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Two Weeks Left: Time to Take Stock

Clear as day, the Packers as a team are fluttering, not peaking, as the postseason looms. It’s going to be another ultimately disappointing playoff season for Green Bay unless the team hurriedly resurrects its game. In particular, all phases of the defense are in decline – in the past five games, the Pack has given up 34 points (Vikes), 28 (Rams), 30 (Bears), 30 (Ravens) and 22 (Browns).

Dec 25, 2021; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) grimaces after throwing a pass in the second quarter during the game against the Cleveland Browns at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports


Almost all 32 NFL teams have been compromised this season by either COVID or a spate of injuries. To their credit, the Packers have been disrupted by the pandemic less than many teams. On the other hand, not only have half a dozen or more of the team’s stars suffered serious injuries, but many of those injuries have lingered for half a season or longer. As for Bakh, Jaire, and Z, unless the Pack gets at least two of them back for the playoffs, I can’t see a path to the Super Bowl for Green Bay.

It could be that the team with the most players willing to essentially quarantine themselves throughout the postseason, to make it unlikely they’ll get infected – and proceed to have it spread throughout the locker room – will have the best chance of taking home the Lombardi Trophy. For the greater good, serious social sacrificing by every player is in order.

A Deceptive Record

Right at the time Coach Matt LaFleur is finally being recognized for his superb leadership, in my opinion he and his staff have put up the two weakest coaching displays of MLF’s entire tenure. Against both the Ravens and the Browns the Packers were flat to start the game, and then after getting solid leads they squandered them in the fourth quarter. They had trouble getting 11 men on the field, and they continued to waste timeouts to avert mess ups. They did almost no stunting, blitzing, or other defensive tactics to confuse their opponents. Whatever you call it, prevent defense, soft coverage, or bend-don’t-break, the Packers have been putting on clinics for much of the season, on how to permit inferior teams to have opportunities to win games in the final minute or so.

By my count, the Packers have put themselves in a position to lose games that they barely or miraculously won, five times on the season. Green Bay’s record could easily be 7-8 or 8-7. Some serious humility and realism is in order here.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams (17) attempts to catch a pass against Cleveland Browns cornerback Denzel Ward (21) in the fourth quarter during their football game Saturday, December 25, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Samantha Madar/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Streaky Teams

The hottest team heading toward the playoffs is the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs. After a 3-4 start, when QB Mahomes was going through an interception virus, the Chiefs have gone 8-0. The next longest streak belongs to the Dolphins – though only 8-7 on the season, Miami has reeled off 7 wins in a row.

The Packers, Rams, and Cowboys have each won four in a row. While Green Bay has won its last two by a total of three points, the Rams have been more dominant. However, it’s the Cowboys who appear to be the most primed among these three teams for a long postseason run, as evidenced by their 56-14 demolition of the Washington Football Team on Sunday.

Two other teams are rounding into form as the playoffs approach: the Buccaneers and the Colts. The Bucs have won five out of six, with their only recent loss being to the Saints in Week 15. The AFC’s Colts have quietly won six out of seven, to push their records to 9-6.

Bearing in mind that I’m not thoroughly versed as to all 32 NFL teams, and based largely on which teams are playing the best at this time in the season, here are my rankings of the most playoff-ready teams: 1. Chiefs; 2. Cowboys; 3. Bucs; 4. Packers; 5. Rams; 6. Bills; 7. Cardinals; 8: Bengals. For what it’s worth, I spent more time picking the number eight team than I did the other seven combined – the Bengals have won four of their last six, to reach 9-6, including a masterful display by Joe Burrow on Sunday against the Ravens.

The Quarterbacks

Here are how the quarterbacks of the above eight teams rank, based on their current passer ratings, and how those ratings rank league-wide:

KC, Patrick Mahomes, 97.9, 11th

DAL, Dak Prescott, 100.5, 5th

TB, Tom Brady, 100.2, 7th

GB, Aaron Rodgers, 110.8, 1st

LAR, Matthew Stafford, 104.3, 3rd

BUF, Josh Allen, 96.6, 12th

ARI, Kyler Murray, 100.5, 6th

CIN (9-6), Joe Burrow, 105.0, 2 nd

Highly ranked-QBs who are not on my list include: Kirk Cousins (MIN), 101.3, (4th best); Jimmy Garoppolo, 99.8 (8th), Russell Wilson 99.4 (9th), and Justin Herbert, 98.7 (10th).

