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Packer Punt Last Preseason Game

What do the Packers do to punish their kicker for missing a chip shot 28 yard field goal? Apparently they make him the punter. Mason Crosby hit a 41 yard punt with 4 seconds of hang time to put an exclamation point on the Packers apathetic display in Highmark Stadium Saturday.

Players who should have been playing for their football futures seemed to play well in spurts, but could not display starter skills when needed. Jordan Love looked like the clean cut kid at a fancy restaurant in the valet uniform. You know he has a drivers license but you’re afraid to hand him the keys to your car. He has skills, but he’s reckless when he can’t afford to be. Some kids learn responsibility early, some need to wreck your car to learn the lesson. In limited play, Love looked like the car wrecker child all parents fear on Saturday. When the play breaks down and pressure came against the Bills the good decisions and accuracy waned. Let’s hope it is part of the process of growing up in the NFL.

Bills Ed Oliver puts pressure on Packers quarterback Jordan Love.

The offensive line played decent football against a good Bills team. The second string defense played against an elite NFL QB and except for cornerback coverage and cornerback tackling they acquitted themselves well. The young receivers will make the choices tough on cutdown day. Still, it is hard for any Packer fan to watch their team be picked apart by a potential Super Bowl opponent.

In 2018 Packer fans watched an overwhelmed Josh Allen fold under a decent defensive rush in his first and only game in Lambeau Field. His final line: 16 of 33 for 151 yards and 2 interceptions produced a 33.5 rating and no points. Love played better on Saturday than Allen in 2018, but the issues were strikingly similar. Love will survive cutdown day. Some who played Saturday will not. But if Love wants to be the next Packer HOF QB, the leaps Josh Allen has made are a path to follow. The preseason was interesting for Packer fans, but the “meaningless” games are over. Next up, New Orleans and this game really will count for everyone.

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is a lawyer, victim advocate, writer, and long term Packer fan and Packer history enthusiast.



  1. rebelgb August 29, 2021

    Thanks for the article. Seeing Love this pre-season has really helped me feel good about our Teams future. All the bashers out there who kept saying “we havent seen him play..” “they are hiding the fact he isnt any good..” etc etc. yawn. The guy stands tall, has a rocket arm, great pocket presence, can run like the wind, and I couldnt be happier he is our future. Meanwhile Arods gonna take us all the way this year. At least to the Super Bowl anyways. KC or Bills could be a tough out in the big game.

  2. Tom M August 29, 2021

    For all you stat lovers out there, and I know there are many. Aaron Rodgers first preseason numbers: 20-37 for 172 yards with 1 TD and 3 INT with a passer rating of 55. Jordan Love: 24-35 for 271 yards with 1TD and 1 INT and a passer rating of 77. And I’m guessing Rodgers played with more starters than Love actually did. So what does that tell us? Not a damn thing really. What we saw from Jordan Love was far more important than any stats. A big, mobile, athletic QB with a cannon for an arm. Who, for the most part made good decisions. Like all young QB’s he trusted his arm a little too much which lead to a few bad throws. But I saw 22 year old QB that could actually come in and win games this year if need be. Something I never felt Brett Hundley or DeShone Kizer could do. We made it out of preseason healthy, with an promising evaluation from our future starting QB. Mission accomplished. Now on to the Aaron Rodgers farewell tour.

    1. rebelgb August 31, 2021

      Funny PF4L is like a the democrats who voted for Biden now…..all you hear is crickets…..

      1. Dean August 31, 2021

        Does anyone know if PF4L is ill or OK? Seems odd to not hear from Him in awhile….

  3. Dean August 29, 2021

    I am curious about the length of time before Z Smith, Kelly, Winfree and a few others are healthy and cleared to play?
    Maybe there is a silver lining to having a so-so snapper and punter — If they are cut for the original 53, chances are good no one will claim them. GB could probably get away with this if they have 1 or 2 players that require 2/3 weeks or more to heal and they need to be on the original 53 but then moved to IR the next day. Then GB can rehire the snapper and punter…

    1. Ferris August 30, 2021

      They need to replace them. Too inconsistent. They can do better with cut players.

  4. Kato August 29, 2021

    Love wasn’t great to be sure. Rodgers wasn’t good in his first action either. The key is, Rodgers learned from his mistakes. Will Love learn?


    1. Howard August 30, 2021

      That video reminds me of something, I don’t think we saw from Love in preseason action. I would have liked to see Love bootleg to his left and make a couple of throws on the run going left. It is almost like LaFleur took any bootlegs to the left out of the play calls for Love. It is a difficult throw for any QB going left and throwing on the run. Rodgers, Mahomes and Russel can do it. Maybe Love can flip his hips and throw a good ball when running to his left? The Packers did appear to avoid rolling Love to his left in Love’s preseason game action. I’m not ambitious enough to see if Love had problems in college when rolling to his left and throwing the ball.

