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Advance Planning for the Next Six Games


We’ve now learned that Pro Bowl cornerback Jaire Alexander will be lost “indefinitely.” Our team is in crisis mode. Things would be even worse if not for Eric Stokes outperforming initial expectations. An average team could probably cope with the situation, though with a couple more games than usual going in the loss column – no big deal. But the Packers (still) have genuine Super Bowl aspirations. I don’t view trolling through other teams’ practice squads as an appropriate response to the Pack’s emergency situation.

We need to fill this cornerback hole with a superb athlete, a player with impressive speed, and preferably one who doesn’t have to take a crash course in learning the Packers’ defensive playbook. As you might know if you read my previous post (here), my proposal is to temporarily replace Jaire Alexander with safety Darnell Savage.

Did I mention that Darnell recorded a dash time of 4.36 seconds at the NFL combine? Until Eric Stokes strode into town, that is likely the fastest time any Green Bay player has turned in since Sam Shields showed up and started six games, as a rookie, for the 2010 Super Bowl champs.

With that said, I’m going to concentrate on the team’s upcoming six games – and hope to hell that after that we’ll have Jaire and a bunch of the team’s other stars back from their ailments.

Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander (23) leaves the field injured against the Pittsburgh Steelers during their football game Sunday, October 3, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Next Six Opponents

Over the next six weeks, the Packers go on the road for four out of six games. The team has so far sucked it up and emerged with a 3-1 record despite multi-game injuries to four star players: Bakhtiari, Jenkins, Za’Darius Smith, and MVS. Will the injury to Jaire Alexander be the tipping point for this beleaguered club?

Other than the quarterback, the loss of a cornerback is the most difficult to compensate for. You lose a great edge rusher, you can resort to more blitzing; you lose a fine running back, you can do more passing. But when you lose a great cornerback, and don’t have a suitable backup, the opposition is going to focus its game on exploiting this fatal weakness. This is exactly what happened against the Bucs in last year’s NFC championship game – has the organization learned anything from that awful experience?

Let’s take a look at the club’s prospects over the next six games in light of the loss of Jaire. Should the team lose four of the next six, it would leave them with a 5-5 record, with seven games to go. Given the weakness of the NFC North division, the Packers would still have an excellent chance to make it into the playoffs – where they should have most of their missing stars back.

The Vikings are Green Bay’s top competition for winning the division, but the Packers already have a two game lead on them. The two teams will meet in Minnesota in Week 11 and at home in Week 17 – when, barring further injuries to key players, Green Bay should be much healthier. If the team can somehow fill the gap created by Jaire’s loss, the Packers winning four out of the next six games is not far-fetched. If they can accomplish that, they’ll be well positioned to not only make the playoffs but to obtain a high playoff seed.

The teams the Packers will face in the next six weeks are the Bengals, Bears, Washington, Cardinals, Chiefs, and Seahawks. The Cards are 4-0, the Bengals are 3-1, and the others are all at 2-2, so the task isn’t quite as daunting as we might initially think. The only two home games for the Pack during this stretch are those against Washington and Seattle.

In those first three games, the only worrisome quarterback is the Bengals’ second-year man Joe Burrow, the top overall draft pick last season. Burrow has the sixth best passer rating, at 113.8, on this young season.

The second and third games in this stretch don’t feature top-notch opposing QBs. In the fourth game, however, the Cards are led by Kyler Murray, who currently sports the fifth best passer rating (115.0), and is thought to be an early favorite to be named MVP. Murray has got the Cards off to a 4-0 start.

Next up is the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, who is typically perched near the top of the stats – his 122.9 rating to date is second best in the league. He of course has two premier receivers, Tyreek HiIl and Travis Kelce.

To finish off the gauntlet, the sixth game is against the Seahawks and QB Russell Wilson. Russ, who has Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf as targets, has once again started out the season on fire – his 129.9 rating leads the NFL. Over the last few years, however, we’ve seen Wilson’s numbers decline as the seasons have worn on. Now in his tenth year, the wear and tear seems to be taking a toll on his body. At any rate, the Seahawks aren’t as dominating as they once were, but they have learned how to win games: they had 10 regular season wins in 2018, 11 in 2019, and 12 last season.

