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Who’s Going to fill the Pack’s Breach at Cornerback

As with many seasons, injuries to key players are having a great influence on the outcome of games. The Packers have already been hit with injuries hard and often. While they have weathered the storm well so far, the Packers are now facing a daunting schedule in the next six games, four of which are played away from home. Depending on further injuries, a realistic – some might say optimistic – goal would be to win four of the six, which would result in a 7-2 record at about the midpoint of the season.

The next six games will be against the Bengals, Bears, Washington, Cardinals, Chiefs, and Seahawks, with the only home games being against Washington and Seattle. Based on their records to date, the undefeated Cardinals pose the biggest challenge, followed by the 3-1 Bengals. The other four teams are all at 2 and 2.

Other than losing Aaron Rodgers, the absence of Jaire Alexander is likely the worst thing that could happen to the team. Last year they proved they could prevail for a time without Davante Adams, and this year they’ve shown that they can win despite missing David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins. They’ve also managed to keep winning despite the loss of Za’Darius Smith, as well as Preston Smith, who injured a shoulder early on against the Niners, but still managed to be on the field for 36 of the 49ers’ offensive snaps. I think we can now safely say that the Pack also has a capable backup to Aaron Jones.

This could be the Packers’ year for having unsung heroes. The play of Josh Meyers and Royce Newman, to start the year, and now that of Jon Runyan and Yosh Nijman, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Other than Meyers, Newman is a fourth round rookie, Runyan is a 6th round second-year man, and Nijman is an undrafted 6’7” guy who the Packers have quietly been developing for two-plus years.

Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander (23) tackles Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris (22) following a second half pass reception during their football game on Sunday, October 3, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Wm. Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Jaire’s Replacement

If Alexander misses much or all of the remaining season, it could be the straw that breaks this team’s back, as cornerback appears to be the Packers position most lacking in depth. Rookie Eric Stokes has stepped up nicely to man one cornerback position, but it appears that one or two more unheralded players will need to step into the breach.

Kevin King’s sole role appear to be that of a slot CB, as he lacks the necessary speed to be put on the outside and guard against the deep ball.

Who are candidates to be the next hero coming off the Packers’ bench?

Chandon Sullivan, who went undrafted in 2018, and who’s spent the past two years with Green Bay. He actually was a third (inside) cornerback starter for most of the 2020 season. He also lacks speed (4.60 dash time) and has never been a great tackler. Sullivan has been barely adequate as the third CB, but like King he’s not really suitable as an outside CB, and for the same reason: he turned in a 4.60 dash time at the NFL Combine. To his credit, however, he has avoided injuries.

Isaac Yiadom has a chance to be a savior for the Packers. Yiadom, who surprisingly was a third round pick (99th overall) by Denver in 2018, is both small (190#) and slow (4.52 dash time). After being traded for a seventh round pick, to the Giants in 2020, he actually started ten games for them, but then appeared to be a throw-in player in the trade in August that sent Josh Jackson to the Giants. Thrust into the lineup when Alexander was injured, Isaac partook of 18 of the Packers’ 60 defensive plays on Sunday.

I doubt that Shemar Jean-Charles, the fifth round draft choice out of Appalachian State, was intended to be anything other than a draft-and-develop longshot by the Packers. Like Yiadom, he recorded a marginal 4.52 pro-day dash time, and that was one of his better athletic marks or measurements. On the other hand, the 184-pounder has demonstrated an ability to be a pesky defender. GM Gutekunst indicated at the time of the draft that he was a favorite of a bunch of the team’s scouts, adding that he gets his hands on a lot of balls, and that he felt he’d be a great fit for the locker room.


I believe the team’s prospects for the rest of the season hinge upon the Packers filling the gap created by the injury to Alexander, along with Kevin King’s inability to be an outside CB – as I write on Tuesday morning, the extent of Jaire’s injury has not been revealed.

I’d like to believe that Sullivan, Yiadom, or Jean-Charles can plug the hole created by the Alexander injury, but none of the three have the speed to be a competent outside CB. Not only that, but everyone knows this, and any of these three guys would be mercilessly targeted by Packers’ opponents.