      1. Mick August 30, 2021

        Interesting point! For as little time Love has played so far, I’m sure the coaches have watered down the playbook to make it easy for him. With no preseason last year a/c covid, that has hindered his progress. I’d like to see the day they take the bubble wrap off of him and see what he can do with the 1st stringers. But, we won’t see that anytime soon—- unless Rodgers gets injured. It was nice to see that Love (against the Bills); pulled the ball down and scampered a couple times for 1st downs. The kid is athletic and I would think in time, he’ll start making plays rolling out to his left. In LaFleurs presser he mentioned Love needs to trust what he sees and strike.

        1. Tom M August 31, 2021

          It seems to me, after watching Love, LaFleur and Hackett wanted their young QB to stay in the pocket, read the defense, go thru his progressions, and deliver the ball on time. Which is the mental aspect of the game. The physical tools are there. What will make or break Jordan Love is, can he process what he sees and react accordingly. Neither Hundley or Kizer could do that. The roll outs and bootlegs will come. But show me you can read a defense first. It’s all about taking baby steps here. You have to keep everything in perspective. This is a 22 year old kid who hadn’t played in 18 months. Realistically you have to expect bumps in the road. Still, there’s reason for optimism. His mistakes correctable. This is a great offense for a QB and you’ve got a talented young coaching staff. This isn’t crusty old defensive minded Don Zimmer who goes thru a new OC year after year. Matt LaFleur will get the best out of Jordan Love. Outlook: hopeful.

  5. Howard August 30, 2021

    I have a hard time believing the Packers currently have their 6th cornerback on the team. Maybe it is Ento, but I think the Packers pickup a 6th CB from another team. Maybe a trade or a waiver pickup.

    1. Tom M August 31, 2021

      I think your right Howard. This is where missing on Josh Jackson and not being able to sign Kyle Fuller really hurts. After all the hype of Shemar Jean-Charles in camp, I sure didn’t see it in games. Ento might cover ok, but he sure can’t tackle. It’s why an injury to Jaire Alexander would be devastating. Perhaps more so than an injury to Rodgers.

  6. Howard August 30, 2021

    I don’t think the Packers currently have their 6th cornerback on the team. Hell they may not even have their 5th corner currently on the team. I think the Packers trade for, sign of the street, or use waiver pickups for a 5th and/or 6th corner.

    1. Mick August 31, 2021

      Ya, it’s confusing to say the least. We still have depth problems in the secondary after all the draft capitol that’s been spent there over many years. They hit on a few but, many have been unproductive. I question the scouting here. Seems to me they’re not getting quality DB’s past the 1st round.

  7. Ferris August 30, 2021

    Jimmy G better be worried. Lance looks NFL ready. Maybe in a year Love will look it too.

    1. Tom M August 31, 2021

      Watch some of the 49er preseason games. They played a lot of starters and were a lot less vanilla. They’ll use Lance in sub packages around the goal line. Not unlike New Orleans does with Taysom Hill. I would expect Chicago to use Justin Fields much the same. Lance and Fields are very similar in that they’ll move around a lot. Jordan Love is more Josh Allen. Pocket passer and a more natural thrower than Lance or Fields. Athletic enough to get out of trouble when the play breaks down. Lance and Fields remind me of bigger versions of Kyler Murray.

  8. Ferris August 31, 2021

    The Falcons released a Punter named Dom Maggio. They have to sign him immediately. With that name he has to be better than Scott.

  9. Tom M August 31, 2021

    What?!? Kurt Benkert cut?!? Why, he was the team MVP after the first preseason game! His stats far superior to Jordan Love! We can only pray now that he makes it thru wavers and on to the practice squad!

  10. NobodysBurfect August 31, 2021

    ESB & Benkert out. Too bad on Benkert – seems like a cool guy, and at least as competent as 1/4 of the starters in the league. Best of luck Kurt.


    Also looks like we’re without Bakh for a while, these rookies are going to have their work cut out for them.

    1. Dean August 31, 2021

      Running the ball well will solve a lot of problems young OL may have.

      1. Tom M August 31, 2021

        Amen. If Aaron Rodgers will do it. With this young OL he may be forced to actually run MLF’s offense as called. With JK Scott gone, the special teams are already better.

        1. Mick August 31, 2021

          Logical points you guys. Scott, too inconsistent; St. Brown, can’t stay healthy; Ento, can’t tackle. I’m thinking that Burks was retained because of STs. I’ m surprised they kept Lancaster and Heflin; thinking only one of them would stick. Heflin showed his motor never stops. Except for Benkert, the cuts made were not too surprising. Also. I heard they got a punter from the Rams;;;;; Cody Bojorquez. He averaged 4.81 seconds per punt, and he hit a 71 yard punt; averaged 51.9 yards per punt- net and gross, per punt over 7 preseason punts. He put 4 punts inside the 20 yard line and had just one returned for zero yards. His stats were from the preseason, hope he carries that over to the regular season;;;;;;;; and if he is effective when the weather turns for the worst.

