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Game Day: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

Despite securing the top seed in the NFC last week with a win at home over the Minnesota Vikings, Packers coach Matt LaFleur has indicated that he intends to play his starters for this game against Detroit Lions.

After last week’s win, many expected QB Jordan Love’s performance to be the spotlight today. However, it is still uncertain how much playtime LaFleur will give his starters(quotes via ESPN):

It’s important to keep the momentum going. Every time we step out on that field, whether it is a preseason game or in your eyes a nonmeaningful game, our guys go out there with that mentality that we want to win, and we’re going to do everything in our power to win and we’re going to compete at the highest level.

Rodgers has indicated his willingness to play:

It’s more just keeping the momentum going and the desire to be out there with the guys competing. I know there’s possible players who could return this week — I don’t know what their status is going to be — but that’s exciting, for sure. If guys are healthy, guys want to play. There’s risk every time you take the field. There’s obviously the idea about rust compared to momentum, but, yeah, I want to be out there and be with my guys. I’m assuming that’s still the plan.

Another interesting aspect of this seemingly mundane matchup is that LT David Bakhtiari may return to the field after a year away:

Bakhtiari tore his ACL during practice in December 2020. Playing today will hopefully prep him for more rigorous duty during the playoffs.

Packers also announced Friday that CB Jaire Alexander was activated from the COVID-19 list. Alexander injured his shoulder in week 4, but is not expected to play today. WR Randall Cobb is also not expected to play.

Mason Crosby is going to be the game MVP, calling it.

Game Information

Who: Packers vs Lions
When: Sunday – 12:00pm Central
Where: Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan
TV: NFL on Fox – Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen
Radio: WTMJ – Listen Live

Injury Report – Lions vs Packers

Television Broadcast Map

Jan 2, 2022; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (10) runs with the ball against the Minnesota Vikings during the second half at Lambeau Field. Wm. Glasheen/Appleton Post-Crescent -USA TODAY NETWORK

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  1. Tom M January 9, 2022

    “Rodgers has indicated a willingness to play.” Now that’s funny! Rodgers is demanding to play and no one in the organization has the balls to tell him no. Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell told his team Rodgers is playing to pad his stats at your expense and to “bite off a knee cap.” Say what you want about Campbell and the Lions but they always play hard for him. They’ll be gunning for Rodgers. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like this team hasn’t been snake bitten with injuries. For a team that’s 40 million over the cap next year and will look vastly different, now is the perfect time to look at the bottom of the roster and evaluate what you’ve got. Instead you play your starters and hope the don’t get hurt. It’s madness.

  2. Dean January 9, 2022

    Good to see Bakhtiari and Meyers playing today — adds much needed depth to the OL. Alexander can practice against Adams for 2 weeks to get ready for the playoffs. Same for Cobb, 2 more weeks of practice.

  3. Tom M January 9, 2022

    I don’t know ladies, Jared Goff looks more like the MVP than Rodgers did in the first half. Every time Erin runs with ball Packer fans everywhere cringe. Just think. In two weeks we’ll actually play against a real NFL QB and a good team. I’m sure Erin will rise to the occasion and lead us to victory! You know, because he always does.

  4. PF4L January 9, 2022

    I live in Wisconsin and have stopped being a Packers fan – January 9, 2022
    I don’t know ladies, Jared Goff looks more like the MVP than Rodgers did in the first half. Every time Erin runs with ball Packer fans everywhere cringe. Just think. In two weeks we’ll actually play against a real NFL QB and a good team. I’m sure Erin will rise to the occasion and lead us to victory! You know, because he always does.

  5. Cheese January 9, 2022

    I wonder how many trick plays Green Bay is going to see in the playoffs after Detroit went 2 for 2 resulting in two huge touchdown passes. I wonder if they will conjure up any of their own trick plays as well.
    Congrats to Adams for breaking the single season yardage record even though there should be an asterisk next to it due to the 17 game season.
    Amon-Ra St.Brown is balling out for Detroit this year as a rookie. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that rookies aren’t suppose to be productive. His parents must be proud of both boys. What a unique family story. Just as unique as Mom’s and Pop’s jerseys lol.
    Crosby missed another PAT. Let’s hope that doesn’t become a problem in the post season.
    #27 Taylor is a hard runner. I think he’s a good player to have as the 3rd RB.
    The game was in Love’s hands but unfortunately he finished with two crunch time interceptions. Whether you subscribe to those worthless numbers they call “stats,” mystical trusty eyesight, or a combination of both, the kid clearly has a ways to go.
    I see the fountain of vitriol is still flowing strong. I can’t tell you how many times I started to form a reply but noticed the negativity that began to arise within me. At that point I say forget it because it’s not worth the time or energy. Just because someone puts out the bait doesn’t mean you have to take it. Don’t get hooked by trolls fishing for attention.