So, in upcoming games four through six, the Packers will face three of the five current top passers in the league. A mix of Isaac Yiadom, new acquisition Rasul Douglas, Chandon Sullivan, and/or Shemar Jean-Charles isn’t likely to cut it against such top teams – though I must admit I’m curious to see how the clingy Jean-Charles performs. Sullivan is somewhat competitive as a slot corner, but he’s too slow to be out alone on the outside.

In addition to facing some top QBs, the Packers’ defense will be confronting several teams that have the firepower at receiver to pose dire difficulties for the Pack’s debilitated defensive backfield.

The Bengals have exciting rookie Ja’Marr Chase for Burrow to throw to. The fifth overall choice in the most recent draft, Cincinnati has wasted no time putting him to good use. Chase has already caught 17 balls for 297 yards, for an average of 17.5 yards per catch. He has the distinction of being the youngest player (21) in NFL history to catch four touchdown passes in his first three career games. It looks like Chase is going to be this year’s Justin Jefferson.

The Bears have the veteran Allen Robinson and a surprise in receiver Darnell Mooney. After 1,000-plus yard seasons in 2019 and 2020, eight-year vet Robinson has gotten off to a slow start this time around. Mooney, a fifth-round draft pick last season, is a speedster, weighing 176 pounds and with 4.38 40-yard dash speed. He has 26 catches for 226 yards in this his second season. Other than by double teaming, the only way to deal with blazingly fast receivers is to have a cornerback who can match that speed.

The Cardinals have an awesome and balanced receiver corps: A. J. Green (248 passing yards), Christian Kirk (244), DeAndre Hopkins (225) and Rondale Moore (211) are all having fine seasons. Hopkins, the most dangerous, has reached the 1,000-yard receiving mark in each of the last four years, including 1,407 last season.

It’s hard to say who will give Green Bay the bigger pass defense challenge, the Chiefs or the Seahawks. Each team has a future Hall of Fame QB, as well as multiple star receivers.

Green Bay’s best chances for wins over the next six weeks appear to be against their first three opponents. Unless the team can quickly fill the gaping hole created by the loss of Alexander, the Packers will have great challenges against the pass attacks of the Cards, Chiefs, and Seahawks. The home game against the Hawks might be their best opportunity.

Confronting the reality of the club’s cornerback crisis (I won’t even raise the possibility of putting Kevin King back in at outside cornerback, as opposed to slot CB), will be an immense challenge for the team’s head coach, new defensive coordinator Joe Barry, the rest of the defensive coaching staff, and for that matter the entire organization.

As Thomas Paine once said, these are the times that try men’s souls. However, I’m going to put my trust in Matt LaFleur, who has so far worked wonders in his two years as the head of this fine football team.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Tom M October 8, 2021

    Matt LaFleur hasn’t had to deal with this many injures either. Plan on Jaire Alexander being out six weeks. And that’s the best case scenario. We don’t go into Arrowhead Stadium and beat the Chiefs without Alexander. I don’t care what their record is. Likewise we’re not beating Kyler Murray, perhaps this years leading MVP candidate, in Arizona without Jaire. And I have an uneasy feeling about the Bengals this week. Now, we should still beat the Bears, Washington, and the Seahawks. That would put us at 3-3 over the next 6 games which is the best you can hope for. I agree, we’re in a weak division and still should win the NFC North. But the top seed this year seems out of the question. We’ll have to go on the road come playoff time. It’s all about who gets hot and healthy in December and January. Last year it was the Bucs. It’s possible, just not probable we could do it this year. Alexander is the injury we can’t replace. There’s simply no one on the roster that comes close to doing what he can. Even if Rodgers went down, Jordan Love could come in and run MLF’s offense and win games. Look for Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase to pick on our secondary the way Rodgers and Adams did to the 49ers. It could get ugly. Joe Barry is going to have to bring a lot of pressure.

    1. PF4L October 8, 2021

      First of all…..let’s stop with the “we” shit.
      Put your mouth and whatever comes out of it back down nose deep in your chili bowl.
      Bon Appétit little man.
      What Ragnar?….You think taking on Wilson, Lockett, and Metcalf is some cake walk victory against a rook, King, and the murderers row of soon to be Walmart stock boys?
      “It could get ugly”…Gee…what was your first clue Princess?

