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Game Day: Jordan Love and the Packers Visit the Kansas City Chiefs

Wooooo boy, on the west coast this week and the time zone change, in addition to daylight savings(fuck that btw), I got all screwed up and I’m late making this post. Nothing at all to do with the legal dispensaries here. No, sir. I’m just researching.

Anyways, so how ’bout them Packers? Amirite? Nothing exciting around these parts except for fucking everything. I’ll spare the Kaaron Rodgers drama in this post, but expect more on that in the future.

We’re not going to get the great (read: hyped) Mahomes vs Rodgers matchup, but I know everyone around the league has eyes on Love and the rest of the team today. LaFleur has honestly done a fantastic job staying out of the recent drama and not letting it be a distraction. That’s a quality of a great leader and that’s certainly what the Packers have in him.

Either way, the Chiefs are 4-4 going into this game and the Packers were the odds favorite before a certain virus infected a certain soccer mom.

The Chiefs lead the all-time series between the teams with 7-4-1. The Packers have won three of the last four games in the series since 2007.


No Love Lost

(this heading makes no sense, but I really wanted to use it)

The Packers have won six games without Rodgers starting and Love faces an uphill battle with current injuries and the fact that it’s going to be played in a hostile environment.

With the bad luck mounting, the Packers learned just last week that they lost TE Robert Tonyan to a torn ACL. Also, RB/KR Kylin Hill will not be returning this season. In addition to that, the team did not activate LT David Bakhtiari this week(it’s still possible he will be activated from the PUP list next week – they have until November 10th). Do not worry though, WR Davate Adams will be active.

Fun fact: Both Jordan Love and coach Matt LaFleur celebrated their birthdays this week. Love on the 3rd and LaFleur on the 2nd.

Game Information:

When: November 7th — 3:25pm Central Time
Where: Kansas City – Arrowhead Stadium
TV: Fox Sports (Sorry folks, we got Aikman on this one)
Radio: WTMJ Live

Packers Inactives

S Kingsley Keke
LB Vernon Scott
LB La’Darius Hamilton
DL Isaiah McDuffie

Packers vs Chiefs – TV Broadcast Map

Fox Sports broadcast map for Packers vs Chiefs

506 Sports

Jason Parker

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  1. Ferris November 7, 2021

    Special teams looking extra special.

    1. Mitch Anthony November 7, 2021

      You stole my thunder. Still looking for Ron Zook on the sidelines. Long snapper upgrade?

  2. Deepsky November 7, 2021

    For you younger guys, I just want to mention that the Jordon Love led Packers look just like the Packers of the 70s and 80s when the Packers had bad quarterbacks. The bad quarterback play made the offensive line look bad, the receivers look bad, etc, etc.

    1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021

      Nice try, but that line was shit today.

      1. PF4L November 8, 2021

        When Love loses it the O lines fault.
        When Roders loses, it’s….
        Well, you know the rest.
        Since 2019 Rodgers is 33-7 in the regular season.
        Lets get rid of him. He lied to me and made me cry!!

        1. Tom M November 9, 2021

          Aaron Rodgers calls himself Michael Jordan and is smarter than everyone else. Just ask him. While Jordan Love just turned 23 and is learning his way. Notice the subtle yet significant difference PF4L? Probably not since common sense isn’t covered in stats.

          1. PF4L November 9, 2021

            Funny, that’s about the 25th time you repeated that. Can you repeat it some more?
            I never heard AR call himself MJ….But i guess it’s your job to speak for him and put words in his mouth?
            Any more fictional stories to tell us Princess?

    2. Mitch Anthony November 7, 2021

      But not the Special Teams. They can look bad all on their own.

  3. Sean November 7, 2021

    The line was decent enough to get 5 yards/carry. Love had no clue where to go with the ball when blitzed. Kansas was not afraid of him being able to hit the hot receiver, and Love didn’t disappoint.

    1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021

      Yeah, it was almost as if he is inexperienced in the NFL. Pretty sure a half-decent QB helps open up at least some of those runs, since we’re on the subject.

      1. PF4L November 8, 2021

        Maybe you can go on FB marketplace and find someone to trade you for your Rodgers jersey even up for a Cousins jersey

        1. PF4L November 8, 2021

          Justin Herbert was also inexperienced his rookie season without a full camp because of covid, no pre-season games, virtual meetings…but still managed to win offensive rookie of the year honors in the league as a starting QB.
          Go figure…maybe not all QB’s are created equal….imagine that….crazy stuff right?

  4. Cheese November 7, 2021

    As usual, King was worthless. Yet, he’s still hanging around. Special teams was trash. The defense did their part and kept KC to 13 points. Well done.
    Love looked like crap. Dude has the accuracy of a sawed off shotgun. Green Bay wins this game with Rodgers, as much as the woke mob wants to deny it.

    1. Dean November 7, 2021

      Agreed Cheese. With the way the D played (even without Stokes and Clark) GB could have blown out KC with Arod. Love looked OK when he had time and he did not make any “bad” decisions that I could see. Another year or 2 watching Arod and the Pack could get high picks for either QB.

