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A Miracle in the Desert, Packers 24 – Cardinals 21

The Packers defense pulled out a miracle finish, sealing a hard fought victory at Arizona on Thursday night. Rasul Douglas just became the most important Brian Gutekunst roster addition of 2021 when he saw a short but accurate pass coming towards him in the corner of the end zone and made a game sealing interception. He was helped by Cardinal wideout A.J. Green who seemed to be taking the play off. Green never turned around for the ball, allowing Douglass to play the hero for Green Bay.

Most Packer fans had doubts the Packers could compete against the Cardinals not having their three top wideouts or their defensive coordinator. Add to the list sitting on the bench: the Packers starting two corners. How could the Packers keep Kyler Murray from taking over? In 2021, the young quarterback was putting up MVP numbers. Plus, bad luck seems to follow Packer teams in the desert. All Packer fans remember the 51-45 OT playoff loss in 2010, the beat down in 2015, and the OT game in January 2016. Three bitter losses where the ball just didn’t seem to bounce the Packer’s way.

Oct 28, 2021; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas (29) makes a game winning interception on a pass intended for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver A.J. Green (18) during the fourth quarter at State Farm Stadium. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

That spell is now broken and while the Packers had to have the Rasul Douglas miracle pick to pull it out, they dominated the Cardinals in time of possession. The Packers offense held the ball fifteen minutes more than the Cardinals. The offense ran the ball with power and speed. Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon are turning into a fantastic one-two punch. The tandem ran for 137 yards. Dillon averaged 4.9 yards a carry. Jones averaged 3.9. Rodgers only passed for 184 yards.

To win this game the Packers had to overcome a 7-0 Arizona lead. After two punts by the Packers and one by Arizona, the Cardinals drove 63 yards in 7 plays; the breakout play being a 39 yard sideline catch by Deandre Hopkins that schooled Packer rookie Eric Stokes. That play looked like a touchdown but Hopkins was called for an offensive face mask and seemed to reinjure his hamstring. Hopkins played sparingly after that play, only catching one more pass in the game.

Oct 28, 2021; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) runs with the ball against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half at State Farm Stadium. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers first scoring drive, a 14 play 75-yard 8 1/2 minute response to Arizona’s score ended with a two yard touchdown run by Aaron Jones on 3rd down. After a punt by each team, the Packers punter Corey Bojorquez hit a punt downed on the three… or was it? A replay clearly showed Cardinal rookie returner Rondale Moore let the ball hit his hand. Moore apparently forgot this was the NFL and cameras are placed all over the stadium that see just about everything. The Packers kicked a field goal after failing to take advantage of the gift from the four yard line. Packers led 10-7 at halftime.

The Green Bay defense supplied Rodgers and company with another present when safety Henry Black intercepted Murray at the Arizona 14. This time the Packers found the end zone on a nice catch by Randall Cobb who led the Packers with two touchdown catches. The score was 17-7, but both teams had more in their arsenal. Arizona scored another touchdown closing the score to 17-14. The Packers came right back on a 12 play, 91-yard TD drive on Cobb’s second touchdown to make the score 24-14. It was clear both defenses were wearing down. Playing a Thursday game favors a quality offense.

Once again the Cardinals drove down the field and scored a touchdown cutting Green Bay’s lead to three. The next drive should be a debate topic for most Packer fans for at least the next ten days until the Packer bus drives into Arrowhead stadium. Did the Packers score a touchdown on Aaron Jones’ push across the goal line? Was there really enough visual evidence to overturn the touchdown call on the field? Apparently the referees’ cameras see more than Fox TV’s. Should the Packers have taken a field goal on 4th down after the delay of game penalty?

Thanks to Rasul Douglas, signed 22 days before the game off the Cardinals practice squad, all those debates are moot with a heads up play that will be remembered in Packer history. The Packers also had a strong game from ILB De’Vondre Campbell, a Cardinal castoff. Douglass and Campbell had 16 tackles between them. Campbell had a sack to compliment Douglas’ game sealing pick.

Injuries to Robert Tonyan and Kylie Hill were the only damper to this Packer victory which puts the Packers in the driver seat for the best record in the NFL. Kansas City will be another tough battle but Green Bay will be rested and hopefully healthier in ten days. Let’s hope the Packers can keep this gritty streak rolling.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. NobodysBurfect October 29, 2021

    Can we all agree to just ignore Tommy boy’s future posts? I’m all for shit talking and banter (I actually really enjoy it when Killer ventures around here), but Tommy is just a twat – and trolls go away when you don’t respond to them. I don’t know what his problem is – maybe his wife’s boyfriend took away his masturbation privileges or something – but christ he’s annoying.


    Unbelievable, gutsy fucking win. Just use Dillon at the goal line next time. And I gotta say, time to eat my words a bit. This team is deep & complete. Go Pack Go!

