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Some Lesser-known Aspects of the Rodgers Rift

So much has been said and written about the Rodgers situation – not only from the local media but by every national pundit and rumor-monger in the land – that you might think everything possible has already been said on the subject.

I’ve drafted two pieces on the situation in the past ten days, and discarded both of them as being too redundant or too obvious. I do think however, that too little attention has been given to certain aspects of the topic. Below are some ingredients in the mix that seem to have been under-reported.

As an aside, congrats to TP’s Paul Edwards for his June 1 posting. He provided several fresh takes on the rift situation, and I wholly agree that we are approaching “the precipice” of this drama. Mark down June 8 on your calendar.

QB Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and quarterback Jordan Love (10) are shown Monday, August 17, 2020, during training camp in Green Bay, Wis.

Jordan the Unknown

While Packers fans and observers might not have a clue about Jordan Love’s NFL prospects, the people who count (Packers’ coaching staff and front office), and who are in a position to know, must be reaching some preliminary conclusions as to whether Love might become an NFL franchise QB. We’ve got three years of film of him as Utah State’s starting QB: that’s 1,125 pass attempts and 170 rushes. Jordan also did all the tests at the NFL Combine, so we know of his athleticism. Furthermore, the Packers did hold a virtual meeting with Jordan prior to the 2020 draft.

By the way, Jordan’s Wonderlic (Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test) score of 27 was the fifth-highest among the QBs who took that test in 2020 – ahead of guys like Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, and Tua Tagovailoa.

If I recall correctly, when the announcement was made that the Pack had chosen Love with the 26th overall pick, the team’s draft room was ecstatic – I believe that Mark Murphy, Brian Gutekunst, and maybe even Matt LaFleur all reacted with glee over the pick. The choice obviously came after ample research, not as a last-minute stab-in-the-dark. The front office was high enough on Love that they traded a fourth round pick to assure that they’d get him. We should not ignore how highly the team’s entire draft apparatus regarded Jordan.

Aaron Jones’s Take

One first-hand observer who has shared his thoughts on what he’s just seen from Love is none other than Aaron Jones. Here’s what he said the other day:

“You can tell he’s just a lot more comfortable out there, even from communicating in the huddle to the command of the huddle to just everything. He’s had a year under his belt, he’s had time to watch and learn, so you can tell it’s a little bit different from what it was before. He’s going to continue to grow, and I’m happy to be here working with him.”

Interestingly, Jones in 2020 faced a similar situation to that of Rodgers: with its second –round pick, the Pack selected massive running back A. J. Dillon, as the heir apparent to Jones. This Aaron didn’t need his ego massaged or feel the need for vengeance against the front office. It’s also noteworthy that, like Rodgers, Jones turned in maybe his best season with Dillon waiting in the wings.

Days after Jones showed up in Green Bay for the OTA’s, here’s how he greeted the press: “This is home. I love my coaches, my teammates, the community, the system.” How’s that for a contrast? How’s that for being a team player?

At any rate, the preseason games will be the best indication yet as to what NFL future awaits 22-year-old Jordan Love. You might recall that Aaron didn’t start a game until he was 24, and though he started every game that season (2008), the team finished at 6-10. Patience, people, there’s plenty of time for Jordan to fully develop, and my hunch is that Blake Bortles might well surprise people in the meantime.

The Retirement Non-option

The media continues to suggest that Rodgers might sit out the season, or that he might retire and maybe become the host of “Jeopardy.” Let me repeat: even if Aaron sat out the 2021 season, the Packers would retain rights to him for another three years.

If we’ve learned anything about Rodgers, we know that this prideful man is motivated to leave a legacy of being among the best ever to play the game. For a guy this driven, walking away from the game while still in his prime – especially on the basis of feeling “disrespected” – is unthinkable.

Don’t listen to all those who try to insist that Rodgers has lots of leverage. Rodgers has three years remaining on his contract – a contract that was the largest in NFL history at the time (August 30, 2018). The only way out of that legal obligation is to quit playing, essentially permanently. The Packers hold the trump card. Not gonna happen.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and tight end Robert Tonyan (85) celebrate after connecting on for a touchdown during the second quarter of their game against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, December 6, 2020 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.

Rodgers’ Legacy

In an earlier post about this standoff (here), my central theme was that of “legacy,” the point being that Aaron must eventually make peace with the team or his legacy will be permanently diminished. The longer he waits, the more he’ll do damage to his legacy. Absolutely no one in the media picked up on this theme. In Aaron’s sole statement to the press, on Kenny Mayne’s final show on ESPN, Aaron mentioned the team’s legacy. But this isn’t the issue. The team has done fine for over a century and will continue to do so. The issue is Aaron’s personal legacy, and to date it’s taken a beating. And for that matter, how is Aaron helping the team’s legacy by this show of petulance?