          1. Howard August 31, 2021

            Mick, Cody was the primary punter for Buffalo the last 3 years. In 2018 he went on IR part way through the season (shoulder?). I think last year Cody averaged about 51 yards a punt. I’m not sure what his hang time is or if he out kicks his coverage? Cody does have experience in the NFL in a cold climate and he was the holder for Buffalo on field goals and extra points. Not that I get to excited about punter stats until they shank the punt at the worst times (Scott), but below is a link to Cody’s stats.

          2. Howard August 31, 2021

            Oops, name is Corey not Cody.

          3. Mick September 1, 2021

            Thanks Howard, I didn’t know much about Bojorquezs’ past. I also erred on his 1st name,,,,,,, my bad!

        2. Cheese September 1, 2021

          “If Aaron Rodgers will do it. With this young OL he may be forced to actually run MLF’s offense as called.”
          You make comments about Rodgers refusing to run MLF’s offense, but whenever someone makes a comment about Rodgers playing well you claim it’s all because of MLF’s offense. So which is it? Make up your damn mind.
          Either Rodgers put up 48 touchdown passes last year by winging shit out of his ass, which would be pretty damn impressive, or he put up 48 touchdown passes by RUNNING MLF’S OFFENSE.

          1. Tom M September 1, 2021

            Cheese: Matt LaFleur’s offense his first year in Green Bay looked more like Mike McCarthy’s offense the last year he was in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers threw for 3500 yards and 26 TD’s. His worst statistical season. Like McCarthy’s offense before him, Rodgers would audible out LaFleur’s plays. Either out of stubbornness or unfamiliarity. Aaron Rodgers went from 26 TD’s in year one to 48 TD’s and an MVP in year two with the exact same players. Why? Because he trusted his coach and ran the offense in year two. We know this offense works because it’s been successful wherever it’s been implemented. And when you get an Uber talented QB like Rodgers on board, the sky’s the limit on what this offense can do.

            My concern has always been which Aaron Rodgers are we going to get this year? Year one Aaron Rodgers that calls his own plays and forces the ball to his buddy Adams who just happens to be in a contract year. As well as his other buddy Randall Cobb, who he’ll likewise force the ball to because he’ll be hell bent to show Gutekunst he was right. Or do we get year two Aaron Rodgers that sets his pride aside and trusts his HC and his game plan. A game plan that resulted in 48 TD’s and an MVP. I don’t know the answer Cheese. But the inexperienced OL may be the great equalizer here. It might prevent Rodgers from going rogue. I see that as a positive.

          2. c September 2, 2021

            “Aaron Rodgers threw for 3500 yards and 26 TD’s. His worst statistical season.”
            Tom, are you feeling ok? I noticed you just used STATS to help prove a point. Are you coming to the realization that stats are a reflection of what happens on the field? Even if they don’t always tell the whole story some of the time.
            “Rodgers would audible out LaFleur’s plays Either out of stubbornness or unfamiliarity. Aaron Rodgers went from 26 TD’s in year one to 48 TD’s and an MVP in year two with the exact same players. Why? Because he trusted his coach and ran the offense in year two.”
            You claim it was out of stubbornness or unfamiliarity, yet I have never heard you speak on the unfamiliarity side. Only about stubbornness. Maybe it was a bit of both but I have no evidence that Rodgers was switching ALL of MLF’s play calls. A few here and there? Possibly, but it’s not like he went totally rogue on a 1st year head coach. And audibles don’t only mean stubbornness or unfamiliarity, it could mean there was a better play to run depending on the defense’s play call.
            The thing that is being forgotten is that it wasn’t just Rodgers’ first year in a new system, it was everyone’s first year in a new system. Aside from Davante, there were a bunch of nobodies at WR that were also trying to find there way in a new system. Several of whom aren’t on the team anymore. MLF was also finding his own way because he only called plays for one year at Tennessee prior to coming to GB, so it’s not like he had all the answers either.
            Of course production is going to go up in the second year of a new system. EVERYONE is more familiar with what they have to do. It becomes instinctual. It’s not because the devious Rodgers finally decided to get on the same page as the rest of the team.
            “which Aaron Rodgers are we going to get this year? Year one Aaron Rodgers that calls his own plays and forces the ball to his buddy Adams,” “Or do we get year two Aaron Rodgers that sets his pride aside and trusts his HC and his game plan. A game plan that resulted in 48 TD’s and an MVP.”
            And we’re back with an ultimatum where Rodgers is at fault for everything negative, and the game plan is responsible for everything that goes well.