      1. Tom M October 9, 2021

        Sweetheart, we’ve got the greatest QB ever in your butt buddy Aaron Rodgers! You saying he can’t beat the Bears with a rookie QB? Or Washington or Seattle with a backup QB? Trade the man bun wearing little pussy right now then. At least Jordan Love can hit MVS on a go route.

    2. Ferris October 10, 2021

      WE and US makes you sound so stupid and like such a loser. That goes for everyone that uses WE and US. Not just you. It is so annoying and pathetic. Like you are actually a part of something…you’re not.

      1. Packtat87 October 10, 2021

        While I agree that Tom always sounds like a stupid loser and/or whiney bitch, c’mon man. There’s nothing wrong with ‘we’ or ‘us’. When you’re a fan of a team and support them as much financially and emotionally as we do, it’s a we thing. When we go to the games and make it a hostile (bold use of the word for GB I know) environment, it’s a we thing.

        1. PF4L October 10, 2021

          Ummmmm….Since when is Tommi a fan of the Packers?
          You buyin that?….really?
          “WE” win…and what does Tommi do…bitch about every and anything.
          That’s a Packer fan to you?
          A guy who disrespects long time highly respected Packer fans in here.
          Packer fan?….I don’t think so my friend.
          This from the guy who was predicting the Packers would start the season 0-4 after the Saints game.
          Maybe we should have a group Q & A period and discuss what a troll is, so there are no f…. misunderstandings.

        2. PF4L October 10, 2021

          Preach Ferris!!

  2. Mick October 9, 2021

    Speaking of significant injuries, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks is out a minimum of 6 weeks with an injury to a finger on his throwing hand. Journeyman Geno Smith will be their Q-back.

    1. PF4L October 9, 2021

      Yea, i didn’t know about that, i thought he was going to be like Stafford and just rub a little dirt on it and carry on.
      Geno Smith didn’t look half bad coming off the bench.
      Sure he isn’t Brett Hundley, but he looked ok.

      1. Tom M October 9, 2021

        Once again your running your mouth and have no idea what your saying. So Aaron Rodgers has no chance to beat career backup Geno Smith? Got it! That means Rodgers has no chance against future HOFer Taylor Heincke either. Or Justin, I can’t read a defense, Fields. Aaron Rodgers the GOAT? I say bullshit to that! Smith, Heincke, and Fields, they’re the real GOAT. Why not sprinkle in some stats there PF4L and dazzle us?

        1. PF4L October 9, 2021

          Oh, i’m sorry…
          DID i say Aaron Rodgers has no chance of beating Geno Smith? Were those my words?
          DID i type that?
          First of all, you may think in those terms, luckily for me i’m not that stupid.
          (See todays lesson below.)
          This sir, is why….people think your a cunt.
          Here’s today’s lesson….Nancy
          It’s never Rodgers against Smith.
          It’s never Rodgers against Brady.
          It’s never Rodgers against Fields.
          It’s never Rodgers against Cousins
          It’s the Packers against the Seahawks
          It’s the Packers against the Bucs.
          It’s the Packers against the Bears.
          It’s the Packers against your vikings.
          When you have 2 teams Princess, that means (42 other) starting players are trying to determine the outcome of a football game besides the QB’s.
          Are you still confused little man?

          Or is it your opinion that only 2 players dictate the outcome of a NFL football game?
          Did Tom Brady beat Aaron Rodgers, or did the Bucs beat the Packers in the NFCCG?
          Did Tom Brady beat Mahomes or did the Bucs beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV?
          Did Ben Rothlisburger beat Matt Hasslebeck or did the Steelers beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL?
          Did Peyton Manning beat Cam Newton to win Super Bowl 50, or did the Colts beat the Panthers?
          Need me to go on or is the light starting to flicker Scooter?
          God damn this is getting tiring.
          How many brain cells do you actually have Princess?
          1) 5
          3) 20
          4) All the above and add 10, but subtract 9, then divide by 4.
          Now what’s this about, Mark Murphy was a NFLPA attorney?
          You ever get that figured out yet Sparky?.

          1. PF4L October 9, 2021

            It’s ok pumkin…..keep sheepishly looking at the ground, speechless.
            It fits you well.

