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Packers Preseason Continues with the New York Jets Following Joint Practice

The Packers take on the Jets at Lambeau field for their second preseason game today. The two teams have been meeting in open practices this week in preparation for this weekend’s contest. Just being a preseason game, there is not much on the line, but these games can still reveal plenty. If you are the betting on preseason type, might want to get your betrivers code ready.

For fans than missed the first preseason game against the Texans, this week’s game will be televised nationally on the NFL Network. This would have been a prime opportunity to see Jordan Love get some snaps under center. Of course, after last week’s shoulder injury, Love will sit out and Kurt Benkert will see plenty of action in an attempt to impress to make the roster.

Josh Johnson and Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets quarterback Josh Johnson (9) greets Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) during training camp Wednesday.
Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Although the outcome of the game means nothing, there is still much to watch for. With the uncertainty at cornerback, Eric Stokes and Kevin King should see significant playing time. There are also battles at wide receiver and across the offensive line.

Kickoff is at 3:25 PM Central time. In addition to being telecast on the NFL Network, NBC 4 in Milwaukee, NBC 26 in Green Bay, and ABC 27 in Madison will broadcast the action.

Here are a few players worth paying attention to:

Kurt Benkert (Quarterback)

With a good chance to start and see the bulk of the action, Benkert could push for the third-string role with a strong performance. Watch for his decision making, ability to read the defense, and how well he takes care of the ball. Even if Benkert doesn’t perform well against the Jets, he’s likely to make the practice squad.

Patrick Taylor (Running Back)

With Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon getting nicked up during training camp, the Packers could keep four running backs on the roster. That puts Taylor in the running to at least make the squad as a kick returner

Equanimeous St. Brown (Wide Receiver)

Much like at running back, injuries at the wide receiver position could open the door for St. Brown. After returning from injury, he’s been a primary target among the second unit. St. Brown must shine over these next two weeks in all phases, including run-blocking and special teams.

Lucas Patrick (Guard)

After a less than stellar game against the Texans playing with the second unit, Patrick needs to play significantly better against the Jets. Jon Runyan, Ben Braden, and rookie Royce Newman could beat out Patrick, which wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Packers, particularly financially.

Yosh Nijman (Offensive Tackle)

After seeing 54 plays against the Texans, Nijman is expected to get another solid look anchoring the left side of the line against the Jets. The door could open for Nijman to make the opening day roster if David Bakhtiari isn’t ready to return. It will take a strong outing, however, to keep Nijman in the running for one of precious few roster openings.

Ed Rooney

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  1. Tom M August 21, 2021

    The offensive line is a cluster right now. You wouldn’t expose Aaron Rodgers to this mess and you wouldn’t expose your probable 2022 starter in Jordan Love either. Let Benkert get the snot knocked out of him while you play musical chairs along the OL. Besides figuring out the best combo for the OL. You need to find out who your back up safeties are, your 6th corner, whether to trade Funchess or keep Malik Taylor. Who’s your swing tackle? The veteran Kelly? The project Nijman? Or the rookie Van Lanten? Stats and scores and depth charts will be meaningless. There’s a hand full of guys they’ll be looking at. Everything else is just filler. Without Love playing, it’ll be a very boring game.

  2. Tom M August 23, 2021

    I hear you got kicked off another Packer website PF4L. They don’t want to listen to your bullshit either, huh? They couldn’t careless about your ridiculous preseason grades and MVP awards. Let alone your all important “catch rate” stats. They just can’t handle the truth, right sweetheart? You do understand the difference between the 53 and the practice squad? Because when you said we’d keep three QB’s you didn’t mention the practice squad. Players like Kurt Benkert and Tim Boyle, like Joe Callahan before them, are made to be on the practice squad and never should be on anyone’s active roster. Benkert played worse as the game went on. And that’s never a good sign. After the first preseason game, wasn’t it the equally clueless MMSUCKS who said “I don’t know why everyone is talking about Jordan Love.” Funchess is the real story!” Or something to that effect. You do understand Jordan Love will be our starting QB next year. You do understand we spent a 1st and a 4th on Jordan Love. Meanwhile Devin Funchess may never play a down for the Packers. There’s a 50/50 chance he’s traded for a day three pick unless we keep 7 WR’s. But you two keep posting and keep the IQ around here low.

