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Game Day: Green Bay Packers at the Baltimore Ravens

Rodgers is peaking and the Packers D is getting some much deserved love this season — it’s game day, folks and the Packers are going on the road to Baltimore to face the 8-5 Ravens, who, much like the Pack, are facing some key injuries on their own.

All four of the Ravens’ starting defensive backs will be missing in action. With Rodgers on a hot streak, it would be no surprise to see it continue today in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ special teams is an absolute joke while the Ravens’ is top-notch.

The Packers currently have a grip on the #1 seed in the NFC — something that slipped away recently from the Ravens in the AFC.

T David Bakhtiari and CB Jaire Alexander both practiced this week, but it was explicitly stated that Bakhtiari will not be active against the Ravens. Alexander has begun his 21-day practice window to leave the injured reserve, but has not been activated. DL Kenny Clark is also not expected to play due to COVID protocols.

With the Rams/Seahawks game moved to Tuesday, this should be the only Fox late game and should be televised nationally. Unfortunately, you will have to tolerate Troy Aikman and Joe Buck’s “commentary”.

A few recent roster moves going into today’s game:

Signed S Shawn Davis to the active roster from the practice squad
Elevated DL Abdullah Anderson to the active roster
Elevated OL Cole Van Lanen to the active roster

Packers vs Ravens Injury Report

Fun Fact: Amari Rodgers’ dad, Tee Martin, is the Ravens wide receivers coach.

Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith (55) celebrates his sack during the 2nd quarter of the Green Bay Packers Los Angeles Rams NFC divisional playoff game Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.

Jason Parker

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  1. Mick December 19, 2021

    I expect this game to be a battle. The Ravens are a feisty bunch, tough and well coached —-especially on D and STs. Now is Slatons’ time to prove what he has a/c Clark on the covid list. Our STs can’t lay a turd like last week! On defense, we’ll see how Joe Barry compensates for the loss of Clark. As for putting up with Buck and Aikman; I just mute the TV.

  2. Tom M December 19, 2021

    A weak Ravens secondary won’t mean much if they have a consistent pass rush coming from our patchwork OL. These are the games where you pound the ball with a big back like Dillion. We can’t afford anymore injuries. Especially to Rodgers. If he can’t be supported with a clean pocket, run the ball. Especially if Huntley starts for Jackson. Getting thru this game healthy is just as important as a win.

  3. Dean December 19, 2021

    Looks like the NFL changed the Covid protocols mid season — can not have the optics of vaccinated personal testing positive in waves and games cancelled. Before, vaccinated personal were tested every Monday while un-vaccinated were tested every day. SHTF this past Monday when a spike hit as reported by ESPN.
    I guess money or politics is more important to the NFL than “science”? Or maybe the NFL just realized that the “science” was not really science…

    1. Mitch Anthony December 19, 2021

      Probably 95% of the NFL is vaxxed, along with 97% of the NBA and almost 100% of the NHL too. Yet every week we have all these young athletes in supreme physical condition testing positive.

      Pandemic of the un-vaccinated they say…..

      1. Dean December 19, 2021

        You can make statistics say anything you want. The NFL will just stop testing vaxxed players every week (spot check position groups only and ask about symptoms, ..). Presto, only the unvaxxed will show up as testing positive going forward!
        Hopefully more Americans are waking up to the games being played for the fact checkers…

        1. Mick December 20, 2021

          I agree with you guys, in part. Looks to me like the covid met a formidable opponent———— dollars and cents! LOL!

  4. MMSUCKS December 19, 2021

    Beware of the backup QB . . . He is fast and accurate. If anyone has watched him play, he is every bit as good in many ways as Jackson. Some ways? perhaps better. My concern is that the Packers do not have enough film on him. This could be a game changer. Watch out for this one. He seems to have the intangibles to beat good teams.

  5. PF4L December 19, 2021

    The Detroit Lions….
    Starring in…Any Given Sunday

    1. Ferris December 19, 2021

      Cardinals too. Kliff Hairspray is a pretender.

  6. PF4L December 19, 2021

    With the Lions beating the Cards.
    A Packers win places them with the best record in the NFL.
    Not having injuries is nice. But having the #1 seed, home field, and a 1st round bye is far more important.
    Unless of course you’re talking about Rodgers.
    The straw that stirs the drink

  7. Ferris December 19, 2021

    Cut Kevin King. Now. I’d rather see PF4L out there. Jesus. I know nobody could cover Andrews all day but he’s a corner on a TE with fresh legs and can’t cover him even close. Plus he was probably out there 5 snaps and gave up 3 catches and was not in the frame for coverage.
    Road wins are wins np matter how close. That QB for Baltimore is a good player. Trade Love for him…

    1. PF4L December 19, 2021

      Lol…yea well…i might be a little older and a little shorter than what they’re looking for.
      They should have it covered with Alexander, Stokes, and Douglas.
      I also thought Huntley showed himself well. I think MMSUCKS had it nailed on him.
      Undrafted, only started 2 games. The kid has nothing to hang his head about.

    2. Packtat87 December 19, 2021

      I have it on very good authority that anything you might blame on Kevin King is in fact not his fault. My evidence?

      Tom M November 15, 2021
      If Kevin King is your biggest bitch, then you don’t have much to complain about. Since week one, when everyone played like shit, and he’s been healthy. King has actually played pretty well. He’s certainty not a liability.

      1. PF4L December 20, 2021

        He’s my go to source for reliable information…
        He can tell you about how teams can guarantee a 5th year option (before they even sign a contract.
        Confused as to how Mark Murphy doubled as a NFL player AND a NFLPA attorney?
        Be confused no longer……
        Tommi is the answer man who can clear all that up for you.
        And plenty of other fictional stories.
        He can also vouch for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

  8. Mitch Anthony December 19, 2021

    If our ST coach was a Japanese general he would be taking out a big knife and carving his own guts out because of failure and humiliation. A delay of game penalty when you’re backed up to your own end zone on a punt. Come on man! That’s a breakdown in smarts, discipline and assignment for certain.

    Got real lucky at the end to stop that 2 point conversion. What a risky coaching decision. I heard Tony Dungy saying how he supported that decision but I totally disagree. Tie the game, go into OT, you have the home crowd and your offense was moving the ball well – backup QB and all. The momentum was on the side of the Ravens and they went for the big risk and it bit them. Thanks for the decision Harbaugh, you gave a Christmas present to Matt Lafleur.

    As already mentioned, the few plays I observed #20 on the field were typical for #20. Let’s hear again how well he has been graded. Schneider National, Swift, JB Hunt, all hiring. Drivers are needed.

    1. Mick December 20, 2021

      We witnessed what life is like without Clark in the lineup while facing an elusive scrambling Q-back. Case in point, I noticed the 2 outside backers were being sucked inside to help in run D; only to have Huntley escaping the pocket, left and right; and with his speed —- GBs’ D could not contain him. If Clark was in there, the OLSs. would have covered the flats and a good percentage of those scrambling plays wouldn’t have happened. On another note;;;;; Lions 30, Cards 12. Saints 9, Bucs 0! Thanks for the X-mas gifts Detroit and New Orleans.

    2. PF4L December 20, 2021

      ^ Both excellent post ^
      Japanese General…LOL