  6. PF4L January 9, 2022

    Why trade up in the first round for a QB?
    1 Td….2 picks
    Couldn’t we have just kept Brett Hundley?
    Someone in here told us that P. Smith and R. Gary would end up in double digit sack numbers.
    Not this season, right Mr. know it all?
    They had 17 games to do it…maybe next season Gomer.
    *To be fair…if you added up Prestons 2020 and 2021 season, he had 13 sacks. in only 31 games.
    * In only 3 seasons, the 12th pick of the 2019 draft has 16.5 sacks in only 46 games
    The 12th pick of the 2021 draft has 13 sacks, and 3 FF’s in 16 games.
    Not that the 12th pick has any greater expectation…than any other draft pick….right Princess?
    It was also proclaimed after the vikings beat the Packers, that the vikings assuredly would get into the playoffs as a wild card….remember that Mr. know it all?
    Last i checked not many sub .500 make the play offs.
    Maybe next season Princess, but i doubt it.
    Closing up the season…..i want Mr. Loud Mouth Soup to tell us more about how good of a season Kevin King had.

  7. PF4L January 9, 2022

    Tom M January 9, 2022
    “In two weeks we’ll actually play against a real NFL QB and a good team.”
    We?…In two weeks, you’ll be playing no one.
    You’ll be watching the Packers in the playoffs sitting on your couch, eating your chips and dip, you fat bastard.

  8. PF4L January 9, 2022

    Ummm…should something be said about giving up 37 points to a 3 win team?
    Who gives up 37 points to the Lions?
    No one except…..
    We were praising Joe Barry up until about week 10 right?
    Weeks 1-10 = defense gave up 18 PPG
    Weeks 11-18 = defense gave up 26.8 PPG
    I’m sure it’s probably Rodgers fault somehow.
    Good thing the offense scored 33.4 PPG during that same time.
    TEAMS….win Championships.

  9. Ferris January 9, 2022

    Meanwhile a bunch of idiot Ice Fisherman got stranded on a chunk of ice that broke free in GB. Once the beer ran out they noticed they were drifting. Tom find out where that was and go check the ice stability for us and report back. I’m guessing those may be YOUR people. It will give you a chance to say WE some more.

  10. MMSUCKS January 9, 2022

    Well . . . I do believe that Amari Rodgers and Jordan Love have definitely quantified my opinion of who I have always believed that they are as far as NFL players today. Second or third-string AT BEST! PERIOD.

    Personally, I got a kick out of the PISS POOR deflection rant from Tom M (the cunt). It was really gratifying to see him slither in here with a grouping of new non-sequiturs to carry out this mad obsession with his hatred towards Rodgers. What a putz . . . LOL!!!!!!!!

    Jordan Love has very little to offer. Amari Rodgers? Why would he take the ball out with under 60 seconds left in the game? With a piss poor QB1 behind center? Especially since his track record with kickoff returns is HORRIBLE. Thus, leaving less time to get down the field?

    Brian Gutekunst really shit the bed with those two draft picks . . . When are they going away? When? Better still, when is HE going away?

    As always, CHEESE and DEAN made some great points.

    What I also see happening almost every day, is that PF4L continues to call TOM M (the cunt) out for his bullshit . . . But TOM M NEVER has a direct answer to any of PF4L’s posits . . . NEVER! Why? Because TOM M does not have an answer that is capable of countering the truth . . .

    We definitely have some problems on Defense that are NOT going away this year. Moreover, Maurice Drayton Does NOT have control of the ST unit(s). If he did, Amari Rodgers would not have run out that kickoff.

    On the good side, it was great to see Myers and Bakhtiari out there again! It also appears that the Packers may not have suffered much from an injury standpoint (MVS the exception so far) playing their starters today!

    I love your perspective FERRIS! It is spot on! T M should join that fishing group . . . They seem to come from the same cognitive mindset . . .

    Go Pack Go!!!

  11. PF4L January 9, 2022

    Shout out for Josiah Deguara….
    Our 2020 3rd pick made a play!!
    I give Deguara 99% credit as he did most of the work after receiving a 4 yard pass from Love.
    Amari….your turn?
    Montravius, Jace…your turn?….oops…scratch that.
    How about you Oren, ready to bring it?
    Since being drafted in 2018…
    Equanimeous St. Brown has amassed 521 yards and 1 TD.
    His little brother Amon-Ra, in his rookie season, has amassed 803 yards and 4 TD’s.
    Smart money goes to the Detroit rookie.
    I will say i felt happy for their parents, you can tell it was a special proud moment for them today.