    1. Ferris August 23, 2021

      You heard? Some loser told another loser who told another unemployed dishwasher who told your cousin who told your Mom who told you? Get a life dude.

      1. Tom M August 25, 2021

        That “loser” Ferris was the man himself, PF4L or as I like to call him, Mr Stat! A hero to some, a legend to others…

    2. MMSUCKS August 23, 2021

      Hey Tom (dimwit, Mrs. Love), I never said this: “I don’t know why everyone is talking about Jordan Love.” Funchess is the real story!” Pay attention (if you are able) to your own misstatements . . . You have made many. Get a life asshat.
      Regarding IQ? really? Your basic understanding of the English language is suspect at best . . . syntax, spelling? Typical basement dwelling, asshole schadenfreudist. Who unknowingly suffers from Dunning-Kruger effect,

  3. Tom M August 25, 2021

    This is what gets you girls into trouble. You start calling me names, question my IQ, make offensive remarks about my living arrangements. All of which I get a good laugh out of. Of course, this compels me to return the favor. However when I do, it’s considered offensive and I’m petitioned to be banned from the site. It’s a classic case of “you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” Now, we can agree to disagree and make nice. Or we can continue this childish albeit humorous banter. It’s your call. As for Jordan Love, he’s the focal point of training camp. He is the story. With the interior OL a distant second. And Devin Funchess not at all. He should have had a good game, he was the only starter on the field. Keep it in perspective.

    1. MMSUCKS August 26, 2021

      Did you POST this sentence earlier TOM? “But you two keep posting and keep the IQ around here low.” Is that not doing what you’ve said that WE are doing? Why did you do it first then TOM???

      I did not talk of Funchess. Get with the program. You keep it in perspective. Nice gas-lighting TOM.

      So your NEW PLOY is to throw out no-sequitur(s) and lies? Then act all butt-hurt? because you WERE THE ONE WHO ORIGINALLY AND CONSISTENTLY called many of us “girls” and questioned our manhood/sexual preference TOM!!!! And YOU feel like you’ve been attacked??? Suggesting that we suck Rodger’s dick? Why did you say,suggest,and often infer this while directly naming a few of us TOM???? You are a hypocrite to the nth degree. Who, btw is also playing the “old” right-wing “butt-hurt” playbook.

      Personally, you think you know so much. Well then, just IGNORE our (*%&#$**) OPINIONS, and stay in your own lane!!!! You were the first to attack negatively. Grow up.

      BTW, Jordan Love is NOT the focal point in camp. The team is. The 53 ARE. Love can’t even stay healthy so far. And you say that some of us are Rodgers fanboys??????????? Just what the hell are you then????? If not the same thing for J.Love! LOL!!!!

      Grade school politics, and grade school lies. Shame on your feeble attempt’s to act like a nice guy . . . your actions say just the opposite! You are a schadenfreudist who wants his opinion to be the ONLY one. Not very democratic . . . actually, quite autocratic! But that is just MHO.

      I will be “screen capturing” all of my posts from now on just in case there is trouble regarding you and you duplicitous actions.

      1. MMSUCKS August 26, 2021

        Non-sequitur(s) . . .

      2. Tom M August 26, 2021

        Did I say I was butt hurt? I think your hilarious! And by all means, screen capture until your little heart’s content. I think someone needs a nap. As far as the 53, we already know who the first 47 or 48 will be. There are about 5 to 7 roster spots open. And with the exception of one, they’ll all be backups. Much is riding of the Jordan Love pick. Millions of dollars and NFL careers and reputations. And from a fan’s perspective, do we have a franchise QB for the next decade? Or does the eternal Easter egg hunt start for our next great QB? It’s a far more compelling story than if Henry Black beats out Vernon Scott to be the backup safety. Maybe not for you, but for the rest of us.

