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Will We See a Healthy Davante Adams in 2021?

By the numbers, you’d never know that Davante Adams struggled during the 2020 season with injuries. After all, he caught a career high 115 passes for 1374 and a league leading 18 touchdowns. However, Adams, who will be 29 years old before the end of the 2020 season, dealt with hamstring and ankle injuries throughout the season.

Adams sustained a grade 2 hamstring injury on September 20 against the Lions, forcing him to miss the next two games. Although he was able to play the rest of the games, Adams suffered an ankle sprain on November 15 against the Jaguars. He was able to play through it, putting together excellent numbers the rest of the way.

What can we expect from Adams in 2021? As long as Aaron Rodgers returns to lead at the helm, this is a top pass/catch duo in the league. In fact, their 58 touchdowns are more than any other duo in the league over the last five seasons. With a return by Rodgers, smart money will be on this duo to repeat this performance again next year. Early Super Bowl odds at Sports Betting Dime have the Packers listed at +1600 to win. If Rodgers starts the season as part of the Packers, for sure those odds will improve.

The question is what can Adams produce if Rodgers sits out? Although that seems to be a slim possibility, there is a chance that Adams will be receiving balls from Jordan Love or Blake Bortles this season.

The Packers are undoubtedly a pass-heavy offense, so no matter who is under center, Adams will be the primary target. Allen Lazard, Devin Funchess, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and others who may line up at receiver are nice players, but clearly Adams will be the go-to guy if healthy.

Tight end Robert Tonyan has come into his own and could take some of the attention off Adams, which may actually open things up down the field for him.

No matter how you spin it, Adams should have a great season, so long as Rodgers is out there and Adams can stay healthy. Approaching 30 with a history of injuries may make one wonder how much longer Adams will be at the top of his game. Expect another couple upper-echelon seasons for Adams. The Packers better take advantage of that in order to get back to a Super Bowl.

Jason Parker

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  1. Tom M July 21, 2021

    For 20 million per season he won’t be back. Is a WR making 20 million twice as good as one making 10 million? The answer is no. Is Stefon Diggs twice as good as Justin Jefferson? Nope. I can see Aaron Rodgers traded for Jerry Jeudy and getting almost the same production as Davante Adams on any other team for a fraction of the cost. Don’t get me wrong, I like Davante Adams but he’s missed 6 games the last two years and at 29 he’s only got a few more really productive years left after this season. I wouldn’t go over 3 years and 45 million.

  2. Mick July 22, 2021

    “So long as Rodgers is out there, and Adams can stay healthy”. Adams enjoys a special chemistry with #12 and he is a great teammate; but he is also smart. I will be shocked if Adams agrees to any kind of extension with GB before things are ironed out with the front office vs Rodgers rift. A few things to consider here; how happy will Adams be if Rodgers isn’t leading this team? How motivated will Rodgers be if he returns with the rift unsettled, (Remember, Rodgers holds a grudge forever) and the longer this rift goes into training camp—– pre-season; the bigger the distraction. I agree with Tom that Adams probably has 3 to 4 more quality years left, barring any significant injury. If Adams was this productive when he entered his 2nd contract, then yes; I would pay the big money. But, looking at the salary cap hell they are in now, and will be in the future, and the Rodgers uncertainty, making Adams the highest payed player in the league, doesn’t make much sense.

    1. Mick July 22, 2021

      My bad, I should have stated making Adams the highest payed WR in the league,,,,,,, not player.

    2. Tom M July 22, 2021

      As far as Adams, his contract will be determined by what the market will bear. WR’s aren’t that difficult to find. Brian Gutekunst and Russ Ball will put a monetary value on Adams and not go beyond that offer. It could be that if Rodgers is traded the Packers maybe more motivated to keep Adams to give Jordan Love a steady, experienced WR to help his development. The cap space would be there. Make no mistake. This will be Davante Adams last big contract and he’ll take as much as he can get with or without Aaron Rodgers.

      1. PF4L July 22, 2021

        This will be Adams last big contract?
        Wow…the things i learn in here.
        Thank you!

  3. Tom M July 22, 2021

    Look PF4L, if you’ve got something to contribute we’re listening. If you just want to be an ass hole, go bother your mom. I guess you’ve got nothing to say unless your quoting mindless stats.

    1. PF4L July 22, 2021

      Keep teaching!!!



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