Assuming Jaire misses much or all of the remaining season, the Packers should look to acquire a player to fill this gap – even if it is only a stop-gap, short term remedy. Acme Packing reports that on Monday, Green Bay brought in safety Delano (Lano) Hill for a look-see. He’s intriguing, as he’s a good athlete with tolerable 4.47 dash speed. At 6’1” and 216 pounds, however, he seems much more suited to playing safety than cornerback. Seattle drafted him in the third round (95th overall) in 2017. He was second-team All-Big Ten in 2016. After playing little for Seattle, he was signed by the Panthers, but released in August. Hill has battled injuries, been fined for fighting with opposing players, and also missed time due to contracting Covid.

Given the desperate nature of this emergency, unless the Packers can acquire someone who can be an adequate CB, the Packers should look at converting a safety to fill the gap. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of the team’s two talented starting safeties, Darnell Savage or Adrian Amos, switched over to cornerback. Savage would seem to be the likeliest choice – and his blazing 4.36 Combine dash speed makes him a much better choice than any of the alternatives listed above.

Yes, the success of this all-in season is suddenly at stake. Unless an outside savior can be found, I believe temporarily converting emerging star and versatile athlete Darnell Savage to cornerback is the best prospect for the Packers salvaging the 2021 season.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Mick October 5, 2021

    Ya, good article Rob! Savage might have to be the answer there, and they like the 2 other back-up safeties; Scott and Black. One of those guys would have to fill Savages’ spot, and get Jean-Charles more looks at Sullivans’ spot. Better yet, let’s hope Jaires’ injury report tomorrow, isn’t devastating!

    1. Robster October 5, 2021

      I don’t know how Savage ever became a safety. With few variations, NFL safeties weigh from 210 to 215 pounds, while most CBs are within a few pounds of 195. Darnell weighed in at the Combine at 198#. Jaire, who weighed 196, has better agility times (3-cone drill and 20-yd shuttle), but Darnell is a bit taller, had a vertical jump 4 ½ inches higher, and is speedier (4.36 vs. 4.38). Darnell was the 21st overall draft pick in 2019; since 2009, the only players drafted higher by Green Bay than Darnell are Rashon Gary (12th in 2019) and Alexander (18th in 2018). He’s a precious commodity, and cornerbacks are generally more important to a team’s success than are safeties.

      1. PF4L October 5, 2021

        I don’t think Savage has the instincts needed at corner.
        The difference between 4.36 and 4.38 is an eyelash.
        I don’t know if anyone (Howard) agree’s, and i haven’t looked at PFF, but has the safety play fallen off a bit?

        1. Dean October 5, 2021

          Savage seemed fine covering when Yiadom blitzed. Maybe start by letting him play off the line of scrimmage.

        2. Howard October 6, 2021

          I think Savage may hold up for a game or two at boundary corner, but I agree he does not have the instincts and training to play boundary corner for multiple games. I’m fairly certain that Savage was discussed in pre draft reports as a potential slot corner. I never thought he had the lateral change of direction quickness in close quarters. I do believe Savage does have the instincts to sit in off zone and be able to drive on the ball with speed. That is the reason I think Savage may hold up at boundary for a game or two, but why take him out of the safety/robber position in the middle of the field and have a potential for another problem spot in the secondary. If the Packers do put Savage at the boundary they will need to get more quick pressure than they have to date.

          1. PF4L October 6, 2021

            Howard…remember last season it seemed points were up across the NFL.
            It’s early, but it might be trending back the other way.
            Right now 8 teams give up less than 20 points a game.
            Low..11PPG – Bills
            High..18.8 PPG – Bengals

          2. Dean October 6, 2021

            The GB defense allows TDs in the red zone, 100% of the time this season if I remember correctly.

          3. Howard October 6, 2021

            I felt last year that no crowd noise helped the offenses. Add in offensive holding penalties were way down, even though offensive holding did not drop off. I think those two factors helped last years offensive scoring totals.

  2. PF4L October 5, 2021

    So i was fairly impressed….initially
    The Packers defense is ranked 6th in yards allowed.
    But then i looked at teams 1-5..partically defensive scoring, all those team are well below 20 PPG
    The highest being 17.5 PPG…very very strong.
    The Packers are at 25 PPG, too high for the yardage given up.
    Please…no “bend but don’t break”, losing mindset.