    1. Stickman October 29, 2021

      My thoughts exactly about ignoring Tom M. If everyone stops commenting too him he probably goes away. And why not use #28 that weights 250 instead of #33 that weights 200

      1. PF4L October 29, 2021

        Even when he says something that makes sense, or deemed…intelligent?
        Nobody cares, simply because he’s ruined himself in here and he’ll never recover.
        You don’t fuck with good longstanding members in here like Cheese and MMSUCKS.
        It’s been nice knowing ya.
        Hence…why he is known as a twat.
        OOPS…i forgot, he’s….”taking the gloves off”
        I guess i’m in trouble now :)

    2. Ferris October 30, 2021

      I promise to not reply to him anymore…But he says we and us and uses your wrong sooo much, it will be difficult. But I will resist if everyone else will. Killer finally went away (almost)

      1. PF4L October 30, 2021

        I dont know…i still wanted to hear the story telling us about when Murphy was a NFLPA attorney.
        Maybe he can submit an article educating us.

      2. PF4L October 30, 2021

        No…..what you said is that he’d be playing opposite Z Smith.
        Be honest for once in your miserable life.
        Maybe then people might accept you.
        If we’re going to be completely
        Preston was named the starter before week 1m
        Gary is a starter right now by default.
        That’s honesty. But you have no interest in that.

  2. Lawrence October 29, 2021

    What a difference between what we used to have as a coach, lose your top 3 offensive players against a team that has not lost and this guy changes the game plan to give us a chance to win
    This is coaching at its best. Why this guy hasn’t won coach of the year is beyond explanation. McFatso’s game plan would have been what is always was, here Aaron throw the ball. 187 rushing yards 15 mins more time of position, brilliant. Now if our qb, can stop choking in the nfc title games we may make it to the show!!!!!

  3. Tom M October 29, 2021

    That was about as impressive a win as I’ve seen in 40 years of watching Packer games. When was the last time we won a game playing defense and running the ball? All you crybabies who bitched about Preston Smith and drafting Rashan Gary and AJ Dillion. “Oh, they’re not starting!” Or my favorite, “Preston’s not giving us stats!” Not to mentioned how you all cried like little girls over the Joe Barry hiring. I didn’t like the three straight passes on first and goal at the 3 yard line. Give the ball to Dillion! He’s a power back. It’s why you drafted him. But Aaron has to be the hero. Same with the play inside the one yard line. A pass? Dillion scores on that play and it’s game over. But it has to be all about Aaron and padding his stats. It almost cost us. We’re now 7-0 without Davante Adams. That 27 million per season he wants will be money better used elsewhere. Give the keys to Jordan Love next year. Run the ball, play defense, and let the talented young QB make a few plays here and there and we won’t miss a beat while tinker bell struggles in Pittsburgh, Denver, or Miami.

  4. Mitch Anthony October 29, 2021

    For a fan of any football team if you watched the Thursday night game you saw probably one of the most entertaining NFL Thursday night games in recent memory. It was a fun game to watch.

    Indeed the defense played great and kept the pressure up on Murray. That was one of the greatest needs. Running the ball and dominating time of possession to keep Murray off the field was the next big need and they succeeded. So great adjustment on the game plan.

    I was confounded, as was a whole bar full of other folks, as to why – WHY – when you’re having such success with the run and AJ Dillon is simply falling forward and gaining two/three yards at a time that you don’t try to run it in from the four yard line? That is not coach of the year play calling although MLF did an overall great job. They had a gift of four downs from the four and a beast of a run attack going. At least try one run in that situation, maybe.

    Time out management is another factor that almost bit them in the ass. Nuff said about that as we all know how they get into that problem.

    This game was pretty close to being a heart-breaker with a kick in the nuts to boot. For all the good scheming and stepping up with some excellent play by the not so usual suspects it took a gifted interception to seal the deal. It shouldn’t have got to that point. Two red zone opportunities didn’t go well. You can argue about Jones butt cheek going down on the one or him getting in but regardless, there were still chances after that.

    I will out myself and admit, I was not crazy about the Gary pick when it was made because I didn’t think it made sense at the time. That being said I think he is really coming along and now in his third year, playing like someone drafted in the top half of the first round. The good thing is, he is doing it every week too.

    Props to Gute for shopping salvage yards, scrap heaps and You Pick Our Parts venues for some of the cast offs and PS players. Rasul Douglas really came through and if he continues to contribute it will warm my heart as it possibly puts Kevin King on a career path to something outside football. I dunno, maybe trucking. Lots of trucks now have automatic transmissions so he could maybe handle that. The supply chain needs truckers.

    Bummer news regarding Tonyan. That really sucks.

