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Game Day: Seattle Seahawks Visit the Packers at the Frozen Tundra

Kaaron Rodgers put down her pumpkin spice latte and has informed the neighborhood watch committee that she is occupied this Sunday because it’s GAME DAY, folks!

Not just any game day, but Frozen Tundra Gameday. Those Sea Chickens will need their warm, salty tears to thaw out their insides once this game is over. Including playoffs, the Pack has won nine straight games at Lambeau Field against Seattle.

The Packers defense has been showing up lately. Despite their best efforts last week, they couldn’t carry the special teams and Love to a victory. Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry’s five-man fronts and aggressive linebacker strategy is going to make this snow day an even worse one for Seattle. This D keeps large plays in check and is ranked 5th in total defense at 321.2 yards per game.

Packers Inactives

DL Kingsley Keke
WR Equanimeous St. Brown
S Vernon Scott
TE Dominique Dafney
T David Bakhtiari

Game Information:

Who: Seahawks vs Packers
When: 3:25pm – Central Time
Where: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin
TV: NFL on CBS (No Aikman or Buck! Wooo!)
Radio: WTMJ Listen Live

TV Broadcast Map for Packers vs Seahawks

Packers vs Seahawks

We also already know that Mrs Rodgers has decided to do the post-game interview via Zoom instead of wearing a mask, per Dr. Rogan’s orders. We can only respect that decision and hope the other book club ladies can continue talking some sense into her.

Jason Parker

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  1. Tom M November 14, 2021

    I saw this as a game of Brian Gutekunst vs John Schneider. When you compare the two GM’s drafts and FA signings over the last three years. It was clear the Packers had the superior roster. And it wasn’t even close. Aaron Jones MCL sprain is why you use a second round pick on AJ Dillion. That, and the fact he’s emerging as a franchise back. But he wasn’t an immediate starter so he was a wasted pick. Just like Rashan Gary, who picked up another sack today. And Preston Smith, what a waste of money he was! He got another sack and along with Gary and made life miserable for Russell Wilson. Same goes with Adrian Amos, sure he got an INT in the end zone and is vastly underrated. Whatever was our GM thinking when he signed him? I mean, he’s actually pretty good. Gutekunst isn’t supposed to smart enough to know that. Even everybody’s whipping boy Kevin King got an INT in the end zone. Who was the wise and sage poster who said he never wanted to see King in a Packer uniform again? PF4L himself told us Eric Stokes was a wasted pick because he didn’t start week one. And everyone lambasted Joe Barry. It’s amazing what a good coach can do with talented players. While Aaron Rodgers, who demands our unconditional love, looked a lot like Jordan Love for much of the game without the pass rush constantly in his face. I don’t know Jason, if we only had a GM that could help Erin. What a wonderful world it would be.

    1. Packtat8i7 November 14, 2021

      Tom I don’t give a flying fuck about you and P4’s little rivalry but don’t for one second act like King getting an Int today absolves him of all the positions he’s put this team in through unimaginable ignorance and lack of awareness. That kid is a constant and consistent weakness to that defense and every time qb’s look in his direction my ass clenches tight enough to turn coal into a diamond. My biggest complaint about Gute is not replacing him with literally anyone. I would put 10 people on the field and leave someone uncovered just in hopes the pressure of having a free catch would cause a mistake since it’s no different than having King 20 yards away from his assignment anyway.

      1. Mitch Anthony November 14, 2021

        Okay, you beat me to it. The coal to diamond thing was icing on the cake.

      2. Zwoeger November 15, 2021

        Coal to a diamond that’s a better one then my cracking al walnut that way. :-)

      3. Tom M November 15, 2021

        If Kevin King is your biggest bitch, then you don’t have much to complain about. Since week one, when everyone played like shit, and he’s been healthy. King has actually played pretty well. He’s certainty not a liability. And Gutekunst did replace him with Stokes. The Alexander injury changed all of that. Perhaps, you’d prefer Josh Jackson or Shemar Jean-Charles? Since, according to you, anyone will do.

