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Packers Defense Golden in Red Zone, Packers Prevail 24-10

The Packers defense took the red zone monkey off their back Sunday, keeping the Washington Football Team out of the end zone in four red zone trips in the second half, securing the Packers 14 point win. After not being able to keep 6 straight teams out of the end zone on red zone drives prior to Sunday, the defense had three goal line stands that included an interception in the end zone, two four down stops that included one boneheaded play by rookie Washington QB Taylor Heinicke, and a good pass defensed by Adrian Amos that was as close to pass interference as a pass breakup could get without a flag.

Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke (4) comes up short trying to score a touchdown at the goal line in the third quarter against the Green Bay Packers during their football game Sunday, October 24, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

The Packers defense’s best play may have been the second half stops on 4th down. Rashawn Gary took the headlines away from the vaunted Washington defensive front, which was causing the Packers patchwork o-line fits in the first half. On the first drive of the second half, Gary beat his man and knocked the ball out of Heinicke’s hand just before he delivered the pass. The ball floated into defensive end Kyle Lowe’s hands for the biggest turnover of the game. The Packer offense took over at the Washington 27 and quickly scored a touchdown on a perfect pass from Rodgers to Big Bob Tonyan. Tonyan had his best game of the season, tallying four catches for 63 yards and his second TD pass of the year.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard (13) stiff arms Washington Football Team cornerback Danny Johnson (36)during their football game on Sunday, October 24, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Wm. Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Tonyan was joined by Allen Lazard and Mercedes Lewis as the breakout players of the game. Lazard caught 5 passes, including a nice adjustment on a back shoulder fade pass for his lone touchdown. Lewis had three catches for 31 yards. While the Washington team focused on Davante Adams, he was still able to lead the team with six catches for 76 yards and the Packers first touchdown.

The Packers defense was taking a beating for their inability to stop opponents in the red zone prior to Sunday. In the second half of Sunday’s game they had four red zone stops that resulted in three total points and a turnover. Yes, they were helped by Heinicke’s poor decision on third and goal when he tried to slide into the end zone. But, Heinicke, who wears jersey number four because he grew up a Brett Favre fan, made some outstanding plays, exposing the Packers corners early in the game and using his feet to run for 95 yards. His one interception was, arguably, his only poor decision of the game. But the constant pressure, including two sacks by Gary and two split between Lowry and Keke, kept him under pressure.

The Packers have to feel good about their record at 6-1. That does not mean they do not have work to do to be a championship contender. Their offensive line was exposed on Sunday. The Packers lined up with one player playing in their starting position as planned at the start of the season. Billy Turner, the only starter in his regular position, struggled against Chase Young. The interior of the line, Runyan, Patrick and Newman, all struggled against Washington’s Jonathon Allen and Montez Sweat. The Packers were held to only 52 yards rushing. Special teams had a blocked field goal that easily could have turned into a Washington score and game changing play. While the Packers won handily on the scoreboard, they dodged bullet after bullet in this game. The Packers have a five game stretch that includes Arizona, Kansas City, Minnesota, the Los Angeles Rams and the Seahawks. The faster Bakhtiari can return the better. If Jaire Alexander and The Smith Brothers could also heal, the Packers may be in business.

While Rodgers faced lots of pressure, his quick releases and scrambling kept the damage to three sacks. His first quarter, fourth down pass back across the field after scrambling to his right was a dangerous, beautifully executed throw. For a team held to under 60 yards rushing, they showed they have a multitude of weapons that can expose any defensive weakness. Next week, let’s hope the Packers can continue their new streak of nine straight series of keeping the opponent out of the end zone.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Tom M October 25, 2021

    Yep, Rashan Gary is pretty good. Always around the ball. And unlike Brian Burns who’s pretty much a one trick pony. Gary can play the run. He’s why we’ll move off ZaDarius Smith in the offseason season and why we’re 6-0 in his absence. I wouldn’t get too excited about our red zone defense. Washington shots themselves in the foot. That won’t happen Thursday night.

    1. Ferris October 25, 2021

      We’ll move off and we’re 6-0. Just stop…please stop. Mark Patrick used to hang up on people who used WE on his radio show while talking about a team. I fully support that.

      1. Tom M October 25, 2021

        Who names their kid Ferris? That’s just cruel! I forgot, I can’t say “we” because I don’t have an I love Aaron Rodgers tramp stamp like you and PF4L. WE will not win Thursday night unless Rodgers continues to spread the ball around to Lazard and Tonyan. And on defense Kevin King has to play and he has to play well. Those two thing happen and WE’VE got a chance. And I don’t need bullshit stats to back it up. Anymore than I needed bullshit stats to tell me Rashan Gary is a good player. I could see that. You and PF4L could not. So go play with PF4L and his stats. Let the big boys talk football.