    1. Dean October 5, 2021

      Seems like the D is growing into the new scheme as seen from the first game till the 4th game. There you go crazy with stats again PF4L :-)

      1. PF4L October 6, 2021

        Yea…our 3 wins are against teams that collectively are 3-9.
        I know i’m silly sometimes, but i think i’ll wait for a larger body of work to credit the defense and Joe Barry.
        I might even wait until the defensive scoring falls below last years mark, and someone reaches 2 sacks. Crazy right?
        Meaning…it improves over last season.
        Ranking high in yards allowed is great. But the game is decided by points allowed, not yards.
        Stattz iz me life Dean :)
        Don’t look now, but for people smarter than a 5th grader, that can understand stats. (sorry Tommi)
        After 4 games, Buffalo is already at a point differential of +90, which is unheard of after 4 games.
        In relevant news…..Stephon Gilmore just became available.

        1. Dean October 6, 2021

          GB needs to work on red zone defense — high TD % accounting for more points given up per ypg…

          1. PF4L October 7, 2021

            Yea, good call Dean…that was my initial thought when i first looked at yards allowed.
            The Packers are batting .000 defending red zone scoring this season.
            A certain viking fan claims the Packers don’t need Z Man, because they are winning against losing teams. But all those losing teams are perfect, scoring in the red zone. So now, without him, the Packers red zone defense is the worst in the league.

            Now…..let’s be fair and respectful to Tommi and other viking fans. Nobody is accusing them of being real deep thinkers.
            In 2019 the opposite happened and Z Smith was largely responsible. The 2019 Packers reduced defensive scoring over the 2018 defense by 5.4 PPG. Fairly impressive.
            Unfortunately it didn’t hold, as Def. scoring went up 4.1 PP in 2020, and is up again this 2021 season to 25 PPG
            This is what i’m talking about concerning chili dippers not being able to understand stats.
            Viking fans like Tommi mean well i guess, but listen….leave the heavy thinking to us Packer fans and stop embarrassing yourself.
            Stick to what you do best, envying our clutch, game winning, HOF QB.

          2. PF4L October 7, 2021

            What say you Tommi?
            What’s wrong Princess, you seem speechless lately…can’t hear me underneath your rock?
            Upset that your prediction of the Packers starting 0-4 didn’t come true got ya down? :(
            I understand

  3. PF4L October 5, 2021

    During the off season i wrote about acquiring Sherman.
    As it turns out, a week ago he signed with Tampa Bay for a measly 1.3 million.
    I’m not sure in what world someone values King at 5 million, and Sherman cost Tampa Bay a weeks supply of happy meals.

    1. MMSUCKS October 5, 2021

      It seems as if Gutekunst chooses players from a contrarian perspective . . . Some of his choices NEVER make sense. In his short reign, he has had quite a few opportunities to grab some very good players (Sherman the latest) . . . he just keeps shitting the bed with quiet aplomb . . . Because of this ineptitude, Green Bay has then had to deal with the results from other teams choosing those SAME available players (Lynch comes to mind); while at the same time Green Bay is forced to continue to maintain their weaker player status that eventually (if not always) bites them squarely in the ass . . .

      1. PF4L October 6, 2021

        Rick Wagner could be resigned on the cheap possibly, to help on the O line, he’s sitting at home.
        Last season he had a PFF grade of 77 (pretty GD good!) with 0 penalty’s and only allowed one sack.
        But Gute, would rather play Lineman who are not near ready to start in this league, and nay never be ready.
        Gute drafted 6 O lineman in the last 2 drafts, or 1/3 of the 18 picks.
        He had 16 lineman in camp, and for the most part, we can’t open a hole for the running backs.
        There is a reason Newman is graded 43.4 by PFF..

