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Science Illiterate, Attention Seeking Diva QB Seeks More Attention – Film at 11

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that our QB, Mr. Aaron Rodgers, who has never brought an ounce of unneeded and unnecessary distracting drama to the team, has in fact brought on more drama.

Now that the facts are out and Rodgers has spoken, we know that a lot of what was speculated was true. Rodgers intentionally mislead people about his vaccination status. Conceptually, vaccines require one to consider the population as a whole and not just yourself. He lacks that ability.

Can this fucking guy disappear already? Such a smart and talented quarterback — but such a loathsome human. I miss the time before when the Packers had a QB that was addicted to pain killers instead of seeing his name in TMZ.

The good news in all this is that seeing much of Rodgers post retirement is highly unlikely considering he can not even get along with anyone for more than a few months at a time.

He has proven time and again that his number #1 concern always has and always will be himself. I’ll leave his personal family drama out of this, but it’s out there for anyone willing to look it up. This is a guy that is willing to quote MLK to justify him being a selfish ass.

I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now. So before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself.

The end of this season can not come soon enough until we hopefully drop this 225-pound flaky embarrassment.

Oct 28, 2021; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) reacts against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Parker

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined



  1. Jason Parker November 5, 2021

    You can express anti-vax views in the comments, just do not link to any of that crap. Thanks

  2. RBraun November 5, 2021

    If you are vaxed, why are you worried about me, Aaron or anyone else being vaxed? As a vaxed individual, you can spread the virus as much as anyone including the un-vaxxed.

  3. Kato November 5, 2021

    Lol. I guess personal decisions can no longer exist in this country? If you are vaccinated, then what are you worried about? Are you scared that it doesn’t actually work (hint, it isn’t nearly as effective as we were led to believe). This isn’t anti vax, this is fact. Reuters (they are pretty reputable) has data from Israel, I won’t post the links due to Jason’s wishes, but this is easily searchable. Israel is just under 90% vaxxed. They had near zero cases for a few months after the vaccine rollout, which seems to point to effectiveness. Which, truthfully it is, initially. But, and studies back this up, the immune response in creating antibodies to the virus is temporary and the antibody count drops precipitously in the months postvaccination similar to influenza vaccines. Israel had a huge COVID outbreak in September, and had more cases and deaths than in the January spike prior to the vaccine roll-out. All of this is easily verified on government websites and peer reviewed scientific journals.
    You pro vaccine people are wrong at the wrong people. This isn’t the fault of people refusing the vaccine. You, me, we were lied to. We were promised 95% efficacy at preventing infection. Then the goal posts moved once breakthrough infections started happening to preventing hospitalization. Then the goal posts moved again to preventing death and there was talk of booster shots. Now, vaccinated people are dying. Why? Because the effects of the vaccine were temporary. Do I think the vaccines are dangerous? Probably not, according to data besides a few isolated cases. But the data does point to them having very temporary protection. We were duped by big pharma, again.

    1. Jason Parker November 6, 2021

      They never said otherwise, Kato.

  4. Kato November 5, 2021

    And sorry Jason you feel this way, because you will one day regret it I believe. Yes, with human viruses, vaccination of the population to eradicate a virus is important. Read: human virus, which includes polio and smallpox. COVID19 is not a human virus, it is an animal virus that mutated to be able infect humans, has animal reservoir, and has shown an ability rapidly mutate. Therefore, this means that eradication is virtually impossible. Which, puts to rest your “Rodgers not understanding population mechanics regarding vaccination.” I had a feeling this was the case, but I really wasn’t up to speed on these AmRNA vaccines, and had hope that they would be more effective than I thought they would be, especially with the early numbers being reported with their efficacy. Hell, I was all about people getting the vaccine. I also had feelings a lot of the so called science is political unfortunately, and we especially saw it with the ivermectin drama where people were mocking people prescribed it as eating horse dewormer, as the only argument they could make against it was trying to make it sound as ridiculous as possible (there is a history of it being used as an antiviral). If you search online for US ivermectin clinical trials, you will find an actual US government website that has ongoing clinical trials, and an ivermectin one that is in stage 4. FYI, if it reaches stage 4, there is ~90% chance that it gets approved by the FDA as treatment. Unfortunately because of politics, this got off to a late start, with several studies in other countries reporting that it seemingly has positive results with more study needed.
    I will say the one thing Rodgers said that I disagreed with is the issue with infertility, as there has been zero evidence in anything that I read, and I have scoured literature, that the vaccine can cause infertility. While possible as a long term effect, I highly doubt it, as this is something that we would already be seeing signs of
    If anyone wants to have an actual conversation with me about this, and share links to government data, peer reviewed literature published in medical and scientific journals, I would be more than happy to. I am a science need, I enjoy it, it’s literally what I have done my whole life, and knew it was what I wanted to do since 5th grade. It’s why I got a biochemistry degree. Why I did research, and contributed to several published studies. I concentrated in aquatic biology, so I am obviously not an immunology guy, but I have a good baseline understanding of it as I did an introductory course for it in college. I am sure there is a way I can share my email with anyone that wants to discuss this in a civilized manner.

