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With Rodgers Absent From Camp, All Eyes on Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers has held out of the Packers mandatory minicamp. Therefore, all eyes are on backup quarterback Jordan Love. His first two days have been a rollercoaster ride, looking overwhelmed on the first day, but looked ready to take over week one against the Saints on September 12, if needed.

The odds of Rodgers’ return are still decent, but anyone betting on the situation should proceed with caution. If you frequent sites such as TVG Indiana, then you are probably already quite familiar with deciphering these unpredictable situations when putting your money down.

Love, first-round selection in the 2020 draft, connected on just a little over half of his passes on the first day. He started day two with a 30-year completion along the right sideline to AJ Dillon. Love impressed with a deep pass to Allen Lazard, another 30-yard strike to Aaron Jones, and an Aaron Rodgers-like deep pass on a corner route to Juwann Winfree.

During 11-on-11 drills, Love completed 20-of-31 passes, which included a very impressive 7-of-10 during two-minute drills. Instead of dividing the repetitions at quarterback equally between Kurt Benkert and Blake Bortles, Love remained on the field for extended periods.
To put this in perspective, Love was entrenched as the third-string quarterback last season, seeing minimal repetitions. LaFleur is watching Love intently, grading his decision-making, time, accuracy and just looking for him to improve day by day. All the success that Love has, even during a minicamp in June, will help build his confidence, which is vital should he have to play in a meaningful game.

Love said he and Rodgers had built a strong working relationship last season. Rodgers was disgruntled with the organization’s decision to draft a quarterback in the first round, but never had an issue with Love. Clearly, it has changed Rodgers’ perspective on how his career would end, which he always thought would be with the Packers.

Love has stayed in contact with Rodgers during the offseason, and although surprised that Rodgers isn’t in camp, is focusing on what he can do to get better. After all, that’s the only thing he can control and get ready if called upon when the chips are down.
For the time being, every move Love makes on the field will go under scrutiny. He can’t try to be everything that Rodgers is and no person expects him to be. The main focus for Love to focus on the best he can be and everyone around him must help him reach his potential.
The fans must support Love, after all, he is the one there at the moment, not Rodgers. Love should be supported. Although the Packers still think Rodgers will be under center to start the season, there is a chance the team will have to move forward without him. If that’s the case, Love will be the guy, love it or not.

Ed Rooney

Just a guy with too much free time trying to help out.



  1. Mitch Anthony July 8, 2021

    Amen. Support the young man. None of this is on him. All of the decisions that surround him were none of his making. Whatever happens, happens. But if this all falls on his shoulders sooner, rather than later, he’ll need loads of maturity, thick skin, and understanding. I still want another year with #12, but hey…

    Really, can you imagine as a young and maybe promising college athlete – this – is what you wanted to be drafted into? Think back to what anyone of us were like at age 22. Would we have been ready for it? Okay, you’re making millions and you do have mentors, but still.

    I guess when I see pro sports players doing, or saying, really stupid @ss things, I forget how young some really are and how their college -wasn’t really about book learnin’ and such. So, when some handle themselves so very well, that’s a real plus. Maybe he hasn’t said much, maybe he’s being protected a little, who knows. But for right now, silence is golden. Let Murphy say the stupid sh!t.

  2. Mick July 9, 2021

    Yeah, you’re right Mitch. None of the stench that surrounds 1265 is J. Love’s fault. He is concentrating on improving, meshing with his teammates and learning to be a pro. He didn’t put himself in this position and so far, I think he has handled himself pretty well. If, or when Rodgers comes back, that would ease the pressure on the whole offense, not just Love. If Love does take over, I have confidence in both Hackett and LaFleur to make the transition smoother and design the offense best suited for him. In the meantime, I’m hoping the best for the kid.

  3. Tom M July 9, 2021

    The Rodgers apologists all assume Jordan Love can’t play. But what if he can? And Rodgers continues to stay away. What then? This could be a dangerous game he’s playing. Brett Favre was traded to New York because he threatened to show up to camp. Quite the opposite here. In the end, he’ll show up but a 17 game regular season takes its toll on a 37 yr old body. I would not be surprised to see Jordan Love start some games due to injury. Especially if Rodgers doesn’t return until late August. I don’t care how many sand dunes he runs in Hawaii.