  4. PF4L October 6, 2021

    Tom M October 5, 2021
    “I expect this season to end like the last 10. With a playoff loss.”
    That could happen Tommi, especially if a team isn’t good enough to make the SB.
    Like if they give up 21 easy points on sub standard embarrassing pass defenses in the NFCCG.
    Tommi…to further educate you….
    14 teams now qualify to be in the playoffs.
    Out of those 14 teams, how many teams end the playoffs in a loss?
    Should i just tell you the answer, or do you want to try to study it and figure it out on your own?
    I think you’re right, i’ll just tell you, even i don’t wanna see you go through all that brain damage.
    Every team in the playoffs, will lose in the playoffs, except for one.
    I bet your brain is working now right pumkin?
    Here’s how that figures out Tommi, i’ll walk you through it.
    If you have 14 teams, and only one team can go undefeated in the playoffs, here’s the formula
    If you take 14-1 that equals 13 teams, who will lose in the playoffs.
    I know what you’re thinking Tommie, i know what you’re about to say….don’t worry about it.
    You’re welcome.

    1. PF4L October 7, 2021

      Tommi doesn’t respond to these types of comments…i can’t say i blame the little bitch.

      Most likely, he crawled back under the rock viking fans come from.

  5. Howard October 6, 2021

    It is worth mentioning that Yiadom was either injured, or was pulled after he gave up the long pass that set up the final Pittsburgh TD. Yiadom was not on the field after the long pass. Jean-Charles took Yiadom’s spot the next play after the long completion. We will have to wait and see if Yiadom was injured. If Yiadom was not injured then that may be a sign of frustration with Yiadom from Gray.
    I think if King is healthy then we will see King and Stokes as boundary corners and Sullivan at the star position. May God have mercy on us.

    1. Howard October 6, 2021

      On a positive note some, but not all of the pain that Alexander showed when he made the hit could have been in the line of a stinger. I do think Alexander injured his shoulder, but stingers can cause sudden pain in your shoulder and make your shoulder go numb. I’m going to make the guess that Alexander will be back sooner rather than later, but will be out for at least the Bengals game. If it was an NFC conference or division game this week I think Alexander would play.

      1. Deepsky October 6, 2021

        I was thinking the same thing. Also, when shoulders or collar bones are really messed up, the arm on that side goes limp and I didn’t think that happened with Alexander. He was moving his arm a little bit.

        1. PF4L October 6, 2021

          It’s a strange feeling breaking your collarbone, one side of you is almost just hanging there.

          I don’t know if it hurts, i broke mine in a motocross accident, i don’t remember the accident to this day.
          I didn’t regain consciousness until the Dr. pulled the strap back on the brace they put on you, it essentially pulls your shoulders back.
          I was in the hospital for a week (concussion observation) the Doc would wake me up by moving my shoulder around. I was only 15 but it pissed me off, every morning.
          If anyone was around back then and followed motocross, i had a tricked out RM125 (AMA District 16)

          1. PF4L October 6, 2021

            As far as the injury, i’m sure they know exactly what they are looking at and what it is and how long he will be out. The team playing dumb at this point to me, is insulting, it reminds me of Fat Mike.
            When they say they are still gathering opinions, that usually means the injury is fairly serious.
            Sometimes the player will request a 2nd, 3rd opinion.
            I would like to think the Packers have the best medical people on Staff and also have the resources of Bellin Health.
            They know, what they need to know…by Wed. That doesn’t mean they’ll tell you about it though.

            Like i told someone the other day, they won’t disclose it until they have to, and may not do it even then. But it usually gets leaked out and they know that.

  6. Mick October 6, 2021

    Word has it that Stephon Gilmore was released by the Patriots cause they couldn’t agree on a contract extension.. According to an article on Packers Wire this morning, Gilmore wants to play for the Pack! It’s reported that Gute has about 7 Mil under the cap this year. Heh Gute, what say you?

    1. MMSUCKS October 7, 2021

      As usual, Gute shit the bed . . . brought in a CHEAP ILB that has started to slow down considerably when in pursuit of the ball carrier, hence Smith’s release . . . So while “Gute” should have signed Gilmore OR Sherman, what did he do? He signed an ILB on the cheap. Typical. Not saying that Smith is a bad choice. Summers and Burks suck, so it is an upgrade. But anything was an upgrade from those two . . . And we still have a problem at CB . . . Because of Gutes inaction to “Go All In” as he has said that he is doing! Yeah right! Lol!

