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Special Teams Erase Chance in Kansas City

You could smell it coming from the first game of the season. Like cold rain on the horizon, the Packers Special Teams had the potential of ruining any of Sunday’s plans. The downpour opened up in Kansas City, a missed field goal followed by a blocked field goal put the Packers behind the eight ball early. Then the punt return gaff by Malik Taylor was the icing on a minimum of a nine point swing for the Chiefs in the first half, Young Jordan Love did not have enough to overcome the blunders and Green Bay settled for a 13-7 loss.

Nov 7, 2021; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (10) jumps and throws a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs during the second half at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The field goal errors probably led to the decision to go for it on fourth down late in the first half. That failure contributed to another three points for the home team. How much did the change in long snapper make Sunday? The point is debatable but in the end it falls on the coaches to prepare their players to execute like professionals. Packer fans did not see that on Sunday from their special teams. They did see some good defensive plays. But even their valiant effort of keeping Mahomes and company out of the end zone after the first drive was not enough to win the day.

A rookie quarterback in his first start needed help, but didn’t get quite enough. This game was there for the Packers to take. It will be interesting to see what consequences come from these blunders. Drafting a new kicker? Firing another special teams coach? Changing holders? Until the other shoe drops, Packer fans are left with an obvious reality. Change needs to happen.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Doug November 8, 2021

    If Mr. Edwards is really a Packers history enthusiast like he claims, he’ll know that Since 1992 the Packers have had unprecedented success at starting quarterback in Rodgers & Favre. Yesterday’s game was a taste of what Packers fans can expect to see in the future without Rodgers. I know he has a very divisive personality, but the team’s management and the fans should be begging him to stay.

    1. Jason Parker November 8, 2021

      Love played better yesterday than Rodgers did week 1 this very season.

      1. PF4L November 8, 2021

        Sounds well thought out JP….by that “accurate” measurement…

        Jordan love played better Sunday than the whole Packer team played in week 1 against the Saints.
        But sure….hang your Rodgers hate on that coat rack
        I maybe somewhat SLOW…..But i think the Chiefs 28th ranked defense that gives up 27.5 PPG was less of a challenge than the week one matchup.
        The Chiefs are nothing but a shell of what they used to be.
        There have been musings (lies) told lately how Rodgers targets Adams too much, like 15-20 targets a game to help his friend make that “SCRATCH”…which has been proven to be pure and total bullshit.
        But WAIT….Put Love as starter and Adams is targeted 14 times by Love.
        Adams only caught 6 of 14 targets.
        Whose fault is that?……Aaron Rodgers?
        Did Adams not run the right routes?
        Did Adams drop too many dimes thrown by Love.
        Let me guess…lol….did Adams NOT catch passes on purpose to make Rodgers…look better?..LMA0
        Whatya got Rodgers haters?
        I mean, i know…..it wasn’t Love’s fault because the game is too fast for him still.
        I know, that isn’t it…. right?.
        Nice to see a 3rd round pick contribute once in awhile through the Gute years…Dequara caught a couple for 16 yards..YAY!!!
        Not sure what Amari Rodgers did besides fumble.
        Hopefully Preston Smith can make it on the active roster and dare i say…. contribute next week?
        I know others (Tommi) have said that Preston Smith will have a big year because he wants to get paid next year.
        We know….Tommi’s usually right…….right?
        I’m just not sure when that (big year) is going to start…week 11?…..week 16?
        Now…are we done pretending MVS is our #2 receiver or are we sticking to that story?
        Has the ESB experiment run it’s course yet or do we need another couple years?
        Again…..Good thing that Gute had the good sense to trade for Cobb as he was again the most productive receiver
        In closing…..the only thing left to figure out yet for the Rodgers haters, is how to blame this loss on Aaron Rodgers.


