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Packers Sneak Away with a Victory

After a surprising blowout loss to the Saints in week one, the Packers bounced back against the Detroit Lions at home last week, winning by a comfortable score of 35-17. Getting some confidence back, the Packers took their game to the west coast for a Sunday Night Football contest against the 49ers, who were coming off a 17-11 win in Philadelphia.

The Packers took the drive 39 yards on eight plays to set up a 54-yard field goal by Mason Crosby. After stopping the 49ers on their opening possession, the Packers marched 80 yards on seven plays, resulting in a one-yard touchdown from Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams. The Packers led after one, 10-0.

Green Bay continued their dominance late the second quarter, steamrolling 86 yards on 9 plays. The end result was another touchdown, this time on a 3-yard run by Aaron Jones. San Francisco got on the board right at the half, going for it on 4th and goal from the one. Rookie quarterback Trey Lance entered for one play and scored on a run around the end. The Packers led at the half, 17-7.

The 49ers got right back into the game on the opening possession of the second half. With a solid mixture of run and pass, the 49ers marched 83 yards on 13 plays, ending with an 8-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo to Brandon Aiyuk. The Packers offense stalled on their next possession and the third quarter ended with the Packers up, 17-14.

Sep 26, 2021; Santa Clara, California, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) is congratulated by quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers extended their lead to 10 after an 86-yard drive on 10 plays. Aaron Rodgers found Marquez Valdes-Scantling from 12 yards out. For Rodgers it was his second touchdown pass of the game. The offenses dominated in the last 15 minutes as the 49ers scampered down the field 81 yards in 5:39 to cut the lead to three after a one-yard run by Trey Sermon.

A Mason Crosby field goal from 38 yards out put the Packers up, 27-21 with 2:39 to play. With all three timeouts left, Garoppolo led the 49ers on a scoring drive of 75 yards, ending in a touchdown pass to tight end Kyle Juszczyk. The 49ers went back on top, 28-27.

With just 37 seconds left to play and no time outs, the task seemed nearly impossible, even with Rodgers at the helm. But passes of 25 and 17 yards down the middle of the field to Davante Adams set up Crosby for the game-winner from 51 yards out. The Packers prevailed in a wild one, 30-28.

Rodgers threw for 261 yards and two touchdowns. Davante Adams caught a game-high 12 passes for 132 yards and Aaron Jones 82 rushing yards on 19 carries. Defensively, the Packers had three sacks and an interception.

The Packers head to the road to face the Steelers on October 3 at 4:25 PM Eastern Time.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Jason Parker September 27, 2021

    Had some technical issues that locked me out of the site over the weekend. It is sorted now and any rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

  2. PF4L September 27, 2021

    Well fuck me Amanda Pflugrad…..One hell of a win!!
    I know there was some (well one person anyway)…who was hoping and predicting that the Packers would be going 0-4 to start the season.
    I read some things like this from some random Packer fan…..
    “Ok ladies, looks like the Packers will open the season 0-4.”
    “And when we go 0-4, how long before tinker bell gets benched?
    “With the 49ers and the Steelers up next, those games will be losses. And we all know how tinker bell plays when challenged, Buckle up buttercup!”
    Two observations…..

    After a loss, the Rodgers haters would post 20 negative comments in as many hours.
    When the Packers win and Rodgers plays well…..we hear crickets.
    Here is the cold reality of a “so called Packer fan” who hates Rodgers.
    Their hate for Rodgers is more important to them than the team success.
    These “Packer fans” want the team to lose, to hate more on Rodgers.
    Proof?…After the Packers pull off a win…where are they?
    That isn’t a Packer fan, not from where i sit.

  3. Tom M September 27, 2021

    From where you sit, I can only imagine what your sitting on, PF4L. And I’d rather not think about it. I’m just as happy as you are that we won. But don’t act like it was a forgone conclusion either. Because it wasn’t. Aaron Rodgers has lost more games like that than he’s won. Winning is September is completely different than winning in January. You ladies were blaming Joe Barry, and Brian Gutekunst, to proclaiming TJ Watt would have been our savior. And all manor of nonsense in between after the Saints loss. But not a peep from you about tinker bell. Aaron Rodgers should have outplayed the very average Jimmy G. With 4 sacks, 10 pressures, and 2 turnovers, our defense is coming together after the first two games. Not surprising it’s taken some time since no starters played in preseason under a new DC. And it looks like Gutekunst has found another corner in Eric Stokes. While undrafted, developmental LT Yosh Nijman played pretty damn well against one of the top DE in Nick Bosa. They’re are a lot of positives here and that’s a good thing.