  7. Howard October 6, 2021

    For some reason Mick’s comment does not show up yet on this device? So to Mick about Gilmore. I have always liked Gilmore. I said so on this site before the Patriots signed him many years ago.
    I think we should be cautious about Gilmore. In game 15 last year Gilmore suffered a “quad” injury. If you watch the film on the injury it sure looked similar to a Patellar tendon rupture, as Gilmore grabbed at his knee area when he went to the turf. I know the word was the injury was just a quad tear. The quad tear did require surgery and Gilmore has not played since. I think the injury to the quad involved at least a partial tear to the Patellar tendon that attaches to the front of the knee.
    It would be great if the Packers could get an almost healthy Gilmore after week 6, but let us remember the last player that the Packers signed that had recovered from a patellar tendon injury, Jimmy Graham. Patellar tendon injuries do sap players of their abilities/explosiveness.

    1. PF4L October 6, 2021

      I wanted him back then also, and said as much.
      Gilmore was one of the rare guys, that Belichick actually paid market value for.
      The one thing i didn’t like about Gilmore and his unhappiness with his contract was that he was pissed he was only getting 7 million…but the fact is, he got more than that when you include his signing bonus.
      He just got it in advance.
      So obviously he wants to get paid, but next year he’s 32 and for whatever reason, he didn’t have a great 2020.
      So…all told…I’d pass.
      Not enough upside, but plenty of potential downside, especially considering his injuries..

  8. Deepsky October 6, 2021

    It’s going to be VERY ugly the next few games. Like the first game, but over and over and over.

    1. PF4L October 6, 2021

      Keep the faith brother!!
      Just kidding, i hear ya.

  9. Kato October 6, 2021

    I would have been pumped about the Packers signing Jaylon Smith a couple years ago. Now, not so much. His play has for whatever reason has declined the last couple of years. Maybe a change of scenery will help him. He was being talked about as a top 5 pick and is only 26.

    1. Mick October 7, 2021

      I hear ya Kato. Dallas hired Nolan for DC last year and it was a disaster, where no one played well. Nolan was ushered out the door quickly amidst rumors the defensive players were close to a mutiny. Smith was a good player in “18 and 19” before last years disaster. This year Dallas drafted 2 quality LBs in Parsons and Cox. They also have Vander Esch. Makes me wonder why Dallas let him go considering they’re eating most of his salary. I do think Smith is a big upgrade over Burks and Summers, who I believe are better at STs, than at LB. Like you said, maybe the change of scenery will benefit him.

      1. PF4L October 7, 2021

        There are always usually any various reasons why a player is available,
        I wondered why Campbell was available. He was a bit of a pleasant surprise.
        Granted, he isn’t a blue chip, he isn’t going to a Pro Bowl…
        BUT, he’s better than what we had, Sorry Oren, sorry Kamal.

  10. Mick October 7, 2021

    Other Packer news, Gute plucked a CB (Rasul Douglas) off of the Cardinals practice squad; as reported by Packers Wire. Also the WFT signed former Packer TE Sternberger off the Seattle practice squad. They signed Douglas a/c depth concerns. After 2 years of relatively few injuries under MLFs’ tenure, this year the team seems to be snake bit. Hopefully, the tide turns as the season rolls along.

    1. PF4L October 7, 2021

      Gute likes himself those practice player acquisitions.
      The only excited person about this signing in Wisconsin is…Rasul Douglas…he gets to collect some real checks.
      That’s if Gute doesn’t put him on our own practice squad. Then nobody’s happy
      Gute…..drafting, spending a years salary cap on free agents, cutting productive star players, signing practice squad players, signing has been tight ends…. all in his quest of reaching and winning the Super Bowl since 2018
      How’s that been working out for you Chief?

  11. Kato October 7, 2021

    LaFleur with a good line about the Packers playing their first noon game of the season at Cincy (1 pm ET):

    “They’ve got to wake up with their piss hot.”

    When asked how exactly one gets his “piss hot,” he said “it’s just a mentality. … It should naturally be hot, right?”


