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Packers Set to Cruise to NFC North Title

The midway point of the NFC has arrived and with a 24-21 win at Arizona, the Packers are sitting pretty in the NFC North at 7-1. With a four-game lead, the Packers have a path to clinch the title by the beginning of next month. Let’s take a look at the Packers and remainder of the NFC North and what’s ahead.

After the 38-3 drubbing at the hand of the Saints in the opening week, the Packers have found ways to win every game to the surprise of sports betting sites like Milbets. Three of those games came by three points or less, all on the road. They are 16th in scoring and 9th in points allowed. Offensively, the Packers are led by Aaron Rodgers who has thrown for nearly 1900 yards and 17 touchdowns with only three interceptions. Davante Adams has torched secondaries for 744 yards on 52 receptions. Adams, running back Aaron Jones, and Randall Cobb have a combined 11 touchdowns receiving. Jones has also rushed for 463 yards and three touchdowns. AJ Dillon has combined with Jones to average 4.5 yards per carry.

Oct 28, 2021; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) celebrates his touchdown with quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and teammates during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Defensively, the Packers have been impressive without linebacker Za’Darius Smith, who has played only a single game this season. With 20 quarterback sacks, nine interceptions, and five forced fumbles, the likes of De’Vondre Campbell, Kenny Clark, Rashan Gary, and Dean Lowry have created issues for opposing offenses all season. Looking ahead, the Packers face the Chiefs, Vikings, Ravens, and Lions on the road and the Seahawks, Rams, Bears, Browns, and Vikings at home.

Minnesota Vikings

A distant second in the division is the Vikings, who are coming off a bad loss at home to Cowboys, who were without quarterback Dak Prescott. At 3-4, the Vikings have a tough road ahead to stay in the division with games against the Ravens, Chargers, and 49ers on the road with the Packers at home. Kirk Cousins has thrown for 1953 yards and 14 touchdowns. Top threats include wide receiver Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, who have a combined 86 catches for 1034 yards and nine touchdowns. Dalvin Cook leads the Vikings in rushing with 444 yards on 98 carries. Minnesota features a fearsome pass rush led by Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffin, who have 11 of the team’s 24 sacks.

Chicago Bears

After a 3-2 start, the Chicago Bears have lost their last three, including a 33-22 decision this past week against the 49ers. At 3-5, the Bears are in desperate need of a win, but face the Steelers, Ravens, and Cardinals three of the next four weeks. Rookie quarterback Justin Fields has had some moments, but also severe growing pains. He’s completed under 60 percent of his passes with a woeful 3-to-7 touchdown-to-interception ratio. HIs top target has been Darnell Mooney, who has 33 receptions for 409 yards. Running back Khalil Herbert has stepped in nicely for David Montgomery, rushing for 309 yards and three touchdowns. Robert Quinn has 5.5 of the Bears 21 sacks, but as a unit, the Bears have only eight takeaways and a –3 turnover differential.

Detroit Lions

Just how bad are the 0-8 Lions? They lost to a very mediocre Philadelphia Eagles’ team at home by 38 points this past week. Matthew Stafford is enjoying a career year in Los Angeles, while Jared Goff has thrown for nearly 2000 yards with eight touchdowns and six interceptions. Tight end TJ Hockenson is legitimate, as is running back D’Andre Swift. The bottom line is the Lions are 5th from the bottom in scoring and last in points allowed. Detroit has a distinct possibility of going 0-17 this season.
Clearly, the Packers are the cream of the crop in the division and not only will win the division, they will battle the top teams in the conference in hopes of number one seed in the NFC.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Dean November 2, 2021

    Danielle Hunter is on injured reserve and out for the year….

  2. PF4L November 3, 2021

    Yea Dean, he’s a big hit to that team when he is unavailable, like in 2020.
    As a NFL fan i love that dude, he just brings it.
    You don’t hear things like he’s always around the ball.
    Or, he gets close.
    Or, he’s helping his teammates makes plays.
    There are players that make plays….and those that don’t….don’t get their value twisted.
    He was a great 3rd round pick and in his first 5 seasons registered 54.5 sacks, 6 FF, and most likely countless hits and hurries.
    It would be nice if Gute could pick someone with that impact, or even close.
    I look at all Gutes 3rd round picks, and i see a whole lot of…..nothing
    You’d think the law of averages would come into play at some point.
    Hell, i’d settle for the 12th pick of the draft putting up those numbers.
    Now….with that said.
    If anyone out there “who took their gloves off” that likes to whine and cry that football stats are talked about on a football forum.