          3. Cheese September 2, 2021

            Dang, apparently I hit enter and my post submitted unexpectedly, which is probably a good thing because it was turning into a diatribe.
            First off, I appreciate the civil post Tom. I was pleasantly surprised. The negativity in here was becoming too much. I even considered leaving out my last two paragraphs but I accidentally hit enter, lol.
            Second, I don’t see this offense regressing back to its year one form. They are beyond that point. It will be a good year for the offense at the very least, and hopefully a great year for the team as a whole.
            All we can do is watch.
            Go Pack Go

          4. Tom M September 2, 2021

            Let me be clear on something Cheese. I want Aaron Rodgers to succeed. I want him to get us to the SB and I want us to win. And if he does that, then I’m not opposed to a contact extension. It’s all the offseason drama I take issue with. Now, if you want to debate the merits of stats, we can do that. My contention has always been I don’t need stats to tell me AR is a great QB. I don’t need stats to tell me Adams is a better WR than MVS. And I certainly don’t need stats to know Kurt Benkert belongs on the practice squad. I can see all that. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that Rodgers threw for 22 TD’s and 1000 yards more with the exact same players from year one to year two of Matt LaFleur’s offense. This is significant because it was widely believed such a change could only occur if we had drafted a WR in the first or second round. Something we obviously didn’t do.

            Your point is well taken about Rodgers familiarity with MLF’s offense from year one to year two. And that might very well be the case for the dramatic improvement. My issue is Adams wants Hopkins money and needs a big year. Rodgers will want to accommodate him. Likewise Rodgers will want show he was right about acquiring Cobb. With Rodgers history of calling his own plays. Could this all interfere with MLF’s offense? It certainly has the possibility for conflict a of interest.

          5. Cheese September 3, 2021

            Tom, I definitely agree about Davante wanting a Hopkins sized paycheck. Adams should get paid but $30 million is an insane amount of money for a WR. That’s over double his current salary. Maybe for a top QB who touches the ball every play, but not for a WR who shares catches amongst the rest of the WR core, the TE’s, and the RB’s.
            Davante is talented, but because the Packers didn’t have a true #2 receiver last year he was pretty much the #1 and #2 , and his numbers reflected that. Now he wants to get paid like he’s doing double duty every year and it’s biting the Packers in the ass. Kind of like how Cobb had one season where he played like a #1 WR, then got #1 WR money for the next four seasons while playing like a #2 or a #3. The thing is, GB doesn’t have anyone that they’ve been building up to be the next #1 WR. That should make for an interesting offseason next year because I don’t see Davante budging on being the highest paid WR.
            I think you’re too invested with the idea of Rodgers calling his own plays. For sure towards the end of McCarthy’s time in GB, but that offense was more stale than a 4 year old potato chip. Defenses knew what plays were being ran before the ball was snapped. There was no misdirection, no disguising, no creativity. It was time to move on.

          6. Tom M September 4, 2021

            I think your right Cheese. Davante will demand upwards of 30 million per. And we know Rodgers already turned down 90 million for a two year extension. I see no scenario where Rodgers signs an extension unless Davante stays. Remember, “it’s about the people.” You can’t keep both and expect to sign Jaire Alexander and Elgton Jenkins. There’s no way you let Alexander walk. I think the Packers and Rodgers along with Adams part ways after the season. Of course winning the SB complicates the issue.

            Here’s the problem I have with the 2nd WR argument. Let’s suppose Rodgers averages 25 attempts per game. 8-10 will go to Adams. That leaves about 15 touches to his 4 other WR’s, his 3 TE’s, and his 2 RB’s. Or to put it another way, you’ve got too many pups and not enough tits to nurse. And if Rodgers follows suit and makes sure Adams gets his 10 touches a game. Then treats Cobb like a true number 2 following up with 5 or 6 touches for him. Your looking at maybe 10 touches for everyone else. That’s not going to be how Matt LaFleur’s offense works. As far as Big Mike, I’m not here to defend him. I’m only saying that since Rodgers was calling most of the plays, he has to take responsibility for that as well. To Rodgers credit, I think he sees the benefits of this offense. Getting the ball out quickly to his TE’s and running the ball means less hits on his 37 yr old body. Which is a good thing if you want to play until your 40’s.

          7. PF4L September 2, 2021

            I agree Cheese, Tommy is the gold standard stand up guy now.
            A total personality transformation….in only 2 weeks :)
            Hopefully you won’t get anymore questions from him asking you who’s better, your mom or your sister.
            What a guy!!
            You’re right though, he loves himself some stats…if it fits his narrative.
            Rare bonus thoughts and V. O. R…….
            There are multiple reasons why a offense wouldn’t be automatically improved under a first year head coach. But it takes a certain level of intelligence and the ability to think to understand why.
            All players (not just the QB) have to adjust. What good is Rodgers throwing the ball where the play dictates, if the receiver isn’t in his spot, or the tight end, rb, O line missed their blocking assignments?
            It takes the whole offense to be on the same page.
            Some (i guess)…were asking Rodgers to change, from doing what he’s been doing for the past 13 seasons. To playing MLF’s offense…..100% flawless
            YES….it was sometimes Rodgers, call it muscle memory, or mental memory, but transitioning to mastering LaFluer’s (or anyone’s) new offense isn’t, or will ever be flawless after one off season.
            I wrote…during the 2019 season…that the offense sometimes shows shades of the McCarthy years.
            If a new defensive guy or a new offensive guy comes in, do you think they automatically get the perfect personnel for what they want to run right away in one off season? THINK
            Do you think all the offensive starters and back ups retain everything new that has been implemented in the one off season? Does anyone think that’s long enough to attain mental memory?
            When players on the field have to think where they need to be, the play calls, their assignments, the plays slow down. It’s human nature
            Under MLF, Receivers, O line, rb’s and tight ends are asked to block more for scheme. The O line was also asked to transition to a new blocking scheme.
            I could go on and on….but the point is, there are a lot of moving parts that have to work together when implementing a new defense or offense.
            It’s not just as simple as, or as stupid as saying, Rodgers refused to run MLF’s offense. What a dumb ass statement.
            2019 was the start of implementing MLF’s offense, In 2020…Rodgers Hackett, and MLF got together and brainstormed to finish tweaking and implementing it based on likes, dislikes, personnel.
            Side Note….Going to Tonyan so much in the red zone in 2020 wasn’t an accident. The reason they did?….most of us (should) already know.
            The Packers defense and special teams have new coordinators.
            If it took two years for both to reach #1 in the league, would that be a problem?
            Or are you expecting it this season?
            You’re welcome
            Have a nice day )

