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Well, Devin Funchess is Gone

That was interesting. Funchess, a wide receiver that played for Michigan and was drafted in the second round by the Panthers in 2015, has not had much of an impact on the Packers.

Back in April of 2020, Funchess was added to the roster to bolster the relatively weak WR pool for Green Bay, but he opted to sit last season out due to COVID — which was a right afforded to him via a player’s agreement.

This was the original post by Funchess announcing that he would miss the 2020 season:

Then, this week, the Packers placed Funchess on the Injured Reserve — an indication that he would also be missing this entire season. This was due to an injury to his hamstring during a joint Packers/Jets practice.

Now, as expected, it is out that an injury settlement has been made and he will be released from the team. Earlier in the month, Funchess was briefly in the spotlight for a using a slur, but that seemed to pass quickly and there was not any sort of disciplinary action mentioned by the team. Here was their statement on the issue:

We’ve addressed it with Devin. He knows it’s unacceptable. I do think he’s sincerely remorseful and will hopefully learn from this. He will, and hopefully our team can learn from this and we’ll move forward. I do want to say that is something that is not condoned and it doesn’t live up to what we believe here with the Green Bay Packers.

He did catch six passes in the preseason opener, but other than that, his contribution to the team is almost nonexistent. Unfortunately, this one goes on the Gutekunst Administration Blunder List. As usual, hindsight is 20/20.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Devin Funchess (11) is upended by Houston Texans defensive back Keion Crossen during their preseason game 21 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

These WRs will now be who Rodgers will have eyes on this season:

Davante Adams
Allen Lazard
Randall Cobb

Jason Parker

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  1. Ferris August 27, 2021

    When does Jeff Janis come back? Same time as TO.

    1. Mick August 28, 2021

      LOL, good one Ferris! You must have seen that presser, that at age 47, T.O. says he could ABSOLUTELY sign up and play in the NFL right now. In his time, he was a big receiver, but his ego was, and still is even bigger. I hope he isn’t relying on receiving a phone call from ANY of the 32 teams asking for him to come in for a tryout.

  2. Mitch Anthony August 28, 2021

    Yeah, I bit. I seen his body of work in one pre-season game and thought he may have had a good chance to make the 53 and contribute. Oh well, not so much. Not like this will be a real heart breaker.

  3. Tom M August 28, 2021

    But, but, Devin Funchess had great stats! Why, in that first preseason game he had six catches for lots and lots of yards! He was the story! Sure he was. Calling Devin Funchess a “blunder” is just a tad dramatic. He signed for around 2 million as I recall, hardly a devastating cap number. Then foolishly opted out due to COVID-19. Last I heard there have been no NFL deaths due to COVID. He over reacted and it’s ultimately cost his NFL career. There’s no way Gutekunst could have known he’d opt out. There wasn’t going to be enough touches for him in this offense. He saw the writing on the wall. Rodgers will primarily throw to his buddies Adams and Cobb. That leaves MVS, Lazard, Amari, Tonyan, Deguara, Sternberger fighting over what’s left. The hamstring injury prevented a trade. With an injury settlement he’s now a FA and can play this year. He’ll catch on with someone.

    1. rebelgb August 28, 2021

      I know right? “Unfortunately, this one goes on the Gutekunst Administration Blunder List” – So Gute has the ability to control COVID and Hamstring Injuries? Damn hes almost like a God!

  4. Mick August 28, 2021

    In other NFL news! On the NBC sports site this morning, Jerry Jones said “If it were up to me, Tony Romo would be a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer” A few responses to that quote are as follows,,,,,,,,, “there’s something in the water in Texas”; “God, give Jerry the strength to live and keep running the Cowboys for years to come” ; “Just like anybody else who played for Dallas is a pro-bowler, most over-rated franchise ever”. We need someone to phone Jerry and say———aaaahhhhhh; NO!; then put a muzzle on him.

    1. Tom M August 29, 2021

      Back in the 90’s the Cowboys and Jimmy Johnson owned us. Then Jerry Jones took over as GM and it’s been a shit show in Dallas ever since. Dan Snyder did the same with Washington. Ditto Al Davis with the Raiders. It’s a cautionary tale on why you hire football people to run your organization. When owners play fantasy football with the roster it’s the fans that get screwed. It makes you appreciate what we have in Green Bay.

      1. Mick August 29, 2021

        Couldn’t agree more. The Washington fiasco is a complete disgrace.

        1. PF4L September 7, 2021

          Listen to Tom, he makes sense.
          Like Mark Murphy claiming he will be the deciding factor on all final major football operations decisions.
          Although….he had no NFL scouting, drafting or any NFL front office experience at all before joining the Packers.
          The man is on top of things, it only took him 10 years to discover that the people who work with him and who ran the team didn’t communicate with each other.
          It makes you appreciate what we have in Green Bay.

          1. Tom M September 8, 2021

            Because all NFL owners are experts in “drafting, scouting and front office experience.” Right PF4L? That’s why it’s imperative you hire football people to run your team. Mark Murphy is a former player, NFLPA attorney, and athletic director at a major college. Which makes him uniquely qualified to run a team. I’d take Murphy over Arthur Blank, who made his money selling lumber and paint at Home Depot. And the NFL is full of owners just like him that have no clue how to run a NFL team. Or you’ve got old money like the Ford’s and the McCaskell’s that are likewise clueless as to what they’re doing in Detroit and Chicago. Mark Murphy two biggest responsibilities was to hire a HC and a GM and then stay the hell out of the way. He got both right. I know you don’t like Gutekunst because he won’t suck Rodgers dick like you will. But he’s got this team set up for a SB run this year. And a future franchise QB on the roster.

