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Four Interceptions Just Enough to Beat Browns 24-22

Christmas came early and often for the Green Bay secondary against Cleveland. They delivered a great victory for Packers fans that added to the joy of the season for all that like to cheer for the Green and Gold. Some fans might have wondered if the white jersey with Mayfield on his back was really Santa in disguise. The gifts started early with a Darnell Savage interception and the gifts just kept coming out of Santa’s, err, Mayfield’s bag. He was even good enough to wrap the victory in a big bow to Rasul Douglas at the end of the game.

Usually when a defense creates four turnovers you will win in the NFL. You might even expect a blowout. On Christmas Day at Lambeau, four interceptions was just enough for a victory. Boom or bust was the theme of the game for Cleveland. The Browns only punted once. When Baker Mayfield wasn’t throwing passes to Green Bay’s secondary, Cleveland’s offense was owning the Green Bay defense to the tune of just under a 9 yard average per rushing play, and a game total 219 total rushing yards. The Browns pounded the Packers defense for 156 yards on the ground in the second half. The Browns were 7-12 on third down conversions and 1-1 on their only fourth down conversion attempt. Mayfield was 21-36 passing, meaning 25 of his 36 passes were caught. Unfortunately for the Browns, Mayfield decided to become Rasul Douglas’ not so secret Santa and gifted him two of the four interceptions by the Packer defense, the last one being the game sealer with less than one minute remaining in the game and Cleveland driving for a potential winning field goal.

Last week most writers and fans agreed that the Packer run defense missed Kenny Clark and that his absence was a major reason the Ravens ran roughshod over them. Clark returned, but he was literally no help for a defense that could only be described as porous. The Packers came up with big plays, including memorable Packer highlights that included Aaron Rodgers passing Brett Favre’s Packer touchdown pass record, and a nice video tribute from Brett. Rookie Eric Stokes dropped another 4th quarter gift from Mayfield but he did make a great play on the Browns two point conversion attempt. Without Douglas’ last second pick to seal it this record breaking game might have ended as a critical fourth quarter team collapse. But there would be no coal in any Packer fan stockings this Christmas Day.

Rasul Douglas interception against Browns

Dec 25, 2021; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas (29) intercepts a pass intended for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones (11) in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

On the Packers first possession, they quickly faced fourth and one and went for it on their own 34 yard line down 6-0. While they converted, the Packers failed to score on the drive and punted, again starting the game slowly as has been their trend. While Mayfield’s interceptions were the catalyst of all three Packer first half touchdowns, it may have been first time Brown kicker Chris Naggar that committed the critical Brown’s error. After the Browns first drive touchdown, Naggar missed the extra point. After Mayfield’s first interception the Packers took advantage driving for a touchdown. The drive culminated in a short sideline pass to Allen Lazard. Lazard took the catch and tightroped down the sideline diving forward while stretching the ball over the end line by touching the football to the pylon. An acrobatic effort worthy of a Packer record highlight. Naggar’s miss led to the Browns going for a two point conversion on their second score. The failed two point conversion left the score at a Packer advantage of 14-12. Those two failed conversions would end up being the difference in the final score. The conversion stop allowed the Packers next touchdown drive off Mayfield’s third interception to increase their lead to 21-12 at the half.

Dec 25, 2021; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates with teammates after completing a touchdown pass making him the all time leader in touchdown passes in the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Samantha Madar/Green Bay Press Gazette -USA TODAY NETWORK

Rodger’s pinpoint accuracy in the first half included highlight throws to both Lazard and Davante Adams. The difference between Rodgers and Mayfield was apparent for a national audience and will probably lead to discussions about the viability of Mayfield’s future in Cleveland. Rodgers dropped perfect deep throws on multiple occasions in the first half but those connections disappeared in the second half. Two late drives in the second half ended on Davante Adams drops. While both catches would have been difficult, Adams has made his reputation and Pro Bowl status on catching those types of throws.

One nice takeaway was no negative plays on special teams. Finally. A Christmas miracle.

