    I hear ya PF4L, I would like to see what the cap numbers were the last 15 yrs. I my memory serves me right we had a lot of money to spent on winning instead of riding on #12s back.
    Let’s start a petition to chage the stadium name from Lambaeu Field to The Amusment Park that Rodgers built.

  39. PF4L February 5, 2022

    Yea Stick….
    Ted usually liked to have 9-10 million in salary cap surplus.
    Why?…i’m not sure. Maybe, back up emergency cash to sign someone during the season.
    But, that was rare.
    I didn’t (to a degree) really have a problem with the philosophy..
    To me…It was more upper management in general…..
    Bad picks..bad contracts…ignoring a problem situation (Ted)…EXTREME free agent signings.
    Who can forget Jimmy, or the 3 million or so we paid Preston Smith for each sack.
    Out of all those free agent signings, at least one of them was a consistent play maker and went to the Pro Bowl.
    But now…they’ll Jordy Nelson him, even though he’s still a playmaker…like Jordy was.
    In hindsight they would have been better off signing Zadarius, and (if they insisted) drafting Gary at 12th overall…then start him and Zadarius.
    You want to improve your team? Don’t bench the 12th overall pick of the draft for two years. Then bench sit the 1st round pick of the next draft. Not in the NFL. Baseball…sure.
    If you do…it’s for one or more of these reasons…
    1) The players a bust
    2) Bad management strategy.
    3) The player was taken too early.
    4) 2 and 3

    Shifting gears…
    But yea…maybe (idk)…getting a clear #2 receiver sometime since 2018 would be an idea?
    But …then again….we HAD to have Jordan Love…for a 1st and a 4th.
    Even though, we were on the cusp of a Super Bowl.
    Making moves for the future…..is important.
    Apparently more important than the current team at that time.
    The wisdom of that move can be debated.
    Moving on….
    Wasn’t everyone bitching after the San Fran game, because Rodgers only threw to Adams?
    Waa Waa Waa Waa….
    24 fucking 7
    Who was our #2 receiver in the San Fran game?
    I wanna say….Davante Adams?….(did i get that right?)
    Our #1 receiver was….a running back?
    129 yards receiving?
    Did i get that right?
    We all love when MVS or Lazard make a play…we truly do.
    We’ve all been pulling for them.
    But a #2 receiver they are not.
    #2 receivers need to be far more consistent and productive.
    Lazard is entering his 5th season, he is what he is. A 3 at best.
    MVS is also a 3rd at best.
    His completion percentage last season was 47%.
    A 47% catch percentage usually gets you a one way plane ticket home in the NFL.
    Maybe they will continue cutting him some slack for potential.
    Plus….it’s probably Rodgers fault….lol
    Tight ends….
    It might be different if Rodgers had a consistent tight end, but ya know…Lewis is a blocker
    Catching passes isn’t his thing, especially in a NFCCG when he caught a easy catch, but fumbled. OOPS
    Gotta hold that ball high n tight Mercedes!!…He’s still learning, he’s only 37.
    I GNF if he’s he’s a good guy, a good locker room guy.
    Bottom line….he’s unproductive.
    Sure, Gute spent two 3rd round picks on Sternberger, and Dequara.
    And how’s that working out?
    Next 3rd round pick…..
    Amari Rodgers…..
    Here’s my itemized list of positives on this great pick with so much potential as a pass catcher and a ST’s return man
    Can we draft a productive player in the 3rd round one of these years?…Holy shit.
    I could right a novel of went wrong with this team (off the top of my head) the last 10 years.
    Lol…kind of what this post turned into….my apologies.
    Management wasted a lot of good years….



  40. PF4L February 5, 2022

    This is why i stay in school :)

  41. Stickman February 5, 2022

    It took me a long time to realize this but I think us not having a owner is a curse. Having a organization type atmosphere may not be the answer.

  42. PF4L February 6, 2022

    It may have been a curse under Murphy.
    But it seemed to work well under Harlan when he hired Wolf and they changed the Team’s by laws to give Wolf complete authority.
    It may have been a curse during the Murphy years.
    Which is why the B.O. D’s had to intervene at one point concerning Thompson.
    But i think it has more to do with “who” is running the show, than having an owner.
    By that i mean….if he’s a weak link with no backbone and a clearly ignorant of his surroundings and who has no clue what’s going on with the people he works with everyday.
    Then maybe he’s not fit for the job.
    Remember these……?
    “During the GM search of talking to people, i discovered that their was a lack of communication in the building.” – Mark Murphy
    Gee Mark….and you’ve been working with these same people for 12 years or so and you just discovered this?
    Or….”Ted will let me know when he wants to retire” – Mark Murphy
    If Ted clearly has issues, and it clearly effected the team to where the team is regressing. Maybe Mark…..it is in your job description to…..step in and correct things.
    Your Ted’s boss, Ted isn’t your boss!!
    This is why….when Gutenkust was promoted.
    Murphy made sure everyone knew, he was in charge (repeatedly), that he had the last word on everything, including football operations and all final decisions.
    (That’s why i’m sure he signed off on drafting Love, before the draft ever started).
    He heard the whisperings, that he fell asleep on the job.
    Going back…..before he was told to remove Ted, Murphy had nothing to do with football operations, at all….no one had to be accountable, because he held no one accountable.
    It was part of the disease people.
    The disease….that’s still in the building


  43. Mitch Anthony February 6, 2022

    Yeah, it is much much more of a Murphy problem than – if GB only had a real owner problem.

    If GB had a real owner, would GB still have a Packer football team? Think about that for a while. Would an owner say, in the 70s or 80s been courted by other cities willing to spend gobs of taxpayer dollars to build a brand new stadium, or dome, in a warmer location, in a city more in tune with an urban style of life, than little old Green Bay? Would history and legacy have mattered at all when a big enough carrot gets dangled on the end of a stick? Hey, draft picks didn’t want to come here at one time. This was a kiss of death location at one point in history – you could get traded to Green Bay. An owner would have been ripe for the picking to move a team in such a situation when this team’s BOD toughed it out, made changes, hired Ron Wolf and did some very good things.

    Baltimore Colts, St. Louis Cardinals and Rams, San Diego Chargers all had owners. That dome in St. Louis gets used for motocross, monster truck shows, and even indoor dirt track races. My brother in San Diego County still wishes the Chargers were playing in his neighborhood. The unique ownership arrangement of the Packers has likely kept them securely in Green Bay for good. Now they need to make some other good decisions and replace Mark Murphy.

  44. PF4L February 6, 2022

    “Ya never really know what to expect at these kind of Pro Bowl games” – Steve Levy
    Lol…i knew exactly what to expect, and it’s even worse than i imagined.
    The over/under is 62.5.
    The aggregate score at halftime…59
    The refs can barely call this game with a straight face…lol

  45. PF4L February 6, 2022

    *49….My bad

  46. PF4L' February 8, 2022

    No article in ten days?
    Maybe Ferris is smarter than all of us.
    Monty had a great run….Kudos.

  47. Deepsky February 9, 2022

    Tom Brady cap hit last year for the Bucs = $10 million
    Aaron Rodgers cap hit for the Packers last year = $27 million
    Aaron Rodgers cap hit for the Packers next year = $47 million

  48. PF4L February 9, 2022

    Lol….it just never stops.
    Is there enough tissue in the world to dry these tears?
    Who structured Rodgers cap numbers Deep?
    A) Bugs Bunny
    B) Maurice Drayton
    C) Russ Ball
    D) Tom M / Killer