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A Meaningful Preseason Game Coming to Lambeau

As Coach LeFleur finishes his press conference on Monday he states that key veterans will not be playing on Saturday.. This is a game focused on getting younger players ready to play. But this first preseason game has a fan draw that should make most fans buy a ticket if they can.

Yes, this will be a full seating stadium experience, a welcome sight to fans that had to tune in during the Covid-19 shutdown. But Covid has nothing to do with the draw to Saturday’s game against the Texans. The draw is Jordan Love. After a summer of cloak and dagger behind the scenes drama Aaron Rodgers is back with the team. While all smiles on the practice field, contract concessions and statements by both Rodgers and the team make it clear the relationship is ephemeral and Jordan Love is management’s hope for the future.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and tight end Robert Tonyan (85) celebrate after connecting on for a touchdown during the second quarter of their game against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, December 6, 2020 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.

Will the A-Rod party last one more year? Two? Or, can a Kumbaya accord link Rodgers and the front office for years to come? While it seems unlikely, Rodgers seems happy to be wearing the uniform and this team has everything necessary to contend for a championship. Gutekunst and Rodgers may realize they need each other. Or, our recent first round pick from Utah State may play above expectations. For Packer fans, you want draft picks to become stars. If Love can get there, and the Packers keep winning, the hard choices could become win-win scenarios. Whether that premise can become a reality can only be answered on the football field. It all starts Saturday, and this Packer fan can’t wait to watch.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. Mick August 10, 2021

    According to Packers Wire, Coach LaFleur has stated that #12 most likely will not see any action during the pre-season. So, we’ll get a healthy dose of J. Love all pre-season, as most of us already knew.

  2. NobodysBurfect August 11, 2021

    Brett Hundley showed me the value of making assumptions about talent based on the preseason.

    1. rebelgb August 12, 2021

      So true….i bought in hook and sinker….

  3. PF4L August 11, 2021

    Pre-season will be the closet thing to a regular season game you can get.
    The upside is, you get a hint of what a player looks like, albeit, mostly in the most vanilla plays the team has.
    The other upside is that the season, is right around the corner :)
    The downside for me is…
    A) While watching, you have to temper judgement, about 900 – 1,000 of the players of all teams will be looking for a regular job in about 4 weeks. Playing against those guys, and playing against starters in the regular are worlds apart.
    B) Starters…for the most part, are a dying breed in pre-season. For good reason though, and it’s not just to eliminate injury risk.
    C) Like Mr. Edwards, i can’t wait for the first pre-season game. The downside for me is i usually get bored to death sometime in the early 2nd quarter. I may last awhile longer to see what the wonder kid looks like against other teams back ups and shleps.
    The bar has been set by newly employed Mr. Hundley…129.4 passer rating (2015)
    The thing is, starters becoming a dying breed in pre-season, is a good thing.
    Since 2011’s CBA, each year you see less starters play.
    The biggest reason for this is because of the reduced practices and padded practices outlined in the CBA.
    The coaches know what the starters can do.
    But they need all the game tape they can get to help them analyze the final roster cuts. Nothing beats pre-season games for that purpose.

  4. Deepsky August 11, 2021

    You look at Rodgers college highlights, he had an awkward throw, rarely scrambled, so no one knew about his athleticism. Love’s mechanics were a lot better, and he scrambled better, threw on the run pretty well. Thing is though, Rodgers, even with the Tedford mechanics, Rodgers was extremely accurate even in college, Love wasn’t anywhere as accurate as Rodgers. I don’t think the Packers have gotten lucky a third time.

    1. Mick August 12, 2021

      Good point Deep, and you might be right about not getting lucky a 3rd time at QB with Love. With LaFleurs’ creativity as an offensive guy, I’m thinking if Love doesn’t pan out in this offense, with Rodgers as a mentor; and the coaches creativity, he won’t be starting material anywhere else in the league. Since Love is athletic and has a big arm, LaFleurs’ biggest challenge will be teaching the kid how to read defenses better. A solid OL, running game and good receivers is a QBs’ best friend, and Love has to realize he doesn’t need to be Rodgers. Two different style QBs’ here. Love won’t be given as much freedom to audible out of plays like Rodgers has been given, I guess we have to have faith in LaFleurs’ system to bring out the best in Loves’ game, let’s see how he handles the pressure.

