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Game Day: Los Angeles Rams Visit Green Bay Packers For Playoffs Rematch

Following a loss during last year’s playoffs, Rodgers and gang will keep the Rams from extracting their revenge.

Aaron Rodgers did not practice this week due to his toe injury — however, he is almost certain to play today against Los Angeles. This comes after only practicing on Friday of last week prior to the Vikings game in which he seemed to play near the top of his ability. According to coach LaFleur, Rodgers was still involved during practice with assisting Jordan Love with play calling:

Well, he came down to practice. He didn’t participate in practice, but he was out there and relaying the calls to Jordan, just getting that practice of just saying the playcalls.

Rodgers has mentioned before that the fracture in his toe involves managing a lot of pain and likened it to being more painful than turf toe.

One very important match-up to watch is going to be WR Davante Adams and Rams CB Jalen Ramsey. Two that are among the best in the league at their respective positions will be facing off. If you give any weight to PFF rankings, they are quite literally the best at their positions. 247Sports has a great write-up on this duo, but the ultimate conclusion is that, much like in the playoffs, we may not see much action between the two as we all would hope.

Charles Woodson to be honored during halftime

Game Information

When: 3:25 PM – Central Time
Where: Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin
TV: NFL on Fox — Joe Buck🤮 and Troy Aikman🤮
Radio: WTMJ – Live Stream

Packers vs Rams – Fox TV Broadcast Map

Injury Report

RB Aaron Jones was active during practice some this week, but is still listed as questionable. Something to consider:

The Packers took the cautious route with Davante Adams in the past and this could be their same thought process with Jones.

Meanwhile, Rashan Gary is expected to be playing today

Aaron Rodgers celebrates his rushing touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears.
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Update: Fixed brain fart in paragraph one. Added info on Rashan Gary. Fixed start time.

Jason Parker

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  1. Tom M November 28, 2021

    With six games remaining in the regular season, it now becomes a numbers game to get to the playoffs. A 4-2 record seems reasonable. The Packers should beat Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota. Erin should out play Baker Mayfield and run the table on the remaining divisional opponents. While I won’t concede losses to Los Angeles or Baltimore, they’ll need those wins more than we do. The Rams and Ravens are in much more difficult divisions. If Rodgers toe is bothering him as much as he says. And you expect to get Bahktari back after the bye. Then it makes sense to sit Rodgers today. It won’t happen, but I’d give him two weeks off to heal and to avoid potential injury with a third string starting left tackle. If Bahktari isn’t coming back this season then let Erin play. I also sit Jones and Gary. I don’t rush either back. It’s all about being as healthy as possible for the playoffs now. The Rams have lost Cam Akers and Robert Woods. Their best RB and WR. They still have the better secondary and DL. While the Packers have the better QB, WR, and RB. Rodgers will need to stick with the game plan. Run the football, get the ball out quickly with that shaky OL, or he’ll spend the week of his 38th birthday with more than just a toe injury. With Jalen Ramsey on Adams all day, I’d get MVS involved early and often. Rodgers struggles with the deep ball. Add to that he hasn’t practiced in a month. That won’t help his accuracy. I’d get the ball to MVS on shorter intermediate routes. Much like last week, this is a winnable game. The Rams, like the Vikings, are a dome team. The Packers need to take advantage of that.

    1. PF4L November 28, 2021

      Credit when due…..
      Princess kept his obsession and hatred out of this post.
      Well done pumkin.
      Now…if i’m going to grade his comments….
      I have to go with a D +
      The Packers play the Rams today, as far as the vikings, Browns, Lions, Bears….
      Nobody gives a fuck…it’s GameDay.
      Ragnar’s post consists largely on what he would do, who he would play, who he would sit.
      Newsflash…..again…nobody gives a fuck.
      Play fantasy NFL GM/Coach all you want, by yourself.
      Don’t make us suffer through it.
      It’s Gameday Gomer…MLF will decide who plays and who doesn’t.
      If you want….find yourself a mirror, and talk game strategy with killer if you want too.
      Just don’t bore us to death.
      I have to stick with a D plus Tommi, I gave you a D for content, but i added a “plus” because you didn’t bring up your obsession with Rodgers butt, or his pecker in your mouth.
      Credit when due.
      GOOD JOB!!

      1. Sean November 28, 2021

        D+ is much too kind.
        Love played terrible against an average defense, so let’s play him against a better defense because Bak isn’t playing?
        Bak hasn’t played all year Tom you dumb fuck.
        Jones practiced this week and will play if no setbacks as he should. The same goes for Gary. Pressure on Stafford will be important. Only an idiot would suggest sitting QB1, RB1 and one of the better OLB in the league

    2. Dean November 28, 2021

      Well Arod looked great on the deep ball today. Had several passes over 20 yards. GB wins out and Arod for MVP again, yawn…

  2. PF4L November 28, 2021

    So….is this toe injury real, or is it a scam being pulled off by Rodgers and the Packers?
    I’ve heard it both ways in here.
    Do we have a consensus?
    I’m just a simple man…i get confused easily.
    As far as the game, if you recall last years game, the Rams had the #1 defense.
    But…when you have one of the best QB’s in the history of the league, you have a chance.
    Rodgers and company answered the #1 defense with 484 total yards, 8 of 12 on 3rd down conversions.
    32 points. and a 89.7 QBR from Rodgers. 108 passer rating.
    A 12 minute advantage in T O P. Keeping the defense fresh.
    Or, what i call…one hell of a game.
    The defensive pass rush did well in putting heat on Goff.
    Sacking him 4 times with 7 QB hits, courtesy of Z, Gary, Clark.
    So…what’s different in this game?…Plenty.
    If memory serves, Donald was coming back from injury and was largely ineffective.
    The Packers O line.
    Jared Goff is now leading the Lions to a possible winless season.
    Cooper Kupp is slated to play this time around.
    Is that important?
    With Stafford at QB, Kupp gets 32% of Stafford’s targets.
    Kupp is a legit star who is on pace for about 1600 yards and 16-17 TD’s.
    There is more…but my omelet and hash browns are ready.

