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Rodgers Tests Positive for Covid, Will Miss Kansas City Game

The Last Dance gets tripped up yet again with a ton of bricks dropping today with the news of QB Aaron Rodgers testing positive for COVID, resulting in the revelation that he will not be active against the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday. This comes as the team deals with several injuries to key players. Despite that, the Packers have managed to find themselves 7-1 with a playoff spot all but certain.

According to Ian Rapoport, Rodgers is unvaccinated:

There is, of course, no official confirmation of his vaccination status and coach LaFleur declined to discuss it when questioned. Rodgers has gone on record describing himself as “immunized” to the virus. This is sometimes how those who have previously contracted the virus describe themselves as they have previously produced antibodies for it. However, this protection fades quickly — but we are not here to discuss that.

He was also quoted by the NYT as saying, “There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision. I’m not going to judge those guys.”

What’s important to note here is that the team has had Rodgers under unvaccinated status, requiring him to take extra precautions that vaccinated players do not.

Aaron Rodgers at Packers training camp 2021

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) participates in training camp at Ray Nitschke Field, Monday, Aug. 2, 2021, in Green Bay, Wis. Samantha Madar/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Jordan Love, celebrating his birthday yesterday, will now have a lot of eyes on him going into this weekend’s game. The Packers are likely to grab someone else to give Love some backup himself. ESPN is reporting that Blake Bortles, who previously worked with the team, will be signed to the practice squad. The earliest Rodgers could return is going to be November 13th.

Packers News has video of coach Matt LaFleur’s comments:

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Kato November 3, 2021

    LOL. Well, I think it is Rodgers personal health decision even if I don’t agree with it

  2. joefan November 3, 2021

    This is maybe the worst thing that could happen during the season, especially with the Packers being in a good spot for the number one seed. Also, this is a bad look for Rodgers. He criticized the Packers for not being aggressive enough, which I thought was true. But he’s also not going all in himself by not taking care of himself and getting the vaccine. He’s completely lost to the quack “alternative medicines” like homeopathy and whatever new age nonsense his hollywood buddies believe in.

    I’m totally fine with the Packers moving on from Rodgers next year. The only way he could fix this is he admits he messed up and gets the vaccine. But he’s probably too lost at this point.

    1. Big Gay Clay November 3, 2021

      Dude if he doesn’t want to get the vaccine it’s not your or my business. Does it affect you in any way shape or form? I haven’t commented on here in a long time but damn man you’re brainwashed and it’s sad. I applaud people for making the decision that they feel is best for them.

    2. Dean November 3, 2021

      Do you realize the repeated boosters that will be required to be “fully vaccinated” once you get on the rona vaccine roller coaster? See Israel for an example how the vaccines + boosters are working out. Someone young and healthy like Aaron is better off getting natural immunity before subjecting themselves to be experimented on, IMHO.
      You judge Aaron as listening to “quacks”; however, you blindly listen to a man (fauci) that has been shown to allow experiments on Beagle puppies that are inhumane.

      1. Dean November 3, 2021

        Seems like the CDC changed the definition of vaccine and vaccination just recently — maybe Rodgers has a valid point to argue…
        Social media is calling bluff on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for modifying its definition of the words “vaccine” and “vaccination” on its website.
        Before the change, the definition for “vaccination” read, “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.”
        Now, the word “immunity” has been switched to “protection.”
        The term “vaccine” also got a makeover. The CDC’s definition changed from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

      2. Jason Parker November 4, 2021

        Lot of straw men and red herrings going on here.

        1. Dean November 4, 2021

          Well, it has been widely reported about otherwise healthy young men having heart issues after the covid vaccination — football players fit into that group. Problem in the USA is that this type of news is being censored. Now there is this from the Premier of Western Australia:
          Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan revealed the state’s hospital system is under extraordinary pressure — they don’t know why.
          Remember they have been isolated and somewhat under lock down with basically no covid or variant cases — the state has recorded 1,112 Covid cases in total since the beginning of the pandemic. They also have a high vaccination rate …
          You can listen to the Premier himself here:

          1. Jason Parker November 4, 2021

            Don’t post that anti-vax tinfoil shit here, man.