          8. Tom M September 3, 2021

            PF4L, you rascal! Congratulations! You made it thru a whole rant without quoting stats or handing out grades or talking about catch rates! You see, there is hope for you! And I agree with you, it takes everyone. But there’s only one player who can audible out of plays. That would be your Lord and Savior Aaron Rodgers! He did so extensively under Mike McCarthy and in Matt LaFleur’s first year. So much so, the two offenses looked very similar. Last season not so much and it worked for everyone’s benefit. Now, I’m not dismissing your argument out of hand. It could have been a familiarity issue. What I am saying, with Rodgers ego and his desire to play favorites with his buddies Adams and Cobb. There is at least the possibility that Rodgers could revert back to season one in MLF’s offense. If that’s the case, everyone loses. The way I see it, the great equalizer here could be this young inexperienced OL. Rodgers will get the shit kicked out of him if he varies too much from the game plan. This isn’t gonna be a veteran OL where Rodgers can wing it. The OL may keep Rodgers on the straight and narrow, which is a good thing….

          9. PF4L September 3, 2021

            Congrats to you also…your improving.
            You only mentioned Rodgers name 6 times in your post.
            We need to acknowledge and reward those like yourself who are making self improvements.
            Makes me wish i had a cookie to toss your way.

          10. Tom M September 3, 2021

            Be carful PF4L, you play mean and nasty and it makes me want to return the favor. Let’s not start something you can’t finish. No one wants to see you all butt hurt and crying like a little girl. Enjoy your last dance with your heartthrob. And maybe next season you can gush all over Kurt Benkert again.

          11. PF4L September 3, 2021

            Awe :( i’m sorry Princess.
            I’ll try to be more carful :)

  11. Killer September 1, 2021

    Where’s Piffle?
    Can one of you mold-towners go check up on him in his mom’s basement?

    1. MMSUCKS September 1, 2021

      I believe that the INANITY of the “homers” ran him off . . . sadly, this site is turning to the Pollyanna approach (save for a few of us), and ignoring the same ugly truths that CONTINUE to hold water to this day. It is hard when you don’t suffer fools gladly . . .

      1. Tom M September 3, 2021

        Oh, happy day! Your boyfriend is back! I’m sure your as giddy as school girl!

    2. MMSUCKS September 1, 2021

      Confucius said:
      “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”
      The wisest are on top of things, and are in control of their situation, and therefore aware of their moves. The stupidest are on the bottom, way beyond anything, and are too ignorant to see what change is necessary to make. Sometimes when reminded, they prefer to play it safe, and hence remain the same. The wisest on the other hand has a clear vision of what’s ahead, and hence maintains a status quo which though resistant to any change, is favorable to any situation that comes up.
      Go Pack Go . . .

      1. Killer September 2, 2021

        I hope the Covid did not get Piffle. He was always a jerk but kept things hopping and interesting. I hate to say it, but he does seem like the type to not take the vaccine (Medical Amish is what I call them) and fail to wear a mask (What me? I’m sure I’m immune. I don’t see any virus nearby. At all.).

        Geez, I think saying those two things about Piffle are the worst insults I’ve ever delivered to him. I’m feeling guilty! He better be safe and sound.

        1. Ferris September 3, 2021

          Here in the beginning then disappear as the Vikings season fails…again. Then reappear if GB does not win the Super Bowl and say I told you so. I’ll take living in PF4L’s Mom’s basement over whatever you call your life. Glad you took the vaccine. Too bad Kurt Cousins won’t. What a dipshit.

