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Bright Start puts Packers in the Neutrals’ Mix

Ahead of the 2022 NFL campaign, the Green Bay Packers are unlikely to have been the first name mentioned in connection with Super Bowl success. As much as followers get behind their franchises, there has to be a degree of realism in the mix and there are stronger sides ahead of Green Bay this season.

However, after such a promising start to the new campaign, a record of 3 and 1 has changed opinion in some areas. It’s early days of course but can the Packers maintain their momentum and, at the very least, go deep into this new NFL season?

Promising Start

A three and one start from four games is a great way to begin the new term. There’s a long way to go but it suggests that Green Bay can stay the course and make it past the regular season.

The next phase will be the minimum target for Matt LaFleur’s side after the Packers led the way in NFC North in 2020. A final tally of 13-3 won the division and fans will expect the same again in 2021.

But can Green Bay go further than last season when their run was ended by a 31-26 defeat to the Buccaneers? Packers’ supporters retain hope but what do the neutrals say about that encouraging start?

Packers Ranked

A good gauge in terms of progress is provided by the sportsbooks, who take a neutral approach towards ranking teams based on their strengths and weaknesses. There has certainly been some progress made by Green Bay in this respect although the side are still playing catch up to the franchises at the very top.

According to the top NFL betting sites affiliated to SBO.net, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are joint favorites to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy next February. Close behind are the Los Angeles Rams in third place, followed by the Buffalo Bills, the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns.

Now we come to the Green Bay Packers who find themselves in a respectable position as seventh favorites for the title. Those odds are now in the live markets and they will be subject to change after each game weekend.

As the updated prices come in, the changes will be reflected by that panel of sportsbooks linked to sbo.net. The odds can be quickly checked and, while they are on the site, readers can take in news articles and opinion pieces related to the NFL.

If there is a wish to take that interest a stage further, the panel of recommended sportsbooks are all accepting new registrations. Many will have welcome promotions in place along with a choice of funding options to get things started.

Live streamed games and the option to consider other markets, besides the overall Super Bowl winner, are also in place. It’s the perfect website for anyone looking to stake on the NFL but are the Green Bay Packers tangible contenders this season?

Challenges Ahead

It may have been a promising start but there has been one blemish on the Packers’ record to date: A heavy, 3-38 loss to New Orleans Saints on the opening day of the new season was one to forget for LaFleur and his squad.

Was that defeat just a bump in the road or does it suggest that there is a vulnerability that can be exploited by the stronger sides? Green Bay certainly responded positively to that reverse with three straight wins, starting with a 35-17 victory over Detroit Lions.

Since then, back to back wins over the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers have put the Packers in a strong position.

In terms of key individuals, starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been instrumental in that positive start. Across those first four games, Rodgers has completed 649 passing yards and thrown six touchdowns.

Running back Aaron Jones has returned 158 rushing yards and completed two touchdowns so far. Jones has also claimed three receiving touchdown passes in those opening four encounters. The two Aarons will clearly be pivotal for the Packers moving forward but the whole roster needs to maintain their current form if Green Bay are to go further in 2021/22.

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