    1. PF4L July 9, 2021

      Nobody said he “couldn’t play”… do you assume he can play?
      Get the picture?
      We won’t know for awhile.
      We don’t need your pickle licker speaking for us.
      “Brett Favre was traded to New York because he threatened to show up to camp.” – Willow
      Favre was traded because …
      A) The Packers relented and said he could come back, but….he had to win the QB job in camp against Rodgers. Favre wanted no part in it.
      B) Favre then asked for his unconditional release from his contract. Of course the Packers said no. He then…asked to be traded.
      Learn some factual history instead of just trying to pretend “like you know what your talking about”.
      Willow…i can’t spend all my time in here trying to educate you, it isn’t fair to the others.
      Please….try to do better.
      Thank you for trying to understand.

      1. Tom M July 10, 2021

        Sweetheart, you and your girlfriends said just that. You went on and on about how Jordan Love couldn’t beat out Tim Boyle and therefore he was a bust. Love was no better than a 3rd or 4th round prospect and why isn’t he playing like Justin Herbert you said. Shall I continue? Never mind the 21yr old only a handful of reps in limited practice with no mini camp and no preseason games. He was drafted to develop into Aaron Rodgers eventual replacement. Not to beat out Tim Boyle his rookie season. But, as usual, you ladyboys can’t see past the end of your own dicks. Just stop right now. Your embarrassing yourself.

        1. PF4L July 10, 2021

          Jordan Love couldn’t beat out Tim Boyle.
          That’s factual knowledge dumbass.
          Do i need to spend a week explaining the difference between 2nd string and 3rd string for you?
          Show me…where i said he was a bust.
          Show me where i said he was a 3rd or 4th round pick. Other than quoting a scouts draft projection.
          Will you show me where i said those things?
          Because, like your mind, your talk is cheap.
          He isn’t playing like Justin Herbert because as Matt LaFleur said twice in a span of 14 months…”Jordan has a long way to go”. Justin Herbert is already there lettuce head..
          And don’t call me sweetheart, i have no interest in simple minded pickle gobblers, little man.

  4. Tom M July 10, 2021

    Let me ask you this. If Jordan Love turns out to be the real deal, how long before you have your nose so far up his ass you can’t see daylight like you do with Aaron Rodgers? Telling everyone I told you so all along. Aaron Rodgers didn’t need a fucking WR in the first round of the 2020 draft. What he needed was to trust MLF’s offense and run it as called by his head coach. Something he failed to do in season one because he’s so much smarter than everyone else. Thus resulting is some of the worst “stats” of his career. However, in year two your girlfriend buys in and actually runs Matt LaFleur’s offense, throws 48 TD’s and wins the MVP. It was never about the WR. It was always about the QB. Management saw this even if you clueless little girls could not.

    1. PF4L July 10, 2021

      Someone needs a coke and a smile.
      Stop being such a whiney little willow….smh

  5. PF4L July 10, 2021

    “It was never about the WR” – Forever Clueless
    That explains why he went to Robert Tonyan for 11 TD passes to tie Kelce for the league lead at tight end.
    That explains why Jones and Williams scored a combined 25 TD’s.in 2019 to pick up the slack.
    Because Rodgers had an over abundance of skilled proven receivers?
    That explains why in a receiver deep draft, the Nation was “shocked” when the Packers used two draft picks to trade up for a project QB who would improve the team by sitting on the (cough) bench and running out to pick up lunch at Taco Bell.
    Why draft a receiver when you can draft projects to sit on the bench, it’s the Gute way.
    Poindexter…It was never a matter of not needing a receiver, Rodgers just made do with the help he had. Maybe that’s why he’s an NFL MVP and your job is to make sure there is extra ketchup and napkins in the bag for the Quarter lb’ers with cheese.
    Is our 2019 #12 pick starting this year yet?…his 3rd year.
    I’m sure Forever Clueless, will now ask me who we should have drafted instead of Rashan Gary…like a boss!!