          1. Killer September 3, 2021

            Some agreement and some disagreement with you.
            I took all of 2020 off from this site. Just for fun. So your timeline is more than flawed, it is a work of fiction.
            The fact you would take Piffle’s basement over my life shows two things: 1) You have no idea how blessed my life is. 2) You’re a fool!
            Of course, Piffle’s Mom’s basement is possibly a big upgrade for you and you just can’t see past that huge improvement for you.
            As per Kirk Cousins, there you are correct. I’ll say it: He is a dipshit for not taking the vaccine. I cannot respect anyone who will not suffer a moment’s needle prick to keep their friends and their own kids safe. It is so extremely selfish that it is nearly comical in the darkest of ways.
            If a guy can’t take a shot to protect himself and his fellow citizens and so that he and the people he infects do not overburden the medical system, then that guy is an anti-patriot, and ready to do more damage in America than anyone overseas in the Taliban or ISIS. They make themselves into medical terrorists. That is anti-American.
            Rodgers is a total fakey arrogant selfish ass but he at least got the vaccine. It turns out Cousins is much more selfish than Rodgers, just not as obviously until we found out he was too selfish and cowardly to suffer a pinprick.

          2. PF4L September 3, 2021

            There is magic in the air…..
            Word has it killer and tommy are having a romantic candlelight dinner planned for next week, to discuss their mutual obsession of hatred on Aaron Rodgers.
            Not sure if this will be held at a public restaurant, or if it will consist of dinner at home with a microwaved hungry man dinner, one chair and a candle, in front of a mirror.
            Stay tuned.

          3. Killer September 3, 2021

            He’s alive!

            Welcome back, Piffle. Just remember, having Covid reduces the amount of grey matter in your head (true fact). Take it slow, man.

          4. PF4L September 4, 2021

            Bon appétit

          5. Dean September 5, 2021

            killer, stop talking stupid stuff like they are “terrorists”.
            Do you not realize that the delta, MU variants were probably created as a result of the original vaccine (this was predicted by MD Robert W. Malone who had inventions related to the mRNA vaccines). I posted that link on this site awhile back.
            There is a reason that you do not get a vaccine for the common cold. It’s said to be incurable and would just create more variants harder to deal with.
            The original “vaccine” creates the virus variant…. which now requires a booster… which will then create a variant…. that will later require a booster. A very profitable business model for big-pharma.
            Look at the data from Israel (objectively) which has a high vaccine rate and people and now getting boosters…

          6. Dean September 5, 2021

            … killer is a viking fan so it is probably expecting too much for him to not talk stupid…

          7. Mitch Anthony September 6, 2021

            By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart.

            Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.

            You see, Confucius explains quite a bit when you apply it to a Viking fan.

      2. Tom M September 3, 2021

        “Confucius said?” Your bullshitting me, right? That sounds like it came right off a fortune cookie! Forget the Packers, I come here for the laughs! MMSUCKS, you sage and wise one…..

        1. PF4L September 3, 2021

          Be carful Tommy….you don’t want to start something you can’t finish.
          I normally wouldn’t care but, as a friend, i just don’t want to see you get hurt.

          1. Tom M September 4, 2021

            Did they kick you off another Packer website for being stupid again? Is that why your back? I hear Kurt Benkert is looking for someone to moderate his website. I bet you could be the big man on campus over there….

          2. PF4L September 4, 2021

            No……i do not go on Packer websites talking about other peoples moms and sisters, asking them which is a better sex partner.
            1) I’m not that stupid
            2) That isn’t how i get my “kicks”.

          3. Tom M September 4, 2021

            But you do know which one’s better. That’s right, your a stat man! And you love to gobble the goop of one Aaron Rodgers! Whatever will you do next year when he’s not here? Have the panic attacks started? Has the separation anxiety begun? Don’t worry, mommy will make it all better. You might want to get a head start and begin trolling Raider Nation since that’s where your dearly beloved will be playing next year. And there’s a good chance Adams goes with him. Rodgers will need you in Vegas. Someone’s got to make excuses for him when he can’t beat Patrick Mahomes there either.

          4. PF4L September 4, 2021

            Lol, that’s fantastic!….”Gobble the goop” (that really flows off your tongue)…… that’s hilarious.
            Where do you people come up with these sayings?
            What do you guys call tossing someone’s salad when you “make love”?
            What do you guys call making love…making “drippy doo”
            Tell us more…..

  12. Mick September 3, 2021

    What concerns me about the offense being good, or better than last season is whether the O-line jells quickly. I’m expecting there will be growing pains with starting 2 rookies, especially a rookie at center. Rodgers relied on Linsley a lot to help read defensive sets. This will take time and experience to solidify the unit as a whole. Another thing that could affect the offense is if our defense can get off the field and if they can cut down on the opponents long drives. We’ll need the young guys to mature quickly.