    1. PF4L September 28, 2021

      Well….there ya go….keep hating.
      I’m sorry the Packers couldn’t go 0-4 like that random Packer fan had hoped. Buckle up Buttercup.
      I bet all you Rodger haters were looking forward to a fun week.
      Better luck next week i guess.
      For those reading your post…..
      MANOR is apparently the equivalent to MANNER in Tommi’s Trailer Park.
      Tommi, i can’t spend my time in here cleaning up your grammar (we talked about this).
      Please…..Try to do better.
      Stay in school kids!!

  4. Ferris September 28, 2021

    Tom…manor of nonsense? MANOR? And what YOUR sitting on? For the 47th time…it’s YOU’RE. You are makes YOU’RE. I can’t do this anymore, I’m sure it’s annoying to some of the nice fun football actual Packer fans here. YOU’RE not a member of that very exclusive club. We have a secret handshake and everything.

  5. Ferris September 28, 2021

    I didn’t even comment on They’re are. Jesus.

    1. Mitch Anthony October 2, 2021

      I gotta jump in and help.

      In this world of your and you’re, there and their and they’re, to and too and two, we can all help each other do better. What follows are some helpful hints to overall be a better writer and make more intelligent posts here on TP.

      1). Be more or less specific.
      2). Avoid Alliteration. Always.
      3). Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.
      4). Avoid cliches like the plague. They are so old school!
      Five: Always be consistent.
      6). Who needs rhetorical questions?
      7). Writers should never generalize!
      8). Exaggeration is a million times worse than a understatement.
      9). Comparisons are as bad as cliches.
      10). Don’t be redundant; don’t use more words than necessary; doing that is highly superfluous.

      There, now we can all be as educated as an NFL player who studied sports journalism in college.

  6. Deepsky September 28, 2021

    Let’s not kid ourselves here. The Packers won because the 49ers were missing their top two running backs, including Raheem Mostert, who probably would have run all over Dean Lowry and Tyler Lancaster like he did in the NFC Championship game. Shanahan would have targeted those journeymen and Mostert would have run for another 200 yards. Rodgers was under a fair amount of pressure, but the Packers were willing to give the offensive line help because the 49ers terrible corners can’t cover anyone. Rodgers trusted his receivers would get open against the 49ers corners and didn’t hold onto the ball forever like he usually does against the 49ers. I don’t see the 49ers doing much this year if they are relying on Garoppolo. It was great to see however that Stokes is much better than King, that’s a positive sign.

    1. Dean September 28, 2021

      You’re right, Rodgers got the ball out quick, especially to Adams. Hopefully some other receiver will be able to get separation quickly when we end up playing teams with 2 good cover guys. Maybe Cobb is that other receiver. Cobb did not play much last game, maybe because the focus was on Adams.

  7. Tom M September 28, 2021

    And for the 47th time TJ Watt is better than Kevin King. Right Ferris? Because no one but you can see that. It’s great that we beat the 49ers. Aaron Rodgers is now 2-6 on the west coast. When Aaron Rodgers beats the Los Angels Rams in their shinny new stadium in January then you can gloat. Green Bay is called “title town” not “MVP town” not “we beat the 49ers city.” “Michael Jordan” and all his drama was brought back to win a championship. He’s supposed to beat Jimmy Garapolo. Just like he’ll be expect to beat Big Ben this week. And if he doesn’t, the criticism starts with the self proclaimed “Michael Jordan” of the NFL. Not Brian Gutekunst or Joe Barry. Never heard Gutekunst compare himself to Ron Wolf. Never heard Joe Barry say he was Buddy Ryan or Bill Belichick. We got lucky. A 5th round rookie CB, who made Kevin King look all pro, was on Davante Adams most of the night. That’s three shitty secondaries in a row and we’re 2-1. What chance can we possibly have this week Ferris? As we battle TJ Watt and his super powers! Why he’s a Super Bowl winner Ferris, in your mind!