It’s interesting to note how the various factions have aligned. Most of the media are siding with Aaron, in what they seem to view as a labor or political matter: owners/management (the bad guys) versus employees. His teammates have also tended to be supportive of him – though by not reporting to mini-camp, the team’s five top receivers issued a symbolic show of support, not anything of long-term significance.

While I haven’t seen any poll numbers, isn’t it clear by now that the majority of the Packers’ legions of fans are strongly critical of Rodgers’ attitude and behavior. From the git-go, Aaron has lost the PR battle. How else can you view a guy who’s reportedly in line to be paid around $240 million in total by the Packers as anything other than self-absorbed?


Because the OTAs are voluntary, I can’t say that Aaron hasn’t officially begun his holdout, but his absence must be viewed as a prelude to a holdout. Hardly anyone thinks that Aaron will show up for mandatory mini-camp, which runs from June 8 through June 10 – at any rate we’ll know in a week whether Rodgers has indeed commenced a holdout. Even if Aaron continues his silence, his actions next Tuesday will speak as loudly as words.

Is that how Aaron wants to go down in team and NFL history? If refusing to show up becomes Aaron’s strategy, he’ll be engaging in an orchestrated effort to prevent his team, and teammates, from having a successful season – and to deny Packers fans a promising and exciting season. Since he’s a guy under a lucrative contract, such a choice would constitute an act of mutiny – which historically is a hanging offense.


What did you think of the look of Aaron’s pre-recorded session with Mayne? There he was with a stretched out white T-shirt and unruly hair – he looked like he was just back from the fields in a John Steinbeck novel: Aaron Rodgers as Everyman.

But then he followed it up, just days later, by releasing photos of himself and his bikini-clad fiancé Shailene “frolicking through the waterfalls of Hawaii,” followed by the twosome engaging in a sing-along to a Taylor Swift song. Aaron needs to pick one or the other image: is he the working stiff subject to the oppression of the bosses, or is he a guy living it up in paradise, without a (football) care in the world, while his 80-plus teammates are at Lambeau, laying the ground work for another run at the Lombardi trophy. These optics aren’t good for the “team leader.”

Participating in the OTAs isn’t essential to making it to the Super Bowl. However, they are important in preparing players for the regular season and in having players bond together in pursuit of that elusive goal – that’s entirely within the Packers’ reach this season.

As I indicated back on May 5, (The Crux of the Problem…): “Forget about all the smaller complaints and perceived slights. The crux of the matter is that Aaron wants ironclad job security.” Sure, the non-serious shoot-from-the-hip pundits and fans are urging the team to “give him whatever he wants.” But a business organization such as an NFL team simply cannot turn over management decisions to players. Aaron can forget about getting ironclad job security, though he can get close to it. And as long as he plays anything like he did last season, his job is secure.


Though the story broke in late April that negotiations over an extended contract for Aaron had broken down, and that he wanted to be traded (rumored but never confirmed), there’s been very little movement in the five weeks that have followed.

The Packers have been steadfast and resolute, saying only that they want him back and expect him to be back. Throughout the impasse, and for that matter, over his 16 years with the team, the Packers have expressed nothing but praise and gratitude for Aaron – they’re still sticking to the high road.

Some thought that Aaron’s interview by Kenny Mayne on May 25 would be earth-shaking, but it wasn’t. Then many felt that a trade announcement would be made as of June 2, but it didn’t happen.

June 8, however, looms as all important. If Rodgers goes on strike for the team’s 3-day mandatory mini-camp, never mind the fines – he will be doing substantial damage to the team’s prospects for 2021. Training will be compromised, team unity will be jeopardized, and distractions for the team and its players will continue to be a daily occurrence.

Between now and next Tuesday, the media will be having fun playing a game of “Where’s Waldo,” and looking to hear if Aaron is in Hawaii, or California, or in the air en route to Titletown.