          2. PF4L October 9, 2021

            PF4L October 9, 2021
            Geno Smith didn’t look half bad coming off the bench.
            Tom M October 9, 2021
            So Aaron Rodgers has no chance to beat career backup Geno Smith? Got it!
            Tom M <—cunt

  3. Tom M October 9, 2021

    Hey PF4L, you growing a man bun too? I hear tinker bell thinks they’re sexy! Which means of course, your all in! My expectations for “Micheal Jordan” and the Packers are higher than yours. I fully expect this team to beat the Bears, Seahawks, and Washington. Packers aren’t paying tinker bell 30 million to lose to a rookie QB and a couple of career backups. I don’t care who’s in the secondary. While there’s no shame losing to Mahomes or Murray. Both QB’s are a decade younger and playing better than Rodgers. You spend all your time telling us how great and wonderful and wise Aaron Rodgers is. And when he is isn’t, you quickly shift to who will be this week’s scapegoat on why he is not. I expect Aaron Rodgers to be great because he tells me he is and because he’s paid that way. See how that works? A player sets a standard for himself and you hold him accountable. You just rehash the same excuses over and over. Tell us PF4L how many SB’s will Aaron Rodgers win in Pittsburgh? An organization that will truly appreciate him! Let me answer that. ZERO! He’ll be an old man in a division full of young, up and coming, QB’s. And even if he gets Pittsburgh in the playoffs. He’ll have to beat Josh Allen, or Justin Herbert, or Patrick Mahomes to even sniff the SB. Not happening. Ever. But Tinker bell will always have you PF4L, telling us all it’s someone else’s fault. Ask Brett Favre if the grass is greener on the other side. He spent time in New York and Minnesota. Between the dick pics and the INT’s he got run out of both places. And with Rodgers diva attitude, so will he in Pittsburgh.

    1. PF4L October 9, 2021

      The other day you said Rodgers was making 46 million, now today it’s 30 million.
      Did he give 16 million back?
      Is that even allowed?
      Maybe we should ask NFLPA attorney Mark Murphy about the legality of such action.
      What say you?
      I never mentioned a man bun, not one time.
      Why are you so obsessed about how a man does his hair?
      You can’t seem to stop talking about it.
      Some may view that as strange, or an illness.
      Perhaps a undiscovered fantasy?
      Are you ok with Rodgers nails?
      How about his socks….you approve?
      Are his eyebrows trimmed to your satisfaction?
      5 Rodgers mentions
      3 PF4L mentions
      SOB!!…it’s like 37 seconds and no time outs..
      Rodgers wins again.

    2. PF4L October 9, 2021

      Wait just a G damn second here..
      Princess….are you trying to tell me that Favre played in New York and Minnesota?
      Get the fuck out!!….really?
      Holy shit, i just looked it up…you are actually right about that.
      Man…the things i learn from you.
      I am so grateful…
      Favre, man buns, QB vs.QB….the learning….never stops.
      Don’t stop teaching!!

  4. PF4L October 9, 2021

    Graham Mertz, beat (4 star 2018 recruit) Artur Sitkowski 24-0.
    Vaulting Graham Mertz right in the thick of the Heisman race.

  5. David Anthony October 9, 2021

    WOW….IS this chat room footballs version of the Kardahians ?? Simmmer down everyone. Losing JA hurts this team no doubt about that. And there’s no telling how the obvious changes / lineup moves / schemes are going to turn out. This all sucks for sure…however, the season is’nt over, we’re still 3-1 in a less than stellar division with winnable games ahead ( CINN, WASH, CHIC) , all teams that are inferior offensively compared to the Packers. KC will be a tough one, but the Chiefs D may just be as vunerable as the Packers right now. They;re beatable for sure. I’ll give ya an “L” in ARIZ. Then there’s SEA in Lambeau and possibly without WIlson. ‘
    So before we hit the panic button. as the guy with the man bun says……R E L A X. Lets this play out, GO PACK GO!!