    1. PF4L October 29, 2021

      Yea it is…not many game changers on offense besides Rodgers and Adams, then we lose Tonyan.
      I actually feel bad for him, this was going to be his contract year, whether through us, or another team.
      The funny thing is, this injury might just keep Tonyan in Green Bay in the coming years.
      Now, it’s maybe time for Dequara to earn his 3rd round pick status.
      His blocking from what i remember has something to be desired.
      He looked clueless on 2 plays that i can recall.
      Not so sure i’m sold on Gary Mitch, but if i’m grading on effort, he gets an A.
      But as the 12th pick, i want someone to be, or close to, a game changer.
      Sometimes the best thing you can say about Gary is…”He almost got there”
      Yes, i know he had 2 sacks in 1 game…(about time?)
      Just my .02
      Anyway, good post as usual Mitch

      1. Dean October 29, 2021

        I think Gary has around 40 pressures this season. He is impacting plays — one of his pressures lead to Black’s interception last night..

        1. PF4L October 29, 2021

          Well, we can revert back to his college days where it is said that….he helped others make plays.
          But I want more from the 12th pick….besides excuses.

  5. PF4L October 29, 2021

    Come on now…..was there ever a doubt?
    You’re 6-1, you don’t have your top 3 receivers (not that two of them are good enough to be called your #2 receiver, we’re still searching for that elusive weapon.
    Is MVS that guy in his 3rd season? We don’t f’n know.
    That in and of itself, is a problem.
    Short weak, plus you’re the team that has to travel.
    Still don’t have your O line together.
    Who ya gonna call?
    I’m calling Aaron Rodgers and Randall fucking Cobb.
    That’s who i’m calling
    Lets keep in mind, the Packers are the best team in football as we speak.
    As they are ahead of the Cardinals decided by the head to head tiebreaker.
    Lets also give the defense a nod.
    They weren’t perfect, but they were close enough and played hard nosed defense from the get go.
    I have my doubts, but I’m riding this thing out as long as it last!!

    1. Ferris October 30, 2021

      I’m calling Rasul Douglas to thank him for catching an INT, and calling the coaches to ask them to never give Kenny King his helmet again.

      1. Mick October 30, 2021

        I’m on board with hiding Kings’ helmet! Just do something——- anything; to keep him on the sidelines!

  6. TyKo Steamboat October 29, 2021

    My fanishness never peaks higher than when the chips are down & our backs are against the wall

    On the road. No defensive coordinator, top 3 receivers missing, top pass rusher missing, Left tackle missing, center missing, best cover corner in the nfl missing… Happy Halloween NFL. Your worst nightmare has a 10-day layoff & we’ll be back better than ever🎃🧀💯

    For the last decade, the Pack have been a finesse throwing offense. It felt good to line up and play smash-mouth football!

    1. Dean October 29, 2021

      I think in four of the last 5 games Jones & Dillon have produced 150 – 200 combined yards rush/pass. Teams will have to decide to stop/limit the run or double Adams.
      The defense was ranked #7 in YPG (331.4) and #7 in points per game (20.9). AZ had 334 yards and 21 points which sounds about right for GBs Defense. Looks like the first game with NO inflated the ppg. Seems like the D has taken a few games to get comfortable with the new scheme and play calling. Having a ball control offense helps the D to stay rested (AZ had under 20 plays the first half).

      1. Howard October 30, 2021

        Dean, I think getting MVS back will also help the running game and double teams on Adams. It may frustrate some, but when MVS comes back I would throw some go routes, in the right circumstances, to MVS as soon as possible. If you hit on some of those it will be hard for teams to put 8 in the box to stop the run. Teams will also have to limit some of their double coverage on Adams.

        1. Mick October 30, 2021

          My thoughts exactly Howard. Whether MVS gets targeted, or not; his speed spreads the defense out, which creates more opportunities.

          1. Dean October 30, 2021

            Agreed when MVS is back, it will be interesting to see how defenses play GB.
            I think WFT is the only team to actually shutdown GBs running game this year — against NO the run game issue was more play calling related. Need a 3rd RB now.

  7. Tom M October 30, 2021

    I told you PF4L Rashan Gary would start this year, he’d have an impact, 10-12 sacks, and we’d release ZaDarius Smith in the off season because of it. Just like I told you Kurt Benkert was just a camp arm. If I tell you it’s going to rain, you better get your umbrella. Brian Gutekunst is building a team that isn’t reliant just on Aaron Rodgers. Rashan Gary is one of the best young pass rushers in the NFL. Many Packer fans wanted the team to sign 31 yr old JJ Watt. I said at the time Gary would be just as good or better for a fraction of the cost. Rashan Gary was better and now Watt is done for the year. Eric Stokes and Jaire Alexander will make one of the NFL’s best young cornerback tandems. Along with young ascending players like Gary, Clark, and Savage on defense. We now have a capable DC in Joe Barry to go along with one of the best young head coaches in the game. I’ve been saying since preseason now, Jordan Love could come in and win games on this team. He doesn’t have to come in and be the hero. Run the ball, play defense. Manage the game and make a few plays. That’s how you help your talented young QB. A J Dillion has become the power back he was drafted to be and is the perfect complement to Aaron Jones. Enjoy your last 9 games with Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. This team has a bright future even without them. And you can all thank Brian Gutekunst for that.