    1. Tom M July 11, 2021

      Robert Tonyan catches the football which makes him a receiver, does it not? And Matt LaFleur’s offense runs the football except when Aaron Rodgers is standing in the pocket 5 to 7 seconds waiting to force the ball to Davante Adams on an audible out of a Matt LaFleur called play. It happened more often than not in MLF’s first year as head coach. Which begs the question. Why spend 12 hours a day for six days a week developing a game plan if your QB is just going to do whatever the hell he wants anyway? Jeff Saturday, center for the Packers before Corey Linsley took over. Said this: “the first 25 plays were always scripted and Rodgers would stick pretty close to the game plan. But after that, Rodgers would audible out of about half of McCarthy’s called plays and by the 4th quarter Rodgers wasn’t even listening to what his HC was saying, Rodgers was winging it.” If it was always going to be a struggle for Rodgers to buy into whoever his HC was. Then the Jordan Love pick makes a lot of sense. Aaron Rodgers is without a doubt an extremely talented and gifted QB capable of putting up some lofty stats. But his ego keeps him from being a champion. So here we are year after year. Coming up short and his diminishing fans always ready to point the finger elsewhere. As far as Rashan Gary. He’ll start opposite Za’Darious Smith and in Joe Barry’s defense he’ll get 12 to 14 sacks this year. You can take that to the bank sweetheart….

  6. Cheese July 11, 2021

    “Robert Tonyan catches the football which makes him a receiver, does it not?”
    Lol, if you’re a middle schooler who plays Madden your logic sounds great. But anyone with half a brain knows the difference between a tight end and a WR. Nice try though. Tonyan isn’t lining up wide and beating out CB’s. Just because Gute thought Jimmy Graham could fill the shoes of Jordy Nelson AND Jared Cook at the same time (spoiler: he filled neither) doesn’t mean tight ends are now considered wider receivers.
    Oh, Jeff Saturday said something about Rodgers back in 2012 when there was a different coaching staff and a stacked WR core? He never said it didn’t work either. What’s next, are you gonna bring up comments made by Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley? Saturday had a stellar career in GB. I’m pretty sure he got benched for Evan Dietrich-Smith before the end of the season, but miraculously ended up still making the Pro Bowl probably because he had such a good year prior to being benched.

    1. PF4L July 11, 2021

      That was one season after having the highest passer rating in NFL history.
      Two seasons after a SB win and SB MVP
      Two years before another MVP season
      Maybe if Rodgers was more coachable or followed the script better, he might have actually become a decent NFL QB back in those years.
      But nooooo…Rodgers wants to do it his way. Which is obviously…the wrong way.
      What say you Willow?
      The season (2012) Saturday was critiquing Rodgers (if that was what he was doing)
      Rodgers had a 67.2 completion %, threw for 4,295 yards, 39 TD’s and 8 picks and a 108 passer rating.
      What a loser!!
      OMG…i just realized, i quoted stats!!
      Am i in trouble now?
      I bet the STAT POLICE are going to come and give me a ticket…or send me to my room for a time out!!!
      Because on a football website…quoting stats aren’t allowed!!
      Isn’t that right pussy?..oops…i meant Tommy.

    2. Tom M July 11, 2021

      What is your point Cheese? Tonyan’s TD’s don’t count because he’s a TE and not a WR? Since when did you and PF4L make that one up? You do understand how MLF’s offense works, right? It based on running the football with a lot of motion and throws to TE’s and RB’s in space. A stark contrast to Aaron Rodgers five step drop back and wait 7 seconds for Davante Adams to get open on a deep crossing route. What Tonyan’s success suggests to me is Rodgers willingness to run Matt LaFleur’s offense last year thereby providing you girls with the stats and awards you covet. The drafting of AJ Dillion and Josiah Deguara were to run MLF’s offense not to make Rodgers happy. Be careful for what you wish for Aaron. Rodgers wanted a new HC and that’s exactly what he got. This offense works even with diva QB’s who think they know better.

      As far as Jeff Saturday, he was asked the difference between playing with Payton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Those were his observations regarding Rodgers. His level of play has no bearing on what he observed on the field. As far as your hard on for stats PF4L, we still didn’t win a championship that year either.

      1. PF4L July 12, 2021

        Tread lightly Cheese….Princess is…all knowing. (Can we call him…God?)

        He already knows what Joe Barry’s defense will look like, how players will be used, and how many sacks Gary will have.
        “As far as Rashan Gary. He’ll start opposite Za’Darious Smith and in Joe Barry’s defense he’ll get 12 to 14 sacks this year. You can take that to the bank sweetheart….” – Princess
        I’m telling you!….he knows it all, which frightens me in the aspect of who knows how powerful he really is.
        Frankly…i just don’t want to see anyone get hurt from the Princess’s wrath.