        1. PF4L November 8, 2021

          “In closing………..the only thing left to figure out yet for the Rodgers haters, is how to blame this loss on Aaron Rodgers.” – PF4L
          WE HAVE A WINNER!!!…I knew it was no fault of Love, He still has training wheels on….apparently.
          Welcome to the NFL son!!…..if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
          Best sit for a couple more years until your ready….for what, i don’t know.
          Tom M November 8, 2021
          It’s difficult to pick who’s to blame the most here. The abysmal special teams or Aaron Rodgers stupidity for missing the game.
          ^^Winner Winner Chicken Dinner^^

        2. Killer November 8, 2021

          Oh my! Piffle! I hope you are wearing your facemask carefully handcrafted from Rodger’s homeopathic panties. Can’t be too careful and you can’t idolize Rodgers too much. After all, he is almost, al-mooooooost, in the Top 20 QBs of all time.

          You called it, though. Jason Parker has an opinion that is not completely Aaron Rodgers approved. And so, yes, he must be part of the ever growing “woke” mob. Yes, Aaron wished people would sleep on what a lying selfish asshole he is but, sadly, most people are waking up from that and are too awake to fall for hill silly stupidities. They are far too “woke” for him and we can add JP to the list.

          Aaron still has you, Piffle! And, sadly, he always will. Some people want to be forever fooled. What is the term for such a person? Fool.

          Oh, and yes, Rodgers is a big reason the Packers lost to KC. The QB play was awful. Do you think Rodgers is better than Love? I know you do! If Rodgers had played there is little doubt the QB play would have been a huge upgrade. He is a very good QB, just not a good person. His loss did cost the Packers this game. And… why did he miss the game? Because he was stupid. Stupid for not taking the vaccine and then stupid for not taking simple precautions that are even spelled out for him by rule. So easy!

          Rodgers missed this game because of Rodgers. Had Rodgers played, the Packers would have won. Therefore, obvious to all but you, yes Rodgers is to blame for this loss. And likely the coming loss to the Seahawks as well.

          Keep huffing those Rodgers panties. I know you can’t stop. He told you to do it and you must obey him. He is your God. A really really REALLY shitty God, but, what can you do? Change? Adapt? Improve yourself? Hell no! You can’t cure fool.

          1. PF4L November 8, 2021

            Awe…im sorry Tommie…sniffle
            Tough Viking loss…i feel your pain.

        3. Dean November 10, 2021

          PF4L, heads up, 5th round pick TJ Slaton had a good game against KC.

          1. PF4L November 11, 2021

            The defense held their own.
            Props to Barry

  2. Howard November 8, 2021

    Paul, the mistakes on the punt return were on Rodgers not Taylor. It was not Taylor’s mistake it was Rodgers mistake in 1. Misjudging the flight of the ball. 2. Not signaling the jammers early to get out of the way because he was going to let the ball hit, and 3. Not following through with the catch. This is the problem with rookie punt returners from mild climates, as the weather gets bad the wind (this time), cold, cold rain, and snow can creates problems. It is November and things are only going to get worse as it relates to weather and Rodgers returning punts in the weather. Returning punts is a difficult job in good conditions, let alone in bad weather. I think Cobb may be a punt returner, or I should say fair catcher in future inclement weather games this year.
    The blocked kick did look like a bad snap. On both field goal holds the laces of the ball were not away from the kicker as they should be. On the miss the laces needed to be rotated another 90 degrees. On the blocked punt the laces were facing Crosby. However; there were other problems with the blocked field goal operation besides the hold, such as the snap, kick trajectory, and blocking. A total cluster.

    1. PF4L November 8, 2021

      ^Gotta appreciate this man and the ones like him^

      They are few and rare, but they keep things real and they keep the train on the tracks.
      The people make this site great, like the people here i speak of, so reality doesn’t get distorted into fiction.
      No offence Tommi.
      Checks and balances to keep the truth in check.
      Much respect.

      1. Howard November 11, 2021

        Thanks PF4L. Same back to you.