If he’s a no show, let’s all enthusiastically usher in the Jordan Love era in Green Bay.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. scott June 2, 2021

    Not sure how you can say the legions of fans are strongly critical of AR, most everyone I speak with is just the opposite. From the GM not informing AR of possibly drafting a qb, and moving up for Love….. the total reverse of Rodgers discussing how Kumerow was a real pro, and cutting him the next day, to GB not drafting a skill player since 2012 within the 2nd round, except Love, do you feel the love? No Pun. Alex Smith came out and stated how different it was in KC, and inexcusable how they handled Rodgers. Holmgrem stated how wrong it was, Reddick from ESPN stated the same of how badly the GB front office has handled this situation. Did you see Justin Herbert in the Chargers draft room? Did you Hear Kyle Murray state how he was involved in the skill players decisions in AZ? Did you see Tom Brady get Gronk, A Brown and Fournette last year? C’mon!!! AR does not decide on who makes the team, but he should be involved with his experience on some skill players. and If you do not agree, thats ok, but how many people in the league can do what AR does??? maybe 3….Brady, MaHomes, and AR!!! Period

    1. PF4L June 3, 2021

      Not sure how the 4th comment posted on this article is moved ahead to the top of the page, but ok :).
      There are many plays physically, that Brady can’t do what Rodgers does, but i’m nit picking.
      I bring it up because Brady himself has acknowledged that Rodgers can do some things he can’t.
      Kings, recognize Kings.
      Note….one big difference i’ve seen with AJ Dillon vs. Eddie Lacy is the fact that AJ seems to have passion and commitment concerning how he wants his career to go. He seems to have goals….to have a great long career in the NFL.
      Which was a concern scouts brought up in pre draft scouting reports about Lacy not being committed to football.
      In related….Happy belated Birthday to Eddie Lacy….Bon appetit !

    2. PackerBackerAZ June 20, 2021

      I’m ready to move on from Rodgers. I want to see the entire MLF offense played including the uptempo half. One read and run either the run or pass play called. Rodgers consistently running the play clock down hasn’t won a championship! Why does anyone actually believe that Rodgers needed to be informed of the Love selection? Does anyone really believe that any player is given serious input into personnel matters with an NFL team? Brady taking less than value on contracts to get his team championships is what a team leader is all about. He may be the only player to have any meaningful input on personnel matters in the history of the NFL. I don’t know that he did only that he would have a better chance since he was giving the team resources to acquire players to help bring in championships.

  2. Cheese June 2, 2021

    Lol, am I on Packers.com?
    So many thoughts, so little time, and a lack of care…

    1. Cheese June 2, 2021

      Unfortunately, I’m an addict so here we go.
      “The team has done fine for over a century and will continue to do so.” – Prior to 1992, before the last 30 years of HOF QB play by TWO guys, there was talk of moving the Packers to Milwaukee because the team wasn’t doing so hot. You hear a lot how Packer fans have been spoiled in recent years. I think it’s more than the fans that have been spoiled.
      “The crux of the matter is that Aaron wants ironclad job security”
      Aaron isn’t concerned about job security. No one is beating him out in GB and if he ever leaves he won’t be unemployed for long. The only people concerned about job security are Gutekunst and Murphy because Rodgers has been their meal ticket for years and he knows it. If 12 ever leaves, their hotseat is gonna get real hot, real fast. Depending on the BOD that is.
      “the Packers have expressed nothing but praise and gratitude for Aaron – they’re still sticking to the high road.”
      Lol. Right. Praise, gratitude, and little undercuts sprinkled all over for those who are willing to see them. Getting rid of his #1 WR, his QB coach, never truly addressing the WR #2 position, not communicating with him that they might draft his replacement after being there for 16 years, telling him to “shut up and play” and “don’t be the problem.” People want to talk about Rodgers’ cryptic or subtle suggestions in the media, well, the front office has been doing he same crap with their actions over the last few years.
      “let’s all enthusiastically usher in the Jordan Love era in Green Bay.”
      Because that wonderlic score means he’s gonna be better than Justin Herbert and tear up the NFL. Just like Jeff Janis is on the same level as Julio Jones because of some similar physical attributes.

      1. Killer June 5, 2021

        Cheese is correct across the board.
        Cheese focuses on the management being the bad guys — and, yes, they are! — but that does not mean Rodgers is a good guy. Just the opposite. He is a liar, a manipulator, egotistic, bratty, me-first, and coldly calculating.
        This is not a battle between good and evil. It is a battle between evil and evil. This is the Nazis vs. 1940s Rising Sun Empire. Who are you rooting for?
        Cheat Code: Rodgers is the weaker of the two and will cave in. Management will win.

        1. PF4L June 5, 2021

          When will the vikings win?
          Aaron Rodgers SB wins…1
          vikings SB wins…0

        2. PF4L June 5, 2021

          It’s occurred to me, that L B no longer accuses Rodgers of being gay, or hiring beards.
          If he no longer believes that, shouldn’t L B apologize to Rodgers, and to us for having to read all his child like juvenile
          character assignations of Rodgers?