        1. MMSUCKS August 26, 2021

          Nice try at gas-lighting again. You are a real piece of work. You go get em’ “Jordan Love fanboy” who works for 1265 Lombardi. Many of us know why you are in here, Go play with children your own age. Leave the adults to discuss the more esoteric aspects of football. The rah rah fanboy shit has already grown old . . . and it’s only been how many month’s since you’ve joined??? Too long ago IMHO . . . Go PACK go!

          1. Tom M August 26, 2021

            I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There are those of us who have differing opinions than you and PF4L when it comes to the Packers. Which doesn’t make us wrong just because we don’t agree with you. You girls are hardly the final word even though you think otherwise. We don’t care about your “grades” or “stats” and least of all “catch rates.” We base our comments on what we see, what we observe. We don’t need stats to tell us that Davante Adams is a better WR than MVS. We can clearly see that. Although PF4L seems compelled to go on a stat filled tirade to tell us what we already know. So go watch you preseason game on Saturday and tell us who the MVP of the game is. Give us your grade on players that will be cut in the coming week. Play GM and tell us how smart you are. While the rest of us monitor Jordan Love’s progress and development. That’s what Brian Gutekunst will be doing. Will he be ready to start next season? Or do I have to pay Rodgers? If so, where does the money come from? Who do I have to cut and who can I keep? These are the questions Brian Gutekunst has to answer regardless of what you or I or anyone else thinks of Jordan Love. And yes, Go Pack Go! You see, we can agree on something…

          2. MMSUCKS August 27, 2021

            You give us YOUR “assessment” on players . . . but we cannot??? But that is OK??? Perhaps in your lack of awareness, you do not quite GRASP what the nomenclature is that you are whining about! Lol!!!! Because, Mrs Love . . . You. Do. The. Same. Thing. . . . And you are obtuse to that.

            What I am seeing with your less than thorough assessment’s of what is happening with the players on the roster is nothing more than an OVERT defense of Gutekunst, with little to back it up other than to follow in “Blind Faith” . . . Talk about clueless.

            If anyone QUESTIONS your one dimensional opinion, you start calling them names like “GIRLS” (as you just did above!) while in retort mode. Your authoritarian, feckless “Bill O’reilly” style is rather out-dated and repugnant. So what you might attempt to do, is to attempt to use a combination of data and video as your jumping off point. Rather than just going with the lemming populist “People Magazine” approach of what is currently being force-fed to you by the Packer PR people at 1265 Lombardi . . . that is, unless YOU are one of them . . . Or are you just as clueless as you seem to be? With all of your playground bullying tactics and rehashed “rah rah” Packer talking points effectively quantifying, and thus, qualifying you as such?

            I have NEVER stated to KNOW IT ALL. What I have done most of the time in here has been to speak the ugly truth about the INEPTITUDE of the Mark Murphy run Packers. Since Mark Murphy has run the Packers, there has been a myriad of egregious errors from upper management that has directly affected the capabilities of the Packer team in negative ways. I have seen these things objectively, and have continued to call them out on their INEPTITUDE.

            With TWO HOF QB’1s, there should have easily been more than two Super Bowls in the last 25 plus years with them playing. I just happen to believe that our current “GM” is not on par at his craft as most of the players are with theirs that he deals with. Ted Thompson (the frugal GM), should have been let go three years before he was. HELL! McCarthy should have been let go years before he was! Capers should have been years before as well! Furthermore, Gutekunst is in most ways as RIGID as Thompson was. “Gutey” has intimated this in his reflection of Thompson and his policies.

            Sometimes running an organization actually requires one to LISTEN to their “subordinates” instead of just exuding their arrogance . . . TT and BG have failed miserably at this. Mark Murphy, obviously has led them in this by example . . . The last year of Murphy quotes towards Rodgers’ easily quantify this . . . You know; data. Something that YOU (Tom) fail miserably at referencing.