  3. Deepsky November 8, 2021

    This looked just like the Packers of the 70s and 80s when quarterbacks like Carlos Brown, Jim Zorn or Jerry Tagge would play. Spanguolo knew Love wouldn’t be able to handle the blitz and did so nearly every play. Sometimes he brought nearly everyone on defense. A good QB identifies the blitz, knows where to send the ball quickly, has accuracy and release speed to get it there on time, has rapport with the receivers and makes the defense pay. Love seemed to understand the offense, but didn’t know where to exactly send the ball and the worse thing is his accuracy was really bad which was his knock at Utah. A good QB makes his offensive line and receivers look good. In the 70s and 80s we would blame the offensive line or receivers, but after watching Rodgers and Favre for 30 years, its clear it was the terrible quarterback play. We would watch as our quarterbacks got killed and blame the offensive line, but when Favre came along all that disappeared. Remember too, Rodgers and Favre each won their first games they started. Rodgers had a 115 QB rating. I am very disappointed in Love. Honestly, he probably should have been picked a few more times because his accuracy is so bad. I’ll wait a few games to call him a bust, but man, he showed us nothing. The Chiefs are nearly dead last in pressuring the QB, yet still Love was under pressure, and the Packers have the Vikings, Rams and Browns coming up, who lead the league is pressuring QB. Let’s hope Rodgers comes back healthy.

  4. Tom M November 8, 2021

    It’s difficult to pick who’s to blame the most here. The abysmal special teams or Aaron Rodgers stupidity for missing the game. But somewhere in the top three is Matt LaFleur’s game plan. He should have known they were going to blitz the young QB and planned accordingly. To his credit, LaFleur took responsibility. Still it was a one score game at the end. Prepare for the hyperbole as clueless posters will proclaim its a return to the 70’s and 80’s without Rodgers. Jordan Love is no Jerry Tagge or Randy Wright. Anymore than AJ Dillion is the next Eric Torkelson. Sometimes having a big time WR and a young QB isn’t the best combination. Was Love trying to be Aaron Rodgers with his 14 targets to Adams? Or was the veteran WR manipulating the young QB? I’ve said it before. This offense works best when the ball is spread around. We’re now 0-3 when Davante Adams returns from injury or COVID over the last three years. He’ll be getting his 25 million per season elsewhere.

  5. Ferris November 8, 2021

    Packers Special Teams provide eye closing turn away like there is about to be a car accident on the field type moments every game. Year after year after year after year…non COVID Rodgers the superstar Clemson WR looks lost back there. Just have Cobb go out there and catch punts. EVERY punt a fair catch even at the 1. Crosby is in his own head…again. Laces out!!! Ray Finkle. Do the laces make it hurt to kick? I’d bet at some point Justin Tucker has kicked a ball down the middle with the laces pointing in. Just kick it through the big H asshat.

  6. Howard November 8, 2021

    The Chiefs DC did the very same thing he did to the 49ers in the 4th quarter of the 2019 super bowl. The only difference was against the Packers the Chiefs defense over loaded the line most of the game. I commented after the 2019 SB game that it was a mistake for the 49ers to stop running while in the lead and go to the pass because the line was overloaded with defenders. The Packers were making decent runs against 8+ Chief defenders in the box. LaFleur just like Shanahan made the mistake with young and/or not very accurate passers to give up the run over the pass because the numbers told them they should pass. Bullshit with that mindset. You can run the ball against a stacked box. In fact many times it is easy for a runner to come out the other side of a stacked line with only one or no other defender to beat. Sometimes in football you just have to take what you want rather take what you believe the opponent is giving you. No matter how bad the Packer STs and Love played, the Chiefs could have been beat with a more determined run game, even if the Packers were in 3rd and over 6 yards many times. It just takes one play with a runner coming out the backside for the Packers to be in the lead.

