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Game Day: Cleveland Browns Visit Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field

Snow isn’t likely until later in the game, but it’s gonna be a cold Christmas Day at Lambeau with the Packers hosting the Cleveland Browns. The Browns just played and lost to the Las Vegas Raiders less than a week ago. The Packers are still trying to lay claim on the number one playoff seed in the NFC. Wednesday’s practice was cancelled to help the Pack rest up for this quick turnaround game.

A win today will place coach Matt LaFleur in a tie with the record for the most wins by a coach in their first three seasons. In two career starts against Cleveland, Aaron Rodgers has a total of 506 yards, 6 TDs, and a passer rating of 135.

Recent Roster Moves

DL Kenny Clark – activated from COVID-19 reserve
OL Cole Van Lanen – elevated from the practice squad to gameday roster
LB Ty Summers – placed on IR
WR Malik Taylor – placed on IR
LB Chauncey Rivers – placed on COVID-19 reserve


The Browns have activated QB Baker Mayfield to participate in today’s game.


Browns vs Packers Injury Report

Packers/Browns injury report

Game Information

When: 3:30pm Central Time
TV: NFL on Fox – Aikman and Joe Buck will be babbling into their microphones
Radio: WTMJ – Listen Live

Just For Fun


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that.

Jason Parker

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  1. PF4L December 25, 2021

    Merry Xmas you filthy animals

  2. Ferris December 25, 2021


    Merry Christmas…Shitter was full.

  3. PF4L December 25, 2021

    Is Lazard really trying to block Joe Jackson on the come around hand off to ESB?
    Was that the play scheme?….really?
    Hint, Lazard is playing off left by yard on Jackson. A yard is 3 feet Tommi.
    So Lazard has a hand on Jackson’s back for the whole play while Jackson swallows up ESB for a 9 yard loss.
    Excuse my astonishment, but i can’t believe i had to witness that.
    Somebody smarter than i am, please explain that play to me.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2021

      What say you Rebel…Tommi?
      Want to talk football for a change of pace?

  4. R December 25, 2021

    over 400 yards of offense by Clevelandl !!!! that’s 2 weeks in a row that Barry’s defense has been a sieve…and again…not lined up for the Cleveland touchdown !!

  5. Mitch Anthony December 25, 2021

    Four picks and five sacks does not make for a great defensive showing, at least in this game. Chubb was downright trucking the Packer defense. This was another Christmas present wrapped up for Matt LaFleur when that last DPI wasn’t noticed and it turned into a pick.

    Look, I like seeing a win but the play in the second half does not warm my heart going into the playoffs. There were some weaknesses exposed and let’s hope there is the time and where-with-all to make the necessary corrections. But hey, it ain’t like the ST unit soiled themselves so – there’s hope for adaptation and improvement.

  6. Mick December 26, 2021

    You’re right Mitch. The defense has been sliding downhill since the Sea Chickens game. What is really concerning is that the Browns’ RBs combined for 250 yards on 25 touches. That is 10 yards per-touch. Also in the 2nd half, I’ve witnessed the worst attempt at tackling in a long-long time. (reminded me of the NFCCG against the Niners) Not to take anything away from the Browns, they played their hearts out. With the Pack leading 21 to 12 at the half, the 2nd half was as bad as I.ve seen since the debacle in Jacksonville against the Saints. In the post game interviews, both Rodgers and LaFleur commented that “we may have let up a little there, in the 2nd half”. Well, they have made that comment before, most recently last week against the Ravens. Two more regular season games to go, and this team should be concerned about they’re overall play, let alone momentum; going into the playoffs.