  5. PF4L November 5, 2021

    I didn’t even know that Rodgers can’t get along with anyone for more than few months
    I keep learning, from people “in the know”.
    Here…Rodgers dances to his own beat. Is this new news?
    Has Rodgers hurt your feelings over his wording?
    If so …by all means get it all out.
    Maybe a big group cry is in order
    and then possibly move on?
    Or….we could always stone him to death.

    1. Kato November 10, 2021

      I say we stone him to death. Goddamn antivaxxers getting me sick

      1. PF4L November 12, 2021

        Then it shall be…..
        He will be sentenced to a tortuous death.
        Get your tickets early!!

  6. Deepsky November 5, 2021

    I don’t think it’ll really matter that much. Rodgers made a choice that “doesn’t affect anybody else” and it will cost the Packers at least two games and possibly more. He won’t be back for the Seahawks game either. He’s not a young kid, it could affect him worse and then they’ll be more losses. But in the end it won’t matter. The 2+ losses will only change whether Rodgers chokes against Brady or Mike McCarthy on the road versus choking at home. Either way the season was going to end with a bad game by Rodgers like it does every year.

  7. Dan November 5, 2021

    Can someone please tell me where I can find the data and peer reviewed studies that show the efficacy of homeopathic treatments for COVID-19 like what AR took? He criticizes the vaccines but offers no proof that what he took is more effective (why did he get COVID if he was immunized?).
    Also, if he was allergic, he could have left it at that, but instead he had to add his concerns about fertility – why have a secondary argument if an allergy precludes you from taking it? From what I read, only 4 out of 1 million people are allergic so his story seems extremely unlikely.
    Now, The packer fan in me says who cares? I am just happy he seems healthy now and I hope he will be ready for the Seattle game so we can move on from this.
    He can argue about the protocols all he wants (they seem arbitrary) but those protocols were agreed on by the NFLPA before the season started so all players knew what to expect.

    1. Dean November 5, 2021

      Sorry, I can not give any links…

    2. Stacy L Masiero November 6, 2021

      Dean – I don’t think Mr. Parker will object to me sharing this link since it is the “COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,120 studies” site. It provides a very detailed analysis of 30 COVID-19 early treatments, and a database of 225 other potential treatments from 66 countries where treatments are approved and are not to be considered replacements for vaccines. You can filter on all sorts of parameters.

      1. Dean November 6, 2021

        Be cautious , you my end up in the tin foil hat link prison with me :)

        1. Jason Parker November 6, 2021

          She linked to peer reviewed studies. Take note.

        2. Dean November 6, 2021

          Stacy a hint for you, Rodgers talked about getting exercise and eating healthy whole foods as part of building up His immunity — scrub your links of any references to such tin-foil- hat stuff :-)

    3. Stacy L Masiero November 6, 2021

      I forgot to link it : https://c19early.com/

  8. Mitch Anthony November 5, 2021

    I can’t completely rip on Aaron Rodgers for his lack of trust in this process. I think Kato had some very good posts on the issue.

    I had Covid in June 2020. I was one of the first cases in my county so I was treated like the sick unicorn. Although my case was very minimal and I rode out a very boring quarantine in my bedroom, my family had to hear stories of my impending demise on a ventilator in the local ICU. That part never happened. Now since my wife works in health care and my son is in med school I was greatly encouraged to get the jab as soon as possible. Also, our health insurance would go up considerably if we all didn’t get it. So yeah, I got it. Now, I had a pretty easy Covid experience and I really thought my natural immunity would suffice but get the jab and the second jab I did.