Teams not making my top eight, based largely on average or below quarterback play, include:

IND (9-6). Carson Wentz, 96.4 (13th)

NE (9-6). Mac Jones, 90.2 (18th)

BAL (8-7), Lamar Jackson, 87.0 (21st)

MIA, (8-7), Tua Tagovailoa, 94.0 (16th)

TEN (10-5), Ryan Tannehill, 84.8 (27th)


The Packers have much work to do, including early-game offense, red-zone offense, and defense across the board, but especially in the fourth quarter, if they are to match or beat their playoff results of the past two years. Basically, this is a talented team that suffers major slumps – or loses its focus – at predictable points during its games. What say you?

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Mitch Anthony December 29, 2021

    Can’t say that I don’t see it much different than that Rob. I would add the category of special teams to the equation also. Although in the last couple games it wasn’t the hot mess it was previously I think we still all hold our collective breaths a little when the ST unit is on the field. The entire body of work from this season’s special teams unit seems to have everyone still expecting an unsurprising let down at some point.

    You pointed out the Cowboys shellacking of the Washington Woke at 56-14. When, ever in the past, did McCarthy ever keep his foot down on the gas pedal with a lead and rack up points? It was something this forum always used to harp about when he played comfortable with a two score lead but he’s doing it nowadays. The Cowboys are playing pretty hot and I’d hate to see them be the ones to go beyond Green Bay in the playoffs, but they certainly could.

    On the subject of the Bahk, Alexander, Smith and some others I think the front office has been coy as usual when disclosing information about status. The closer it gets the less I’m expecting any meaningful returns. To paraphrase the late Donald Rumsfeld, “You go into battle with the army you have, not the one you wish you could have.” What we see might just be the crew they have.

    Which leads to what some others may have noticed with some of the sloppy soft defensive play and poor tackling. It is like some guys are just not as aggressive, playing soft and safe for fear of suffering injury this late in the season with the playoff picture on the line.

    I don’t look at either of the next two games as gimmes. I almost never consider win loss records when division rivals play each other. Teams that know each other well can always play inspired and pull out upsets and make life hell for the other. We see that across the league almost every week – it can happen. Those next two games are still very important in the conference record overall.

  2. Deepsky December 29, 2021

    I agree with pretty much everything written here. Not only do the Packers need 2 of Alexander, Bakhtiari and Z Smith back, they have to be able to PLAY, which this late in the year I don’t think that can happen. I am expecting none of them to come back at full speed at this point, unless LaFleur is purposely holding them back as a ‘surprise’ in the playoffs.

    Another thing I can’t figure out is why does the defense seemed so confused on plays now, when they seemed very assignment sure at the beginning of the season? Have teams figured out the defense so that now a more complicated defense has been installed? The last two games the defensive backs and linebackers look like they are getting play calls from 2017 Dom Capers, except Capers worst teams actually gave up fewer yards per carry rushing than this current Packers team at 4.8 yards a carry.

    The Packers might get a win against the Eagles, but I think they lose to every other NFC playoff team and the way it looks now they will face the Bucs first at Lambeau and I don’t think there is anyone who thinks this Packers team wins that game. I’m expecting a typical Packers playoff exit where they get behind early and under pressure Adams drops balls, the running backs fumble and Rodgers goes into his best Brett Favre imitation, heaving the ball downfield.

  3. PF4L December 29, 2021

    I don’t see Z Smith playing for the Packers any more.
    Some kind of serious drama is going on between him and the Packers i believe.
    But hey…i could be wrong, like that time back in 2006.
    Bakhtiari…Well, all i know is MLF said there were no setbacks concerning our valued left tackle.
    No setbacks….that’s interesting, considering he’s had obvious setbacks starting with being pulled out of practice and having a scope procedure done on his knee.
    I believe the no setbacks claim, about as much as i believe what Tommi said when he told us McCarthy was running the Cowboy offense and calling the plays for the Cowboys.
    We’ll file that under….clueless.
    You can’t fix stupid.
    Alexander was activated to the 53 today.
    Not sure what that means as far as playing, but i guess we’ll stay tuned and see.
    I like Robs conclusion, and the fact he’s looking at this team in reality.
    We’ve all read in here numerous times….
    The Packers are a Super Bowl team.
    The Packers have a Championship team.
    Going on 3 years now….what have i been saying?
    You aren’t a SB team, or Championship team without proving it.
    Fans can call this a SB team, Championship team, till your blue in the face, have at it.
    It ain’t so until it is so….prove it.
    So for the 3rd year in a row..i’m saying…show me.
    And i hope with all my heart and my Packer fan allegiance that they make it happen
    Nothing would please me more than the Packers getting to, and winning the SB.
    I would be out of my fucking mind ecstatic.