  8. Deepsky September 28, 2021

    Also, the 49ers always target the Packers weakest link. There was discussion on the 49ers websites about how Shanahan should target Kevin King because QBs had a perfect QB rating when targeting him this season. I wonder if LaFluer knew this was going to happen and decided to sit King with an ‘illness’. Certainly not having King on the field disrupted the 49ers plans.

    1. Howard September 28, 2021

      I think Shanahan would have come to a reasonable conclusion from the Packers Lions game that King was being replaced by Stokes as the RCB. Shanahan may have game planned going after King in the slot. With King out Shanahan would have understood Sullivan would play the star. I don’t think Shanahan would change any of his plans with Sullivan in for King. In 2019 Sullivan made some game/drive ending type plays. Since then not so much, although Sullivan did have a drive ending play on the 49ers first drive. At this point the only thing that Sullivan does better than King is not allow the long TD. Sullivan still gives up way more big plays and first downs than is ideal for a guy in the star position.
      I highly doubt LaFluer sat King with a phantom illness. It would be more likely that King didn’t like losing his RCB job to Stokes and sat himself with a phantom illness, or King really was ill?

      1. Mick September 28, 2021

        Ya, I agree Howard. I do think MLF has seen enough of King at RCB; especially since he knew that Shanahans’ running backs were injured. Thus, Shanahan would have to beat GB through the air with 4 and 5 receivers. And I think that King wasn’t quick enough with his hips to depend on him in the star position. Still, Kittle had success over the middle, no matter who manned that position. Stokes is maturing, with a mistake here and there, but I like what I see.

  9. Tom M September 28, 2021

    Question for you ladies. And you know who you are. Since Matthew Stafford lit up Tom Brady and the Bucs. Is Stafford the new GOAT? Is he now the Michael Jordan of the NFL? And what are the odds Aaron Rodgers beats Matthew Stafford in LA come January? Would you bet your momma’s double wide tinker bell comes from behind to beat the Rams? One thing is certain girls. They’ll be no 5th round rookie CB covering Davante Adams in that game. Only Jalen Ramsey. Come January, this win will be as distant memory. As distant as Ferris and PF4L’s last date with a real woman. And no, swapping sisters doesn’t count. So enjoy your week and gloat to your little hearts content. As we somehow prepare for TJ Watt and his amazing super powers. Right Ferris?

  10. PF4L September 28, 2021

    Tommi…a self professed “Packer Fan” tells other Packer Fans to gloat to their hearts content this week.
    Gloat about what? That the Packers won?
    Shouldn’t we all be feeling good about that game and winning it on the final drive?
    OR…do some “Packer Fans” not feel that way?
    Do some Packer fans…act like the Packers lost?
    Sure as F looks that way doesn’t it?
    I wonder why that is, i wish i was smart enough to figure that out.
    Decide what team you are a fan of and act how you should act….NORMAL.
    You a Packer Fan Tommi?…News Flash: They won on the last drive, kicking a field goal as time ran out.
    Act like a Packer fan.
    But instead of celebrating, you’re more interested in fighting with, and trying to piss off other Packer fans
    How fucked up in the head are you?
    Fuck dude, you’re not wanted here, take the 150th hint.
    Then finally….
    Is it because i found this video of you falling for the egg in the bottle trick?
    Jimmy done got you good, he seems like a good man, best of luck to you two.

  11. Tom M September 28, 2021

    Only at “Total Packers.” Where PF4L will school us by saying “Davante Adams is a better WR than MVS!” Not to be out done, comma queen Ferris will likewise exclaim “TJ Watt is a better player than Kevin King!” What’s next ladies? You gonna tell us they’ve found water in the ocean? Sand in the desert? I hope we all understand how lucky we are! You just don’t get this kind of knowledge and insight everywhere.

    1. PF4L September 28, 2021

      That’s your response?
      Regurgitating things you have repeated over and over and over, and….
      Maybe the Packers can start 0-4 next season, and then you can finally be happy for once in your miserable existence.