  5. PF4L August 12, 2021

    Aaron Rodgers is flipping 50-yard spirals into tiny nets at Packers camp. Awkward press conferences have been replaced by focused preparation for a new season. Life is good again for the Green Bay Packers. Brian Gutekunst might be privately peeved — especially after he was apparently forced to bring Randall Cobb back into the building at Rodgers’ behest — but the GM is too smart to let his ego get in the way now. The Packers’ Super Bowl window is getting smaller — and the Pack need Rodgers in order to climb through it. – Dan Hanzus

    Comment: Forced to sign Cobb, 3rd year void, a voice to where he’s traded.
    Funny…I kept hearing Rodgers has no leverage.
    Gee…i thought Murphy was 3 steps ahead of Rodgers.
    Because when you speak of Gute, you are actually speaking of Murphy.
    Gute is just Murphy’s paid puppet.
    The mentality of the antivaxx……..
    Lamar Jackson now has more COVID-19 infections (two) than playoff wins (one) in his career, but the former MVP still sounds like a man very much on the fence when it comes to getting the shot. “I got to talk to my team about this and see how they feel about it,” Jackson said Monday. “Keep learning as much as I can about it. We’ll go from there.” While Jackson studies up on the research (which has already been done by scientists, by the way), the Ravens will hold their breath and hope their most important player won’t disappear again. – Dan Hanzus
    “……..when it comes to getting the shot. “I got to talk to my team about this and see how they feel about it,” Jackson said Monday.
    Comment: He’s only a college educated 24 year old, he can’t be expected to do his own thinking and decision making until he’s idk…. 35?
    Is….the team going to tell him…not to get the shot? (smh)
    There is no cure for stupid. No offence Princess.
    An unvaccinated patient gets hospitalized with Covid 19.
    What’s their 1st question to the medical staff?…”Can i get vaccinated now?”

    1. PF4L August 12, 2021

      Understood….2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson scored a 13 on the wonderlic test.Apr 17, 2020
      Good thing he can run.

    2. Dean August 13, 2021

      PF4L “The mentality of the antivaxx……..”. Sounds like someone has been drinking too much Big Pharma cool-aid :-)
      Dr. Robert Malone, the leading scientific research for global pandemics and originator of the technology behind mRNA vaccines suggests the vaccines be used for the most at risk — like elderly.
      As noted by Dr. Malone the commonsense therapeutic approach should be the primary focus, not vaccination, for ongoing healthcare systems as the COVID-19 variants will continue to evolve. Ultimately the natural immunity process will be of greater overall benefit than vaccinations which will require continual boosters to deal with the ever-evolving variants (a similar approach to dealing with reoccurring and evolving flu strains). Dr. Malone provided support for his position with concurrence from the leading U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, Sir Andrew Pollard.
      Just saying, maybe we should at least listen to the Doctors that have successfully treated COVID with therapeutics — some with no COVID deaths. Treating early with the known effective drugs (and cheaper by the way — less money for big pharma) is the way to go for younger less at risk people.
      I’d give the links but censorship is really happening with current regime…

      1. PF4L August 13, 2021

        I’m just happy that the unvaccinated can enjoy the more relaxed and normal lifestyle that the vaccinated paved the way for.
        For now anyway…stay tuned
        Wisconsin just reported 1,487 positive cases…in one day.
        We’re backsliding hard, we’re not done paying the price for Covid, but we SHOULD be.

  6. PF4L August 12, 2021

    How’s Devin Funchess doing?
    Well if you listen to Bill Huber…extremely well with his showing at Family night.
    “He made his voice heard in the Packers roster battle at receiver”.
    Of course, Huber doesn’t write about Funchess if not for the chinkie comment.
    Realistic perspective…
    I saw Funchess catch 2 passes, one against 4th stringer Stanford Samuels who will be returning home to his parents house shortly.
    The 2nd catch against Oren Burks.
    Burks played Funchess, much the same way as Amos played Brate in the NFCCG.
    Left him alone….by alone i mean Burks let Funchess run out to the sideline without a care in the world. When Funchess caught the ball at the sideline, Burks was still in the middle of the field.
    Packers waive pass-rusher Randy Ramsey with injury designation.
    Sign CB Dominique Martin…5 picks in Senior season at Div. II Tarleton State.