In the end the defense was required to seal the game just as they did in Baltimore and once again Rasul Douglas proved why he is the best in season pickup for the Packers in many years. Rodgers’ toe was obviously impacting him during the game. Cameras kept showing closeups of his foot being stepped on and his painful reactions.

The Packers now sit at 12-3 and lead the NFC. Next up is Minnesota. A win will seal the Packers playoff advantage and put smiles on every new year’s Packer fan at Lambeau. Let’s hope the offense gets sorted and the defense figures out how to stop the Vikings rushing game. And happy holidays to all of our Total Packer readers.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Tom M December 26, 2021

    In the first half, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were sucking Aaron Rodgers dick so long and so hard that PF4L and Ferris must have been impressed. Don’t worry ladies, I’m sure you’ll always be Erin’s favorite. With Troy and Joe gushing over TD records and MVP awards. A regular jerk fest of love and admiration. In the second half, as he’s been known to do, Rodgers drops a turd and quickly the narrative changes. It’s questionable play calling or officiating. It’s the OL, or it’s the Erin needs more help bullshit. Everyone starts scrambling for excuses. This is where PF4L tells me, “what do expect, Rodgers to have a perfect 158 passer rating?” I don’t give a flying fuck about passer ratings. But I do expect the “Michael Jordan” of the NFL to put up more than a FG in the second half of a game that has playoff seeding implications. Or how about this, one first down at the end of the game to run the clock out. Too much to ask of the “Michael Jordan “ of the NFL? This is two weeks in a row Rodgers has failed to do that. Enjoy your awards. This team is looking more and more like every other team since 2010. And who’s the last man standing since our last SB? Why it’s this years potential MVP award winner. Oh, happy day!

    1. PF4L December 26, 2021

      Let’s all digest the lessons being taught by Princess Tommi in his post.
      1) Rodgers..is a failure.
      2) Tommi can’t stop thinking about PF4L, or about men, orally gratifying…other men. It’s like it’s ingrained in his everyday thought process.
      Live and let live i always say….but….holy shit.
      “And who’s the last man standing since our last SB? Why it’s this years potential MVP award winner. Oh, happy day!” – Princess
      Happy day?….when was the last time you were happy Princess?
      The only time i’v seen you happy is when the Packers lose, and you joyously get to put the blame on Rodgers.
      Otherwise when the Packers win, you are the same old miserable bastard that we’ve come to know.

    2. Killer December 26, 2021

      Tom nailed it.

      Did you see the last game, vs. Chicago, and hear the frantic ass sucking that Cris Collinsworth was doing? My God! He was talking about Aaron Rodgers being one of the most direct and honest people anywhere ever! Right after he’s been caught telling lies and then promoting various shadow theories and outright lies and deceptions. Just a little after that! It’s like saying the murderer on death row is one of the gentlest human beings ever because ever since he’s been on death row he hasn’t broken any bones or killed anyone.

      They played an interview with Rodgers where he is all determined to let everyone know he does not regret saying he owns the Bears. Rodgers cannot allow himself to regret anything because he truly feels he is perfect. He also does not regret disowning his entire family or attacking Anthony Barr for a perfectly legal hit or for lying about his vaccination status. Then they made it out like it was commendable that he does not regret anything, it should be admired, and it’s fine he said he owned the Bears because it is true. None of these things are true. Beating the Bears is not owning them. It takes a whole team to win. The Packers have not won every game either. Beside which, saying something is not justified by it being the truth. For instance, Piffle is quite ugly but it would be quite rude for me to tell him he is ugly. The fact something it true does not mean it is okay to say it. The funniest part is that he is a liar, a proven liar, who does not regret his lies, who now tries to justify rude behavior (in which he yelled profanity at a crowd including children) because it is true.

      So, to recap, in the world of Aaron, it is fine for him to lie and it is fine for him to be rude if it is some version of a twisted truth. He uses lies and truth by twists and turns to his advantage and the NFL and the announcers aid and abet him in his campaign of personal promotion.

      Sick stuff.

      1. PF4L December 26, 2021

        Then you wonder why nobody likes you…smh
        “The fact something it true does not mean it is okay to say it.” – Tommi
        Stay in school kids.