  7. PF4L July 12, 2021

    “As far as your hard on for stats PF4L, we still didn’t win a championship that year either.” – Princess
    Because…according to the Princess…a NFL Championship is won or lost by only one person, the QB. The rest of the team performance….just field decoration.
    Makes sense to me pumkin…you really thought that out well.
    Ben Roethlisberger..SB XL vs. Seattle, 2006.
    Winning QB…Ben Roethlisberger
    9 of 21 for 123 yards
    0 TD’s
    2 interceptions including a pick 6
    Passer rating…22.6
    Again….SB winning QB
    Some people don’t care to hear about stats… because stat’s don’t lie.

  8. PF4L July 12, 2021

    The Packers were up by 12 points over the Seahawks in the 2014 NFCCG with 2:36 left in the 4th quarter.
    Maybe Princess can explain to us how it was Rodgers fault we lost that game.
    Because Rodgers is solely responsible for the Packers winning or losing (according to Princess), maybe the Princess can explain to us simple folk how Rodgers mistakes in those last 2 and 1/2 minutes, cost us a trip to the Super Bowl.
    Maybe Princess can also explain how Rodgers allowed the Seahawks to score 15 points in a matter of 40 seconds.
    Maybe Princess can explain how Aaron Rodgers allowed Jermaine Kearse to catch a 35 yard TD pass that ended the game.
    Yes folks…Princess would have you believe Championship games are only determined by the play of Aaron Rodgers.
    Hell…while were at it….
    In the 2020 NFCCG against the Bucs…
    Maybe Princess can explain how Rodgers let Cameron Brate get wide open in the end zone for a 8 yard TD catch
    Maybe Princess can explain how Rodgers let Mike Evans wide open in the end zone for a 15 yard TD catch
    Maybe Princess Tommy can explain how he let Scotty Miller blow by him for a 39 yard TD catch 1 second before halftime.
    21 easy points scored against Aaron Rodgers…..just pathetic, amirite Princess Tommy?

  9. Tom M July 12, 2021

    As I understand it, your feeble argument goes something like this: the WR’s on this roster are so devoid of talent, the omnipotent Aaron Rodgers must improvise using an undrafted TE to compensate and carry the team. Sound about right ladies? Then you girls are absolutely clueless on how this offense works. Look no further than the draft. In the third round of the last three drafts: TE,TE, slot receiver. Then you add Dillion in the second round. Matt LaFleur wants to run the football and throw to his TE’s. It’s a lot of jet sweeps, bubble screens, and motion. Lots and lots of motion. And quick reads and throws. It’s QB friendly and it’s made NFL QB’s out of camp arms CJ Bethard and Matt Mullens. It’s made Millionaires out of average QB’s Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, and Alex Smith. And it made the very talented Aaron Rodgers an MVP at 37 years of age. Over the past two seasons Davante Adams, the best WR in the game, missed a total of 6 games. We won every one of those games. How is that possible you ask? Because it forced Aaron Rodgers to stick to the game plan and run Matt LaFleur’s offense and not force everything to Adams. At 37, Rodgers can no longer sit back in the pocket and take the hits like he used to. Especially now over a 17 game regular season. His best option of ever winning a SB is staying right where he’s at in this offense. But his enormous ego won’t allow him to do that. It has to be about him. And you girls fuss and fret over his every desire.

    As far as Brian Gutekunst, he’s drafted Alexander, Gary, Savage. Signed Za’Darious Smith, Preston Smith, and Adrian Amos. Then drafted the kid out of Georgia to play corner. This defense is infinitely better than when he took over. And he’s drafted offensive players who fit the vision of his HC. An offense that has worked regardless of the QB wherever it’s been implemented. I say Gary has a breakout season. He’s extremely talented and works his ass off. He’s no Jerald Worthy or Montavious Adams as far as effort goes. And he’ll start ahead of Preston Smith this year. If he stays healthy you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know good things await. You don’t like him because you don’t like Gutekunst and therefore he’s a bad pick. It just shows your stupidity. What else is new?

    1. PF4L July 12, 2021

      LOL….calm down little man.
      It’s cute watching you try to sound football literate…
      Lots and lots and lots and lots of motion.
      Wow….so smart.
      We won every game Adams missed?
      Is that right Princess?
      Then why do we need him?
      We can save a ton of cash trading him and get a 1st round pick…..easy.