  4. Empacador December 29, 2021

    While the regular season W/L record is nice, the Packers aren’t awe inspiring. I don’t think the special teams will become world beaters overnight, and quite frankly special teams collectively make fans draw and hold their breath waiting for the next colossal screw up. The defense is reverting back to normal, not the mirage we saw for that small stretch a few months ago where Barry looked like he might actually be an upgrade. Even getting a few guys back that haven’t played in months isn’t gonna help. Holy shit, Rodgers doesn’t practice for a week and he can’t hit an open receiver let alone the broad side of a barn blah, blah, blah. People expect Alexander, Bakhtiari and Smith are gonna have an instant impact? They will certainly help, but it’s asking a lot to expect them to somehow be the saviors with almost no game time this season.

    None of that is really as concerning as the belief that home field advantage is somehow this mythical huge advantage. It seems they talk about getting home field advantage, like if they can simply hold on and receive home field advantage, that all will be right with the world. Since that first loss at home to Atlanta back in 2002, the Packers are a very pedestrian 7-6 @ Lambeau if my math holds up. The crowning achievement being their stellar 1 and done loss @ home to the Giants in the Packers 15-1 season. Maybe there was a time when it was intimidating to play the Packers at home. Not anymore.

    Pleasantly surprised the Packers have the record they have at this point. They still have 2 games left to eke out victories to bolster their regular season record. *Let me be the first to insert a golf clap here* The Vikings get their second Superbowl of the season on Sunday, and the Lions don’t seem to have any quit in them. Looking beyond these games is a serious mistake.

    That being said, that 1996 team left no doubt about who was king. The 2010 team got hot at the right time and won everything without playing a game at home. Anyone feel like this current team is playing like those teams did? If you say yes you are deluded. The way they have been playing of late doesn’t instill much confidence this season will end any differently than any other tough season endings. IF the Packers are fortunate enough to get home field this very well has the makings of being another 1 and done in the playoffs. If recent history has shown anything, it should be to temper that enthusiasm because as fans we’ve seen this before. And this may be the window being closed for a very long time heading into the future. That’s why this year is critical to finishing the job, because knowing what is in store without a premiere QB on the horizon is going to make being a Packers fan a daunting endeavor. All those NFC North banners don’t mean shit. Prove the 3rd time is the charm, because simply making the playoffs isn’t good enough unless you’re Mark Murphy with a sled hill to fill.

  5. PF4L December 29, 2021

    Off the wall….
    “We don’t kill sheep, we kill wolves” – Kevin Costner (Yellowstone)
    It’s damn rare, but i’m addicted to that show.
    It’s bad ass.

  6. Tom M December 29, 2021

    I hear a lot of crying about defense and special teams. But nothing about how “Michael Jordan” needs to play like a champion for 4 quarters. Aaron Rodgers may “own” the Bears but he sure as shit doesn’t “own” the playoffs. At home, on the road, it doesn’t matter. He might play well for a quarter, maybe a half, just enough to pad his stats. But the moment things get difficult he plays tight and shrinks. He needs a defense and a run game more than anyone. There is absolutely no reason to play Bakhtiari, Alexander, Turner, Myers, Cobb or anyone else until the playoffs. Rodgers needs to sit the last game if the Packers win and the Cowboys lose on Sunday. There are simply bigger fish to fry than regular season games and MVP awards. Jordan Love vs Tim Boyle the final game of the season would make a great undercard in preparation for the title bout of Aaron vs Big Mike, or Rodgers vs Brady two weeks later. There are 28 million reasons why ZaDarius Smith will never play for the Packers again. I’ve been saying for months he’ll be cut just as soon as possible. He isn’t the future. Rashan Gary is. Aaron Rodgers won’t be the future either if he doesn’t win a SB. This team has beaten the Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, all playoff teams. There is absolutely no reason the Packers can’t beat the Cowboys or the Bucs if Rodgers plays like the champion he tells us he is. It’s time for Rodgers to show everyone he’s more than a stat whore. No excuses.