    1. PF4L October 30, 2021

      No…what you said is he’d be starting opposite of Z Smith.
      Be honest for once in your miserable life.
      Preston was named the starter.
      Gary is the starter now…by default.
      He didn’t beat out either of the Smith brothers for a starting spot.
      This is why people call you a cunt.
      Go ahead little man, take the gloves off….lol
      Come get you some.

      1. Tom M October 30, 2021

        You can’t start if your hurt sweetheart. That’s how most get their chance in the NFL. Someone gets hurt. It isn’t how you get your start that’s important but rather what you do with it. Rashan Gary isn’t ever going back to the bench. You want to talk Preston Smith? You were badmouthing the shit out of him. Both Preston and Gary play the run much better than ZaDarius Smith. Z doesn’t give two shits about playing the run. It all about sacks and stats for him. Is it any wonder then you jerk off all over him? Now pay attention, I’m gonna school you on something else here. As the trading deadline looms, there’s been talk among the clueless media that the Packers should trade Jordan Love as a “show of good faith” to help ease tensions between the two sides and to help facilitate a new contract. Do you understand why this is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do? Think about if for a minute. Jordan Love is your trump card, your ace in the hole. Jordan Love allows you, if management so chooses, to negotiate with your temperamental diva QB from a position of strength. Jordan Love is your plan B. You trade him and your at the whim of Aaron Rodgers. Whatever he wants, you have no options but to cave. It’s why there’ll be no trade. To a lesser degree Aaron Rodgers can negotiate from a position of strength if he wins the SB. I understand these are advanced concepts for someone who deals in “catch rates” and “team captains” to comprehend.

        1. PF4L October 31, 2021

          You’re going to school me?…lol
          You can’t even keep your own bullshit right.
          If Gary is starting opposite Z Smith as you proclaimed. That’s one thing, but that never happened as you said it would.
          So of course you try to spin it, but all your doing is making yourself look like a cunt.
          Which is the consensus in here

          1. Tom M October 31, 2021

            PF4L, you ladies are nothing but Aaron Rodgers fanboys. You lack the self awareness to apply critical thinking. Aaron Rodgers is wonderful and the sun rises and sets on him. Nothing is ever his fault and the blame is always on someone else because he can’t win championships. He calls himself “Michael Jordan” and you eat that shit up like it’s cherry pie. The real Michael Jordan never missed a layup. Forget the deep ball that Rodgers can no longer throw. Aaron Rodgers can’t hit a layup. 1st and goal at the 3 yard line is a layup. 4th and goal inside the 1 yard line is a layup. 1st and goal at the 8 yard line in the NFCC game is a layup. And that doesn’t include the misses in the 49ers and Steelers games. Here’s one of your dumbass statements “stats win games.” Bullshit! Scoring TD’s inside the 8 yard line win games. Running the football, playing defense, and winning the time of possession win football games. INT’s in the end zone win football games. Stats give you an excuse to point the finger elsewhere. How many times have you bitched about the 2020 draft? Aaron needs help, Aaron needs another receiver. Aaron Rodgers needs to pad his stats! Fuck no! What Aaron Rodgers needs is a top 10 defense and to run the football. Brian Gutekunst has given Aaron Rodgers just that. And he’s had to endure a rash of shit from clueless fans just like the ones that post here. Because you can’t see past the end of your nose. A nose that’s firmly up Aaron Rodgers ass.

        2. PF4L October 31, 2021

          I was bad mouthing Preston Smith because he isn’t earning what he’s paid (dumbass).
          You scream out how much better Gary and Preston are against the run.
          But you mention nothing about those two playing in coverage because that would entail you knowing anything about it.
          Parse it and spin it anyway you want.
          Z Smith makes more plays than the other two combined.
          And yes…YOU were WRONG about Gary starting opposite Smith.
          Like when you lied about Murphy being a NFLPA attorney.
          But you never can admit when you are wrong.
          Even though we all know it.
          THAT is why you are known as the cunt of this website.
          You claim I don’t know anything, but you repeat what I say after I post and you act like it’s your own words. One word describes you perfectly.

  8. rebelgb October 30, 2021

    “Rasul Douglas really came through and if he continues to contribute it will warm my heart as it possibly puts Kevin King on a career path to something outside football. I dunno, maybe trucking. Lots of trucks now have automatic transmissions so he could maybe handle that. The supply chain needs truckers.” – Mitch Anthony. THIS made me ROFL! I needed that! Thanks Mitch!