      Gute drafted Jenkins, Savage, Alexander…3 (established) starters in 3 drafts….impressive average.
      Oops, forgot about the bench player at #12, when he could have drafted the 16th pick Brian Burns ( a productive starter) if he wanted another edge rusher, but…..¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      What’s next little man…oh yea.
      Free agents Z Smith and Amos, the guy who gave Brate that easy 8 yard TD. OOPS…i forget Preston.
      Well yea….if anyone else spent 140 million plus on 3 free agents, they might have some success. What say you Princess?
      I hesitate to bring up Preston, after offering us, 29 solo tackles, 4 sacks and no turnovers for the low bargain price of 9.5 million.
      In two years Preston has provided 16 sacks, 1 FF and 1 interception, PFF Grade of 53.1…. all for the bargain price of 27.5 million.
      Gute knows a deal when he see’s it.
      In two years Brian Burns has offered the Panthers 16.5 sacks, 4 FF’s, 0 picks…PFF Grade of 76.8…all for 9.6 million.
      Yep…Gute’s a genius
      Yea…i saw how good the defense is, did you watch the NFCCG? Stellar pass coverage.
      OOPS…i forgot, that’s on Rodgers.
      Now riddle me this….
      In the last two NFCCG, name all the defensive free agent players who “made a play”. Not a tackle…but “made an actual play”
      Who made a difference in the games?…do you need further simplification, or do you understand the question?
      How did that 140 million in money spent, make a difference in those two big games.
      I asked you that question awhile ago, but like most others, you refused to answer.
      Lastly…i want to apologize for bringing up stats, or in other words…facts…or the truth.
      I know you hate stats….stats can’t lie.
      Trust me…people understand why you hate stats.

      1. Tom M July 12, 2021

        If your going to make your point using stats then you damn well better quote Aaron Rodgers 4th quarter stats. 4/11/54 and no TD’s. That doesn’t cut it. That game was still his to win in the 4th quarter and he choked. Pure and simple. As far as Gary, you say he’s a bust. I say he has a breakout year. Let’s revisit this dispute during the season and see who’s correct. Of course you called Joran Love a bust because he could beat out Tim Boyle. Although you seem to be back pedaling on that one. But this is what you do. It’s always everyone else’s fault if we lose and it’s only by the grace of Aaron Rodgers that we ever win. Total horse shit!

        1. PF4L July 13, 2021

          I didn’t say Rashan was a bust, i said forever and a day he should be starting.
          There could be two reasons why he’s not starting.
          The Packers don’t think he’s a complete 3 down player yet, or…
          It’s a sticky situation with two highly paid edge rushers already starting.
          That isn’t Rashan’s fault and i’ve stuck up for him
          For the 12th pick of the draft, he is a bust so far who shows flashes. I’ll say that much.
          You’re proclaiming a 3rd year leap, and you could be right, or wrong. You don’t really know.
          What ever it is, or becomes…it was a horrible strategic move in the draft after just signing the Smith Brothers.
          It didn’t make sense then, it doesn’t make sense now, and it may still not make sense 2 years from now.
          Thanks for the Rodgers stats, for someone who doesn’t like stats, you’ve posted those about 10 times now.
          You’re right, Rodgers didn’t have a great 4th quarter when the Bucs turned on the heat up front with pressure.
          Duh…congratulations, want a cookie?
          Patrick Mahomes had 0 TD’s and 2 picks and a 52 passer rating against that Bucs defense. BUT…let me guess, it was the Chiefs O lines fault, not Mahomes
          But Rodgers….”just blew it”?
          Yes…the Packers were still in a winnable game in the 4th quarter…but they were in a winnable game, because of Rodgers.
          The Chiefs were down 31-9 starting the 4th quarter, and never scored again. Mahomes had 0 TD’s against the Bucs.
          Rodgers had 3 TD’s against the Bucs
          Dude, can you become anymore of a moron, than you already are?
          Yes….I said JorDan Love couldN’t beat out Tim Boyle.
          Why is that significant…..?
          A) Love is a first round pick, who also cost a 4th round pick
          B) Boyle is an UDFA
          C) Boyle has a total of 4 NFL passes under his belt for experience.
          Yes….it is a legit point.
          So is advising you to work on your grammar.

