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Historic Defensive Shutout Fuels 17-0 Win

Coach Matt LaFleur praised his defense as, “playing at a championship level” after last weeks defeat. On Sunday, against the hated Seahawks, the defense took it up another notch, becoming the first team to keep Seattle scoreless since September 18, 2011. Just to emphasize this feat, Tavaris Jackson was the Seattle QB in that game. Since Russell Wilson took over, he has never been shut out. Until Sunday at Lambeau.

The defense had three sacks, two interceptions, five tackles for loss and five quarterback hits. Yes, the Seahawks have been struggling and Wilson is coming back from injury, but there are no asterisks in the NFL. The Seahawks ended the game with 208 total yards and lost the time of possession battle by over 18 minutes.

Green Bay Packers safety Adrian Amos (31) intercepts a pass intended for Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett (16) during the fourth quarter of their game Sunday, November 14, 2021 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. The Green Bay Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks 17-0.
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The Packer defensive backs all seemed to be a step ahead of the Seahawk wideouts. Darnell Savage and Adrian Amos both made huge plays during the game. Savage had a key breakup on a deep pass and Amos topped Savage’s play with an interception on a deep ball in the end zone. Kevin King also had a pick in the end zone that was upheld even though he dropped it after going to the ground.

The defense needed to shine because the Packer offense sputtered for most of the game. For three quarters there was only a 3 point difference in point production from last weeks failure with Jordan Love at QB. Whether it was due to his recent COVID bout, his missed practices, the Seattle defensive scheme or a bit of all three, Aaron Rodgers did not have his sharpest day. No touchdown passes, one end zone pick that was a bad decision under pressure, and a 75.5 QB rating failed to impress or score points. Thankfully, the Packers had A.J. Dillon. Dillon’s stats don’t do his Sunday work justice. Multiple times he bulled his way for a first down after being hit at the line of scrimmage. On the final touchdown drive he caught a short pass that he turned into a 50 yard spectacular spinning dance down the sidelines. Dillon had the ball in his hands on seven of the ten plays on the drive. Dillon capped off his 8 play destruction of the Seattle defense with a two yard driving touchdown surge into the middle of the Seahawks interior line, literally crushing the Hawks hopes for a late rally comeback.

Green Bay Packers running back A.J. Dillon (28) is congratulated for scoring his second touchdown by teammates wide receiver Davante Adams (17) and wide receiver Randall Cobb (18) during their football game Sunday, November 14, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
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Packer fans should be rejoicing but injuries to Aaron Jones, Rashan Gary and Whitney Mercilus could leave the Packers dangerously lacking impact players on both sides of the ball. Mason Crosby’s shank of another easy field goal continues to create distrust in the field goal unit. Next week’s battle in Minneapolis looms and another strong defensive showing will be needed. Let’s hope Packer fans feel even better next Sunday evening.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb (18) and running back Aaron Jones (33) celebrate the teamÕs victory over the Seattle Seahawks during their football game on Sunday November 14, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Wm. Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
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Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Mick November 15, 2021

    Three more injuries to starters after the “sea chickens” game. This team has been surprisingly resilient amongst all the injured starters. How long can this good fortune continue? They are starting to get down to bare bones- sort of speak, and we need some of the injured to re-join the team. With even tougher opponents coming up, let’s hope the injury bug subsides, and that Gary, A. Jones and Mercillus’ injuries aren’t severe. We’re going to need them. Hats off to the coaches for keeping this mash unit together, and playing inspired football.

  2. Tom M November 15, 2021

    Someone cue PF4L and his cronies so they can tell us how they KNEW all along this was a championship defense. Even though they universally lambasted the Joe Barry signing. Told us Gutekunst couldn’t draft a pass rusher in Rashan Gary. Spent too much money on Preston Smith. And Eric Stokes has to be a bust because he didn’t start ahead of Kevin King week one. Next thing you’ll know, they’ll be telling us 30 yr old ZaDarius Smith with a bad back and his inflated contract has trade value. Aaron Rodgers can no longer throw the deep ball. With each passing week he looks more and more like Drew Brees. We haven’t scored more than 27 in a game since September. His ability to read defenses and make pre snap adjustments make him an asset at QB over Jordan Love. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have to be the hero in order to win a SB. With a solid roster thanks to Gutekunst. Run the ball, play defense, and throw a few balls to his buddy “Scottie” and a second SB is within reach. They’ll be no excuses this year. But can Aaron Rodgers get there and not be the center of attention? Will his adoring fans allow it not being all about him? Doubtful.