    3. MMSUCKS December 26, 2021

      Hey tit-turd!

      MLF ADDMITTED after the game that he got w-aaaa-y too conservative in the second half. How can the QB fuck the game up with NO WR’s in many of the sets? How does QB1 drop passes that are in the hands of WR’s? Or . . . Three running plays that go nowhere in a row? No actual route-running for a QB to throw to . . . Tell me genius, how was Rodgers supposed to even check out of the play calls to a passing play when no-one was avail to pass to? I’m NOT supporting Rodgers here, I am ADVOCATING for decent play calling! NOT a “running scared” conservative play calling second half of football at Lambeau. MLF shit the bed yesterday! And he ADMITTED as much in post-game.

      Get with the program shit-for-brains . . .

      1. MMSUCKS December 27, 2021

        Admitted . . . duh! Lol!

    4. Cheese December 26, 2021

      Congrats on YOUR award, Tom, for being the most miserable SOB claiming to be a Packers fan. Green Bay just won on Christmas day and all you can do is complain about Rodgers breaking the franchise TD record and being in the conversation for his fourth MVP? Get a fucking life.
      Killer, you want to compare Rodgers to a murderer on death row? Here’s an idea… Get a fucking life.
      Quick math lesson- if we use the record of 21-5 and take the total number of wins (21) and divide it by the total number of games (26) that would result in a win percentage of 80.7%. If any player has won 80% of their games against another team over the past 14 years I think that is more than enough to say “I fucking own you” in a playful manner towards a bunch of belligerent Chicago fans. You don’t need to take everything completely literal all the time, unless that’s just part of your condition.
      Here’s another math lesson. The Vikings have been to 4 Super Bowls. To find their win percentage we will take the total number of wins (0) and divide that by the total number of appearances (4). 0 divided by 4 equals 0%. The Minnesota Vikings have a Super Bowl win percentage of 0%.

      1. PF4L December 27, 2021

        “My Man”
        Rodgers had been to one SB, won it, and named SB MVP
        Let me do the math….
        That means Rodgers winning percentage in SB’s is 100%.
        Or…Rodgers has one more SB victory than the Vikings have in their existence.

  2. Zwoeger December 26, 2021

    When I saw Berry’s face on 5:04 to go I thought that’s gonna be a loss. But then there was that no call on the last interception. Maybe that was a gift because not reversing the call on the last challenge? Anyway I was reliving the McCartney/Capers days cracking nuts with my bottom cheeks.

  3. Savage57 December 26, 2021

    Tacking is a thing in the NFL. Some teams are competent at it, some not so much.
    So is getting off blocks. Same deal.
    At some point, someone needs to sit the entire Packers defense and show them a diagram of a football player in pads.
    “These are the shoulders and head. Don’t try to tackle people here.”
    “These are the legs. Tackle people here, and remember, using two arms is usually better than one shoulder.”
    “Now, let’s repeat this one thousand times, or however long it takes to get that through your pointy little heads.”

    1. Mick December 27, 2021

      Ya Savage; I’m trying to figure out how these athletes have become PRO FOOTBALL PLAYERS, when they lack the basic fundamentals of tackling. For crying out loud, those basics are taught in pee wee and high school football.

  4. Killer December 26, 2021

    I congratulate the referees on their fine victory over the Browns.

  5. PF4L December 26, 2021

    MVS talked about taking Rodgers 442nd record tying football home with him on the Packers TV show that ironically, is called “Total Packers”.
    It was nice to see Lazard do the right thing and give Rodgers the football.
    I heard a lot of whining and crying by our dual personality viking fan about Douglas’s hold on Peoples.
    Gee whiz Barney….since when do some holding calls NOT get called and others do?
    Is this something new here?
    Some type of holding happens on probably every play in the NFL. Are they all called?