          2. PF4L November 5, 2021

            I’ve seen that crowd….not impressed.
            Yea….forget the shots, tinfoil is where it’s at.

          3. Dean November 5, 2021

            OK. My apologies.

          4. Ferris November 5, 2021

            Only unvaccinated people would post that garbage.

    3. Deepsky November 4, 2021

      The worst thing is if he gets a serious case of Covid and has permanent lung damage.

    4. MMSUCKS November 5, 2021

      HEY joefan!!!! I live out in LA and work in the entertainment industry. You are so fucking wrong about the “Hollywood” bullshit you espouse. EVERYONE that I know that works in Hollywood is vaccinated. All except some of the “redneck” construction crews. Continue to read the BS blogs. And right -wing crap. I agree that there is a “New Age” problem with companies like Gaiam . . . But they are NOT “Hollywood”. STOP conflating the two and showing your abject ignorance regarding this topic.

      1. Ferris November 5, 2021

        I love you MMSUCKS in a platonic way. You post a lot of what I am thinking as well.

        1. MMSUCKS November 6, 2021

          Thanks Ferris! Back at you! Birds of a feather! Love your posts!

      2. Joefan November 5, 2021

        Hold on. Im talking about specific people like Joe rogan who rodgers is a friend of. Im not talking about normal people such as yourself.

        1. MMSUCKS November 6, 2021

          Yep! I agree Joe Rogan is a douche-bag. Thanks for clarifying your position. Go Pack Go!

  3. Stickman November 3, 2021

    Well, Well, Well, Looks like we get to see what #10 is all about.. And if the greatest QB in my time needs a week off,,, then take the week off you deserve it. Hope #10 does well so we can get a #1 for him.

  4. Sal November 3, 2021

    LOL just another example of Rodgers trying to be smarter than everyone else. I hope Love lights it up so Rodgers is left with no leverage and we can move on from this Hollywood clown without a second thought.

    1. MMSUCKS November 5, 2021

      SAL . . . Fuck your abject ignorance about Hollywood. Do you know that there are just as many right-wing producers out here espousing their political and military POV’s??? Or has that eluded your less than savvy grey-matter? Clueless . . . just clueless.

      1. PF4L November 5, 2021

        Seems to me the Packers had a chance to move Rodgers and get some pretty sweet draft choices from San Fran.
        Personally, if those rumors were true, i think the Packers really dropped the ball.
        Rule of thumb…if an employee publicly announces he doesn’t want to work for you….move him if you can.
        If they kept Rodgers because Love wasn’t ready, so be it, but sooner or later, it’s time to put the big boy pants on.
        As far as Love “lighting it up” this Sunday…..if he does than Rodgers loses all leverage?
        WOW, really?….lol.

        If Love lights it up, good for him. But it’s against the 28th ranked defense giving up a whopping 27.5 PPG.
        Gee…i recall a Cowboy game where Rodgers came in cold and greatly out performed Favre.
        Rodgers had a 106 passer rating and Farve had an 8.9 passer rating.
        I’m fairly certain Favre started the rest of the games that season.

        1. MMSUCKS November 6, 2021

          Great points PF4L

  5. Ferris November 4, 2021

    The Chefs (Snickers) will get a chance to right their dumpster fire of a team. Plus a bonus is with the Green Bay offense being off the field after a bunch of 3 and outs gives my fantasy QB (Mahomes) a bunch of chances to score. On the other hand Daniel INT and fumble Jones almost beat them.

    1. Tom M November 5, 2021

      I agree Ferris. I saw a 2-5 New York Giants team with an average defense, average WR’s and RB’s, and a below average QB, go into Arrowhead and give the Chiefs all they could handle. With a superior defense, along with Adams, Jones, and Dillion, I like our chances. Even with Jordan Love at QB. This will be an excellent opportunity for an in season evaluation of Love. We can all thank unvaccinated and deceitful Aaron Rodgers for opening the door to his successor.