  3. PF4L June 2, 2021

    I’m a fan of critical thinking, but this is clearly one sided. Once again, lets gain some perspective.
    Lets start off with general perspective. You, myself, Packer Nation, and my Grandma only have slight hints about the Packers/Rodgers issues.
    We weren’t there, so that leads to speculation. What we do know is that Rodgers has a problem with the Packers, and the Packers (Gute) admitted to some responsibility for the problem.
    Other than that, we’re absent of hard truthful facts.
    So this leads me to various opinions about this article. It’s clearly biased against Rodgers.
    I can live with that, it’s a free Country and it’s someone’s opinion, i’m down with that.
    But sometimes checks and balances are needed.
    Jordan the unknown…..
    I agree with the author…Jordan Love wasn’t some last second decision to draft, they researched him well…
    Flying out to go see him play LSU, extensive research calls with old coaches 6 months before the draft, and the pre draft virtual meetings.
    Jordan himself has mentioned the numerous communications he had with the team pre-draft.
    NOTE: If you watch the video of Love being picked in the draft, there is no surprise from him, or anyone around him when the Packers picked him.
    I contend….they already knew. Most draft picks on video as they sit home,, show rejoice and jubilation after getting picked.
    Not the Love clan, they may have gotten up off the couch kinda, but more like the pizza delivery guy is there.
    Aaron Jones Take…….
    Lets leave Jones take out of this. Jones didn’t offer his “take” on the Rodgers situation. Jones is always, always a positive, good guy.
    What else is Aaron Jones going to say about Jordan, he’s developing slowly?
    As far as Love, we have one thing to go on, the opinion of MLF, who said a year ago, he had a long way to go. Which is also what he said less than a week ago.
    Jones just got paid, the Packers just dumped 13 million into his bank account. He’s a happy camper.
    Lets cool the hyperbolic theatrics here….lol
    If Rodgers skips the June 8th -10th mini camp…that doesn’t prevent the team from having a successful season..C’mon man….lol
    I don’t view it as mutiny, or think he should be hanged for it but i like your enthusiasm Rob :)
    How about we just taze him, like in the Hangover movie.
    The worst that can happen if Rodgers skips the mini camp….is Jordan gets some much needed reps. I’m almost… certain Rodgers can perform ok if he misses those 3 days.
    I think Rodgers is a fairly smart guy, possibly as smart as i am (cough)
    I think he’s aware what he’s doing, what the optics are.
    I also learned something from the Mayne interview.
    His hair looked like shit, that carefree, i give no shit attitude…won’t cut it in Hollywood Aaron!!
    Here’s my version.
    You mention Rodgers has made 240 million so far.
    I’ll contend he’s earned every penny, by doing his job better than most
    Can upper management claim the same about their income?
    Yes, 240 million is a lot of money, because he’s the talent.


    1. Tom M June 5, 2021

      Just stop with the critical thinking crap. You haven’t been critical of Aaron Rodgers ever! It’s time for lover boy to say what he means and mean what he says. Come to work or retire. Quit being a drama queen and tell us what your going to do. It’s now June 5th and he’s still a Packer and there’s no trade in sight. Brian Gutekunst isn’t on the fence here so why is everybody’s sweetheart? Tell us your done. Instead he tells us he loves us, he loves his teammates, he loves his coaches. No he doesn’t he loves himself. Aaron Rodgers can’t get along with his parents, his brothers, any of his boyfriends or girlfriends for very long, his coach (McCarthy), his teammates (Jennings), and now his boss. Is anyone truly surprised? Think there might be a personality flaw there somewhere?

      1. PF4L June 5, 2021

        Now Tommy…..how would you know i haven’t been critical of Rodgers….ever?
        How long have you been on this site?
        Stay in school kids.

  4. Mick June 3, 2021

    Am I surprised Aaron Jones stays positive and continues to be a class act? HELL NO! . He shows up in GB with a new contract, happy to be in camp with his team. He greets the press with “This is home, I love my coaches, my teammates, the community and system”. I’ll bet his folks are proud of the way this young man was brought up. Sure, after signing a big new contract, that would make anyone giddy, but ; his love of the team and football, is genuine. I believe this because in victory, or defeat, his demeanor never changes.

    1. PF4L June 3, 2021

      “Jones is always, always a positive, good guy.”
      I don’t think anyone was surprised.