    Lets compare holding violations from two different players off the top of my head…..
    Take Kevin Kings holding penalty at the end of the NFCCG last season on, i think it was Tyler Johnson.
    Not only did King hold him and stretch his jersey back, he even switched hands doing so.
    What Douglas did on Peoples, was give him a discreet “tug”
    Good players know what they can and can’t get away with, they know where the line is drawn.
    YES people!!…..everyone holds….the difference is, good players will gain the advantage by being discreet and not being so blatant that the refs will call it.
    Douglas didn’t get away with anything that other good/great players have been doing for a half century or more.
    Ever think there is a reason Douglass is the starter now and Kevin King is showing his true “worth” sitting on the bench.
    But i digress Tommi….let me get my popcorn and you can tell me some more stories about how good of a season Kevin King is having.

  6. Mitch Anthony December 26, 2021

    For the most part I thought this officiating crew called the game a little more loose than some others. Was there even one DPI called either way? I can’t remember but I don’t think so. Maybe there was a “let them play” attitude with this crew more than some others. That being said I think the questionable calls went both ways and evened out. I didn’t care for the chop block call on Savage when it was obvious he was trying to go for the runner and it wasn’t a true chop block on a blocker, but we’ve now seen it called that way in other instances. Spirit of the rule versus letter of the rule. The catch on the ground looked like a catch but overturning calls made on the field takes a lot and there seems to be an institutional support of the refs from above. I get it.

    Savage57 is correct, a tackling clinic is in order. Way too many whiffs going on.

    Losing containment is another factor with slippery QBs and RBs. Gary has played so much better and really brings pressure but still you can see him getting washed out of certain plays.

    The last two games are concerning but the right adjustments can and should be made. Here’s hoping we might yet see Bahk, Alexander, and some other health return just in time.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2021

      A chop block?
      That block came straight from the tackling school of Tramon Williams, go low, no hands, one shoulder.
      You are correct, Savage was spot on.
      Also see Krys Barnes

  7. Kato December 26, 2021


    This guy, knows his shit. Looking back on his tweets pre LaFluer, man. How Rodgers has transformed as a player the last couple of years, it’s been awesome. Now if only he can show up during an NFC championship.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2021

      Lol, yea…because Fennell is a Rodgers fan?
      No bias there.
      Now when you say “show up”.
      Do you mean like Kevin King showed up?….The pass rush showed up?….Special teams showed up?….The offensive line showed up?
      But i’m sure you’re right Tommi, it’s only Rodgers who determines whether they win or lose a NFCCG.
      I heard some stupid shit from someone that it takes a team to win Championships.
      I think that dude is full of shit and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
      Rodgers….get the Packers to the Super Bowl or pack your fucking bags….
      Fucking loser….I’m tired of his failures.
      Get a real QB in there who knows how to win…..i’m tiring of this Rodgers clown show.

  8. PF4L December 26, 2021

    “I’m back!!” – Cam Newton
    Broken, humbled by the cold reality.
    Life at the top ain’t always what it seems.
    Oh, better run for cover, ’cause it looks like rain again. – Jeff Keith

  9. Tom M December 26, 2021

    Personally I blame everything that goes wrong on this years whipping boy, 4th round draft pick, Royce Newman. That fine talent evaluator PF4L says he’s no NFL guard and should be “working at Walmart.” Because we all know little Erin is perfect in every way and can’t be held responsible. Just ask Troy, Joe, Chris, and anyone else here at the Aaron Rodgers fan club. They’ll be no Baker Mayfield and his 4 INTS or Chicago Bears to own in the playoffs. Only good teams that’ll want nothing more that to make little Erin their bitch. Aaron Rodgers is going to have to bring it for 4 quarters and play thru adversity. It’s time to be a champion Erin. Not just tell us your one. And fuck the MVP award!

  10. Dean December 26, 2021

    Did anyone else notice that Nijman sat out one series in the second half — I may be mistaken on that. I think that is why MLF ran the ball instead of passing it that series? Like was mentioned, two drops lead to a couple of other punts. Bad timing to happen in the 4th quarter….
    Very concerning to have the D give up so many easy running yards. It seems like this team does just enough to get ahead by 2 scores and then relaxes. It would be nice to trounce a team by 3/4 tds for once. Than again, look at who GB played, 4 – 0 versus the best division in the NFL (Rams, AZ, SF, SEA) and 4 – 0 against CIN, BAL, PIT, CLE. In other words, they have played against some of the better teams in the NFL. Seems like GB had an easy schedule last year.