  12. PF4L October 7, 2021

    Stumbled onto this……..
    Jaire Alexander Has Potential To Mature Into A Star
    Brandon Valtierra May 30, 2018
    This is what happens when you reason things out as Brandon did.
    You say something intelligent……
    ….vs. crowning some player from camp because he looks good in shorts and no contact drills.
    Reasoning takes more thought, as Brandon exhibited.
    Credit when due….Nice work Brandon.

  13. Tom M October 7, 2021

    Fortunately Aaron Rodgers restructured his contract so Brian Gutekunst could sign CB Kyle Fuller. Oh wait, that didn’t happen. Everybody’s favorite girl was too busy on a pity trip over Jordan Love and wanted to be traded. So much for the team. It’s all about you, tinker bell. Not to worry ladies, we have “Micheal Jordan” as our QB and he can put up 50 points every week. And if he doesn’t? It sure as shit won’t be his fault, will it ladies? At least assistant GM Rodgers was able to swing a deal for Randall Cobb! Isn’t Rodgers just dreamy! We don’t need defense! We’ve got Kevin King, what could possibly go wrong? This team is 40 million over the cap and a year too late. Wake me when they’ve traded Rodgers. Pittsburgh is nothing like California, his preferred destination. Those blue collar boys won’t put up with tinker bell’s bullshit.

    1. INPKRBKR October 7, 2021

      I for one, agree with Tom’s assessment. Had A-Rod restructured we would not be in this quandary of hiring has been defensive players. I remember years ago, the Packers touting the “next man up” when a player went down.

      1. PF4L October 7, 2021

        The next man up was under Ted Thompson, not Brian Gutenkunst.
        The next man has to have some talent to be,,,the next man up.
        Of course, that’s Rodgers fault.
        It’s probably also Rodgers fault that the King situation wasn’t addressed before the damage was done.
        I have a feeling Z Smith’s situation can probably be traced back to Rodgers
        Now…if we can just figure out how Rodgers caused the Covid Pandemic……
        Don’t roll your eyes, you know it’s his fault.

      2. Tom M October 8, 2021

        If I’m Aaron Rodgers and we get as close as we did to the SB last year. I go to my GM and say look, we’re only a couple of guys short here. What can I do to help? If I need to restructure and move some money, I’ll do it. I’m all in for a championship. It’s something Brady has done. Instead Aaron Rodgers bulls his diva bullshit over Jordan Love. That tells you two things. Rodgers doesn’t really care about a championship. And secondly it’s all about him. If we know anything about Gutekunst, he’s not afraid to spend money. He was all in for this season. Unfortunately our QB was not. He was too busy trying to worm his way out of town. Aaron Rodgers will have to make due with what he has. This team has been teetering on imploding since week one.

        1. PF4L October 8, 2021

          Tom M October 8, 2021
          Instead Aaron Rodgers bulls his diva bullshit over Jordan Love. That tells you two things.
          I didn’t pass my GED exams, because i didn’t study hard enough.

    2. Kato October 8, 2021

      While you aren’t completely wrong Tom, also keep in mind they made the decision to resign King, which right now looks curious. They could have taken on Gilmore’s salary had he not been resigned. Like, you already knew what you had in King. He isn’t an NFL starter. So, you resign him for starter money because you don’t feel comfortable trotting out your first round pick. The. Assume your star corner won’t get hurt? Just not very good planning, because one injury, you are starting a rookie and a guy that has proven that he can’t play.

      1. PF4L October 8, 2021

        Good points Kato….They also passed on some affordable corners before they resigned King.
        But how else can someone mention Rodgers name because he’s obsessed with shitting on him.
        It’s not easy to replace a corner who has a 55 career PFF grade.
        First you’d have to wait for someone to tell you that your present corner is actually a liability
        That could take four years or more for some GM’s..
        You could also scour the free agent market to replace some of the corner depth you think you have,..that would entail someone viewing that as a problem.
        But to be fair, maybe Gute was preoccupied with looking to cut Tonyan and bringing back Jimmy Graham to replace him.
        Better to cut a productive player a year or 3 early.