    Now, I won’t describe personal health care details but I will say this. A medical condition I have got worse after my second shot and I’m continuing to try and manage my way out of it. Do I completely trust the vaccine? I just don’t know because it hasn’t served me as well as I’d hoped. Nothing changed in my lifestyle, diet, or otherwise except for the fact that I got vaxxed.

    Now, after all these promises of re-opening life if you get the jab. Ditching the mask if you get the jab. 95% good if you get the jab. Now we find out how many get sick after getting vaxxed. I can’t completely blame young professional athletes in supreme physical condition for not wanting some unknown substance getting introduced into their bodies.

    I’m pretty sick of hearing that Rodgers wasn’t truthful and all that moralizing BS. There has been plenty, plenty of untruthful nonsense associated with this Covid crap from the beginning. Item one, this was a zoological and natural transference of a virus from animal to human. Really? I’m not buying that one. I do actually see there is value in studying bats because bats make up 20% of all mammals on the planet. But out of nearly 80,000 species on this planet nobody has yet identified the bridge species of critter that made this bat to human jump possible – after all this time. SARS Cov1 made the jump from bats to humans via civets and MERS made the jump via camels but nobody yet has IDed a bridge species here but we are to believe that a virus that started in Wuhan, China, very near the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where they were working on bat viruses and gain of function research – had nothing to do with it. Because the Communist Chinese and World Health Org. tell us so.
    You might find in the big picture of things that Aaron’s “lie” ain’t quite as big as those told many others in this whole equation.

    I thought Rodgers made some good statements when he pointed out how back when Trump crowed about the success of developing the vaccine it was the people of the left saying they shouldn’t trust it and they would never take it, and now the roles are reversed and they are the vax mandate crowd. It does show how political this has become. It does show how phoney some of those who we put in charge of this country can be.

    People who want to keep this politicized have their agenda. The gaslighting is full on for the un-vaccinated. The left wants you to believe that the unvaxxed are nothing but evil crazy stupid right-wingers who are keeping this country from re-opening to the fullest. But the unvaxxed come from ALL political persuasions and for a variety of mostly personal reasons. It’s because of the gaslighting that you hear the perjorative descriptions of Ivermectin as horse paste with complete ignorance of positive uses as a prophylactic preventive in India. That’s why you hear, or read things like “drink some Clorox”. Because even the fact check sites will tell you that the former president NEVER told people to drink bleach. But hey, it is all about the gaslighting and now Aaron Rodgers gets to join the wrong side of that equation. I used to actually think he was more of a Berkley type myself but now I just don’t know. Nor do I care. I want to see him be a damn QB without having to place him on a different sort of team.

    Getting long so I’ll end with this. There has been at least nine new billionaires created by this pandemic. Watch very carefully just how many news shows and all are sponsored, or brought to you by Pfizer. Enlightened self interest I guess.

    All the best to Jordan Love and the Packers. Go surprise everyone.

    1. Jason Parker November 6, 2021

      It’s the manipulation and misleading that is the issue. It’s his MO. Always will be.

      1. PF4L November 6, 2021

        Rodgers is a sob. I wish he never became a Green Bay Packers.
        In related news…dont forget to join in celebrating Rodgers Packer HOF, Cantons HOF, and celebrating one of the most skilled QB in NFL history in the years to come.

      2. PF4L November 6, 2021

        Dean…everyone on the team knew.
        Simply because unvaxxed are under different protocol.
        Rodgers didn’t lie to his teammates, they knew he was unvaxxed from day one.
        Don’t listen to that blowhard Princess who tries to pretend he knows everything

        1. Dean November 7, 2021

          I though tom was making it up. He reminds me of the fake news — when caught in a lie, just repeat it and then move on to some other distraction. Did tom every own up to anything where he was caught in a lie on this site?

  9. Andy Peth November 6, 2021

    I could offer countless facts to counter this hate-filled, ignorant article, but my greatest concern isn’t Jason’s neglect of data–it’s his hate.

    Jason, you need to take a step back and recognize just how horribly you’re treating a lot of good, intelligent people. Some (like you) worship the vax, others hate it, and many like me simply see it as another option people can weigh in fighting COVID.

    But your level of hate and divisiveness is beneath the interactions we should be having–especially on a sports site.

