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The Hindsight: Shut Out, Dillon 2xTD’s Lead to Nice Payouts in Packers Win Over Seahawks

Sometimes it really is that obvious. The Green Bay Packers went into their contest at Lambeau Field versus the Seattle Seahawks having covered the spread in eight straight games. In addition to that, the Packers also carried a 6-0-1 ATS record in the last seven when facing Seattle at home. So (as we know now) it was no surprise when the Packers dominated the Seahawks from start to finish in a 17-0 shutout Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field.

The total going under also seemed similarly obvious, as both the Seahawks and Packers came into the contest with six straight games where the under got the money. Well…make that seven now. And with the Packers defense seemingly getting better every week, there’s a reasonable chance that both trends just keep on keepin’ on.

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The beautiful thing about sports betting these days, is that one doesn’t even need to have an opinion on a particular game in order to find an opportunity to play. Long gone are the days where the only option is to take the underdog or favorite. In fact, one can now make plays based on the performance of one player, regardless the outcome of the game. Do you want to bet on how many tackles Devondre Campbell will have? Go ahead! Do you want to predict how many yards Alan Lazard will have? Have at it!

Yesterday was a good day for players who focused on AJ Dillon. And why not? With each and every game, and in some games with each and every touch, AJ Dillon has performed as well as a starter. In fact, some might even say he’s outperformed Aaron Jones. And now the big back will have to carry the day (at least temporarily) while Jones is out a couple weeks with a sprained MCL. Those backing “Quad Zilla” Sunday had a chance to hit for some significant prices.

WINNER: AJ Dillon to score the game’s first TD +1100

WINNER- AJ Dillon to score Packers 1st TD +650

WINNER- AJ Dillon to score at least one touchdown +200

WINNER- AJ Dillon to score at least two touchdowns +1400

LOSER-   AJ Dillon to score at least three touchdowns +7500


Even though all signs pointed to this game going under, I don’t think people expected it to be THAT under. In fact, it was stated during the broadcast that the 3-0 halftime score was the lowest of this NFL season. As was anticipated, both quarterbacks showed off a nice coat of rust and at no point did it ever feel like the game was going to be high scoring. Because so few points were scored, there were some nice payouts for sharp bettors who didn’t need the luxury of hindsight.

WINNER- Packers to record first half shut out +675

WINNER- Seahawks to score exactly ZERO TDs in game +1000

WINNER- Exact number of TDs scored in the game (2) +1400

WINNER- ALL special totals offered UNDER—38 being the lowest total offered on Bovada +280


Even with the Packers complete decimation of the point spread this year, the team from Green Bay is currently favored by a meager 2.5 points over the Minnesota Vikings. With a line that favorable, one might want to get down early in the week, before Packer money pushes it to 3-points or beyond.

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Andrew Chitko

Andrew Chitko is an excellent handicapper and a below average bettor. Although he is capable of uncovering keen insight in to sides and totals, he will almost certainly derail his profit margin chasing ridiculous parlays that have almost zero chance of cashing. Despite his self-awareness on these matters, expect the trend to continue until he hits a 12-teamer for a six-figure score. If he steps out of line and is convinced he has a lock, mortgage your house and bet the other way.



  1. Tom M November 17, 2021

    No, no, no Andy! Defense doesn’t win championships. STATS win championships! It’s all about the stats! Just ask our resident “expert” PF4L. Championships are for pussies! If your looking for a big payday, bet the opposite of whatever PF4L says. You’ll be a rich man.

    1. PF4L November 17, 2021

      Why do you insist on being such a cunt?
      Ohhh…i must have forgot…Tommi was “taking the gloves off”…lmao
      Teams win Championships you stupid fuck.
      Show me a defense who won a SB without an offense.
      Show me an offense who won a SB without a defense.
      Show me a special teams unit who won a SB without an offense or a defense.
      Show me a team that won a SB with no coaching staff.
      Show me a team that won a SB with no front office.
      If defense wins Championships, then why does the whole team get a SB ring shit for brains?
      Lets do this, since you insist on habitually speaking for me.
      Here’s the deal…you show me where i said “stats win Championships”.
      And i’ll put your mother back to work doing what she does best.
      I’m sure she could use the $5.
      That crack pipe isn’t going to fill itself.

  2. Ferris November 19, 2021

    Tom this is the last message I post that is directed towards you. I promised to not reply…but this is it. Stop being such a dick. Most of us get along in here. Maybe there are times when people disagree but we act like little kids for 5 minutes then we make up. But YOU’RE always a dick. Just stop. Change your name (again) be nice and offer something constructive. And for the last time…for the very last time…for the love of all humanity…It is YOU’RE when you want to say YOU ARE. If YOU’RE looking for a big payday…not YOUR dipshit.
    Tom…If YOU’RE (you are) going to insult someone please, please use proper word forms. For the record…quote me. I will never engage you again. Never. Unless you write a grammatically correct apology…which we all know won’t happen.

    1. Ed November 19, 2021

      Nice try (and funny; esp. “for the love of all humanity”). Though probably a waste of time.

    2. PF4L November 19, 2021

      Starting to notice a theme here yet Tommi?
      Awhile ago i once thought i’d initiate a squash agreement with you, IF you were to issue an apology, mostly to other long standing
      members that you’ve insulted that i always had a great deal of respect for.
      I then pondered the end result of such a gesture and after 2 or 3 seconds, i decided that it would most likely be futile
      I decided it would be a waste of time and i’m close to 100% sure i was correct.
      You aren’t the first person to speak for me…out of hand. But the difference was, with the other person, he was/is mostly a good guy., i spoke my mind each time and moved on and continued talking football with that person….. to this day.
      Strangely enough….I happen to have developed a tolerance towards you more so than the others in here.
      But i mostly contribute that to the fact i’ve grown accustomed to slapping you around in here as a form of entertainment.
      With that said….go ahead Princess….take the gloves off again and have at it :)

    3. MMSUCKS November 19, 2021

      Well stated Ferris. Thank you.

  3. Larry Womack November 19, 2021

    I have been a Green Bay Packers fan since I was 9 years old. I’ve seen quarterbacks from David Whitehurst in 1978 to Don “Magic Man” Majkowski to Brett Favre and now a transcendent and most gifted thrower of the football Aaron Rogers. He is a pillar in the community and the world. His giving has won him the Athletes in Action’s Bart Star award in 2014 and by the way he won his 2nd MVP award that same year. He also was a finalist for the Man of the Year award as well. I have heard all the negative around him and was compelled to write this. In reality when you look at ” The Man” his actions not only transcends football he also is a great example for our children to follow and look up too. Thank you Aaron for what you do on and off the field. GO PACK GO !!!!

    1. Jason Parker November 19, 2021

      Well, that certainty is a perspective….

      1. PF4L November 19, 2021

        It certainly is…..
        A perspective of somebody looking at the good in others. Crazy huh?
        An easier accomplishment for those who don’t live with hate in their heart.
        Rodgers has done a world of good deeds for society, many kind and generous acts that didn’t need to be videoed and dispersed to the media.
        But a few would rather isolate personality flaws as a means to assassinate somebodies character.
        Rodgers does indeed have personality flaws occasionally. Like some of the rest of us, he hopefully is smart enough to use them as learning moments that humble oneself.
        Maybe those who spew venom and hate at Rodgers for his snafu’s, do so because they are perfect human beings with no known flaws themselves.