        1. Mick October 9, 2021

          I’m with Kato and PF4L on this one. To not fortify Kings spot with a veteran CB, especially after the NFCCG snafu is short sighted. You drafted Stokes for the future, but as with all rookies, they take time to develop, if they ever do. That’s not fixing the issue for the present, so they re-signed King when they know his liabilities. How do you not add a vet in that spot, knowing King has a so-called back problem? Also, I can’t think of a better time to bring in a vet to jell with the D, when the whole unit is getting familiar with a new scheme? Another thought, look how much draft capitol was spent on the secondary in the last 7, or so years, and we still have issues there. (Remember Gute stating he was going —-all in?) I’m still stewing over this.

          1. PF4L October 9, 2021

            To be fair to Gute…i think he meant he was “all in” for the future.
            He also said hitting good players in the 1st and 2nd round is where good drafting is at.
            He said rounds 3-7…are just something he does so it looks like he’s working.
            Like when he’s plucking teams practice squad players.
            The remainder of the time, he said consist of trying not to look stupid concerning the handling of Z Smith’s drama and contemplating why he spent so much cash on Preston Smith. If that wasn’t enough, dealing with the King backlash and answering questions on how productive the 12th pick of a draft needs to be to deem it a successful use of that resource.
            There are some in the football community who feel like the 12th pick should be a game changer, or at least close to it.
            To me….that just silly thinking. You can’t expect the 12th pick of the draft to make a lot of plays.
            Lets say the guy gives you 3 sacks the first half of season #3, or at least has more sacks than Kyler Fackrell, Then i’d call that a successful pick amirite.

      2. Tom M October 9, 2021

        As I recall Kato, Kevin King was signed in May after both FA and the draft. He was pretty much all that was left and all we could afford. If you had a better option, I’m listening. It’s no secret Brian Gutekunst liked Kyle Fuller who signed with Denver for 8.5 million. Gilmore would have cost more than that. Instead of signing players is FA, Gutekunst and Murphy were too busy making trips to Rodgers Malibu mansion trying to kiss his ass. Not unlike Murphy making trips to Mississippi to kiss Favre’s ass all those years ago. In the end everyone lost. Rodgers not only didn’t get traded, he now has to win shoot outs with a shitty secondary. While the fans are coming to terms that this isn’t a SB team. And Gutekunst now knows he should have blew this team up and started over a year earlier.

        As far a Gilmore, he can’t play. He’s coming off IR and won’t play this week or next. Which happens to be when we need him. He may not play at all this year and if he does, he won’t look anything like the player he was. Not with that injury and now that he’s in his 30’s. He’s worth the risk if you end up paying the league minimum. But you don’t trade for him or take on his contract. Your playing fantasy football and getting a name but not the player he once was. Reports were that he wanted to sign with the Packers which is why the Panthers traded for him. Carolina gave up a 6th round pick. We don’t have a 6th round pick to match the offer. Assistant GM Aaron Rodgers already gave that one away for Cobb. This is what happens when you give players too much say on personnel matters. It never works and it makes you GM’s job that much harder.

        1. PF4L October 9, 2021

          “He was pretty much all that was left” – Dummy
          Gee…and why was that?
          Because the available corners already got signed for 3-4 million?

  14. glblank October 7, 2021

    Did management make any overtures to the Pats for Stephon Gilmore? Carolina got him pretty cheap.

    1. Kato October 8, 2021

      The issue was the Packers couldn’t fit his salary under their cap. Not because they didn’t want to give up a late draft pick.

      1. Howard October 8, 2021

        Yes, salary was an issue, but to me it was the week 15 2020 injury that was the real issue. Look at the below video of Gilmore’s week 15 “quad injury”. It looks suspiciously like a patellar tendon injury. It may not have been a full rupture of the tendon? It does look like a patellar tendon issue from the way Gilmore’s first reaction is to grab his knee with both hands. If you want to see the same reaction watch videos of Victor Cruz, Jimmy Graham, and some other NBA players that have suffered Patellar tendon ruptures. They drop and both hands immediately go to the knee area. How many elite athletes have come back the same from Patellar tendon ruptures. I have not heard of any. I will be very interested too see the Gilmore’s play, when or if Gilmore plays this year.

        1. Howard October 8, 2021

          The video is available if you just click on “watch on YouTube”