    1. rebelgb November 15, 2021

      I have to agree to at least some of this. How about that Gary draft now? Guys has 5.5 sacks and if he doesnt miss time is on pace to have double digits. That doesnt even begin to count his QB hits and hurries. How about that AJ Dillon pick now haters? I remember the howls!! “Why would you draft another RB!!” hey hows whats his name doing in Detroit? Honestly after last week I almost prefer Dillon running the ball, he makes quicker decisions on cuts and is never shoe lace tackled.

      I am going to side with some of the others though (PF4): I am now ready to admit that pretty much all of our receivers after Davante suck. I mean come on we couldnt find one guy better than the rest of these ass clowns? I almost wish we had signed OBJ! Now thats desperate!

      Anyways 2 hopes for this week: Packers kick some Viqueen ass and Kyle R. gets Not Guilty across the board.


      1. Cheesemaker November 15, 2021

        Rebel – I haven’t posted on this site in years, but your comment about Kyle R. forced me to get off my ass. Absolutely. Double fist bump brother.

        As for the rest of your post, equally true. I was very disappointed at the Gary pick, but was hoping that Gute was way better at this than me. Looking good for him now. And he has done a good if not great job with his free agents. The Love pic…? This may end up like Chicago trading up to get Trebisky, except Trubisky is a legitimate NFL player if not a starter. That would’ve been a good time to think about getting a legitimate number two receiver rather than reaching for a guy who has accuracy issues. I hope I’m even more wrong about this than I was about Gary

        1. Jason Parker November 15, 2021

          “I haven’t posted on this site in years, but your comment about Kyle R. forced me to get off my ass”

          This checks out:


      2. Jason Parker November 15, 2021

        Man, I read that as “R Kelly gets Not Guilty” lol

        I’m thinking…..damn, man, wtf ….

        But yeah, that case guilty or not is going to appeals. This ride has only just began.

        1. Jason Parker November 15, 2021

          Also, the media’s attempt to undermine and discredit that judge prior to a final verdict is pretty disturbing.

        2. Mitch Anthony November 16, 2021

          “But yeah, that case guilty or not is going to appeals.”

          Only the defense is afforded the appeals process. If a case is decided “Not Guilty” the prosecution has no appeals process.

          Now there have been cases in the past where once a defendant would be found not guilty in a state case the feds might, or could, come in and try and charge under some civil rights charges as those charges are not so similarly substantial to the state charges to involve double jeopardy.

          Now see, I used the reference to double jeopardy there because Aaron Rodgers hosted Jeopardy and this is a football site and Aaron Rodgers is a football player. There, relevance.

          I hope that regardless of what happens in Kenosha we all on this site remember that conversations best held on someplace like Reddit, belong there. Let’s not dive down wormholes people (not directed at you JP).

          1. Jason Parker November 16, 2021

            Sorry, I meant I felt a guilty verdict was likely (whether he thought he was guilty or not) and, naturally, he would appeal.


  3. PF4L November 15, 2021

    12th pick Rashan Gary has 5.5 sacks?
    Holy shit!!!!!….WOW!!!…that many?..in only 9 games?
    Getting starter snaps….Gary must be among the NFL leaders along with bargain Preston Smith.
    Well…at least thats the way it reads from these post……lol
    ALL- PRO?
    Pro- Bowl?
    He’ll…im just happy Preston made it on the stat list this week.
    But listen folks…..it’s your world…paint the sky any color you’d like.

    1. Tom M November 16, 2021

      For someone who constantly masterbates all over stats and awards, is it any wonder you fail to see the big picture PF4L? The real prize is winning the SB. We have the defense to get us there. It’s now up to tinker bell to get it done. No excuses. No finger pointing. The depth of this roster, thanks to Brian Gutekunst, has kept us competitive after being devastated by injuries. While Aaron Rodgers has been nothing but one distraction after another. We’re as good as any team in the NFL right now. And if we can get Bakhtiari and Alexander back. And if the injuries to Jones and Gary are relatively minor. There isn’t a team that the Packers can’t beat come January. And stats will have nothing to do with it.