      1. PF4L November 5, 2021

        Playing nice with Ferris?
        For a second i thought you grew up a little.
        But then, there it is, like clock work, the obsessive Rodgers hate.

        1. Ferris November 5, 2021

          I don’t want to play with him. Tell my Mom to come and pick me up.

        2. Ferris November 5, 2021

          I don’t want to play with him. Tell my Mom to come pick me up.

        3. Tom M November 5, 2021

          Don’t get excited girls. I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge when either one of you ladies says something even remotely intelligent. It’s just such a rarity. It doesn’t mean I want you to share your sister with me. Let’s just keep that between the two of you….

  6. Publius Jr. November 4, 2021

    Rodgers should get the treatment Trump and Joe Rogan got to show the govt jab is not the only way to treat it. If he does it he could be back on the field by Sunday.

    As for PCR testing it will show a positive for Flu or the common cold. This covid policy is just a way for sports betting to have better odds for wise guys like most of Zigi Wilf’s New Jersey friends. (Mr Wilf is the ViQueens majority owner).

  7. Ed November 4, 2021

    Roger sure looks two faced. He was pissed at Ryan Braun for lying about drug use.
    Now he lies and it’s OK ? I think he owes Brawn an apology.

    1. PF4L November 5, 2021


  8. Deepsky November 4, 2021

    Rodgers needs to gargle with bleach. Or take horse dewormer. Sit under some UV light. A daily tablet of zinc. Any of these work well. The last thing you want is to have some Chinese nanobot running around in veins waiting to be activated by the 5G network.

    1. MMSUCKS November 5, 2021

      Love it!

    2. Kato November 5, 2021

      Since you are looking referring to ivermectin as “horse dewormer” I am going to assume you are retarded.

      1. Deepsky November 9, 2021

        Well, the next time Rodgers has an ACL tear or broken collar bone, he should go to Joe Rogan for medical attention. For that matter, anyone touting unproven or questionable treatments, when you’re in a car crash, have cancer, or a heart attack, make sure you turn to YouTube or Facebook for medical advice, because apparently those with years of medical training, the lab tests, computer modelling, animal testing, clinical trials and double blind trials that created treatments for things like cancer and heart attacks are all suspect.

        1. Howard November 9, 2021

          I just thought I would address your comments about cancer as I have some personnel experience in that field and not always following advise from a doctor(s) that practice medicine. I had a problem with cancer about 10 years ago. I almost bleed to death from the cancer. I had surgery like I should have. I was informed after the cancer surgery I should have chemotherapy. I saw my dad suffer on 2 occasions from chemotherapy with the second session killing him. I informed the doctor that practiced medicine that under no circumstances would I subject myself and my family to the side effects of chemotherapy. There was a intense discussion. I didn’t have chemotherapy. I stayed under the care of an oncologist for a couple of years with appropriate testing, but no chemotherapy. No cancer has returned as of this time. During the surgery to remove the cancer An infection was introduced into my body. The infection went into my liver. When discovered the infection in my liver was over the size of a coke can. Most, but not all of the infection was removed so the infectious disease doctor wanted to cut a port in me and provide intravenous antibiotics for a month or more. I said no we will have to try another way. I agreed to take intravenous antibiotics for a week without a port then he would have to prescribe something else. The doctor prescribed alternative oral medication that I had to take for 3 to 4 months several times a day. The infection that remained went away. Not many know this but continued use of heavy antibiotics can cause C. Diff and problems with tendons rupturing. I refused to take standard medications for the cancer and severe infection. In the case of the cancer I opted to have no further treatment. In the case of the infection we came up with an alternative and I believed to be safer treatments. There is nothing wrong with using alternative treatments or not accepting the current standard treatments suggested by those who practice medicine. I think Rodgers is smart enough if he has a tendon or bone injury to go to someone who has some experience in the field other than Rogan. It doesn’t mean Rodgers has to take all or any of the advice from Rogan, or a tendon/bone specialist if he feels uncomfortable with the advise or diagnosis. It worked for me and thank god I didn’t go through chemotherapy like my oncologist wanted me to, or heavy intravenous antibiotics for an extended period like my infectious disease doctor wanted.