    1. Dean November 6, 2021

      Now, now lighten up Andy. Being mad/bitter it is not good for your health (wink, wink – your immunity). Me, I took my tin foil hat prison punishment in style. Put on my #12 Arod Jersey, drove my wife and daughter downtown GB shopping. Did a lot of walking (hint, hint – code for exercise), and caught some sunshine (wink, wink – code for vitamin D).
      Now I just need a tin foil hat and I will be all set! To bad I was mean to Killer — he probably will not loan me his mean looking metal viking hat now. I could just paint it to look like cheese and presto.
      Anyway Andy, I hope you laugh your you know what off. Laughter is the best medicine (wink, wink – think immunity).
      Hey, I did this with no links. Hopefully you all were able to decode my summary of Arod’s “secret” to health. Now, if I can just get Killer to link me to Q, then I know I will have arrived!

      1. Dean November 7, 2021

        I forgot 2 items to “Arod’s secrets to health” in my above post that he mentioned in his “Science Illiterate” speech that Jason references in this article. I’ll include them below as items 4 & 5. So, to repeat Arod list’s 1) exercise 2) vitamins 3) sing KumBaAh around a campfire and chill out — ie. do not be mad at your red-neck, un-jabbed neighbor down the street with 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040 & 2044 #45 for president signs in his yard (just kidding about #3):
        4) Drink plenty of water — my take on plenty is this – take your body weight / 2 and that is the amount of water in ozs to drink daily. So for a person 150 lbs = 75 oz of water per day, 200 lbs = 100 oz. Make sure when starting to do this you stay close to a bathroom:). Also, your body naturally should crave water. My best advice if you do not like the taste of water is to go cold turkey (water only, no colas, sweetened drinks, ect) for 1 to 2 weeks until the toxins are flushed from your body. I heard this advise 25 years ago, tried it (took me 2 weeks cold turkey) and I was amazed that it worked! Since then, when I am thirsty, I crave for water. Before, I did not like the taste of water.
        4) Eat whole foods — my take on this – a large order of fries and extra catsup from McDonalds does NOT count as 2 servings of vegetables. Highly processed foods like fries cause your blood sugar to spike and your pancreas to kick in to produce insulin to help lower your blood sugar (hint stuff removed from bloodstream gets stored as belly fat). Also, the extra work your pancreas goes through can lead to type 2 diabetes. I read stuff like this in books 25 years ago.
        Arod asks why this type of info is not broadly taught in the USA to help people make healthy choices. Arod mentions that the doctors he consults want to get people well naturally and then not have to see them again (ie less money for the doctors if you are not hooked on a medicine the rest of your life). My wife and I have worked with doctors that teach similar things and they do not plan on making money on us the rest of your life with endless supply of drugs.
        Arod also mentioned that politicians are flunky or something like that and talked about FOX and CNN in a negative light.

    2. Ferris November 7, 2021

      Countless facts you found on Google you mean Andy. Jason is trying to contain the hate and any misinformation. It may not be Facebook but it is a website and he has that responsibility. So stand down.

  10. Ed November 6, 2021

    He had always been a weird dude :

    Rodgers’ apparent belief in “chemtrail” conspiracy theories — the idea that cancer-causing toxins are sprayed by commercial airplanes flying overhead as part of a government plot to control the population . . .


  11. Howard November 6, 2021

    Rodgers is right to have concerns about the vaccination. Several months ago when others on this site couldn’t understand why some players wouldn’t get a simple shot. I commented about my brother-in -law having an adverse reaction to the vax. As I mentioned my brother-in-law did not make the drive home from receiving the shot before he became severely ill. To make a long story short my brother-in-law has had multiple hospital stays including two stretches in the ICU. He is now at home, he has to have oxygen on and off again, he has lost 60 pounds of body weight and he was not a heavy person to start with. Most of the problems now are trying to overcome all the side effects from the drugs that were pumped into him to keep him alive from the impact of the vaccination. My brother-in-law will never be the same health wise. A couple of my relatives saw him two weeks ago they both indicated you cannot recognize him he looks so frail. A healthy very active person was almost killed by the vax. It is heartbreaking.
    I do not understand why some have adverse reactions to the vaccination. I do know it can, has, and will continue to occurr. No question we are not the only family that the vaccination has taken it’s toll. Rodgers is right to speak out. I just wish he would have done it sooner. He is also right about the cancel culture/woke mobs. We minions do not have care about the cancel/woke groups but those who are in the spotlight do have to consider the creeps/stalkers impacts on their brand or finances.
    I’m just wondering and maybe someone has an answer to this question. The NFL is now into its second year with Covid. In fact many sports teams are in their second year. Several players/athletes have been placed on Covid lists in that time. Many of those when vaccines were not available. How many have died or been sick enough that they could not return to play again? If I recall correctly AJ Dillion was out for a few weeks. He came back. Is their other players who died or could not return to their sport after having Covid?