  5. Dick Nelson June 3, 2021

    No play, no pay.

  6. Tom M June 3, 2021

    Rejoice ladies! Aaron Rodgers wants you to know that he loves YOU! Why, he loves Packer fans everywhere! Of course, not enough to show up to work, but let’s not sweat the details. And he certainly couldn’t give Kenny Mayne a straight answer on if he’ll play this year. But why speak the truth when you can jerk your fans along for a couple of months and leave them dangling? He’ll play. He maybe a selfish prick but he’s not stupid. He isn’t gonna walk away from 40 million especially now he’s not getting the Jeopardy gig.

    1. PF4L June 3, 2021

      Relax Drama Queen….
      Do you have any other football thoughts outside of your Rodgers obsession?
      Show us your smarter than a 5th grader….i double dog dare ya!
      Take a minute, catch your breath, grab some kool aid and a couple graham crackers, and then show us what ya got Nancy.

      1. Tom M June 3, 2021

        I for one say we should petition for a name change for this web site. Instead of “Total Packers” it really should be called “Total Rodgers”. Sound about right PF4L, MMSUCKS, and Cheese? Everyone’s real name I’m sure. I make no apologies for being critical of Aaron Rodgers. Blasphemy to many who post here. I’m certainly willing to see the error of my ways if a compelling argument can be presented. Instead I get personal insults which carry as much weight with me as knowing Aaron Rodgers loves me because I’m a Packer fan. Sure. You girls quote a plethora of stats to defend him along with a multitude of excuses why he can’t win rings. While I’ll concede it isn’t always his fault, he’s just as responsible as everyone else for the failures over the last decade.

        1. PF4L June 3, 2021

          Lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat………….

          1. Tom M June 3, 2021

            Sounds like your rubbing one off PF4L. I’ll bet your staring at your Rodgers photo album right now. I’ll leave you alone for a little me time. I know how much he means to you…..

          2. MMSUCKS June 3, 2021

            Project much Tom M?

          3. PF4L June 4, 2021

            As you can see, Tom doesn’t go for “personal insults”…lol
            Just for kicks….i’d like to see a post from Tom, that doesn’t have Rodgers name in it.

          4. Killer June 5, 2021

            Oh my God, Tom M., you made me laugh so hard! You savaged Piffle and he deserved it!

          5. p June 5, 2021

            Rubbing one out….

          6. PF4L June 5, 2021

            Tommy, meet killer.
            There, now you both have a friend.

        2. MMSUCKS June 4, 2021

          It is obvious that you have NOT been on here very long if you believe that I am an Aaron Rodgers acolyte. What my arguments’ have always stated other than Rodgers metrics (btw,EMPIRICAL data), have ALWAYS been that the Packer “brain trust” has NOT respected, nor helped much to acquire the REQUISITE talent (players and/or coaches) NEEDED to get TEAMS either from Favre’s or Rodger’s respective era’s back to the Super Bowl. Their focus has NOT been razor sharp for many years. My posts have spelled this out MOST vociferously, and with regularity over the last 15 years (more often in the last 10) while on many blogs (ESPECIALLY this one). My posts are mainly about the Packer front office making very suspect moves (or lack thereof in free agency), over paying for under-performing players, standing pat with WEAKER players when they could have picked up a much higher performing athlete! And, as always, various head-scratching moves that NEVER seem to work out. Moreover, the focused land grabs around Lambeau Field that are frightfully turning the area into some bastardized version of Elvis’s’ Graceland.
          Sadly, most Packer blogs are filled with Packer Homers and followers (surprisingly, believers!) of all things that the Green Bay Packers . . . Tell. Them. To. Believe. Not surprisingly, on most of those sites, the homers echo your insipid statements . . . To. The. Word.
          Perhaps you should go play in those “Packer Fanatic” sand boxes that are filled with like minded folks with so much confirmation bias’ (and even more cognitive dissonance!) that it will help you to believe your angered projections and false narratives so that you can feel much better while conflating your bullshit with facts . . . Just stay the fuck out of places that actually require critical thinking skills . . . capisce?

          1. Tom M June 4, 2021

            I asked you a very simple question MMSUCKS that I’m still waiting for an answer. Let me repeat. Why is it that Brett Favre was too old to win a championship beginning at 38 with either NY or Minnesota yet 43 yr old Tom Brady isn’t too old to win ring number 7 with Tampa Bay? Let me help you here. The answer has nothing to do with age or Randy Moss for his failures during his post Packer career.