  12. Mick January 10, 2022

    PF4L has valid points here. St. Brown doesn’t have the instincts, hands, or durability that his brother has. I’ve seen him in college at Notre Dame drop the easiest passes way too many times; often near the goal line. I didn’t think much of him then, even less now. I think the brass was enamored with his speed and length, hoping he would be a good red zone target. Aaahhh; not so much! As for Burks, he’ll never be anything more than a STs’ player. As for Amari Rodgers, he seems to be a puzzle no one can solve. So far, he seems to be one of those players that were good in college that can’t find a niche in the NFL. Drafting guys like Montravious, Burks, Jace, St. Brown, Josh Jackson, Josh Jones, and many others over the years, is a big reason why the team only sees marginal improvement, if any at all. It’s not only players they select, but also too much emphasis on the draft and develop theme. Draft and develop is important, but what this management did in the 2020 draft, was absolutely a brain fart with the exception of Dillon. Case in point, The Niners ran roughshod over this defense in the NFCCG, anyone with a functional brain would have addressed those problem areas in the draft., as a priority! Here we are 2 years later, and they have the same weaknesses; defense has been a sieve lately, and special teams are a wreck. Maybe, on defense and Sts’, schemes need to change, or; draft better football players to UPGRADE the weaknesses, that have been weaknesses for a decade. When McCarthy was head coach, he stated that he didn’t care if the opponent scored 34 points, as long as GB scored 35. Seems that philosophy hasn’t left the building———- shows how much they value defense.

  13. Mick January 10, 2022

    Sorry for the above^^^^^^^^^^ long post. One more thing that is proof that a lot of the draft picks on defense aren’t panning out. When Gute signed Campbell and Douglass off of the Cards practice squad, they stepped right in and started, played pretty damn well, I give Gute credit for those acquisitions. Those 2 guys came in and have performed better than their own draft picks—— kind of says a lot, ya think?

  14. rebelgb January 10, 2022

    You guys are funny. You would have thought by your comments we were kept out of the playoffs by Sundays Lost! Fine. MMSUCKS, Mick, if the Packers win the Super Bowl I dont want to see either one of you in here praising this team or its management. Thanks,

  15. PF4L January 10, 2022

    Lol….rebel….i don’t think you’re in any position to question, or dictate (lol), anything that MMSUCKS or Mick do.
    But it was damn entertaining to read….thanks :)

  16. MMSUCKS January 10, 2022

    So you just “take what they give you”? No matter what. Without calling them out for their inequities? Are you a milquetoast? However, if someone else calls them out . . . . you call those people out in your posts? Lol! What a hypocrite!

    You are CONFLATING the Packer players with UPPER MANAGEMENT. They are NOT the same. I call out upper management, not the team. I call out the piss poor play made by piss poor draft choices. Nothing personal against those individual players, just the frustration of them being drafted by upper management.

    If this team wins the SB, I WILL CHEER for the team period. What I will NOT do, is to cheer for Murphy or Gutekunst! They have created most of the problems for the Green Bay Packers these last 10 years. Gutekunst and Murphy only enacted DAMAGE CONTROL this year to SAVE FACE. But that has gone over your head so profoundly that you are gape-mouthed unaware that it actually happened . . . Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Enjoy that sledding hill instead of having to pay for a better talent assessment scout . . .

  17. MMSUCKS January 10, 2022

    This retort was for REBELGB . . . Some rebel . . .

  18. rebelgb January 10, 2022

    LOL!!! You will “cheer” the Packers but not Murphy or Gutenkunst if the Packers win the SB? Do you realize how IDIOTIC that sounds. If the Packers win the SB its certainly at least in part to the leadership of the management. To say otherwise is just white wash bullshit. As for you PF4L who made you the God of this site? You have no place to say who does and does not “have a say”. Seriously if you dislike the front office so much then you inwardly dont want them to succeed. That is only logical. Because if they succeed it: one weakens any argument your have about their abilities, and two makes is likely that there will be a change anytime soon in said management.

    So therefore you are wishing inside that the Packers ultimately fail. Yet you come on here and claim to be a fan. What a joke. Noone is asking any of you to be a “homer”, but to be on this site talking about the failings of the Packs front office when we are the #1 seed in the NFC and 2 games form the Super Bowl really just makes you look like idiots.

  19. PF4L January 11, 2022

    ” As for you PF4L……”
    So entertaining
    Listen up close junior…..
    As far as talking to Mick, MMSUCKS, and others. They are way outa your league son.
    It’s just advice you should consider.
    If that somehow hurts your feelings, well…lol…i don’t know what to tell you kid.
    When you post a comment, you are usually attacking someone in some manner, including me…so fuck off.
    Although rare, on occasion you manage to give your football opinion.
    Do you remember some years ago when you told us how Rodgers should be trade/benched, that Hundley should be given a chance.
    That Rodgers career was over, he was washed up…remember that?
    Please…tell us that story again.
    If you don’t recall it, i can help you out by posting it for you.
    Is it coming back now?
    Kato and Deep were rowing the boat with you on that
    I knew back then at the time, how special it was,….such wisdom. 😆
    I said it then…and i say it today.
    I ride with Aaron Rodgers until the end.