  6. PF4L October 10, 2021

    We could run the table….
    37 seconds, no time outs?….No problem
    I guess calling Rodgers the guy with the man bun is now cool.
    Oops..almost forgot, welcome “new guy”

  7. Tom M October 10, 2021

    Your man bun wearing hero restructured his contract so we could get Randall Cobb’s contract under the cap this year. Rodgers wouldn’t do it for a corner, you know, someone we might actually need. But for his buddy, no problem. Rodgers contract for this season is about 30 million. Because of it, next year, his final year on his current contract, he counts 46 million. Even if he’s traded, and he will, he’ll count 19 million in dead money. Then after we cut ZaDarius Smith, some idiot thinks we can trade him, that’ll still count about 7 million on the cap in dead money. Remember, we’re 40 million over the cap. So Rodgers and Smith are just the start as the fat gets trimmed off this roster. This is what happens when you give players too much say in personnel. Rodgers is perfectly willing to move money around for Cobb, his buddy, so he can have pretty stats so guys like PF4L can fuss and fawn over them. While Gutekunst correctly knew we needed another corner. But Rodgers would have none of that. A corner isn’t going to help him win another worthless MVP. So the way I see it, this is the way Rodgers wanted it. Now he’s responsible to make it work. You’ve got a rookie and Kevin King as your starting corners. It’s time for “Micheal and Scottie” along with Cobb to light it up and win shoot outs until Alexander comes back. And if they can’t. It’s on assistant GM Aaron Rodgers. Show us how smart you are Erin.

  8. PF4L October 10, 2021

    ” Remember, we’re 40 million over the cap. So Rodgers and Smith are just the start as the fat gets trimmed off this roster. This is what happens when you give players too much say in personnel.” – Princess
    Signing Cobb caused it?…lol
    Tommi Translation…Rodgers is the reason we’re over the cap!!….lol
    It has nothing to do with spending a years salary cap in 2 weeks on free agents.
    It has nothing to do with how Russ Ball structured Rodgers contract.
    “Even if he’s traded, and he will, he’ll count 19 million in dead money.” – PRINCESS
    More accurately, he’ll count $26,847,138 in dead money.
    NOBODY is waiting post June 1st to trade Rodgers.
    I would explain how that works to Tommi, but i don’t want to suffer 2 weeks of brain damage before he finally understands it.
    June 1st is way past free agency and the draft…that isn’t happening Gomer.
    “While Gute(n)kunst correctly knew we needed another corner.” – Tommi
    Lmao…when did he finally realize that, during the NFCCG perhaps?
    Or was that when he drafted 2nd round pick Josh Jackson and deemed….problem solved….lol
    Great pick.
    “So the way I see it” – Tommi
    Yes, the way you see it…lol
    That’s always the exact same time the train runs off the rails.
    Keep plugging away Gomer, you’ll say something intelligent …sometime.
    Law of averages.
    In the meantime…you’re welcome.

  9. Tom M October 10, 2021

    What kind of bullshit is this? We’re in OT against the Bengals! Ferris and PF4L will tell you their “combined record of opponents is 2-9!” We got this! No problem! Right ladies? I don’t want to here any bullshit excuses. The defense has played as well as you can expect without its best pass rusher and best corner. Once again Rodgers gets inside the 5 yard line. Once again he’s forcing the ball to Cobb and Adams. Just like last week against the Steelers and just like the NFCC game. Notice a pattern girls?

    1. PF4L October 10, 2021

      “What kind of bullshit is this?”
      …I know!…I know!!
      What every reader says to himself after reading one of Tommi’s post?
      Yes Tommie, he forced the ball to Cobb on the game winning drive.
      Good call
      The Packers won…anything more you want to bitch about?
      Tom M October 7, 2021
      Rodgers has to play perfect for the Packers to win this game.
      Matter of fact if he isn’t perfect, and they still win, trust me, i still won’t you let you forget about Rodgers.
      It’s what i do,
      If i have to, i’ll repeat all of Rodgers shortcomings in this game….20 times..at least.
      Then i’ll repeat them again a few more times in case you missed the first 20.
      I might even tell you about last seasons game, especially Rodgers stats in the 4th quarter.
      I don’t forget, and i won’t let you forget either.

  10. PF4L October 10, 2021

    Another Rodgers victory…..Was there ever a doubt?

  11. Dean October 10, 2021

    Hats off to the defense!!! Show some love their way.

    1. PF4L October 10, 2021

      Well…their going the right way.
      Before the game they allowed 25 PPG
      Now they are at 24.4 PPG.
      Preston had a sack!!!
      Not sure what happened after that or if he thought that was enough.
      That’s 2 sacks so far this season, he keeps this pace up and he’ll have 5 for the season, beating last season.
      It’s worth noting he blew by Rashan Gary who has 1.5 sacks.
      The race is on.
      Random…I think Cincy has something to build on, they may need a year or two to fine tune their game.
      One of these days were going to have to acknowledge and (gulp) give some credit to Fat Mike and the Cowboys.