        1. Packtat87 November 15, 2021

          You either truly are the worlds biggest troll, willfully ignorant or Ray Charles levels of blind to say King is “Certainly not a liability”. No longer worth the time it takes to respond, please quit your shit.

          1. Tom M November 15, 2021

            Look Packat87, if you and your buddies want to hold hands and pucker up every time a ball is thrown Kevin King’s way, who am I to judge? How many catches did Lockett and Metcalf have yesterday? How many yards did Mahomes have last week? 170? After Mahomes lit up the Raiders secondary Sunday night. Does King have limitations? Absolutely. Is King injured too much? Absolutely. Is he best suited as a backup? I’d probably buy into some of that argument. I’m of the opinion that next to QB, playing corner is the most difficult position in pro football. The rules always favor WR’s. There simply isn’t enough quality corners in the game. If Isaac Yiadom were to start opposite Eric Stokes it wouldn’t take long to appreciate Kevin King with all his limitations.

      4. Howard November 15, 2021

        I guess everyone realizes King hardly played after about midway through the second quarter. I think King may have been on defense twice in the second half with one of those plays being the int. Douglas took Kings place as the RCB. Not sure if King was taken off the field because of play or another Injury/tweaked shoulder.

        1. MMSUCKS November 15, 2021

          King played 20 snaps in 4 quarters. Per SB Nation;

          Chandon Sullivan 61, Eric Stokes 60, Rasul Douglas 42, Kevin King 20, Shemar Jean-Charles 1

          Although King and Stokes got the starts on the boundary, Sullivan ended up playing every snap as the Packers did not once line up with fewer than five defensive backs. King actually had a light workload in this game, as the team used Douglas to rotate in early and often with King, though King recorded a massive end zone interception to help preserve the shutout. Still, it was a solid performance from all of the boundary corners, as Seattle’s wide receivers combined for just six receptions on a whopping 23 targets, gaining a total of just 45 yards.

          1. PF4L November 17, 2021

            Stating the obvious…..
            Tommi is more interested in spinning his fictional narrative, than any truth based facts.

  2. Ferris November 15, 2021

    King has had a couple good games. He also dropped that INT. Officials were still trying to make up for the Fail Mary with the Rodgers fumble and that call. He only played 20 snaps too. So he didn’t F up too much because he was not out there much. He is always a liability and the fact he had a decent couple games does not erase all the terrible games he has had in the past. If they cut him tomorrow I would not miss him. A street free agent Rasul is better in every way. There is another one out there somewhere.

    1. PF4L November 15, 2021

      Look….it’s fairly common knowledge that Tommi likes to speak for others…even when blatantly untrue. Yes…that makes him a twat ad others expressed.
      But he’s the worst kind….because he’s a twat to everyone.
      The only thing more pathetic than Tommi’s comments toward everyone.
      Is the simple fact he acts like he belongs here and is wanted here.

  3. Tom M November 16, 2021

    The tape tells me, when healthy, Kevin King is a slightly above average corner. And when he plays hurt he’s a slightly below average corner. The problem of course is he’s constantly nicked up one way or the other. In the previous two regular seasons, the Packers won 26 games with Alexander and mostly King as the number two corner. You don’t win that many games with a CB as bad as everyone here seems to think Kevin King is. Everyone bases their evaluation of King on his performance in the NFCC game. Which admittedly was bad. And he was playing with yet another injury. At that time it was his back. Aaron Rodgers also played poorly in the 4th quarter of the NFCC game. Of course everyone goes all “Ray Charles” on Rodgers. And his issues in that game have continued into this season. Namely getting inside the 10 yard line then settling for FG’s. Fortunately the defense has been able to bail everyone’s favorite diva out. That always seems to get over looked so we can point the finger elsewhere. Namely Kevin King or Brian Gutekunst or whoever today’s scapegoat maybe.