      1. PF4L November 16, 2021

        And that’s where it gets tricky Princess
        Winning in Jan and Feb.
        I think the last 2 seasons taught us, it’s easier said in a football blog than actually winning.
        Even when you have home field advantage and a 13-3 regular season record.

        Where the Packers record is, is impressive despite the offensive woes. and yes, the defense gets a great deal of credit.
        For whatever reason…..the Packers passing game is a shell of what it was last season.
        So you ask yourself….why?….what’s different?
        Sure….i could lay it all out for you Sparky (easily)…..so maybe even you could understand it.
        But i’d rather be shocked and amazed and read something from you resembling logical thought and reason about…..football?
        But as usual….you usually always cower at a challenge.
        Now, in the mean time, can we discuss the last time Rodgers targeted Adams 15-20 a game?
        What year was that?

        1. Tom M November 17, 2021

          Then let me lay it out for you. Who’s responsible for the passing game PF4L? Maybe the QB? Aaron Rodgers missed on yet another deep ball to MVS. The Drew Brees comp is legit. Aaron Rodgers turns 38 in two weeks. Coming back from COVID he looked weak and fragile. After telling us all how great he felt taking a horse dewormer. Of course it’s more difficult to win in January. Your already making excuses. But we’ve got the “Micheal Jordan of the NFL.” So says the man himself, Aaron Rodgers. Why even you proclaim he’s the GOAT. So why so apprehensive? Could it be because your fading hero will have to finally take the blame this time if he fails? He’s got the defense, he’s got the running game, he’s got the best WR in the NFL. “Micheal Jordan” needs to win a SB. You and Aaron need to stop telling us how great he is. It’s put up or shut up.

          1. PF4L November 17, 2021

            Now, in the mean time, can we discuss the last time Rodgers targeted Adams 15-20 a game?
            What year was that?

    2. Deepsky November 17, 2021

      Rashan Gary is 10th in the league in QB pressures, although he’s only 22nd in sacks. He’s good.

      1. PF4L November 17, 2021

        Good for him, he’s having an ok season.
        Great/Good players perform over the years, i’m not talking 9 or 10 games.
        You don’t judge a players career over 10 games, especially when it isn’t Pro Bowl worthy to begin with.
        If you researched Gary in past years he’s always been high in QB hurries and pressures per snap, this isn’t new breaking news.
        But then again, you can see it just paying attention watching the games.
        Gary is doing what he’s always done, playing with hustle….he’s almost there to make a play.
        After almost 3 years and 41 games, he has finally got his first forced fumble in his career.
        Gary played 456 snaps in 2020 for 5 sacks and some zero’s
        Gary has played 434 snaps so far this season with 5.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble.
        So it’s safe to say he’s played better this season, thanks to a half sack and a forced fumble.
        Gary should end up with 8.5-10 sacks at his current pace after 17 games.
        Close to Kyler Fackrells sack count of 10.5 in 2018 with the Packers in 16 games.
        I remember back when Nick Perry had 11 sacks one season….it cost the Packers a bad contract, regret, and a shitload of cash.
        Yes Tommi….i talked stats on a football blog, replying to Deeps comment about Gary’s stats.
        Don’t get your panties in a bunch Princess.

  4. Sal November 15, 2021

    Fuck Kyle Rittenhouse

    1. MMSUCKS November 15, 2021

      Any FUCKTARD that goes out of his way to do what he did (underage, and with the BLESSING of his mother btw. And it wasn’t even his town!) to brandish an illegal gun, and then shoot people because they confronted him? Is in NO WAY in the right. He was an over-zealous asshat who had been all hyped-up with the 24/7 news cycle, and most likely mirroring his parents’ political views. Shame on everyone involved with this little fuck. Any mother who would allow this kind of behavior from their child is both a FOOL and an abusive, ignorant person. Fuck these IGNORANT fucks PERIOD.

      BTW, I have NO PROBLEM with owning and using guns! Wake the fuck up people!!!! Nothing but disgust for ignorance and cultist behavior. It will come back to haunt all of us if this continues . . . End of rant for now.