          2. PF4L September 8, 2021

            “Mark Murphy is a former player, NFLPA attorney, and athletic director at a major college.” – asshat.
            That equals no NFL front office experience.
            Mark Murphy was an attorney for the NFLPA?…Really?….lol. Can you really be that stupid?
            You sure he wasn’t the Redskins team player representative?
            Is that the same as a NFLPA attorney?….lol
            Do you know the difference?
            I can’t believe it, but yes :)…YOU REALLY ARE THAT DUMB.
            Murphy was the Redskins representative to the NFL Players Association. He served on the bargaining committee in the players’ strike that caused the cancellation of seven games during the 1982 season.[1] Many suspect that the Redskins’ decision to release him after the 1983 season and the reluctance of any other team to sign him was retribution for his union activity.
            “Mark Murphy two biggest responsibilities was to hire a HC and a GM and then stay the hell out of the way.” – Rockhead
            Interesting, was it Murphy’s job to ignore Thompsons depleting mental condition while the team regressed for years by…..staying the hell out of the way?
            Education time again……Mark Murphy’s two biggest responsibilities are…

            A) Making sure the Packers are financially viable.
            B) Oversee the performance of the people who run football operations, mainly the GM
            Just so you keep learning…most GM’s hire their own choice of head coach.
            Just as Murphy stated the new GM will have the power to do, before changing his mind a week later by not giving Gute normal GM powers.
            Again…you’re welcome.

          3. Tom M September 8, 2021

            What I said was it makes Murphy uniquely qualified. Compared to other NFL owners. Who have made their fortunes in business and therefore think that that business model carries over to the NFL. It does not. I also said I’d take Murphy over just about any other owner. The best way to make a team financially viable it to put together a winning team. The Packers have had just that. You don’t like Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst because they won’t suck Aaron Rodgers dick. It terrifies you to even think of life without Aaron Rodgers. It’s coming sweetheart. By your girlfriend’s own admission. This is the last dance. You can cry like the little girl you are, and throw a tantrum. You can blame Murphy and Gutekunst all you want. It won’t change anything. No one is firing Murphy or Gutekunst or giving Rodgers a 5 yr contract extension. No one. So go back to your grades and your stats and your imaginary depth charts. And pretend you know what your talking about. Let the adults handle this…

          4. PF4L September 9, 2021

            Its the Last Chance.
            For the Packers.
            Now…as long as you learned that Murphy wasn’t a NFLPA attorney, and you learned what Murphy’s responsibility’s are, then it was worth educating you on those points, and ….
            You’re welcome

          5. PF4L September 9, 2021

            “The best way to make a team financially viable it to put together a winning team.” – Princess
            Having two HOF QB’s for 3 decades doesn’t hurt either amirite?
            Of which, neither Murphy or Gutenkunst had anything to do with.

          6. PF4L September 9, 2021

            ” … go back to your grades and your stats and your imaginary depth charts. And pretend you know what your talking about.” – Princess
            Hmmm…ok ..lol.
            Now tell us more about Murphy being a NFLPA attorney.
            You still don’t know the difference between a player rep, and a NFLPA attorney…do you?
            And tell us more how, as President of the Green Bay Packers, one of Murphy’s biggest responsibility is hiring a head coach.
            But yea, maybe you’re right.
            Maybe it’s me who doesn’t know what i’m talking about….lol
            Keep talking Princess…we’ll keep laughing

          7. PF4L September 10, 2021

            Take your time Tommy.
            Hope everything is ok.

  5. Howard August 30, 2021

    Football is all Fun chess and games until someone gets hurt.

  6. PF4L September 4, 2021

    So…did the Packers lose their love for Devin Funchess, over a hamstring injury?
    Usually players don’t get an injury settlement and part ways over a hamstring injury, at least not players they value.
    I mean….if they really wanted him, couldn’t they have kept him?
    Of course they could have.
    All the Packers had to do is put Funchess on the 53, then put him on IR, if it was that bad, and call him up later.
    But obviously, that didn’t interest them.
    I guess they had seen enough of the Devin Funchess experiment.
    So he took his money and ran. Who does he think he is, Cole Madison?
    On the positive side…Gute tried to address the receiver room with the addition of Funchess. Unfortunately, a year and a half later, he still hasn’t taken a snap with the Packers.
    People can bitch, cry and whine all they want about Rodgers wanting Cobb…Who will be more productive as a Green Bay Packer, Cobb or Funchess?
    For the record, i never was a big fan of the Cobb pick up (unless he plays like he did in Dallas), but i can understand Rodgers wanting a [reliable] familiar receiver. I also know he’ll be active and on the field during games, so i don’t whine and cry about it like some do.
    Next experiment. .Amari Rodgers
    Rumor has it he’s elusive after the catch.
    Gee, i hope so
    I’m not so sure 13 catches for 87 yards (6.7 average) in the pre-season is considered elusive.
    But….he showed special teams ability with 3 punt returns for a 6 yard average.
    Ummm yea…so we’ll wait patiently for Amari to show us some flash plays.

    1. Mick September 6, 2021

      Funchess had one good game this preseason then got injured again. One of the pressers said that Malik Taylors’ improvement throughout the mini camps and preseason sealed Funchess’ fate. Also, he doesn’t participate on any special teams, where as Taylor does. And we all know that special teams need all the help they can get

      1. PF4L September 7, 2021

        And Jordan Love had one good scoring drive.
        All in all….i don’t think many people were impressed with the offense, defense or special teams in pre-season.
        Winning or losing doesn’t matter…but you want to see flash plays from the young guys, that is what pre-season is for..