            I think we can both agree that Brett Favre, like Aaron Rodgers now, was an exceptional QB. Favre always gave us a chance to win. However he threw way too many interceptions. So conversely, he also gave the opponent a chance to win. Now, during the regular season, against inferior teams, Favre often got away with it. In the playoffs, with a level playing field, INT’s will kill you. Even if your Brett Favre. Many a playoff game did we see Favre implode throwing pick after pick. In fact, his first year with the Vikings was a microcosm of his 16 yrs with the Packers. At 40, Favre got the Vikings to the NFCC game and was on the cusp of taking the dreaded Vikings to the SB. Favre’s way of giving the Packers the finger. Not unlike Rodgers winning the MVP last year. But in the end, Brett Favre couldn’t help himself and threw an interception late in the 4th quarter in New Orleans on a stupid throw he never should have made. And it wasn’t because he was too old, or didn’t have Randy Moss, or because the Vikings GM was mean to him. It was all on Brett Favre.

            Aaron Rodgers as good as he is, and I’ll admit he’s been great at times, nevertheless has a flaw in his game. He doesn’t come from behind and win games. When trailing in the 4th quarter his winning percentage is a mere .477. Now, we’ve all seen him come from behind and beat the Lions. But you don’t play Detroit in the playoffs. And sure enough, with the game on the line Aaron Rodgers was 4-11 for 54 yards and a FG in the 4th quarter of NFCC game. What that suggests to me is that Aaron Rodgers will always struggle in big games when either tied or behind late in the game. Regardless if he’s playing for Green Bay, Denver, Washington or anywhere else. And in my view, Rodgers has to take ownership of that and not point fingers.

          2. PF4L June 4, 2021

            Listen Tommy…i’m going to help you out here…..
            I’m going to go out on a limb and declare no one here GAF what you say, or what you think.
            I can understand you are seeking attention, validity, and human dialogue. But i just think your going off the rails to that end.
            Hounding (stalking) someone with the same repeated questions, the same repeated post isn’t an endearing trait. Some may (right or wrong) determine you have symptoms of neuroticism and they want to keep their distance.
            Try this….start over, make up a new username (you know how).
            Take all meds that may or may not be prescribed for you.
            Type your comments, giving extra thought before clicking “post comment”.
            Good luck Sparky.

          3. Tom M June 4, 2021

            Since when is asking a simple question stalking? But name calling is perfectly acceptable if some has the slightest criticism of Aaron Rodgers on this site. Stick to your mindless Brian Gutekunst has destroyed the organization babble. It’s what you do best. I answered my own question. Someone tell me why I’m wrong. I’m willing to listen. It’s called debate which is a healthy exchange of ideas. If you girls feel threatened it’s because you can’t defend your point of view.

          4. PF4L June 4, 2021

            Listen Tommy…i’m going to help you out here…..
            I’m going to go out on a limb and declare no one here GAF what you say, or what you think.
            I can understand you are seeking attention, validity, and human dialogue. But i just think your going off the rails to that end.
            Hounding (stalking) someone with the same repeated questions, the same repeated post isn’t an endearing trait. Some may (right or wrong) determine you have symptoms of neuroticism and they want to keep their distance.
            Try this….start over, make up a new username (you know how).
            Take all meds that may or may not be prescribed for you.
            Type your comments, giving extra thought before clicking “post comment”.
            Good luck Sparky.

          5. Killer June 5, 2021

            Piffle often hides from questions under a cover of abusive behavior. When done via the internet, not face to face, in a no accountability environment, that is known as cowardice. Never sweat what Piffle thinks of you or your questions. It is a highly positive sign if Piffle does not like you and attacks you. It means you are on the right path.

          6. PF4L June 5, 2021

            It’s all true. Good job L B.
            killer never attacks people via the internet. He ain’t no coward!!
            When he attacks, it’s always face to face.
            I heard rumors he tracked down Rodgers and accused him of being a gay boy, confronting him face to face. killer is too much man to do it “via internet.
            That’s why he is my hero.

          7. Tom M June 5, 2021

            Killer is right. Rodgers is gay. Anyone who thinks Shailene Woodley is “hot” is into dudes himself. If I’m as handsome and rich as Aaron Rodgers, I date porn stars like Jimmy Garapolo and I marry super models like Tom Brady. I certainly don’t waste my time with dog face D list celebrity beards….

          8. PF4L June 5, 2021

            Tom M June 4, 2021
            I asked you a very simple question MMSUCKS that I’m still waiting for an answer.
            Killer June 5, 2021
            Piffle often hides from questions under a cover of abusive behavior.
            killer…then you wonder why people describe you as a dullard.
            Stay in school kids.