  12. Tom M November 6, 2021

    I’ve long since stated Aaron Rodgers is a self serving douchebag and a stat whore. However his well crafted media persona is that of a thoughtful, intelligent, altruistic team player. Management has long since known the truth and have had to navigate the hostile waters of public opinion as the bad guy while dealing with the little darling. I would argue that it was important for fans to see the real Aaron Rodgers. It will help bring closure when he’s ultimately traded in the offseason. His image, his reputation has taken a devastating hit. Regardless of where you stand on the vaccine issue. Aaron Rodgers lied. He lied to his teammates, he lied to the media, and he lied to the fans. Exposing everyone he came in contact with. Putting everyone at risk. Not to worry, says Aaron Rodgers, no one is smarter than me. Not MD’s, not science, not anyone. Listen only to me. Worship me. And clueless fans still hang on every word the little diva has to say. And then quoting MLK? What an insult! So his stupidity, his self inflicted scorn, is equal to the sacrifice and suffering of the civil rights movement? What fucking ass hole! This transcends football. The NFL needs to suspend Aaron Rodgers over this.

    1. Dean November 6, 2021

      Have any teammates stated that Aaron lied to them about HIs Vac status?? From what I heard and read on GB and national websites the team, coaches and Management knew Rodgers status from the get go. Can someone confirm this as I am still proudly wearing my tin foil hat…

    2. Mitch Anthony November 9, 2021

      Yeah, that quoting MLK really strikes a nerve, don’t it? Maybe when asked if he is vaccinated he should have instead said something like, “That depends on what the definition of is – is.”

      Or maybe, “My body, my choice.” Then you could have been insulted and outraged for the pro-choice crowd too.

  13. Tom M November 6, 2021

    The issue here is Aaron Rodgers didn’t have the courage to stand behind his convections. And now he wants to quote MLK? He’s a fucking ass hole! He lied to everyone, and yes, that includes his teammates. We’re a nation where we have the freedom to make choices. We can disagree on those choices. But the rules are for all of us. The moment when you cross the line and say the rules don’t apply to me, I’m above the rules. That angers everyone. He should have been wearing a fucking mask! That’s what’s driving the wrath directed at Aaron Rodgers. Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz, Cole Beasley all had the balls to tell us what they think and then followed NFL protocol. Aaron Rodgers did not. Prevea Health has terminated its 11 yr partnership with Aaron Rodgers. Look for State Farm to follow suit. We’re coming off the most impressive win in the last decade only for the season to go off the rails because of Rodgers deceitful behavior. I’ll never pull for a player more than I will Jordan Love tomorrow.

    1. PF4L November 6, 2021

      Poor Tommi….waaaaaaa! waaaaaaa!

  14. PF4L November 6, 2021

    “I’ll leave his personal family drama out of this” – JP
    But, you’ll bring it up any way?

    1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021

      no specifics like this site has covered before

  15. EEZN November 6, 2021

    Same site that spent yrs covering Aaron Rodgers being gay. That’s no longer acceptable though. Might wanna scrub those posts.

    1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021

      The archives are sacred.

  16. Ferris November 7, 2021

    Once he said he consulted Joe Rogan…it was all over for me. Imagine it was a few years back and Jay Cutler did exactly what Aaron has done now. I can imagine the reaction here would not be saying he didn’t mislead anyone or he is just a different dude. It would be, he is a selfish prick with no regard for anyone but himself. He is a bad teammate and leader and always has been. There would be no compassion. That is how I feel now. I am not telling you to feel that way, but I do.

  17. Deepsky November 7, 2021

    It’s a good thing Jordan Love got the vaccine, or the Packers would have had no quarterbacks as Love would have been unable to play as he would have been in “close contact” protocol, even if he was healthy. And Benkert is out with Covid also. As it is, they quickly added Blake Bortles to the roster.