  9. Mitch Anthony November 4, 2021

    The category is infections and viruses for $800, the Jeopardy question is:

    This is what it is called when you eat some clay, take some “natural” vitamins, and consume a Vegan soup made by your girlfriend from organic crops harvested in her own garden.

    What is a vaccination?

    Sorry, I just had to crack a joke. Not taking stand, just being a wise ass.

  10. Mick November 4, 2021

    Not since September of 2010 has a defensive player for GB, been named Defensive player of the month; (C. Matthews) Campbell has been honored for the month of October. Not bad for a guy who was on another teams practice squad this past spring. Congrats #59——- well done!

  11. rebelgb November 4, 2021

    Not getting the jab was Rodgers choice and im just fine with that. Now that being said, I am absolutely pissed that he lied to all of us. I wish they would stop whitewashing his statement of saying he was “immunized” and saying its a play on words and not a lie. No he lied. At best he intentionally misrepresented his meaning. Why he is getting a pass on that i dont know. Honestly this could work out really great for the Packer front office, or really bad. If Love looks good and actually wins the game Sunday, anything short of a super bowl victory will have Packer nation calling for the end of the Rodger era at the end of the year. On the other hand if Love looks terrible, Rodgers is in the driver seat minus a bad second half to the season and I really dont see that happening

    1. PF4L November 5, 2021

      Also be pissed at the Packer reporters. Surely they knew that Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated.
      Why?….because he was in a different protocol than the vaxxed.
      The reporters….clearly didn’t “report”.
      Hell, just look on the National Registry for vaccinations, there are no secrets, it’s public record.

    2. Kato November 5, 2021

      I honestly have no issue with Rodgers “lying” (I knew when he said immunized rather than vaccinated that he likely wasn’t vaccinated). Look at the outrage right now. People are literally losing their minds, and Peter Bukowski among others are mocking him. Personally, I am pro vax, and think most people should get it. I got it. But I respect his decision. And I honestly thought he brought up a lot of great points on the McAfee show about the absurdity of some of the NFL protocols. And there are some things that…… I am a little suspicious of regarding the politicization of COVID. And a few things that I outright don’t like (giving the biotechnology companies immunity from adverse reactions to their products). This is the most I have loved Aaron Rodgers in a while, while there are things that annoy me about him, the dude has always been thoughtful in talking about issues, and I have always been libertarian in the mindset of people should always have autonomy over their bodies

  12. NobodysBurfect November 4, 2021

    Imagine being this dumb…


    Your life revolves around the possibility that a 300lb human tank will charge full speed at you, and drill you into the ground. Often multiple times in a matter of minutes. You knowingly subject yourself to this on a week to week basis.


    But a FDA certified life saving vaccine. Something that has been proven by every legitimate source in this country to be effective…
    “I don’t know, this is risky.”


    I hope Aaron finds solace in his crystals and essential oils. May they protect him in the future. Except when he needs to go to the medical tent and be treated by A DOCTOR.


    God – how sad. Have a day Tommy Boy, you’ve earned it.

    1. PF4L November 5, 2021

      Aaron Rodgers isn’t a simple man.
      For some reason….i think he might come out of this ok.
      Just a hunch.
      This stuff gives the Rodgers haters fuel to pile on and i doubt he gives a fuck.
      Because at the end of the day, they can’t be happy in there own miserable lives if they aren’t bitching about Rodgers.