  7. Dean December 29, 2021

    GB is 8-0 vs the AFC North and NFC West in spite of having 2-4 OL (2 stars) out. Also, the turnovers and penalties are way down compared to the rest of the NFL. GB has played against the top 5? sack leaders in the NFL. This is not possible without a QB (WR combo) that understands what the defense is doing and can get the ball out fast (< 2.5 seconds) and is accurate (low turnover rate). Just look at the Browns and 4 picks (could have been 5/6 picks) if you want to see what a team without a elite qb…
    We understand that it takes a team to win the SB; however, always whining/blaming everything on Arod is the definition of insanity.

  8. PF4L December 29, 2021

    Jesus Christ…its doomsday in here…..lol
    The best record in the NFL and we’re calling for the early exit…smh
    Homefield….one and done!!
    Yes, i’ll take homefield and a bye week any day and twice on Sunday, regardless of our past record at Lambeau in the playoffs.
    I give no shit what happened years ago….lol
    It’s a new day.
    No, this isn’t the 1996 defense, or the 2010 defense. How long have i been saying that?
    How long have i been saying…compare the rosters of those Championship teams, to now.
    Believe whatever you want, but right now….Rashan Gary isn’t a star in this league. He’s a decent player with maybe some upside.
    But he’s a starter now in his 3rd season. He got two sacks against the Bears O line…(happy days). Congrats.
    Do we need him without Z Man?…absolutely.
    But make no mistake, he’s no Zadarius Smith.
    Listen…..it is what it is.
    This team will have a new look next season.
    So enjoy this for what it is….. a bonus.
    It’s house money people. I didn’t expect a 12-3 season at this point, or homefield and a bye week. (yes…it matters)
    Just fucking relax and enjoy where the ride takes us.
    IT’S A BONUS!!

  9. Tom M December 30, 2021

    At what point does Aaron Rodgers take responsibility for the mounting playoff losses? He’s now the only remaining constant over the last decade. Players, coaches, GM’s, have come and gone yet we continue to lose in the playoffs. When you compare yourself to Michael Jordan you set a standard that must be met. They’ll be no blaming Kevin King or Brian Gutekunst this year. There’s only two ways this plays out. We get most everyone back in time for the playoffs, we go on a run, and make the SB. Or Rodgers does what he often does. Can’t score a TD inside the 10 and settles for FG’s. And/or he can’t get 1st downs at the end of the game to run out the clock and we lose. Rodgers fanboys quickly blame special teams and point to Rodgers stats as to why he can’t be blamed. Then collectively cry for his return next year because 12 years of this bullshit isn’t enough. Just so we can repeat this all over again. You tell me Dean, which scenario is more likely?

  10. Deepsky December 30, 2021

    It’s not just Rodger’s fault for the Packers playoff losses. This team hasn’t had a dominating defense since 1996 and has continually had offensive players make huge mistakes when facing a dominating defense in the playoffs. Even when the Packers have won the turnover battle in the playoffs, the Packers defense and offense fail. When the Packers lose in the playoffs this year it will be because a physical team will hammer Aaron Jones causing him to fumble or Davante Adams to drop passes, or some receiver to be pushed off his route and Rodgers throws a pick. The Packers offense under Rodgers has always been finesse offense and in the playoffs a lot of the physical play that throws the Packers off their game just doesn’t get called as penalties like they would in the regular season. Refs ‘let them play’ in the playoffs and it always hurts the Packers rather than the other team.

    Contrast this with the Bucs who lost to the Saints twice in 2020 and yet beat them in the playoffs. Brady’s presence makes his teams perform better in the playoffs rather than worse like the Packers under Rodgers. It doesn’t matter if Brady sucks for a few games or a few drives, in the playoffs he makes plays attacking the opponents’ weaknesses and turning average players like Scotty Miller into heroes. Plus, at crunch time, a critical call will go Brady’s way because the refs love him so much. Like PI won’t be called all game until 3 minutes left with Brady a score behind.