      1. rebelgb November 19, 2021

        Your an ignorant idiot. Keep your head in the sand dumbass. Oh and Kyle: full not guilty across the board and about to become very rich suing the idiots who lied on national tv about the facts of the case. Oh and since you know NOTHING of the facts heres 2 for you: Kyles Mom drove him the police station so he could turn himself in, she had nothing to do with the night in question; His gun was registered AND LEGAL. It WAS HIS TOWN, his parents were divorced and his Father, and most of his friends and family are from Kenosha. Maybe you should look at the trial and read the facts before posting more ignorant crap.

        1. Dean November 19, 2021

          I was surprised that the jury came to a 12-0 decision. I wonder if the jury watched the “same” videos from the defense “compressed” and prosecution and noticed something was edited out from one of sides??
          Hopefully, they remain unnamed and we will never know.

          1. Dean November 19, 2021

            By edited I meant content removed NOT related to compression … did they watch both videos side by side and one video was missing key scenes. Something caused the jury to go 12-0 when it looked for three days that the jury was split…

        2. MMSUCKS November 19, 2021

          rebelgb FUCK YOU lemming.

          Yeah, let’s go out at 17 years old with a less than standard weapon and shoot people in the fucking head. What are you daft? Fuck off you fool. Defending a murderous, blood-lusting ignorant yokel???? Man! you take the cake. Regardless if some of my “info” is wrong . . What that underage (at the time) CUNT did was murderous PERIOD. Live with that truth you half wit.

      2. Kato November 20, 2021

        You are ignorant as shit MMSUCKS. Do I think Rittenhouse is likely a shithead and a racist? I wouldn’t be shocked. But it was still valid self defense. And he didn’t shoot anyone in the head you doofus. He was simply trying to protect private property from being burnt down, and some pedo got pissed off that he was there and tried to take him out. Fucked around and found out. He wouldn’t have shot anyone had they not attacked a person with a gun.

        1. PF4L November 21, 2021

          I don’t have a horse in this race simply because i refuse to make judgement without knowing all the facts.
          I’m not qualified to determine a persons freedom without having all the facts.
          With that said…..WTF is a 17 year old teenager patrolling the streets with an assault rifle strapped around his shoulders….seriously?
          When i was 17, i was a junior in high school. My biggest worry was buying my first car and keeping my motocross bike in good shape.

        2. MMSUCKS November 23, 2021

          Kato you ass! Per testimony . . . Dr. Douglas Kelley with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office testified Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum four times — twice in the front, once in the back and once along the side of his head, and determined the fatal shot to his back came as his body leaned forward.
          So who doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on? He DID shoot him in the fucking head. Also in three other spots. As if one shot isn’t enough to deter the person who is scaring him??!!!
          And what is the fuck is this pedo reference about??? Is that some friggin Qanon babble?
          Militant vigilantism parading around as “protecting property” when no one asked to be protected should be in question as well then. What I see happening here, is a breakdown in proprieties. That little psycho cunt nazi wasn’t there to help anybody, he was there to hurt somebody PERIOD. I would almost guarantee you haven’t heard the last from him. Similar to that lunatic down in Florida that got away with murder killing that kid in his neighborhood; and since then has been in trouble with the law numerous times.

          1. Dean November 23, 2021

            “pedo reference” — mmsucks, I think kato was referring to the public records for the criminal rap sheets for the guy(s) who were shot…

          2. Mitch Anthony November 23, 2021

            Yeah, I think the more modern term being tossed about is a MAP. That would be a Minor Attracted Person, if the term pedo seems too harsh. In the joint they like to use portmanteau “Chomo” for child molester.

            Kato is correct and it is not a QAnon thing (never visited the site myself), it is a widely distributed public record that Rosenbaum had indeed served time for sexual assault of minors between the ages of 9-11 including actual rape.

            Pick a site, or query, you care to trust or just go to something like heavy.com and you can find the data complete with copies of the court records and documents. Start to finish that guy had a pretty messed up life, giving and receiving. The Tool song Prison Sex comes to mind.

            Not sure if he was a Packer fan or not.