      1. Dean November 5, 2021

        Good points PF4L. It will be telling what the GB players say from their perspective. Do they back Rodgers or not. If the players stick together and support Rodgers than He comes out OK,
        The players point of view is a better indication of what happened than what the reporters say, I think.

    2. Kato November 5, 2021

      When has FDA approved always been safe? Wasn’t Chantix FDA approved, and then subsequently killed 55,000 people? Which is made by Pfizer? Again, I doubt the vaccine is unsafe, and is probably safe for the vast majority of people. Maybe there are health effects long term, maybe there aren’t. We don’t know the answer to that. There better not be because I am personally vested in this lol. But the idea that it is FDA approved so therefore safe is faulty, as thousands of products that have been FDA approved have been taken off shelves.
      I fully support Rodgers decision

      1. Dave15 November 5, 2021

        Chantix did not kill 55,000 or anybody likely, try getting your facts straight. Pfizer did a voluntary recall because Chantix was found to contain nitrosamines which is also found in cured meats and some other food products. So if that worries you, give up your brats.

  13. Tom M November 5, 2021

    Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, Cole Beasley, as well as others, at least are man enough to come out and say they refuse to get vaccinated. I don’t agree, but at least they don’t lie. There is no homeopathic alternative to the vaccine and Rodgers knows this. But why are we surprised? Aaron Rodgers constantly tells us he’s above the team, above the media, above the fans. We exist only to worship his greatness, never to question. No one can be smarter than Aaron Rodgers. He puts his team at risk, the media at risk, and those he comes in contact at risk when he doesn’t wear a mask. All because he’s a selfish prick. Now the NFL has launched an investigation. They’ll come down hard on this, and rightfully so. Look for an Aaron Rodgers suspension beyond the Chiefs game. Somewhere Murphy and Gutekunst are saying, “now do you feel our pain?” They’ve taken the brunt of Rodgers diva behavior for years. That offseason trade can’t get here soon enough.

    1. PF4L November 5, 2021

      5 Rodgers mentions, did you blast him good enough?
      You get it all out Sparky?
      Do you have any other hobbies?
      You feel better now little man?

      1. Tom M November 5, 2021

        Let’s see PF4L, if the article is about Aaron Rodgers, and everyone is talking about Aaron Rodgers, then therefore commenting on Aaron Rodgers would be appropriate. I understand for you it’s not nearly as fascinating as “team captains” and “catch rates.” But for the rest of us it’s relevant. If I tell you Aaron Rodgers is douchebag you’d be wise to listen. Now your trying to tell everyone the Packers should have traded Aaron Rodgers to San Francisco. Really? This coming from the man who’s constantly bent over taking it up the ass from everyone’s favorite diva. Quoting his stats, telling how wise and sage his press conferences are. Telling us all how he’s the real GOAT. But the minute he’s universally condemned, it’s trade his ass to the 49ers! Your very much a fair weathered whore, aren’t you PF4L?

  14. Mick November 5, 2021

    As far as whether one should get vaxxed; or not, I’m not going there! However, what Rodgers has tried to pull off, is irresponsible. He lied, tried to out fox the system, and got caught. He’s deceived his team, organization and the fans, and the fact that he has not said a word regarding this, says a lot. He knows he can’t slither out of this one, no matter how sly he thinks he is. The very fact that the league DID NOT approve of his choice of immunization; whether it was when he reported to camp in July, or a month ago, or last week, is mute. He should have made a responsible decision then either to get vaxxed; or follow the mandates set forth by the league, masks and all. As far as the leagues’ response to any of the covid violations is concerned, their reaction is all over the map! Therefore, their credibility is in the shitter as well. One thing that can be guaranteed is the league will do whatever it deems necessary to make sure the cash registers work overtime. And if that means giving their stars preferred treatment, to keep the stands full, and the tv ratings a-buzz;;;;;;;;;;;;; so be it!

    1. Kato November 5, 2021

      He didn’t decieve the team lol. They knew his status

      1. Jason Parker November 6, 2021

        Yes he did, lol