  11. NobodysBurfect December 30, 2021

    If Jaire comes back and doesn’t have any rust, it could make a big difference. Being able to leave him on an island means we can go back to single high safety looks, and let Amos play closer to the line of scrimmage for run support. At this point I don’t think we’ll see Z anymore, ever – and frankly I don’t think it matters. Up until recently the D was playing fine without him, largely because of how well Campbell has played this year. People seem to forget that the Browns have a top 3 oline and a top 3 running back tandem, they’re going to have some good games on the ground (like they had against us). People also seem to forget that we still held them to 21 points that day, even though they got what seemed like 300 yards rushing.


    The bigger problem is the Oline – having Jenkins, Turner & Bakh out is going to catch up to us. We’re also going to miss Tonyan carving up the middle of the field when Davante is covered well, and acting as a safety net if pressure is coming at Rodgers.


    As far as the Bucs go, they’re banged up. Right now, the Cowboys are the team I don’t want to see in the playoffs.

  12. J Murray December 30, 2021

    I agree with most of this. The Packers don’t look like the best team in the NFC or the league. However, I think most of us in this forum watch all the Packer games – and if you are like me – maybe not much after that. I think that makes us aware or focus on all the Packer flaws and mistakes. I think if we were to watch or evaluate all the other teams – we would see flaws for all teams – the good and the bad. If we can get the bye – which i think we would be a little lucky to get that – then i will take our chances with Rodgers at home and hope he gets one more shot at a SB win while still in GB. Go Packers!

  13. Dean December 30, 2021

    Hopefully Clark is recovered now from being on the covid list — he said that he did not expect to play 60 snaps and was gased in the last part of the game. Allowing the Browns that easy of a time in the run game evened out the 4 picks..
    As noted, it is nice to have Jaire practicing again, and also Cobb. Cobb was really effective on third downs and in the red zone.

  14. PF4L December 30, 2021

    For some reason, the reply isn’t working correctly…shocking, i know.
    I wanted to reply to Burfect who i respect.
    A point, counterpoint so to speak….but i’d like to reply to him.
    In the meantime i will say this and add something.
    “Right now, the Cowboys are the team I don’t want to see in the playoffs.” – NB
    I agree NB….i said when McCarthy took that job, the Cowboy offense had deadly potential.
    Prescott got injured last season, and this season they are the #1 offense in yards, and scoring offense in the NFL at 30.5 PPG.
    How good was the Packers offense in 2011?
    How does 35 PPG grab you?
    Defensively the Boys aren’t bad either allowing 20.5 PPG.
    Not bad considering last season they gave up 29.6 PPG under McCarthy’s hand picked defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.
    Also, beware of any team with a decent pass rush.
    Say what you will, the O line had a ocean full of trouble with the Bucs in last years NFCCG.
    What should we expect from this years bunch against strong playoff teams without Linsley, Jenkins, ect…improvement?

  15. Dean December 30, 2021

    Good point about the OL and pass rush (with 4 starters out for GB). That is why home field advantage can help the young OL for GB.

  16. Ed December 31, 2021

    Kirk Cousins is out after testing positive for covid.
    And, his backup is also out

  17. Dean December 31, 2021

    Does J. Jefferson play RB:-)

  18. Tom M December 31, 2021

    It could be that offenses are starting to figure out Joe Barry’s defense and therefore scoring more points. But with Rodgers playing more like himself the last 6 weeks it could be teams are just more aggressive. Rashan Gary is doing his best ZaDarius Smith imitation recently and focusing on sacks and little else. What always set Gary apart from Smith was his ability to play the edge and therefore play the run. Gary got his sacks against the Browns but also was often out of place when Chubb ran the ball. I still like this defense, especially if we get Alexander back. I think Barry makes a few adjustments. He’ll figure it out. He’s got the talent and is more creative than Pettine. Defensively we can beat anyone.

  19. Ed December 31, 2021

    Now they are saying Cousins backup (Sean Mannion) is coming off
    the COVID-19/Reserve list today and will be in line to start vs. GB.

  20. Mitch Anthony December 31, 2021

    I wonder if Vikings fans are lighting up their boards with comparing Kirk Cousins to a serial killer or some domestic terrorist because he didn’t get vaxxed and now tests positive – when his team really needs him dammit!

    I’ll take somebody else’s word for it since I don’t troll those places.