    1. Mick November 9, 2021

      Good points Howard! I found it baffling that LaFleur, or the OC; didn’t make adjustments to the game plan when KC was blitz crazy. 2nd or 3rd and long and there’s no RBs’ in to help pick up the blitz? With an inexperienced QB, that is what you call offensive suicide. Once again, LaFleur doesn’t lean on the running game, which was doing quite well. He even admitted to it in his presser, problem is; he’s admitted it before but hasn’t learned. I like your quote on giving up on the run over the pass, because the numbers say so. That is the part of analytics that numbs the brain. Seems that sometimes these younger coaches out-smart themselves. As for the special teams, well; at least we can say they’re consistant——CONSISTANTLY BAD!

      1. Howard November 11, 2021

        Thanks Mick, I try to look at the weeks opponent previous 3 or 4 games before they play the Packers. One thing that was clear about the Chiefs defense was you could run against them. Several teams had success running off tackle and around the edge. I agree with you LaFleur has made this mistake before.
        I do like the idea of keeping players fresh for a game and season. I do question some of the offensive and defensive substitution timing during games and series in those games. The defensive substitution pattern has been most annoying starting at week 1, but offensive substitution patterns may be part of the reason the run game gets ignored at times.

  7. PF4L November 8, 2021

    Here’s one for you JP….if we’re going to play that game…..
    Rodgers first start……
    18 of 22 for 178 yards…81.8 completion percentage..1 TD…0 interceptions…115.5 passer rating.
    Jordan Loves first start…..
    19 of 34 for 190 yards…55.8 completion percentage…1 TD…1 interception….69.5 passer rating.
    But who knows….maybe Jordan Love can find his way to a 3x MVP…SB win…SB MVP, 9 x Pro Bowl, 3x All Pro
    And be referred to by his pears as ONE of the most talented QB’s in the history of the NFL.
    It could happen!!
    Could you imagine that?….3 HOF QB’s…. back 2 back 2 back for 45 years under 1 franchise??
    It could happen!! :)

    1. Kato November 8, 2021

      PF4L to be fair, their situations were different. Rodgers had three full seasons to learn the game, not to mention full off-seasons to practice, and Favre was always absent from the off-season program, giving Rodgers a lot of very valuable reps. Also, last year wasn’t a normal off-season, and he didn’t get any reps. Also, of note he has had very little work with WR1, as Adams sat out off-season workouts. Timing is important. And I am sure the offensive line playing their worst game since Tampa in the regular season last year didn’t help things. You often cite offensive line play for when Rodgers plays poorly, you can’t not do the same thing here if you are going to be objective.
      Love showed some flashes and made some really impressive plays that showed why he was in consideration at one point for the #1 overall pick. He also showed some of the things that had scouts worried about him as an NFL passer, with some questionable decisions. To me, he was a mixed bag. There were things that I really liked, and other things, not so much. I am not even close to writing him off as a quality NFL QB yet

      1. PF4L November 8, 2021

        Yea Kato…im being unfair while everyone is being fair.
        Wtf is wrong with me?
        How about when Rodgers played against Dallas when Farve left the game?
        Or is that unfair to bring up?

  8. Empacador November 8, 2021

    It’s been kind of entertaining to observe from afar. After yesterday’s game, and seeing all the throws to Adams, it is clear he needs to go. I seriously doubt Love has the latitude Rodgers has when it comes to running the offense, so the fact that Adams was targeted that much is very telling about LaFleur’s offense. I’m of the opinion the offense, at least under Rodgers, works better when Adams isn’t available and can’t be the focus.

    As far as the rest of the nonsense being spewed by everyone and their brother about Rodgers lying. Spin it however you want. Here’s my take on current and future events.

    How come the Packers lie but get a pass? Maybe it’s only semantics when the Packers do it. I’ve been reading elsewhere the last few days about how the Packers promote from within. Sure, promoting Drayton provides the narrative the Packers promote from within while the clusterfuck on special teams continues. Why didn’t they see fit to promote Jerry Gray from within? Recent defensive performance notwithstanding, I believe he was a more successful DC than Joe Barry. As I found stated elsewhere; In his 22 NFL seasons as a defensive coordinator or a defensive backs/secondary coach, he helped defenses to top-10 league rankings in scoring defense 10 times, in overall defense 10 times and passing defense 11 times. He served as the defensive backs coach for Minnesota for six seasons (2014-19), helping the Vikings rank in the top 10 in the NFL in scoring defense in five straight seasons (2015-19). As Buffalo’s defensive coordinator, he helped the Bills rank No. 2 in the league in overall defense in back-to-back seasons (2003-04). What was Barry’s record before getting a third bite at the apple with Green Bay? How come nobody had their panties in a knot over that? Oh but don’t stop there.