  4. Tom M August 28, 2021

    Let me ask you this MMSUCKS. Next week Kurt Benkert will be cut. He’ll probably end up with better “stats” than Jordan Love. By your astute evaluation based wholly on stats. Is this the correct call? Shouldn’t Jordan Love be cut if Benkert’s numbers are better? Of course not! Benkert has reached his ceiling. Don’t believe me? Ask Atlanta. The Falcons had no problem releasing him. While Jordan Love’s potential is off the charts. Will he reach that potential? That’s the 64,000 dollar question isn’t it? We’re all entitled to our opinion. Where I question yours and PF4L is your conclusions are best solely on stats. No one else thinks this way. Take your beloved Devin Funchess. He had great stats and now he’s gone. Why? It’s not because of the hammy. He’ll play again this season thanks to an injury settlement. Malik Taylor can do the same thing as Funchess plus he’ll play special teams. And he’ll do it all at a fraction of the cost. There are always other factors than just meaningless preseason stats when decisions are made. Something you fail to take into consideration.

    As far as Favre and Rodgers only winning one SB. Everyone can take the blame for that. And it all starts with Favre and Rodgers. I’ve said many times that both QB’s are great and that both have flaws in their games. With Favre it was interceptions. With Rodgers, he doesn’t come from behind and win games. Favre couldn’t get the Jets or the Vikings to the SB. And neither will Rodgers get another team to the SB when he’s eventually traded. As far as Brian Gutekunst, I’d be more that happy to debate you on his merits as GM. He’s been far superior than either John Dorsey and John Schneider since becoming GM. Two of the preferred Ted Thompson replacements. While Eliot Wolf is on his third team in 4 years in some minor capacity.

    1. MMSUCKS August 28, 2021

      Stop CONFLATING to make your insipid argument(s). NO one bases their assessments on just one aspect Mrs. Love! What frustrates me about narrow-minded “HOMERS” like you, is that you have NO IDEA about anything other than other people’s talking points that you spew.

      Please continue to LIE about something that I DID NOT SAY about Funchess . . . All that you are doing is attempting to muddy the waters around anyone that disagrees with your HOMERISM . . . You are a playground bully, #.*.%.

      How much does 1265 Lombardi PAY YOU to troll around in here, do damage control, blow up the “greatness” of Love, and the genius of Gutekunst??? You are shameless. If you’ve noticed, not many people are engaging you positively so . . . #.*.%.


      I see that your “Love” looked pretty good stat-wise today (I mostly liked what I saw) . . . but failed to get the ball into the end-zone. So by your own argument he failed. He did NOT win his time in the game. Like “Rodgers” he did not get the win in the first half, so by default he sucks with your QB standards that you apply so critically to Rodgers. But- but -but – . Oh, and he had an interception??? One that he forced??? One interception in the first half of ONE GAME??? If this was the start of the real season, he would only be able to have five more for the whole year before he reaches Rodger’s season total (6) of last year . . . The reason I make this point (which most likely is going over your head) is that you continue to preach to everyone in here just how “GREAT” Love is already, and how he wouldn’t miss a beat replacing Rodgers in Green Bay as QB1. Well, that is NOT true. Love is NOT ready for “prime time”. It will be a few years before that might happen (if ever). #.*.%.

      Continue to be the TROLL, Homer, or damage control guy that you are; every blog needs a prick like you to laugh at. The only problem with you is that you are mean about it. All while being duplicitous and disingenuous. #.*.%.

      Go Pack Go!!!!

      1. Tom M August 28, 2021

        They pay me millions!!! Seriously, I sincerely apologize if I’ve upset you and PF4L. He’s quit posting for the time being but he’ll be back. He can’t help himself. He’ll want to tell us how smart he is. We’re all Packer fans here. We can disagree and have an occasional heated discussion. It’s all good.