    In any event, this certainly does help the odds for the next game.

  21. Dean December 31, 2021

    The fact that so many vaxxed players are testing positive somewhat lessens the hate mail Cousins is getting– think timing. If Cousins had tested positive before the earlier Packer game all hell would have been showered down on. I think the Vikings fans are more into “lucky” Packers …

  22. Empacador December 31, 2021

    Well those are just, like, your opinions men! I’m sticking with “Prove it” because the home field advantage is a fucking joke whether anyone agrees or not. Enjoying the ride, just not feeling the love and getting overly hyped. We’ll see whose opinions were right soon enough. And I’ll gladly accept being wrong with regard to my opinion. Let’s hope I am. Happy New Year!

  23. Mick January 1, 2022

    ” Earning the #1 seed in the playoffs, gets you a week off, and having home field advantage throughout the playoffs; is huge. But, it doesn’t guarantee victory”. ——– Brett Favre! All season long we’ve heard the same lingo from coaches and players saying that their goal is home field advantage. And we’ve heard some of the goals being “super bowl, or bust” Well, a teams momentum, health, talent, and coaching, is what usually succeeds in the playoffs, home field or not. GBs’ last 3 games haven’t given me any good feelings about any of the above. It could change of course, but I’m with Empac on this one,,,,,,,,Prove it!

  24. Tom M January 1, 2022

    The Minnesota Vikings are a cautionary tale on how to screw up your cap an subsequently your team. Rick Spielman signed Kirk Cousins to a ridiculously stupid 3 year 90 million dollar contract. At the time, it was more that Rodgers was making. The contract itself cost the Vikings to lose many of their defensive stars. At the start of last season, they had seven new starters on defense and most were not up grades. Conversely, Brian Gutekunst’s biggest FA “blunder” was Jimmy Graham who likewise signed a three year deal but for 30 million. As with most FA signings, Graham gave you average production at a premium price. The Packers would love to have a TE right now as good as Jimmy Graham was back then. But more importantly, Graham’s contract didn’t remotely compromise the cap. It simply bought Gutekunst time to address the defense and run game first. Which he correctly deemed the priority. Like Spielman, Gutekunst is all in this year with Rodgers and the cap. This team will look vastly different next year. It didn’t work out for Spielman. Will it work for Gutekunst? If we win the SB, yes. If not, then no. The stakes are high. Gutekunst however will ultimately be judged on what kind of team he fields next year after Rodgers is gone.

  25. PF4L January 1, 2022

    Happy Near Year you filthy animals.
    I think Mannion starting for the queens is just what the defense needs.
    Especially after giving up 28.6 PPG the last 5 games.
    Of course, that’s if they don’t revert back to letting rookie and no name QB’s put up career numbers.
    Unfortunately for the defense in the playoffs, i don’t think they will be facing many Sean Mannion’s.
    Keeping your team mostly intact from the previous season, but losing Linsley and Wagner…is NOT going all in.
    He kept a team intact, that couldn’t deal with the Bucs front seven.
    Going all in?….don’t talk so stupid.
    Gutenkunst will be judged on his selection of Love and giving up a draft pick to get him.
    Instead of trying to improve a team that was 13-3 and fell short in a NFCCG.
    He gave up on Rodgers and the current team with that move at that time.
    Love was “undisputedly” a move for the future, we’ve been through all this before haven’t we?

  26. PF4L January 1, 2022

    Home field and a bye week is an advantage…period.
    You don’t have to travel, you play in front of your own fans in the playoffs.
    Warm weather or dome team coming to Lambeau in Jan?
    That isn’t an advantage?
    Maybe i’m wrong.
    Mick has it right, homefield and a bye doesn’t guarantee anything….
    But why does every coach and player in the league want it?
    This isn’t that hard to understand.

  27. Killer January 1, 2022

    Watch out, Mannion is coming for you!

    Seriously, I am torn as to Sunday. There is a part, the practical part, that says the Vikings will not make the playoffs and, if they did, could not do better than, at the best, winning one game. An extra loss improves draft position by 3 or maybe 4 spots. Picking in the early half of Rd 1, moving up 3 or 4 spots would cost at least a 3rd and likely a 2nd, so a loss to the Packers in this game is like picking up a second rounder.