          3. PF4L November 24, 2021

            And i’ll say it again….
            WTF is a 17 year old teenager patrolling the streets with an assault rifle strapped around his shoulders.
            As far as the victims approaching him to disarm him or whatever they had in mind…..
            I don’t care if you are a practicing church going born again Christian.
            Or you have a long rap sheet…..
            Play stupid games…win stupid prizes!!
            I guess this is what the people wanted, who want to defund the police and have the citizens seek their own justice.
            Proving once again….You can’t fix stupid.
            Since i’m here….i’ll add something i was thinking about since this happened.
            Since this door has been opened.
            Rittenhouse (an obvious child) is walking down the street armed with an assault rifle , he comes across a bunch of patrol cars, puts his hands up as a gesture of surrendering (knowing what he just did) and the cops just let him keep walking?
            You have to think they were coming because they got a call of shots fired….right?
            But even if that wasn’t the case.
            Not one of these cops thought it might be a good idea to check this kid out?
            Maybe…..ask him a question or two?

    2. Empacador November 16, 2021

      Agreed. And anyone that condones his behavior, especially over something as stupid as Donald Trump and politics, is not someone I want to be associated with. Zero tolerance for that kind of behavior that people are trying to normalize.

      To put things into perspective, would YOU be OK if Donald Trump grabbed your wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, fiancee by the pussy and bragged to you while doing so? If the guy is a billionaire, why are people that are poor by comparison donating money to a billionaire’s legal fund? There is no acceptable excuse to support or endorse that kind of behavior from anyone, unless you are that same kind of sleazy piece of shit human being. I don’t give a fuck about political policies and which side of the political spectrum you fall on, embracing someone like that says a lot about who you are as a person and the values you espouse.

      How about we return to football and debate the best Packers QB ever was Bart Starr. Because he was the only Packers QB to seal the deal and actually deliver. Favre couldn’t do it, Rodgers hasn’t done it, and Love won’t do it. Or whether the current Packers defense will be able to sustain their recent success, or revert back to what we have been accustomed to seeing including Kevin King being a liability more than he’s been an asset. The truth is out there, we simply have to wait for history to unfold and reveal itself.

      1. rebelgb November 19, 2021

        You showed your obvious ignorance when you mentioned Donald Trump. You have ZERO knowledge of the evidence and what happened in this sham of a trial. Stop watching CNN and actually read the trial transcripts. Unfortunetely for you Kyle haters, Kyle is soon to become a multi multi millionaire after his filing of over 20 defamation lawsuits against idiots in the media who told non stop lies to fill a narrative that was NEVER true. All to please IDIOTS like you. Idiots who believed this had anything to do with Race or Trump and anything other than self defense.

        1. Dean November 19, 2021

          I would list more fake news here than just CNN, add NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, PBS and papers like WP and NYTimes. Hopefully, because of this trial, more people awaken to the reality that the news outlets mentioned are controlled by multi-nationals and/or our intelligence agencies and start to get curious and at least question some of the BS pushed by fake news.

        2. Empacador November 20, 2021

          I don’t watch any news. Because it’s all bullshit. And you can kindly go fuck yourself rebelgb. Where were you supporting that piece of shit BEFORE the verdict came out? Go crawl back under your rock you fucking idiot. You are obviously part of the problem in this country.

          1. Empacador November 20, 2021

            I’m sorry rebelgb, I was a little harsh. Let me explain it to you in more detail. In case you’re too stupid to figure it out. The Jacob Blake shooting earlier led to this incident. The Trump reference is because of Trump condoning civil unrest therefore normalizing it. Living in Wisconsin and seeing all the closet racists finally feeling free to come out because daddy Trump made it acceptable. Like you’re trying to normalize a 17 year old kid across state lines, with an illegal weapon, past curfew. Maybe poor fucking Kyle shouldn’t have been in a position to be accused of murder. I’m sure poor Kyle “accidentally” expressed support for Blue Lives Matter on social media. Was he too young to know what he was doing there? Typically who supports any of that bullshit? I mean because clearly, every 17 year old from another state randomly decides to arm themselves during a protest with an illegal weapon and simply go defend some random dealership out of the blue amirite? I mean, that’s totally normal behavior. Stop focusing on semantics and look at the world around you. America ain’t so great right now if this is the kind of shit people support and embrace. Hence you’re part of the problem if you are condoning this type of behavior.