  11. Ferris December 26, 2021

    Tom and Killer need to get together and be pathetic. Imagine how long that would last. You can talk about your horrible lives and blow each other. Just when my New Year resolution was going to be to try to remember that Tom may actually be a Packers Fan. Well that just got flushed down the shitter along with Tom and Killer’s hope of leaving the basement.
    2022 policy, no replies to Tom. I said it before but I know now it is his only pleasure. So I cannot contribute. Thinking of him jacking off re-reading his posts is too much for me.

  12. Deepsky December 26, 2021

    Well this is the same Packers team we’ve seen for years. I was hoping the defense was the real deal but this is looking more like a Dom Capers defense. And the offense is the same, a stout defense can push the Packers around and cause Rodgers to collapse when the game is on the line. One and done. At home. Luckily it won’t be the McCarthy lead Cowboys, who have a better chance to win the Super Bowl than the Packers, but unfortunately it could very well be the Vikings who will squeak in after dominating the Packers next week. Can’t stop the run, Rodgers plays like crap against tough defenses when he MUST get a first down. Same Packers.

    1. PF4L December 27, 2021

      So you’re calling it?
      One and done!!
      The vikings will dominate the Packers?
      That is what you wrote…correct?
      Keep the faith Tommi.

  13. MMSUCKS December 26, 2021

    I have a few concerns regarding this team. One is that they seem to be trending downward defensively. WTF is going on with Joe Barry and his play calling snafus? Why (all of a sudden) has there been a change to ULTRA conservative DB positioning and scheming? 5-10 yards off of the receivers on a 3rd and 5 ???? Two; they seem to be playing ULTRA conservative in the second half, especially on the offensive side of the ball. All while they still continue to stink it up in the first quarter . . . having NEVER figured out why up to this point. Three; that ST unit is anything but special!

    I am also starting to have HUGE doubt’s regarding the return of Bakhtiari and Za’Darius Smith. Not to mention the alleged returns of Alexander and Meyers or even Billy Turner. Typical Mark Murphy and Gutekunst bullshit IMHO. Keep the fans guessing and in check . . . sad

    The crux of this? As of right now, a few NFC teams are HEAVILY trending upwards, while the Packers are appearing to flounder with poor adjustments, LOUSY ST play, and very uninspiring offensive play-calling down the stretch. So bad in the fourth quarter that the opposing team is brutally shutting the Packers down. That three and out against the Browns late in the game was fucking brutal, to say the least. This has especially been happening on defense, and especially these past few games. That MN Viking’s game was the same way. This last game should have been a slam dunk. Instead, it was the second game in a row that was trending towards a blowout, only to become a nail-biter thanks to the coaching and high-school-level tackling. Earlier in the year, it seemed as if the Packers had fixed the tackling nightmare . . . Well! it is now back with a vengeance.

    If these trends continue much further, two things WILL happen. One; they will not win the first seed. Two; they will EXIT early in the playoffs.

    Please tell me that the Packers are sandbagging! Because they really do not look very cohesive at this point. Others like those fucking Cowboys actually look more like a team . . . Just writing this about the Cowboys makes me want to throw up. Especially with the “Buffoon” as HC. C’mon!

    1. Mick December 27, 2021

      Good points MMSUCKS! The quality of play on both sides of the ball have regressed steadily since the Seahawks game. Last year, they led the league in scoring drives in the first quarter. This year, they can’t get out of their own way. I understand that the injuries along the O-line has something to do with it, but; the play calling is shit right now. This year, how many times have we heard LaFleur say that he’s abandoned the run too early, and also he realizes that they have let up a little too early in the 2nd half of games. Yet, we see the same things happening. I have another question. Since the Seahawk game, why can’t this team make adjustments at half time, like every opponent has against us? I’m beginning to question the coaching here. These last 3 games are showing a lot of chinks in the armor, and the way they’re playing now, makes you wonder how the hell they’ve won 12 games. They are running out of time to get things right.