    The truer part of me — hey, I’m not pure practicality — says any year, any game, any time, is always a great time to beat and defeat the Packers. Yes, that is the one I choose. We will come to your sea village in that mucky greenish bay and sack and pillage you!

  28. PF4L January 1, 2022

    Since this site has yet another problem where we can’t reply to someone….
    I think Empac was going for a quote from “The Dude”

  29. Dean January 1, 2022

    Killer, as a viking fan would you rather see Zimmer or Cousins gone after this season — after tomorrow night:) ?
    With Cousins out, a close game would favor Zimmer stock I’m quessing; however, a trouncing by GB would indicate …?

  30. Empacador January 1, 2022

    Yes PF4L, very astute observation! LOL!

    On a more serious note though, I get WHY they want to have home field advantage. Nobody said it was hard to figure out. Simply hasn’t worked out for whatever reason/excuses when they’ve been the number one seed. And I understand what happened over the past 20 years when they had home field advantage doesn’t mean shit this season. Not trying to be the harbinger of doom and gloom, but I guess by the very definition that’s what I’m doing. I hope I’m wrong, but I have this nagging suspicion they are gonna implode at the most inopportune time. We’ll see what happens soon enough as I already said. I’m simply tired of having my heart ripped out. I expect them to play better and I want to believe but instead potentially see them play like they did against the teams they barely eked out wins, or worse, like they did against the Saints. They are under a “prove it” deal as far as I’m concerned. Tell me I’m wrong after they win the Superbowl. And if I’m wrong I’ll gladly eat all the crow I would deserve for not having faith.

  31. Killer January 1, 2022

    Dean, to answer your question:

    *A loss of Zimmer means upheaval and risk. That is all we get in return for his loss which would be a termination.
    *I respect Cousins and value him. However, a loss of Cousins would only happen via a trade and we would receive compensation in that case. So – Zimmer + zero or – Cousins + draft picks. That makes the choice pretty easy. I’d rather see Cousins gone. Also, Zimmer is vaccinated and Cousins is not!

    That said, Cousins has about five more years before he becomes as aged as Aaron Rodgers already is. Rodgers is only about a year out from when Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers and their ilk retired. Big Ben is only 15 months older than Rodgers and looks to retire after this season.

    Any team that trades more than a 2nd rounder for Rodgers is a fool especially considering he is already talking about retirement, is a me-first primadonna, and a lying cancerous burden for a team, a very expensive one.

  32. PF4L January 1, 2022

    Killer January 1, 2022
    Seriously, I am torn as to Sunday. There is a part, the practical part, that says the Vikings will not make the playoffs and, if they did…..
    viking fans….I LOVE EM!! :)
    So entertaining.
    Make the playoffs…..playoffs?…lol
    How about more realistic goals like finishing the season 8-9?

  33. Sean January 2, 2022

    What team would be dumb enough to pickup Cousins and his $35 million deal? For draft picks no less? His career ave is just better than 50%

  34. Tom M January 2, 2022

    I see, Eric Stokes isn’t an “improvement” over Kevin King. Rasual Douglas isn’t an “improvement” in the secondary. Tell me how much better Wagner is over Dennis Kelly. Is Wagner even in the NFL now? And where was the money gonna come from for Linsey on a team that’s already over 40 million over the cap next year? Where was tinker bell the first 10 weeks of the season when the defense carried this team? A defense and a run game Gutekunst put together. ZaDarius Smith done? No problem, slide Rashan Gary in his place and the defense doesn’t miss a beat. Not unlike what Love will do once Erin gets traded. Tell me how much of an advantage home field was last year? Didn’t stop the real GOAT from bitch slapping little Erin all around Lambeau. Brady was actually able to score TD’s not just FG’s. We need the Cardinals to win today so we can rest everyone next week. Including Rodgers. That won’t help his MVP chances. The only thing he’s capable of winning.

  35. Deepsky January 2, 2022

    The Packers aren’t going to see a lot of Mannion throwing the ball. As a backup, he’s nowhere near Tyler Huntley who has been playing pretty well against teams, not just the Packers. But they’re going to see a whole lot of Dalvin Cook, more than they would have with Cousins, and that could be bad for the Packers as they are giving up 4.8 yards a carry. Cook could beat the Packers on his own. We’ll see if the defensive line looks better this week because they were pushed around all over last week.