  12. PF4L October 10, 2021

    Funny thing, Cobb was important in converting multiple 3rd downs to keep drives going last week and leading the team in receiving yardage, not to mention catching 2 TD passes
    This week he was utilized to get Crosby into field goal range for the game winning field goal.
    Funny…who thought Cobb would be helping us win games?
    What say you Princess Tommi?

    1. Dean October 10, 2021

      M. Lewis also had a couple of catches. Had a big one in OT. Another guy Rodgers likes.

      1. PF4L October 10, 2021

        Yea…i nearly had a heart attack….that was the best catch and run i remember him making, not that there has been a lot.
        But yea, showing some return on that 4 million investment…that’s like a bonus?

  13. Mitch Anthony October 10, 2021

    Let’s hope the momentary case of the yips is over for Crosby. He missed and missed and missed, but then got over it and sealed the deal. Get the brain back on track and no more yips.

    #Let’s Go Brandon!

  14. Packtat87 October 10, 2021

    Is something going on with Tonyan this year? Is he not getting separation or just not getting targets? Seems like an awfully big fall from grace compared to last year.

    1. Tom M October 10, 2021

      When you target Adams 15 to 18 times a game and Cobb another 5 to 7. That doesn’t leave much for either Tonyan or Lazard. That isn’t the way MLF is drawing it up. It isn’t because they’re not getting open. We’re very lucky to have won today. It could have just as easily went the other way. You can bet you fat ass it was in doubt PF4L. From the very moment it was 22-22 it was in doubt. But the Bengals we’re going to be a cake walk because of their “combined records” opponent bullshit. That’s exactly what it wasn’t. This was a great audition for the Steelers gig. Now if Rodgers can beat the Browns next month the price will go up even more.

      1. PF4L October 11, 2021

        Your vikings squeaked by the 0-5 Lions…barely.
        I would think you’d be happy, for once in your miserable life.

    2. Mitch Anthony October 10, 2021

      I don’t analyze these things nearly as accurately as the great one (Howard) but I just have to wonder with no Bahktiari if Tonyan and the TEs are taking a bit more of a blocking role right now. It will be interesting to see if this continues after Bahk is able to return. Even taking a momentary block is enough to take one out of the read progressions in the pace of the plays.

      There was one play that I thought Rodgers was already locked in on Adams and missed seeing Tonyan getting loose across the middle and he had wide open spaces in front of him. I thought that one would have been a sure TD. I’m sure someone else seen it too.

      Now EStB. Can we find some tall, reasonably quick dude who maybe caught balls in high school and pluck him off the street to replace this guy? Steal someone’s project off a practice squad or just play anyone except St Brown. He can’t catch, he can’t block, he can’t really do much. Experiment over, get Begelton back, anybody,…just anybody.

      1. Mick October 10, 2021

        I agree Mitch. #12 was locked in on #17 pretty much the majority of the game. As for St. Brown I can’t blame Rodgers for not looking his way. For god sakes, put Taylor out there, he stood out all preseason. On one play, St. Brown didn’t even throw a block to help out on a wide receiver screen. He just watched the play and looked lost. By the way, both McCarthy and to a lesser extent, MLF; keep running that wide receiver screen and it amounts to nothing. I say shit can that play until they get some speed at the WR spot, and capable blockers to execute it!

        1. PF4L October 11, 2021

          Mitch has it right….When the O line is compromised, they have to provide extra help and that limits play calling options.
          Mitch is also correct…when Howard speaks, just read….and learn.
          Mick….i saw the exact same thing with ESB (good eye)
          Lazard was the receiver.
          Right after that play is when i mentioned, why is ESB still around?
          What’s his upside?
          He provides next to nothing.

  15. STICKMAN October 10, 2021

    Wow,I think I’ve had girlfriends that hit harder than #21 LOL

    1. PF4L October 11, 2021

      Well…cornerbacks don’t exactly have a reputation for jaw breaking hits.
      I’m more concerned with the fact that your g/f’s are hitting you.
      Domestic abuse is no laughing matter, there is help available.
      You don’t have to be a victim!