        1. Ferris October 26, 2021

          Uh…it was a nickname from years ago…only idiots would use their real name on these sites. Just saying TOM. (your real name)

          1. PF4L October 26, 2021

            Tom….at what point, if any, do you stop being such a cunt?
            You are the same guy that teaches us all “civility”….right?
            I’m not sure how that word even works it’s way out of your mouth.
            Self improvement Tommi…STOP BEING YOU.

          2. PF4L October 26, 2021

            JP is just like the Packers Executive Board and the Board of Directors.
            See the disease…..turn the other way.
            I simply say… F U…bathe in the disease, just like the Packers have the last 10 bullshit years.
            I’m tired of this shit…and i’m tired of waiting for the rest of the disease to get out of the building.
            I’m tired of this happy horseshit, and now we have to put up with this Princess fuck face?
            EAT A DICK…i say.
            Ban me….watch me give a flying fuck JP
            This years Packer team, next years, Packer team, etc…and this website with it’s 6 month posting problems, are going nowhere fast.
            Gee…we keep getting to the NFCCG…LOOK at us!!!…..Aren’t we good now?!?!?
            NICE JOB GUTE!!
            “Way to go Gutey!!”
            “In Gute we trust”
            Fucking win something first….like Ron and Ted did, then act like the man.
            Congrats….you’ve been the 2nd/3rd place losers two times in the last 2 years.
            Lets get some balloons and O’Doul’s and blow the roof off this place.
            Lets pat management on the back for getting to two NFCCG…..and losing.
            Yea Tommi…why don’t you predict Thursday night’s game winner…..
            Gee….it isn’t too tough …is it?
            I hope you get closer on that prediction than telling us Rodgers will give his buddy Adams 15-20 targets a game, so he can…make that scratch!!
            Man…you are so cool!!
            You are nothing but a dumbass, loudmouth, blowhard.
            Who gives a fuck what Ferris names himself on here…have you been a cunt your whole life?
            But yea..seriously….tell us more about how Rodgers has Adams back with 15-20 targets a game.
            Translation…..keep talking stupid.

          3. Tom M October 27, 2021

            Rob just wrote an article where he talked about passer ratings among other things. You tell me PF4L, who had the better passer rating last year? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers? Now tell me who won the SB? Quoting stats is for losers. Who do you want as your QB when it’s 1st and goal at the 8 yard line in the 4th quarter of the NFCC? Someone with a pretty passer rating? Or someone that’s going to find a way to get it in the end zone? Do you want Brady or Rodgers? And don’t give me any shit about not having enough “weapons” at WR or anywhere else. He threw for 48 TD’s and 4,600 yards. Rodgers had everything he needed. I’ve told you before, we can agree to disagree and play nice. But if you call me a “cunt”, tell me to “fuck off”, or tell me I can’t say “we” because I’m not a Packer fan because I don’t think like you. Then the gloves come off.

          4. PF4L October 27, 2021

            Lets go head to head like you prefer Princess…Brady vs. Rodgers
            How about that little man…would you like that?
            You seem to think the rest of the team doesn’t matter.
            If Rodgers fails to win…it’s all on him, the rest of the team doesn’t matter according to you.
            At least…under Tommi logic.
            Lets do this…Rodgers vs Brady…head to head.
            2020 NFCCG….
            Tom Brady….73.9 passer rating
            Aaron Rodgers…101.6 passer rating
            So under Tommi logic…Rodgers is better than Brady.
            But wait…..How did Green Bay lose that game?
            Rodgers was clearly the best QB on the field.
            Gee golly whiz Princess…what isn’t adding up?
            Could it be, is it possible, could the other 70-80 players on the field during that game actually have a influence on the outcome of a game?
            That is just crazy talk right Princess?
            Idk Little man…i think it might be possible
            Because…Didn’t Tampa Bay win that game even though Rodgers was clearly the best QB on the field that day?
            Hells Bells…www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFJFonWfBBM
            I know what you’re thinking Tommi….you learned something today. Don’t give it another thought…..
            You’re welcome :)
            Unfortunately Tommi, i have no control on whether you act like a cunt. Myself, and others, have called it how we see it.
            If that’s a problem for you…then if i was you i’d march right upstairs, grab some milk and cookies to get your strength up…and take those pesky gloves off, because i cannot tell a lie Princess…You are a cunt.
            Even still….Have a nice Day Princess

          5. PF4L October 27, 2021


          6. PF4L October 29, 2021

            No response from Princess?
            Well, maybe he’s busy “taking the gloves off”

  2. Howard October 25, 2021

    I know the final score tells the story, but the WFT totally dominated the Packers offense and defense in the second half. A good thing the total domination by WFT stopped at the half yard lines. 21 total offensive plays by the Packers in the second half and the WFT domination of the second half time of possession is not Packer football under LaFleur, except in Packer losses.

    1. Deepsky October 26, 2021

      The next few games are going to show the real Packers. I think there’s a good chance they could lose their next 5 games. The Packers offensive line is actually very weak and their secondary will be tested by real quarterbacks. Even if Bakhtiari comes back, he’s not going to look good as no player looks good after coming back from a torn ACL.