    Farve is a piece of shit that not only demanded his own private locker room but also called opponents (Lions) offering information on how to beat the Packers or hoped they (Bears) would beat the Packers in the playoffs. And no I’m not going to provide sources, do your own ass investigating it’s all out there if you care to find it. But let’s conveniently forget about that. You can make all the references you want about Rodgers’ sexuality or issues with his family, doesn’t fucking matter. Winning makes up for a lot of faults, and he is almost singlehandedly responsible for the success of the Packers under the current regime and going back to Thompson/McCarthy. No amount of rewriting history is going to change that. And yeah his shit is getting old. Still doesn’t mean he is wrong about what he’s said about the front office. Some people just want to hate and will use any means available to justify their hate. See the current political climate if you need more validation.

    Yesterday was that glimpse into the future of the Packers sans Rodgers. I suspect when Rodgers is gone, just like the Favre apologists, there will be a segment of the fan base lamenting the good old days when even “shitty ass, washed up, horrible human being Rodgers” was the worst thing they had to piss and moan about. It will be OK because Love isn’t a liar/closet gay/shitty person am I right? 2-15 will be acceptable as long as the wins are against the Bears. Continually missing on the early draft picks from being shitty year after year will all be acceptable because the Packers are above being blamed/held accountable for anything they do or say. Good luck with that.

    1. Kato November 10, 2021

      Good post enpac

      1. Empacador November 10, 2021

        Thank you. Good to see you chime in now and again.

    2. MMSUCKS November 11, 2021

      Great points Empacador! Miss seeing you post.Cheers!

      1. Empacador November 11, 2021

        Thanks MMSUCKS. I’ve simply been watching things unfold. There are a lot of folks in for a rude awakening both here and on other deluded sites that shall remain nameless. Can’t wait for the realization to hit home, not to gloat but see the reactions of what a rare opportunity the Packers were afforded but failed to capitalize on.

        The sad thing is if you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, the Packers had the potential to be phenomenal during the primes of some of our lives. My kids and others in my family have never experienced the Packers losing year after year for 20 years. If this takes potentially another 20 years to fix once there is a changing of the guard so to speak, some of us won’t be around any longer to cherish the success. Just win, baby never meant more than it does now. We can only hope.

        Happy Veterans Day to my fellow vets and thanks for your service.

        1. MMSUCKS November 11, 2021

          Thanks for your service Empacador. Happy Veterans Day!
          Btw, you are totally correct about what this franchise has done with two HOF QB1’s, and what will most likely happen after the current one has left (for whatever reason). Younger Packer fans are clueless as to how much it sucked year in and year out for those decades . . . trusting that these last few months have OPENED the Packer’s brain-trusts’ eyes enough to realize how fortunate that they have been; while at the same time giving them time to reflect on how they brutally squandered so many opportunities to ride these two QB1’s into much greener pastures than their overtly cautious approach to getting better players around the two QB1’s played out. It worked against them to say the least . . .

          1. Mick November 13, 2021

            Great posts MMSUCKS and Empac! I was one of those fans that experienced Packer football in the 70’s and 80’s. Needless to say, it sucked. Don’t ever want to see that ineptness again! On another note, let’s salute our veterans for their service and protecting our way of life.

        2. PF4L November 12, 2021

          If i haven’t said it, and i’d like to think i have many times over the years……
          Echoing the thanks for your service Empac
          Always highest respect football and otherwise Empac….you are one of the elite in here i speak of occasionally.

          1. Empacador November 13, 2021

            Thank you PF4L, yes you certainly have.