      1. MMSUCKS December 27, 2021

        Exactly, earlier this year the Packers made adjustments at halftime. Not anymore! It seems as if they have totally abandoned that aspect.

  14. Sean December 27, 2021

    He does spend too much time thinking of Arod’s dick. Besides jerking off to his posts as he rereads them, I think he most likely wakes up from wet dreams about it and a pillowcase dripping with drool, all the while wearing his Olga viking wig.

  15. Howard December 27, 2021

    There was a lot not to like about the Packer’s run defense. Several times the interior defenders looked like they were stuck on the blockers by Velcro. They need to get their arms extended. Gary and Smith both took theirselves out of contain two or three times each. Tipa just gets blown off the spot when trying to contain. It was a big hit to lose Mercilus. The missed tackles happen when you go through a whole week of practice working from the shoulders up and not the shoulders down. With all that said the one player that concerned me the most was Stokes. Stokes acted like he was not suppose to tackle on run plays. I’m just here to contain and keep my feet even though the sideline and ball carrier is a couple of feet away. Screw tackling we can’t afford to lose another CB? Is that the mindset? I do like Stokes in coverage and he has shown an ability to wrap up and tackle when he is in man against a receiver. Stokes effort in this game against the run was pathetic.

    1. Deepsky December 28, 2021

      It wasn’t just Stokes in the secondary who looked like he didn’t want to tackle Chubb, Douglas looked even worse, like he was literally trying to avoid Chubb, waiting for a linebacker to come in and make the tackle. Other defensive backs too didn’t want to even attempt to take down Chubb. TJ Slaton was supposed to be some huge nose tackle type who could take on multiple blockers, yet he was easily dominated by a single guard. The Packers defense also had a lot of trouble with pulling linemen which got the running backs opened up on the outside. You can bet the Vikings noticed all these weaknesses and will run HEAVY next week.

  16. Tom M December 27, 2021

    If you girls could pull your head out of Aaron Rodgers ass long enough to stop talking about MVP awards and TD records. You’d realize we’re looking at some compelling playoff match ups in the coming weeks. Aaron Rodgers vs Mike McCarthy and/or Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady. Brady already owns Rodgers, while Big Mike will bring everything he’s got to make life uncomfortable for little Erin. And we know Rodgers pouts when things don’t go his way. I don’t hear any of you Rodgers fanboys telling me Rodgers is going to kick ass and take names come playoff time. Your content with regular season wins and MVP awards. Because that’s all “Michael Jordan” can give you.

    1. PF4L December 27, 2021

      Why are you so angry all the time little Tommi?
      What happened to you, did your parents not love you?
      I’m assuming your Grandmother raised and home schooled you..

  17. PF4L December 28, 2021

    Tom M December 26, 2021
    Personally I blame everything that goes wrong on……..
    Listen lettuce head…..
    The Packers are 12-3..the best record in the league if you didn’t know.
    Probably end up 14-3 with homefield, and a bye week.
    That’s the difference between you and i….
    I’m grateful the team exceeding my expectations at the beginning of the season.
    You want to find something to whine, complain, bitch about, and find someone to blame.
    But why Princess?
    The team is doing greater than expected.
    Can’t you just be happy?
    Do you ever have….a good day?
    It seems like everyday is a doomsday in your life.
    Like…you aren’t happy unless your bitching about something.
    Demeaning others….
    Or finding someone to obsess about in the most negative way you can muster.
    WTF is wrong with you son?
    I had a great day myself, and i’m looking forward to dinner with quality, entertaining people, a crackling fire, maybe a few cocktails, and with my passion for snow, i’ll be enjoying the snowfall tonight.
    I call that…a good Tuesday night
    Life is good Tommi.
    Try it sometime.

  18. Mick December 28, 2021

    Has anyone else noticed that the Packers D is not swarming to the ball like the 1st half of the season? Seems to me that is becoming rather obvious the last few games. Like others have stated above, the tackling isn’t anywhere near adequate. Although Gary and P. Smith are good at the pass rush, when they take a straight bee-line for the Q-back. it opens up the outsides for potentially big plays. The D has lost its discipline and it’s on Joe Barry to correct it!