          9. MMSUCKS June 5, 2021

            YOU have not answered my first offering’s. IF you want to play fair troll, play by your own rules.
            By the way, conflating those two things IS an non-sequitur. STOP gas-lighting.

          10. Tom M June 5, 2021

            If by offering you mean question, I’d be happy to answer but I’m not sure what the question was. It’s seems more of a statement to me. Your talk of metrics and empirical data is just a fancy way of saying Rodgers stats. Are you agreeing with me Rodgers is a stat whore? I’m guessing not. As far as the front office, Ron Wolf used to say if you bat .300 in the draft, it’s a good day at the office. And that’s the beauty of not liking the GM. Every GM misses in the draft and FA so you can always be right. The key is having more hits than misses and Brian Gutekunst has done just that. Brian Gutekunst has a plan and has prepared for the future in drafting Jordan Love but has also pushed money into next year, some 30 million over the cap, to win now. A good GM can do both. Aaron Rodgers is struggling with his own football mortality and is lashing out at Gutekunst because of it. He’s not the first to do so, nor will he be the last.

          11. PF4L June 5, 2021

            I hate it when i have to look up word definitions.
            At least with Tommy it just a matter of explaining what a draft class is, or the difference between 5 and 8. Even if it takes a week and a half for him to understand, it’s all for the greater good,.
            But then again, i look up word definitions, i learn something, it’s all good.
            Don’t forget Tommy, next week i explain what a down lineman is for you.
            You’re welcome..

          12. Cheese June 5, 2021

            “Brian Gutekunst has a plan and has prepared for the future in drafting Jordan Love but has also pushed money into next year, some 30 million over the cap, to win now. A good GM can do both. Aaron Rodgers is struggling with his own football mortality and is lashing out at Gutekunst because of it.”
            Lol, sorry bud. In no way can you say Gutekunst is trying to “win now” by drafting Jordan Love. Winning now means putting all of your resources into the best players that can help your team WIN NOW. Starters, positions you actually need to fill, and not conversion projects. Spending a 1st and a 4th round pick on a guy who will sit the bench for several years is not how you win now. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Gutes “win now” mode is half assed.

          13. Tom M June 6, 2021

            Ok Cheese, now we’re getting somewhere. Tell me then, who was the player at pick 26 in the first round of the 2020 draft that would magically put us over the top and into the SB? Tee Higgins? Chase Claypool? All you girls were bitching and moaning about a WR. Aaron Rodgers threw 48 TD last year. That’s more than the 45 lover boy threw in 2011 with his dream team of WR’s when he had Jordy, Jennings, Jones, Driver, and Finley. Also an MVP year. A WR would have been a luxury not a necessity and not a difference maker. Defense then. Patrick Queen was the highest rated defensive player on many boards. I said at the time Patrick Queen reminded me of Nick Barnett. A nice player to be sure but hardly a difference maker. Did he make an impact in the playoffs for Baltimore? No. And that comparison may have been an insult to Nick Barnett. PFF rated Queen the 33rd best ILB last year. Now, if Gutekunst had passed on Justin Jefferson to take Love, or if Queen was the next Ray Lewis, then I’m right there with you ladies with my pitchfork in hand ready to run the evil Brian Gutekunst out of town. Bottom line, by the back half of the first round all the blue chip players are gone. Gutekunst tried to trade up to take Jefferson. We know this because Rick Spielman, GM for the Vikings, said so. They correctly took Jefferson instead which was the right call.

            As far as Jordan Love, if you feel he’s a franchise QB and he’s sitting there at the back half of the first round then you take him. Because franchise QB’s don’t come along every draft and you have to take them when you have a chance. Even if it means bruising 37 yr old Aaron Rodgers vagina. Which it did. Jordan Love is as good a prospect and has a similar skill set to Trey Lance and Justin Fields. Both costing the 49ers and Bears a king’s ransom. Which makes Love a value pick at 26. So tell me Cheese, who are those players you would have taken with the 1st and 4th pick that would have been difference makers? And no, by asking you a question I’m not stalking you or gaslighting you.You girls can’t just bitch and complain. You need to offer solutions. PF4L solution to get his sweetheart to camp is to tear up his contract because he’s unhappy. That’s the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever heard. What’s your solution to the draft question Cheese?