          1. Tom M July 15, 2021

            First you say Rashad Gary isn’t a bust and then a paragraph later you say he is. So which is it? You pull the same bullshit Jordan Love. He isn’t a bust and then you say he is because he didn’t beat out Tim Boyle. So which is it? Say what you mean. And don’t quote Patrick Mahomes stats that have nothing to do with either player. You understand the concept of draft and develop, right? Both were 21 yr old players drafted to develop into starters. Gary will start this year. Love probably next year. See how that works? Draft and develop. QB’s, pass rushers, LT, CB, are the most important players on the team. It’s why you draft them early and pay them the most. And that’s exactly what Gutekunst has done.

          2. PF4L July 16, 2021

            “Don’t quote me Patrick Mahomes stats!! I told you, there is no shame in losing to Tampa Bay!!”
            Unless your name is Rodgers….right Nancy?
            What rock do you live under? The Packers haven’t been successful as a draft and develop team for years and years.
            Draft them high…Bakhtiari 4th round pick…starter week one.
            Alexander didn’t need much development either…starter week one.
            Elgton Jenkins…starter week 3
            You know Gary will be the starter this year?…Why…because you are all knowing?
            Did Joe Barry tell you this?
            Did a little birdie come and tell you that?
            Most likely it’s because you like to pretend you know something, as usual.
            How is the development of Josh Jackson and Oren Burks coming along?
            How about…Josh Jackson, Montravius Adams, Jason Spriggs, Randall, Rollins, Datone Jones, Jerel Worthy, etc
            What stage of development is Kevin King at?
            Looking for that 5th year leap?
            Did the Packers offer their starting CB a new contract or….
            Sign that failure to a one year deal because they had no other choice.
            Maybe they can develop Stokes by using game tape of King.
            Titled….How not to let your team down.
            No offence Princess, but let the real men talk football.

          3. PF4L July 16, 2021

            *Josh Jones

  10. PF4L July 16, 2021

    Tom M July 15, 2021
    First you say Rashad Gary isn’t a bust and then a paragraph later you say he is. So which is it? You pull the same bullshit Jordan Love. He isn’t a bust and then you say he is because he didn’t beat out Tim Boyle. So which is it?
    What i said was…………….as a 12th pick, he was a bust, not as a player.
    There are certain expectations in being the 12th pick of a draft, i assumed even you knew that.
    I gave you too much credit… was wrong.
    Saying Love couldn’t beat out Boyle, is not saying he is a bust.
    It’s saying….he couldn’t beat out Boyle.
    Was i wrong?…Did i make it up?
    What the fuck is it, you don’t understand?
    THIS…is what is meant by losing brain cells .
    I mean JC man…i have to explain this simple shit to you time and time again?…..really?
    At first, some weeks back, i didn’t think you could be this stupid.
    You’ve successfully changed my mind.

    1. Tom M July 16, 2021

      So, “Rashad Gary is a bust but not as a player.” Then what was he drafted to do if not to play? The expectation is for every player to play and play well regardless if he’s the 12th pick in the draft or the 112th pick in the draft. The expectation for Jordan Love is to be the eventual franchise QB for the Packers. Not to beat out Tim Boyle with no reps and no preseason. Some players hit the ground running like Alexander, Bakhtiari, Jennings. Others like Jordy, Davante Adams, and Kenny Clark take some time to get going. Rashad Gary will be one of those players. I can see that. You are unable to because you only base you evaluation on stats.Your problem is you expected instant gratification out of these players in the form of stats. And if they can’t deliver that makes them a bust to you. Scouts and coaches do look at these players that way.

      1. PF4L July 18, 2021

        So, “Rashad Gary is a bust but not as a player.” Then what was he drafted to do if not to play?
        Perfect question for Gute….isn’t it?
        “Your problem is you expected instant gratification ……”
        No….my problem is…you are too stupid to realize there are different levels of expectation between the 12th pick of the draft and the 112th pick of the draft.
        You are also too stupid to figure out spending over 100 million on 2 edge rushers, means….that before Gute picked Gary, he knew he was a bench player.
        Gute had that position covered and Gute chose not address other problems, like cornerback.
        You’ll get it someday, it may not sink in before your 70th Birthday, but you’ll get it some day.
        Most likely…thanks to me.
        You’re welcome.