  5. Tom M November 16, 2021

    It occurred to me, after years of trying to get the defense right. Finally drafting the right players, signing the right FA’s, finding the right DC. And then having it all come together. Right before the playoffs. What if Aaron Rodgers gets COVID again in January and is forced into another 10 day quarantine? I would laugh my ass off! It could happen. You know he’s not following the rules. Rules are for everyone else. They’re not for Aaron Rodgers! Not to worry, Aaron has been “homeopathically immunized.” Whatever the fuck that means. But I’m guessing it has to do with magic crystals and all manner on new age woo. And let’s not forget the 5000 pages of “internet research” to backup his horse shit claims that the vaccine causes everything from infertility to constipation. My meticulous “internet research” has found that the vaccine will cause a gay man to become straight. Careful Aaron, you wouldn’t want that! Of course, I could find 5000 pages of “internet research” to support the “flat earth theory” but real science would have none of it. Knowing Aaron Rodgers, he’ll ultimately sabotage the season leaving his legion of mindless followers looking for the next Kevin King scapegoat.

    1. Dean November 16, 2021

      tom, Arod has 90 days of freedom from testing. The 90 days expires the week before the SB from what I read.

      1. PF4L November 17, 2021

        Dean..Dean Dean….
        You forget who you are talking to.
        When you want to discuss truth based facts, they have no room in Tommi’s world of hate.
        Here’s an example of who you are talking to…..
        “What if Aaron Rodgers gets COVID again in January and is forced into another 10 day quarantine? I would laugh my ass off!” – Princess
        Now maybe i’m just different….but i don’t wish Covid on anybody…..anywhere..
        I take absolutely no joy in someone getting a potentially deadly virus.
        But maybe that’s one of many differences between Tommi and myself.

        1. Tom M November 17, 2021

          Aaron Rodgers may have a 90 day window from being tested. I’m not familiar with the details of the NFL policy. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be infected with the delta variant and become symptomatic between now and the SB. Especially if he’s not following protocol. Which I’m sure he isn’t. But I’m sure there’s hundreds of pages of “internet research” telling us that masks and social distancing aren’t necessary. Is it likely? No. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility either. We’ve seen patients return to the hospital just months apart. Only a selfish, narcissistic, ass hole would put his team at risk of him not being available come January.

          1. PF4L November 17, 2021

            Lmao Tommi…..that’s terrific!!
            Listen up Princess…….
            Maybe you should look up “Narcissistic personality disorder”.
            And have yourself a nice long, long, look in the mirror.

          2. Dean November 17, 2021

            tom, only a viking fan would wish, root for and laugh if a packer player sabotaged his team. It’s that or you are a sick human being…

  6. PF4L November 16, 2021

    Return to football?…what a grand idea.
    It’s hard for me to compare the 60’s NFL Packers with the Favre and Rodgers years.
    So different…for various reasons.
    The 60’s Packer teams were legendary in their time.
    You can’t say the same about the 90’s and 2000’s Packer teams that won a Super Bowl.
    You can make the argument that both Favre and Rodgers dropped the ball on occasion.
    But isn’t it so much deeper than that?
    A lot of things have to come together to field a Championship team and we should just be honest.
    We’ve seen time and time and time again, where the team…yes it’s a team that wins Championships.
    Dropped the ball on various occasions.
    To diehard Packer fans, they (should) know exactly what i’m talking about over the years that prevented this team from winning more Championships.
    I’m not going to go through it in piece work.
    Suffice it to say everyone has had a share of blame….front office, defense, offense, special teams, personnel, bad contracts, bad drafts and so on
    Because it’s been discussed to death over the years by the most elite Packer fans that have posted in here over the years.
    Mostly under Monty’s watch.
    It could get raw in here, but i loved every second of it.
    I loved it because people posted with real passion, but backed it up with football knowledge.
    Some of whom are still with us today and i salute you.
    Some of you have added to the great times of my life, and also helped me through some of the worst in recent years whether being laid up in a hospital, rehab, or going back for more surgeries.
    Man ….i tell you…i used to really love this place.
    I feel like this site has already started changing, just as our Packer team will be changing drastically soon….
    By changing….i mean, far from the last 30 years that we’ve grown accustomed to.
    Its going to be a very different Green Bay Packer world…..very soon.