  7. cobaltdriver June 3, 2021

    I still would like to see the Packers follow up on those tampering charges against Denver. Those fans were talking in Feb and March like this was all but a done deal. How can that even be? Of course Godell will do nothing, but it sure would be nice to see the league actually make an example out of someone should this become a reality.

    1. Tom M June 3, 2021

      If you recall, the Packers filed a complaint against the Vikings over the Favre drama which was also clearly tampering. It went nowhere. This case seems different for two reasons. First, Rodgers broadcast the fact he wanted out in his press conference the day after the NFCC loss. In effect, he was saying come get me. Second, I put very little value in these Denver offers floating around. Gutekunst has been very clear on this even if Rodgers hasn’t. He’s refused to even entertain trade offers. If Rodgers is to be traded it will be on Gutekunst’s terms and not Rodgers. TJ Lang, one of Rodgers closest friends has said that Rodgers would put the Packers “feet to the fire” over the Jordan Love selection. Fair enough, the saw however, cuts both ways. Gutekunst might very well be saying come to work or retire. Don’t kid yourself. It’s going to get hot for team Rodgers….

      1. PF4L June 4, 2021

        Relax Drama Queen….
        Do you have any other football thoughts outside of your Rodgers obsession?
        Show us your smarter than a 5th grader….i double dog dare ya!
        Take a minute, catch your breath, grab some kool aid and a couple graham crackers, and then show us what ya got Nancy.

  8. Cjh June 4, 2021

    Tom M…….you obviously cannot understand critical thinking and/or lack thereof. Years of F.O. mismanagement fucking up this franchise. Thank god for the few on this website with any real football intelligence who aren’t drinking the kool aid.

    1. Kato June 8, 2021

      Go get a front office job then tiger

  9. Dick June 4, 2021

    Using the “f” word really adds a lot to the discussion.

  10. Ed June 4, 2021

    Tom M –
    You’re correct. On every thing. 100% correct.
    I believe you have convinced everyone.
    Thanks for all your wonderful info. We learned a lot.
    No need for you to post, ever again.

    1. Dick June 4, 2021

      I signed up for this blog only yesterday. Already it has shown me how juvenile and caustic people are here.

      This will be my last post. I’m unsubscribing.

      1. PF4L June 4, 2021

        Thanks “new” guy.
        I believe you’re looking for the room down the hall where they rules.
        It’s free, and they offer free kool aid and crackers.
        The only mandatory thing they ask is that you are certified delusional.
        It adds to the discussion.

      2. Mitch Anthony June 6, 2021

        Ah tough it out. It’ll get better.

        If you think the f-bomb banter between a couple of these posters is bad, it ain’t.

        Now, when some decide to go down the road of pissy wokeness on a football forum, that’s something worth staying away for.

        How does one unsubscribe from this site anyway?

    2. rebelgb June 4, 2021

      I for one do NOT want Tom M to not ever post again. I think he makes good points and a breath of fresh air against all you front office hating, Rodger panty sniffing babies who post here…

      1. PF4L June 4, 2021

        Good to see you back again Reb….
        I’m still looking for your 1st post this year concerning an actual football opinion.
        We have almost 7 months to go, i have faith you can do it my friend.
        That’s not to say we don’t enjoy your brand of entertainment.
        Keep us smiling!
        Good things.

      2. Killer June 5, 2021

        “Rodgers panty sniffing babies”! That was hilarious! So true!
        Rodgers is arrogant and selfish and spoiled who thinks he’s smarter and better than everyone else and he’s in a tizzy fit with incompetent management who are arrogant and think they are also smarter than everyone else. There is no good side or right side here. Also, it is just sound and fury, signifying nothing.
        These are the people everyone can see they are, selfish liars. It only confirms the already known. No one should be so foolish as to “pick a side.” That is a trap. All sides, if picked, make you look bad.
        But, yes, Piffle is an infamous Rodgers panty sniffer, no doubt.

        1. PF4L June 5, 2021

          That’s just hurtful man.

  11. Kato June 8, 2021

    Lol. Look I see this both ways. Both parties hands are duty. The Packers organization totally fucked up. Communication with employees is paramount to any good work relationships. The Packers were very poor at this. Rodgers isn’t just another employee either. I think he has earned the right to at least be told team plans. I get why he is mad.
    On the other hand, he signed that contract. This is a terrible look for him. He honestly comes off as a malcontent. He literally always has issues with people it seems. Is he really that much of egotistical bastard? He is free to do what he wants, but there are more amicable ways to do things. Brady’s ego is obviously very large, but not once did he do crap like this. They drafted a successor to him once and he didn’t throw a fit.