  3. Tom M November 28, 2021

    You play the game to get into the playoff tournament. I know you think it’s all about meaningless stats. It isn’t. Last years game has no bearing on this years game. Aaron Rodgers isn’t the player he was last year and Stafford is no Jared Goff. You don’t rush Jones or Gary back, or risk Rodgers to further injury just because it’s “game day.” They’re are bigger fish to fry. It surprises no one you don’t see the big picture here. If your sweetheart gets blindsided today because Nijman misses a block and gets knocked out due to a concussion. Or worse yet, suffers an ACL all because you didn’t wait one more week for Bakhtiari to return. Then starting the more mobile Jordan Love would have been the right call. The way this team has been snake bitten with injuries, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

    1. PF4L November 28, 2021

      News flash Gomer..You might want to call Gute and MLF on the red phone and talk them into looking at the big picture.
      Convince them, there are bigger fish to fry….
      Explain to them you are the expert.
      Talk some sense into them!!
      Because Rodgers is playing today, as is Gary.
      Yea…i said it…Gary is playing today.
      But keep playing fantasy Green Bay Packer coach, wearing your viking Favre jersey.
      Next time you look in the mirror, tell killer i said hi.

      1. PF4L November 28, 2021

        Well…Gary is playing today…go figure.

        1. PF4L November 28, 2021

          Lessons learned today Tommi…..
          You don’t rest your players who can play, and just “mail it in.”
          Not in the NFL.
          You don’t play scared.
          That’s for losers, quitters and cowards.
          Subjects you’re very familiar with.

    2. Dean November 28, 2021

      Nijman and the line played OK today considering that the running game was held to 3 YPC.

  4. PF4L November 28, 2021

    “Or worse yet, suffers an ACL all because you didn’t wait one more week for Bakhtiari to return.” -Gomer
    Wouldn’t it be two weeks Gomer?
    Your not the brightest bulb in the room, are you Princess.

  5. PF4L November 28, 2021

    “Last years game has no bearing on this years game.” – Princess.
    Damn Gomer, nothing gets by you……
    Except for the fact i was explaining what’s different in this game…,
    “So…what’s different in this game?…Plenty.” – PF4L
    I’m hoping once you pass your GED exams, your reading comprehension improves.
    I worry about you little man.

  6. PF4L November 28, 2021

    Just because…..i like Tommi more than i like this guy….
    Cam Newton…”I’M BACK!….I’M BACK!”
    Yes…Cam (Superman) is back with Carolina.
    Superman is now 0-2 as a starter for the Panthers.
    Cam’s stat line today against Miami….
    5/21 for 92 yards..0 TD’s…2 interceptions…5.8 passer rating.
    I”M BACK!!!

    1. Mick November 29, 2021

      LOL, “I’M BACK!——I’M BACK!”; wonder if Cam was referring to his reuniting with the team bench yesterday?

      1. PF4L November 29, 2021

        I don’t hate anyone…but i just dislike that dude down to his core.

  7. Kato November 28, 2021

    RaShAn GaRy iS a BusT. I seriously hate you people

    1. PF4L November 28, 2021

      Who said he was a bust Kato?

  8. Mitch Anthony November 28, 2021

    Question for anyone who is up on officiating. Is it really okay to grab someone by the gurgler right in front of an official and not get a flag? Hey guys break it up, get your grip off the throat ya know…. What the hell? Did everyone see what i did?

    AJ Dillon can be a force of nature at times. I can’t remember who the defender was who came up to try and tackle him but it looked like Earl Campbell rocking some poor dude back on their round ass heels.

    Rashan Gary is now playing like someone drafted high in the first round and he is very impactful when he is in the lineup.

    Rasul Douglas had some really, really good points to offset a couple (just a couple) not so good points. But man, he makes me forget about, Kenny who?

    Let’s hope that with a bye week coming up, a possible return of Bahk, this team could be poised very well going into the playoff run. Injuries and illnesses are hitting every team at this point in time but it has been impressive at how this team has stepped up.

    Mason, get your head right. C’mon man.

    1. Empacador November 29, 2021

      Saw the same thing Mitch, where was the unsportsmanlike conduct and ejection? That was blatant, no room in the game for that kind of bullshit yet according to some the Packers get all the calls by the refs.

      1. Mick November 29, 2021

        Good stuff Mitch and Empacador! With all the injuries to starting players on this team, I think it’s overdue to give the coaches some props for keeping this mash unit together. They are a resilient bunch! It’s not always stellar, but they keep it together and keep fighting. Not many predicted GB to beat the Rams a/c all the injured starters, and the rested Rams being healthier. Well, now the special teams get 2 weeks to figure things out——– not only Crosby. Also, this team needs the rest and time to heal some of their wounded for the stretch run. This was a great team win.

  9. Mitch Anthony November 29, 2021

    So I ventured into a little historical research on Aaron Donald today and found that his Suh-like low impulse control has bit him in the ass a few times in the past. Choking also seems to be a go-to move for him when he gets into extra-curricular activities.

    The dude should get a fine for the Lucas Patrick incident.

  10. PF4L November 29, 2021

    If you don’t get choked up with pride, you might not be…a fan of the Green Bay Packers.