  13. Tom M September 4, 2021

    I watched a lot of preseason games this year. Specifically I was looking at this years rookie QB class and seeing how they stacked up to our Jordan Love. Love ranked right in middle. He played better than Trey Lance and Justin Fields despite all the hype. And not as well as Zach Wilson or Mac Jones. Poor Trevor Lawrence doesn’t have much to work with. After his first preseason, Lance completed less than 50% of his passes and had 2 INTS and should have had another in his last game. While Justin Fields started out with a bang then promptly got out played by Mitch Trubisky of all people in Buffalo the following week. Both Lance and Fields are more mobile than Love. Love is by far the more natural thrower. Zach Wilson had a nice game against us playing a defense that was mostly cut two weeks later. He didn’t fair nearly as well in joint practices against our starters. That didn’t stop the national media from gushing about his performance. While Mac Jones got extensive playing time with the starters. None of these guys are anywhere near ready to start and need to sit this year. Not an option. Lawrence, Wilson, and Jones will start. While Lance and Fields will play in sub packages. While Love gets another year to develop. It’s going to be interesting to see who makes it and who doesn’t.

    1. PF4L September 4, 2021

      So your comparing 1st year rookies drafted 4 months ago with Jordan Love who was drafted 16 months ago?
      Gee…are there any reasons you can think of why that’s not a fair comparison?
      Yes Princess, i’m aware of Covid.
      Does that mean the 12 months extra Love had to study the playbook, watch film, work with coaches, be tutored by Rodgers, take snaps last year in training camp doesn’t count?
      Are you trying to pretend that’s fair to the actual 1st year QB’s you’ve used in comparison.
      You want to compare QB’s? Why not compare 2nd year QB’s.
      You can start with Justin Herbert.
      OOPS….did i say something wrong?….lol
      Jordan Love had one scoring drive in the pre-season….partially made possible by a Funchess circus catch on a badly thrown pass, and a simple pass 3 yards behind the L O S to Hill where he, and his blockers did the rest.
      But hey, it’s your world, paint the sky any color you’d like Sparky

  14. Tom M September 5, 2021

    I know Jordan Love is not Kurt Benkert who you promptly declared would make the 53. Then back pedaled and said the practice squad. Jordan Love is closer to being a rookie because he didn’t dress let alone play his first season. Love never took first team reps. Justin Herbert took every snap from day one. Herbert, by the way, was drafted some 20 spots ahead of Love. And every team that has a rookie QB this year could have drafted Love a year earlier. And in most cases wouldn’t have had to trade future draft classes to do so. So the comparison relevant.

    But if you want to compare Love to the 2020 draft class, sure. Justin Herbert is a stud. No question. Tua of the other hand is looking like a bust. You don’t inquire about Deshawn Watson if your happy with Tua. Joe Burrow can play but he also has a serious knee injury and may not be ready to start the season. You know who else had a serious knee injury and was never the same? Fellow Cincinnati Bengal QB Carson Palmer. Joe Burrow is the poster child of why you don’t start young, promising, franchise QB’s on bad teams. And Philadelphia has been looking to upgrade over Jalen Hurts all offseason. You think they know something we don’t? So, you’ve got Herbert and Burrow ahead of Love. While Love is healthier and has a better arm than the fragile Tua. Tua was also a top ten pick. And Hurts isn’t nearly as talented as Love. That puts Love in the middle of his draft class as well. It doesn’t take long to find out if these guys can play. Now, some may need more time to develop. But I can tell you teams are starting to figure out what they have with both the 20 and 21 QB draft classes. Some will be happy. Most will not.

    1. PF4L September 5, 2021

      So Herbert got to take first team reps?
      What are you saying then, it isn’t fair to compare Love to him because Herbert had more reps?
      How is that different than comparing Love to all the 2021 rookies?
      You should think things out before you press send.
      I knew before i sent my post, that would be your reaction about Herbert..
      You read like a book little man.
      I said Love would make the 53? I back pedaled huh?
      Hmmm… interesting.
      Are you sure your not putting words in my mouth?
      Haven’t we been through this already?
      Do you keep on repeating things because you have nothing else?
      PF4L August 18, 2021
      “You gave us such a glowing report on camp arm Kurt Benkert. Boldly predicting he’ll make the 53 as the third QB.” – Tommy
      I said….they’d keep 3 QB’s.
      But again,,,make shit up what i say as you go along. That’s what you do.
      You are such a piece of shit, i can’t even imagine how your parents could love you.
      Which might explain why you are, the way you are.
      How many QB’s do the Packers have under contract?
      If you said 3, you’d be correct for once in your life.
      Sounds to me like they kept the 3 they had.

      1. PF4L September 5, 2021

        Now…lets talk about your yawn fest about Love compared to other 2nd year QB’s.
        You’ve mentioned Herbert, Tua, Burrow, and Hurts, compared to Love
        “So, you’ve got Herbert and Burrow ahead of Love. While Love is healthier and has a better arm than the fragile Tua. Tua was also a top ten pick. And Hurts isn’t nearly as talented as Love. That puts Love in the middle of his draft class as well.” – Tommy
        Just curious, how did you grade Love out as in the middle of those QB’s?
        Did you play them on Madden?
        Riddle us this little man….. what doesn’t Love have in common with those other QB’s?
        It seems to me, one of those QB’s has never played 1 snap, has never been activated, has never even dressed for a real NFL game, ever.
        Do you know who that is?
        Do i need to give you a hint?
        Is your head starting to hurt?
        What’s next?…..Are you going to tell us Jordan Love is the most skilled QB drafted since Rodgers in 2005?
        OOPS….nevermind, you’ve already said that.