  36. PF4L January 2, 2022

    How much better is Wagner….?
    Gee….that’s a tough one Princess.
    If the eye test isn’t enough ( which it is for me).
    Then maybe this will help a simple minded fan like yourself.
    Billy Wagner PFF Grade = 77.0
    Dennis Kelly PFF Grade = 60.2
    Billy Wagner gave up 1 sack, 1 QB hit and had 0 penalties in 610 snaps last season.
    C’MON MAN!!
    If you are still confused in any way. Find another sport to follow, like women’s badminton
    As far as Eric Stokes…again….the eye test?
    Stokes may get plays made on him in his rookie season, but the difference between him and King, is Stokes is at least contesting the play, and isn’t 4 yards away.
    This is a learning opportunity for you Tommi.
    Take notes.
    Listen Gomer…
    How about….letting Stokes finish his rookie season.
    How many seasons has Kevin King been playing for the Packers?
    If you said 5 years too long, give yourself a cookie.
    Empac…..Like you….i’ve been under the “prove it” mode for years, and i’ve also been under the “waiting” mode for even longer. Most in here know that.
    I’m waiting for the rest of the disease to leave the building.
    We are more alike than apart, i wasn’t trying to challenge you or call you out. But admittedly, i kind of made it sound like that…i apologize.
    I have too much respect to do that on purpose…..my bad.
    Still… i think homefield and a bye week has REAL value.
    But….i think we can agree….it’s up to the team to take advantage of it.

  37. Ed January 2, 2022

    Hey Tommy Boy –
    You say Rodgers is going to be on a new team next year.
    Are you going follow him on a web site for that new team ?
    Or, are you going to hang around and continue
    your gilted love relationship here at totalpackers ?

  38. Tom M January 2, 2022

    Ed, I’m gonna pull an Erin Rodgers on your question and leave you hanging all off season. Then I’ll hold a 20 minute presser at the start of training camp. Clear up all the ambiguity and drama. But let me say this now, “it’s a beautiful mystery!” Look, my attitude is win me a SB or get the fuck out of town. If I want drama, I’ll get it from my wife, not from my QB. Is Rick Wagner and his “PFF 77” even playing this year? And what the hell does that mean? You either get the job done or you don’t. No GM, no coach, in the NFL makes decisions based on PFF. That’s for clueless fans like yourself PF4L who can’t judge talent and only go by numbers. Is it any wonder then that PFF is your bible? Now you’ll tell us we lost in the playoffs because we didn’t have Rick Wagner. So the latest bullshit is now Erin wants to stay. But why? Brian Gutekunst is such a shitty GM and Mark Murphy is clueless. Make up your mind sweetheart. It’s making the media rounds that the Packers will franchise tag Devante Adams for 20 million next season. And pay for it how? With PF4L’s inbred good looks? We’re 40 million over the cap. There’s no fucking way we franchise tag Adams and resign Rodgers without gutting this team. But according to you ladies all we need is Rodgers. Except when we lose. Then he needs help. I can see why you love him so much. Neither one of you can make up your mind.

  39. Mick January 2, 2022

    Don’t know exactly what happened in the Jets- Bucs game today but, it was just a matter of time when Antonio Brown would blow a gasket; and become the Antonio Brown we all know. The only thing I saw was he stripped off his jersey, shoulder pads and t-shirt, threw them on the team bench; and ran off the field waving to the crowd. In the words of the famous cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn************ “There’s something, I say there’s something wrong with that boy”

  40. Ed January 2, 2022

    Sorry that was too long to read.

  41. PF4L January 2, 2022

    Tom M January 2, 2022
    Tell me how much better Wagner is over Dennis Kelly.
    You brought up Rick Wagner asswipe. I answered.
    How big of an asshole do you plan on becoming in here?
    Don’t answer that….you’ve now reached the apex.

  42. Mitch Anthony January 2, 2022

    Weren’t there some who frequent TP who thought the Packers should have made a run for Antonio Brown?

    There is no “I” in TEAM, but there is an M and an E and that spells, “ME”. Good show Antonio, good show. You do you, and the rest of the sane people will do things more rationally.

    Low impulse control is real, and it is a factor when looking at NFL talent. Figure out how to test for it and apply valuations to it and you’re on your way to something.

  43. PF4L January 2, 2022