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Packers Super Bowl Odds Are Climbing

While the Packers fan base may have it easier than some others, it has still been a rollercoaster ride this previous offseason and the past few years for that matter. The team has a new GM since 2018 in Brian Gutekunst and a new head coach in 2019 in Matt LaFleur. Plus, all the questionable roster moves in between that writers here and users in the comments section often discuss. Meanwhile, the giant elephant in the room — that is the sunset of Aaron Rodgers’ career with the team — lingers.

The Rodgers situation seems to have settled down a bit, and in the process, things are obviously looking much better for the team. Sports Betting Dime has the Packers listed at +1300 to win Super Bowl LVI. This is an improvement compared to when news broke out that Rodgers was reportedly unhappy about playing for the Packers back in May where the team’s odds to win were listed at +2000.

Oct 25, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates with wide receiver Davante Adams (17) after a touchdown during the first quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Never a fan of playing in the preseason, Rodgers is not likely to play at all until week 1. In fact, 30 Packer players sat out the first week of preseason against the Houston Texans so it is still a ways off until it’s safe to assume that the performance we saw from the team last year will continue and carry over into the 2021 season.

Rodgers sticking around another season may be enough to convince the oddsmakers, but most Packer fans should be wondering just which Aaron Rodgers we are going to get. It would be foolish to think that no animosity remains between Rodgers and the team brass. Coming off an MVP season, it wouldn’t be fair to hold it against Rodgers if his performance did slip just a bit compared to last year. But, after seeing what Brady did last season, Rodgers’ itch for at least one last NFL championship for hanging it up. Hopefully, we will get to see him do it in green and gold; instead of after he has moved on to another team.

Assuming we get a 100% Aaron Rodgers this season, the odds of a Packers NFL Championship are the highest they have been in recent years. That is not to say it all rests on him if it doesn’t happen, but he obviously does hold a lot of influence over the situation. Not just as a QB, but as a QB that, let’s be honest, is highly intelligent, but also highly emotionally sensitive.

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  1. Tom M August 19, 2021

    Assistant GM Aaron Rodgers wasn’t brought back to win another MVP. Our odds better be up. This team will look vastly different next year if we don’t win the SB. Rodgers can say he doesn’t want this to be a farewell tour but if he doesn’t get it done this year it will be. It’s now or never. And if they don’t get the OL figured out, the old man won’t last 17 games. This could go either way. He could lead us to the promised land or it could be dumpster fire. However this plays out, it’ll make for some compelling football.

  2. Mick August 19, 2021

    On the point you made about the OL, I agree. My biggest concern is Rodgers and the new center. (Myers). They have to jell, and quickly. Not botching the snaps and Myers reading defensive looks; have me concerned. Packers Wire had a prompt where Myers had a bad day yesterday that the coaches and Rodgers commented on. With Bahktiari out to start the season, we could have a couple of new faces on the OL.

    1. Kato August 19, 2021

      I agree. I know Rodgers doesn’t like playing in the pre-season, and has good reasons not to, if there was one pre-season to do a couple dozen snaps it is this one. Center QB exchanges are very important, and I am not sure practice is the best setting for that.

  3. Lawrence August 20, 2021

    Do we have the odds on the greatest REGULAR SEASON QB, not getting past the NFL tile game for the 5th straight time?

    1. Tom M August 23, 2021

      Exactly Lawrence. Rodgers will demand a minimum 90 million two year contract extension. Is he worth that if all he delivers is another loss in the NFCC game and a worthless MVP? I say no. If he wins the SB then you have to pay him. The stakes are high.