      1. PF4L October 26, 2021

        I don’t know about all that Deep….
        Jordy came back after ACL surgery, going for 1.257 yards and leading the NFL in TD’s
        Not that Gute gave him any credit for it.
        Plus AP tore both his ACL and MCL and came back and rushed for almost 2,100 yards, doing so when opposing defenses knew he was getting the ball.
        I don’t care if he is a chili dipper, as a NFL fan you have to respect that.
        As far as his parenting skills….well, not so much.

        1. Deepsky October 27, 2021

          Yeah, it’s very possible Bakhtiari comes back like he was before. I guess I should have qualified my statement saying he’s not going to come back right away looking as good as he did.

          1. PF4L October 27, 2021

            I hear ya Deep. The team is going to need him.
            I enjoy reading your recent post, very well thought out Deep.

          2. PF4L October 27, 2021

            My thoughts…..
            The world would be a better place without him or his brother

          3. PF4L October 28, 2021

            FYI….This was meant as a response to Cheese comment.

  3. Deepsky October 26, 2021

    The Packer defense looks great when they play undrafted QBs. In fact, the Packers haven’t played really any good quarterbacks all season, the best one being Joe Burrow. Kyler Murray is another story. Murray is better than Rodgers is right now and in fact Rodgers probably has had only a few seasons better than Murray is having this year. Murry will move the ball and score at will on the Packers defense, as will many of the upcoming QBs. The Packers won’t be facing the worst defense in the league either on Thursday, so I don’t see the Packers keeping up. I think the Saints game is closer to the real Packers team and that will be evident this Thursday.

    1. Mick October 26, 2021

      Ya, good points Deep! With all the injuries, and now covid infections, one has to wonder how many more punches in the gut this team can take. The only good news lately is Bahk and MVS are close to returning. Also, they activated Taylor off the covid list. It’s gonna be tough going forward. Looks bleak against the Cards, but with 10 days rest ,before they face the Chiefs, maybe we get back some key players. Let’s hope the funk that the Chiefs are in last a couple more weeks. The Chiefs D is in shambles.

      1. Mick October 27, 2021

        PS;;;;; not to mention the Chiefs O.L.

  4. Cheese October 26, 2021

    Any thoughts on the latest coming from the scumbag known as Martellus Bennett?
    I bet TT (coughGUTEcough) is kicking himself for not resigning Jared Cook.

    1. Mitch Anthony October 27, 2021

      Yeah I read the link. Just when I get around to forgetting that bum wore a Packer uniform for a very short while. I see he tosses Jordy Nelson, Mason Crosby, and Aaron Rodgers under his already crowded bus. Claims they had some corny-ass ideas. Well, I bet their veteran inputs had a bit more feel for Packer Nation than that POS ever did.

      Do I believe that some phone calls and messages might have been placed to the Packers? Sure I do. I bet 31 other teams got some of those types of messages too during that time. Some fans do and say some pretty dumb things across the nation in all forms of sports. I’ll bet Lance Easley got his share of death threats from some Packer fans. Remember Steve Bartman and the famous foul ball at the Cubs game? Think he didn’t get threats? Sure Marty, all Packer fans belong to the northern chapter of the KKK because they didn’t like your mouthy non-playing worthless ass.

      Some other sources I’ve heard claim that Kevin King was one of the biggest Marty disciples. Go figure.

      I don’t go around wearing other guy’s football jerseys because, I’m not a 16 year old girl. But for anyone out there who may have been stooopid enough to drop coin on a Marty Packer jersey, how do you feel now?

  5. PF4L October 27, 2021

    If you remember as far as Bennet disciples, Rodger’s was also dancing to his beat for awhile.

    1. Mitch Anthony October 28, 2021

      Oh yeah I remember. Full-on woke chump for a while. I felt embarrassed for the guy for a bit.

      If someone compiled a list of Packer players you’d most like to forget, Marty B would top my list. He’d even be above Brandon Bostick

      1. PF4L October 28, 2021

        I can’t deal with him, or his lying, fiction storytelling brother.
        Remember when Rodgers asked the fans of Green Bay to lock arms in Unity during the Anthem?
        By my view, he had about .5% participation, if that.
        That was about the last we heard of any of that.
        Next thing…Bennett snaked his way out of Green Bay.
        In retrospect, Bennett was not one of Ted’s (Gutes, Ball’s) best moves.
        To give credit, there were a lot of people in here who didn’t like that move from the get go, citing how much of a flake he was in Chicago.
        I was more on the fence, but i wanted Cook back because of what he was developing with Rodgers. I think those two would have grown into something special.

        1. Mick October 30, 2021

          I agree PF4L. When I heard that they weren’t re-signing Cook, the only thing that came to mind;;;;;;;; was WTF?