  7. Howard November 16, 2021

    I think the Seahawks hopes/will was crushed before the final TD by Dillion. Carroll knew the game was over before the final TD, otherwise Carroll would have started using time outs before the 2 minute warning. Carroll used no time outs while letting the game clock go down to the two minute warning before the Dillion TD. A team/head coach that wants to give his team an opportunity would have used all their time outs, trying to force a field goal, and still have over two minutes left on the clock. Carroll knew his defense could not stop the Packers run game, or score on offense because Wilson was not back all the way from his finger injury. Wilson’s throws were inaccurate and did not have the normal deep velocity all game. I dislike the Seahawks, but I was starting to yell at Carroll to call some timeouts before the two minute warning. Carroll knew his team was done early on the Packers final drive.

    1. PF4L November 17, 2021

      Good post Howard…..
      It amazes me how often bad clock management happens in todays NFL.
      Not because people can’t make mistakes or should be perfect.
      But more because the game itself is their entire life, it’s what they do.
      As fans, Howard and i can harken back and discuss various examples of bad clock management. To the point where it cost a team the ultimate price….. a Super Bowl win.

      1. Howard November 17, 2021

        I can’t believe it has been 5 seasons since that game. The second half and specifically the 4th quarter of that game should be used as a training tool in bad clock management. At least on the part of the Falcon’s offense. The Falcons pulled defeat from the jaws of victory by bludgeoning victory with extremely bad clock management.

        1. PF4L November 17, 2021

          Fkn A…….my man.
          It’s been years, but i can vividly remember watching the game with my jaw hanging open.
          Periodically mouthing the words…”wtf are you people doing?”….lol
          I can’t unforget that.
          LOL……in a nutshell….
          Falcons offense……”Gee….lets make sure we don’t spend to much time on run plays or bringing the play clock down on passing plays, because then the Patriots won’t have enough time to come back and steal the SB from us.”
          It was that freaking bad….lol
          Wasn’t it Kyle Shanahan/LeFleur orchestrating that offense?

          1. Howard November 17, 2021

            Yes. Shanahan (OC) and LeFleur (QB coach). If I didn’t know better I would have thought Chip Kelly was calling the plays in that game. Even the punter would kick with well over 10 seconds on the play clock and the game clock was running. Several college teams snap the ball with close to 20 seconds on the play clock, a 2 score plus lead in the 4th, and the game clock running. Notre Dame is an example. It shouldn’t happen in the pros.

          2. Jason Parker November 17, 2021

            I have a lot of Falcons fans as friends and family. Bless their hearts.

          3. PF4L November 18, 2021

            That Falcon SB game was painful to watch unless you were a Patriots fan, then it was pure euphoria in the 2nd half.
            It wasn’t exactly the same, but i equate that beat down comparably to the Packers/Seahawks NFCCG.
            Different….but yet the same self infliction of errors that cost the Packers a SB trip.
            We missed out on history with that comedy of pathetic errors.
            In the aspect of Rodgers vs Brady each QB’ing their respective teams.
            It could have potentially been a classic SB, one for the history books.
            Suffice it to say the Seahawks made the Super Bowl thereafter ….then having victory in plain sight, Russell Wilson threw a pick near the end zone ending their chance of winning back to back SB’s.
            Patriots win again.
            That loss threw the Seahawks locker room and team spirit in a uncontrollable tailspin over the fact they didn’t call a run play with Lynch.
            That team was never the same and never recovered after that.
            It was the beginning of the end for that Seahawks team at that point.

    2. Mick November 17, 2021

      I agree Howard. About half way through the 1st half, I noticed Wilsons passes were not crisp; especially on the mid to deeper throws. Those passes didn’t seem to have zip on them. It was really obvious on the Amos interception in the end zone. Good point on the final drive, Seattles’ defense was tanked and Carroll knew it.

      1. PF4L November 18, 2021

        That pick reminded me of Favre’s classic heaving it up and hoping his guy comes down with it.