      1. PF4L November 8, 2021

        Cheese doesn’t post often, but when does, people can learn something.

  5. Sean November 7, 2021

    Today the game was too fast for Love, hopefully he learns from this. He is going to see a lot more of the same, every time he steps on the field. They win or lose as a team, and the special teams really didn’t help at all

    1. PF4L November 8, 2021

      Check his scouting and draft reports…..
      The homework was done on him and the smart ones mostly nailed it…to a T

  6. Mick November 7, 2021

    My thoughts exactly Mitch. I raised both eyebrows when the brass said that the Packers take care of their own when they named Drayton the STs’ job. Let me see, 1st it was Slocum, then Zook, Menenga and now Drayton. Well, they sure did take care of their own,,,,,,,,, not realizing that none of those 4 coordinators can put a decent squad together. Here’s a bright idea; how about aborting the “we take care of our own”, and hire someone who knows what the hell they’re doing? I say that after realizing that there is no improvement from one week to the next———– year after year!

  7. Mick November 7, 2021

    I agree JP. Another note. Sure took long enough for LaFleur to realize when they ran an empty backset, Love didn’t stand a chance of moving the ball.

  8. Mick November 7, 2021

    Even though Stokes was injured in warm ups, and Clark exited the game before halftime, kudos to the defense. They played inspired football and kept the game within reach. Too bad the offense and especially the STs’; stunk up the place.

  9. MMSUCKS November 8, 2021

    Love was EXACTLY who we thought he was . . . Rodgers would have mopped up the Chiefs in the first half. A fucking shame to say the least . . . Great defensive game plan. Special teams is as shitty as ever. Instead of getting rid of the long snapper, they should have jettisoned Drayton. It appears that Mason Crosby may still have the yips . . . Once again MLF shows us that his armor is NOT as good as he thinks it is (at least he admitted as much . . . Perhaps coach speak?). This was, without a doubt an easy win for Green Bay with Rodgers behind center. Love needs to ride the bench. Bortles needs to stay with the team. Love is as bad as Hundley. At this point Gutekunst appears to have shit the bed with the drafting of Love. The proof was right there for all of us to see today.

    Thanks Rodgers for being a duplicitous, selfish, asshat . . . and thanks Gutekunst for drafting another over-rated player, and NOT correcting your fuck-up before the Packer fans had to see it first hand.

    1. PF4L November 8, 2021

      MMSUCKS and Cheese…..
      The essence of the hard truth and reality.
      I salute both of you.

      1. PF4L November 8, 2021

        If i may……..
        “. . and thanks Gutekunst for drafting another over-rated player, and NOT correcting your fuck-up” – MMSUCKS
        * fuck-up(s)

      2. Tom M November 9, 2021

        Why yes, PF4L, MMSUCKS, and Cheese. Affectionately known as the three stooges. Totally clueless on who to draft. But they’ll tell you everyone one of Brian Gutekunst’s drafts are busts. I don’t think Alexander, Gary, Savage, Jenkins, Dillion, MVS, Stokes, Myers, got your draft bust memo. You know who had some shitty stats Sunday? Patrick Mahomes. Kanas City DE Clark came away impressed with Jordan Love. Even said he thought he’d be a star QB in the future. Since he actually plays the game, I’ll defer to him instead of the “three wisemen.”

        1. PF4L November 9, 2021

          Tommi….go hang and talk to all your friends who actually like you in here….
          I heard he misses you.

        2. Cheese November 9, 2021

          Oh Tom, how I don’t miss your half assed arguments and incessant whining about Rodgers. Even this past week you found a way to whine about him and he didn’t even play. That takes some talent. When someone calls you out and pinpoints you to your bullshit, you conveniently ignore them and continue on with your exhausted schtick without missing a beat.
          I see you’re using stats at your convenience again. If Mahomes had such shitty stats, what does that say about Love’s stats which were almost the same? Except he had an interception on top of it. Is your trusty eyesight fading in your old age to where you couldn’t see the obvious? Do they make a special kind of masculine bi-focal you can buy to help with this type of situation? I wouldn’t want you to have to use those pesky stats ever again.
          Please show me where I said any one of those players was a bust, although I do think your labeling of Darnell Savage as “the second coming of Nick Collins” absolutely laughable.
          OMG, a DE from Kansas City was impressed with Love and thinks he might even be a star in the future. Sign, seal, and deliver that shit. Get Love’s gold jacket ready right now.

          1. PF4L November 10, 2021

            Let me help with the translation Tommi……
            You sir, are still the same twat in here you were the first day you posted in here.
            Nothing has changed, except for the amount of disrespect you’ve earned for yourself.

  10. PF4L November 8, 2021

    The decision to keep or trade Rodgers has very little to do with the success of this season.
    It has everything to do with the team’s confidence in Jordan Love.
    IMO anyway