    1. Mitch Anthony November 3, 2021

      You know, we muse about how long it took our #12 pick to contribute. Look at last year’s #12 pick who was playing for the Raiders. Henry Ruggs was doing 156 MPH on a residential street when he smoked a Rav4 killing a woman and her dog. Henry was twice the legal limit at the time.

      I said it before in one these forums, you just can’t determine who has low impulse control and who doesn’t. When you look around the league at some of the problem children some of these other teams have dealt with it really makes you relieved that Green Bay has done a pretty good job of shopping character. Yeah, they’ve had some runners stumble but nothing really terrible.

      The Ruggs deal. That’s terrible.

      1. PF4L November 3, 2021

        I’m not sure the Ruggs story is actually relevant in the issues I brought up.
        It’s not about choosing talent over character.
        The Ruggs story is an anomaly.
        With that said…Ruggs shouldn’t see the light of day for many years.

        1. Mitch Anthony November 4, 2021

          You’re right, it wasn’t relevant. I wormed it in as a way to talk about it cause it struck a nerve. That’s all.

  3. NobodysBurfect November 3, 2021

    Annnnnd Rodgers has the Rona. And misled everyone with his “immunized” phrase. So he was lying, and the organization possibly covered for him. Makes me wonder if this was part of the offseason drama.


    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    1. Ferris November 3, 2021

      WTF is an alternative to vaccination that he wanted the NFL to use to consider him vaccinated? He took vitamin D and drank some Nyquil? Selfish dipshit. Guess the Wonderlic test is not the only measurement of intelligence that should be used. And I was ripping on Kurt kissing Cuzzins for not getting the vaccine.

      1. Kato November 3, 2021

        Ferris apparently homeopathic therapy?


        Apparently she isn’t a western medicine fan, and Rodgers may very well have picked this up from her lol.

        1. PF4L November 3, 2021

          I don’t know what Rodgers said about being vaccinated.
          What I do know is that vaxxed people can still get vivid.
          If Rodgers mislead anyone, or played his shtick that he’s too cool for school.
          Then that’s on him.

        2. PF4L November 3, 2021

          You sound very angry Tommie.
          Do you feel like you should win something, but nobody will give you a prize?
          Always so angry little man, relax…breathe…maybe crack a smile?

  4. Tom M November 3, 2021

    Actually this is a good thing. You’ll now get to evaluate Jordan Love in a real game with the starters. Against an AFC team with a weak defense. You’ve got a 3.5 game lead over the Vikings. This is the best case scenario to find out what you have with Love with an injury to Rodgers. Unless of course, Gutekunst decides to start Kurt Benkert at PF4L’s request. He just needs an opportunity!

    1. Kato November 3, 2021

      I think that if this was a playoff game, the attitude would be different. The narrative would be “Rodgers selfishness costs pack trip to super bowl.’ Although I don’t know that I see it that way. It is his personal decision if he wants to be vaxxed. It is his right. I am vaxxed, but I just because I decided that I should get the shot doesn’t mean I should force that on other people. Besides, there is the possibility that even if he had the shot, he could have gotten it and had to sit out anyway, like Davante Adams

  5. Mick November 3, 2021

    According to reports from Tom Pelissero, Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for covid, and will miss the Chiefs game this sunday. Reports have it that he was unvaxed, which means he will be away from the team for 10 days; then needs 2 negative tests, 24 hours apart. Love has been named the starter this week, and since Benkurt is also infected; Bortles is being brought back. With Rodgers not being vaxxed, fines to both he and the Packers are a possibility. SHIT1

    1. Mick November 3, 2021

      My opologies to the above posters about the Rodgers news. My post above didn’t post when I sent it. (delayed again!)

  6. Tom M November 3, 2021

    Wow! Tinker Bell is getting ripped in the media! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! He expects the Packers to be all in for him. But he’s not willing to return the favor and get vaccinated. It just shows you what a selfish ass hole Aaron Rodgers is. He must have missed your Tyson Farms/ COVID mandate post PF4L! Yeah, that illogical post persuaded no one! And now Kurt Benkert tested positive! And he was going to start ahead of Jordan Love because he had pretty preseason stats! Right PF4L? Look, I’ve said we can win now with Jordan Love. And I say we win Sunday against the Chiefs. And I don’t need to hide behind a bunch of bullshit stats.

    1. PF4L November 4, 2021

      And you said Mark Murphy was a NFLPA attorney.
      You say a lot of things, mostly wrong

    2. PF4L November 4, 2021

      So angry