  18. Deepsky November 7, 2021

    The rest of the NFL is now upset at the Packers because the Packers had to know Rodgers was not vaccinated but allowed him access, unmasked, to areas and events which the NFL stated were off limits to unvaccinated individuals. This could come back to bite the Packers in many ways, not just the losses the Packers will now incur. Maybe loss of draft picks. The Packers are a team that needs to obey the NFL rules more than other teams as they exist in the NFL because 31 other owners allow the Packers to exist and nothing more. These owners could easily change the NFL rules and require private ownership of all NFL teams. This may sound crazy to us today, but the NFL has considered selling the Packers to private ownership and moving the team to a larger city in the past. Even Curly Lambeau tried to take the Packers private. This won’t happen because of this incident, the Packers need to follow NFL rules more than any other team.

  19. Tom M November 7, 2021

    But that begs the question Jason. So where is Shailene Woodley in all this? Beloved beard, I mean fiancé, of Aaron Rodgers? This isn’t the kind of publicity she signed up for when she got “engaged” to Aaron Rodgers. This kind of attention isn’t good for anyone’s career and she’s keeping a low profile. Look for their “engagement” to go the way of Aaron Rodgers endorsements. I didn’t see “John Wick” dancing with Woodley at the Halloween party. Was she even there? Aaron Rodgers is gay I don’t care how many D list celebrities he dates. But that’s not the issue here. When you feud with your family over petty shit. When your not honest with yourself and allow yourself to be in relationships that are merely for convenience. You have no one in your life to ground you. No one in your life you can trust. And this is where Aaron Rodgers is right now. Not even his teammates are defending him. Let alone family or his “fiancé”. He’s got a few remaining clueless fans most of which post here and that’s it. It’s all so sad.

    1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021

      Couldn’t agree more. The guy really does need to just evaluate himself and his relationships, but that’s easy for a nobody like me to do and a lot harder for someone surrounded by microphones and cameras. I hope he finds what he is looking for some day. We all do, including myself, but Rodgers has a lot of self reflection to do.

      1. PF4L November 10, 2021

        News Flash!!!!
        Aaron Rodgers is sometimes smart…..
        Aaron Rodgers sometimes thinks he’s too cool for school
        Aaron Rodgers sometimes outsmarts himself….
        Aaron Rodgers…holds grudges. Who knew….right?
        Aaron Rodgers does his job better than most who have ever done it.
        If any one of you made 1% of the money Aaron Rodgers has, you’ve done very well for yourself.
        Look at Tommi….
        Pretending he knows what Rodgers and his family fued about (petty shit)….as if he had first hand knowledge.
        Maybe Rodgers dad e-mails Tommi and tells him all.
        Maybe Tommi has long phone conversations with Rodgers himself and heard all the stories that way.
        Or maybe….Tommi is just full of shit as usual pretending he knows something about Rodgers personal issues, because….he has internet access.
        THAT MUST BE IT!!
        The only thing more stupid than the shit Tommi post, is anyone who agree’s with him.
        Awe….a little harsh? I’m SO sorry
        F U!!….GROW UP.

  20. Publius Jr. November 7, 2021

    Science illiterate are those who embrace what a consensus of govt scientists say. I have an engineering degree. I can say to you there is evidence the vaccine is a bioweapon and the virus is a fortified engineered virus, both made to generate cash and reduce the worldwide population. Don’t bother with a reply. I suggest people dump your blog like I’m going to do.

    1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021


      I studied political science and cybersecurity. What’s your point? Neither of us are experts on this.

      Also, no need to announce your departure, Felicia. This is not an airport. No one cares.

      1. PF4L November 10, 2021

        Felicia…..announce your departure…..airport…..lol
        That’s GD funny i don’t care who ya are….lol
        Well done JP.

    2. Dean November 7, 2021

      Jr. why leave? I plan to stick around or at least lurk once in a while to get some dozes of belly laughs from comments on this site (PF4L vs Tom come to mind). Remember laughter doth good like a medicine.

      1. Jason Parker November 7, 2021

        I’m not the only writer on the site anyway. Not really fair to Rob, Ed, or Paul who may not agree with me either

        1. PF4L November 10, 2021

          Dean……(Vs)……would imply it’s contested. :)

    3. Kato November 10, 2021

      The vaccine is a bioweapon? Ok Alex Jones

      1. Jason Parker November 10, 2021

        the frogs are all gay now and Kaaron Rodgers is still a liar

        1. PF4L November 12, 2021


  21. Dean November 10, 2021

    OK, my bad. Just trying to get some laughs to build up our immunity.

    1. Dean November 10, 2021

      This was supposed to be a reply to PF4L Vs …

      1. PF4L November 12, 2021

        Keep on keepin on on Dean.
        Fight the good fight.