  15. Tom M September 5, 2021

    Your problem PF4L is you never have an original thought. It’s all Aaron Rodgers worship and blaming management for his mistakes. Then regurgitating mindless stats, giving out stupid preseason grades, and foolishly trying to argue with me. Let me let you in on a little secret. It’s OK for you to like Jordan Love. It doesn’t mean your cheating on Aaron Rodgers if you do. Justin Herbert and Jordan Love have very similar skill sets. With Herbert being the more polished, NFL ready prospect. It’s why he went top 5 and Love lasted until then end of round one. Does it matter if it takes two or three years for Jordan Love to become Justin Herbert? Not when you have Aaron Rodgers on your team. Is it worth passing on Patrick Queen or Tee Higgins to do so. You bet your clueless ass it is. You said Kurt Benkert would make the 53 because he out played Love by your astute estimation. How’d that work out for ya? When ask about Jordan Love last week Brian Gutekunst said he was excited for Jordan Love. He said we saw growth, we saw progression, his talent was obvious. He didn’t talk about stats, passer ratings, catch rates, or any other manner of bullshit that means something only to you.

    It took the Arizona Cardinals one season to know they missed on Josh Rosen, the 10th overall pick in the draft. Replacing him with Kyler Murray the following year. It took the New York Jets just two seasons to know the missed on Sam Darnold, the 3rd overall pick in the draft. Replacing him with Zach Wilson. Likewise the Miami Dolphins are coming to the realization they’ve missed on Tua. It doesn’t take long to know if your QB can play. If Jordan Love can stay in the pocket, go thru his progressions, read the defense, and deliver the ball on time. Like he showed us in preseason then Gutekunst has hit on our next QB. Because the physical tools have always been there. And that’s good for all Packer fans. Even for you PF4L. But by all means, keep going around with Aaron Rodgers dick in your mouth, quoting stats, and telling us how mean management is to tinker bell. It’s what you do.

  16. PF4L September 5, 2021

    “You said Kurt Benkert would make the 53 because he out played Love by your astute estimation.”
    You can’t show us, and everyone here knows why.
    But go ahead….tell everyone it exist…lol.
    I mean….nobody here would EVER think you’d lie….lol.
    And stop being so angry. Smile!!
    Want a cookie? How about an ice cream cone, would you like that?
    Tom M September 5, 2021
    “Your problem PF4L is…………….”
    Maybe my problem is i need to be more like you Tommy.
    How try this…..
    Lets take your Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, and sister…..who is the best, who is your “go to”?
    How am i doin? :)
    It worked!!!…i feel like a real man now!!
    You sir….willalwaysbeacunt.
    Have a nice day :)

  17. Tom M September 6, 2021

    You and your girlfriends say stupid shit all the time. It’s not my responsibility to quote you. Although you can’t stop quoting me. So go back and quote me then. When I told you Benkert was no more than a camp arm and a practice squad player. You had a hard on for him. Especially after that first game. You thought he played better than Love. While one of your simpletons tried to say Devin Funchess was “the story” after the first preseason game. Kurt Benkert and Devin Funchess were never the story let alone the focus of the first preseason game. It was always about Jordan Love. We’ve been waiting a year and a half to get some indication if we have our next franchise QB. And a couple of idiots says it’s about Funchess and Benkert? Two players who wouldn’t even make it out of camp. Typical of the type of “insight” you find around here.

  18. PF4L September 6, 2021

    Tom M September 6, 2021
    “You and your girlfriends say stupid shit all the time. It’s not my responsibility to quote you.” – cunt
    “You said Kurt Benkert would make the 53 because he out played Love by your astute estimation.” – Tommy attempting to quote me….again
    Tom M September 6, 2021
    “You and your girlfriends say stupid shit all the time. It’s not my responsibility to quote you.” – cunt
    Tom M August 14, 2021
    Aaron Jones scores 19 TD’s and you state “that’s all Aaron Rodgers.” “He set that all that up.” – Tommy attempting to quote me….again
    Sure Princess, i’ll quote you, how’s this?
    “Tom M July 11, 2021
    As far as Rashan Gary. He’ll start opposite Za’Darious Smith. You can take that to the bank sweetheart….”
    See that little man?……the difference being, when i quote you, i use your actual words. (stupid as they may be.)
    Now you should fully understand why people here say you’re a cunt…cunt.

  19. Tom M September 6, 2021

    Am I supposed to be offended? Because I can’t stop laughing! I know, I know, I shouldn’t pick on someone with special needs. But it’s so much fun!

  20. PF4L September 6, 2021

    Tom M May 12, 2021
    I don’t care what you want. If i want to dumb down this site. Then i’ll dumb down this site.
    Fine….then keep typing, knock yourself out.