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Rodgers’ Absence Is Harming the Team’s Training Efforts

On June 2 on this site, I seconded the notion that Packer Nation was indeed “approaching ‘the precipice’ of [the Rodgers] drama. I advised readers to “Mark down June 8 on your calendar.”

June 8 was the beginning of the recently concluded three-session mini-camp. Aaron Rodgers was a no-show at this important and mandatory gathering. To me, Rodgers’ absence was a tipping point in this saga, and perhaps it signals whether Rodgers has any future at all with our team.

Why? Because Aaron Rodgers’ holdout is doing real and irreparable damage to the Green Bay Packers – right now – in terms of lost practice opportunities with young or inexperienced teammates. He’s also damaging the team in other ways, such as creating distractions, dividing the fan base, and hindering planning – for we don’t know who will be the starting quarterback three months from now. But for now, let’s confine ourselves to the effects Rodgers is having on team training.

Jordan Love and Blake Bortles

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (10) and quarterback Blake Bortles (9) participate in minicamp practice Thursday, June 10, 2021, in Green Bay, Wis.

The Value of Practice

First though, let’s talk about training, or “practice” as Allen Iverson famously dismissed it. There’s always a contingent out there that minimizes the notion of training. They point out that these guys have been playing the game since they were ten years old or younger, they are professionals, or they add that the Packers presently have mostly veterans manning the key positions. Alongside this group are the media guys who discount any training that goes on without helmet and pads. They insist that we can’t know anything about this team or its players until they play in real games against real opponents.

I’ll grant you that in bygone days the NFL might have over-emphasized the need for extensive preseason practice. In the 1960s team played four or five preseason games each year. In the 1970s, the league season was upped to 14 regular season games and six preseason games. Now, we’re all the way back down to just three preseason, or “exhibition” games.

One big reason that training camps have become ever-increasingly important is the fear of injuries – many of the starters and key players see little or no action during preseason games. Another reason is that every time a new collective bargaining act is reached between the players’ union and the teams, we wind up with fewer, shorter, and lesser-contact practices. It’s hard to even imagine anymore teams having two-a-day heavy contact drills for weeks prior to the regular season.

The advent of fewer preseason games and minimal contact prior to the regular season renders the kind of training that took place at the mini-camp extremely important. Yes, some OTAs (organized team activities) are mostly exercise classes designed to get players in shape, but even those activities also serve the purpose of getting players to form cohesive and bonded units of individuals

The three days of practice that Rodgers just missed were true “team” drills. This wasn’t just about coaches interacting one on one with players. These practices featured 7-on-7 drills, full 11-on-11 drills with offensive and defensive units matched up against each other, and the ever-popular 2-minute drills.

While Aaron Rodgers might personally be able to prepare himself individually for a season of football, he can’t get the familiarity he needs to have with his receiving corps without such practices.

Inexperienced Offensive Newcomers

Even at this stage in the season, new formations and plays are being learned – both on defense and offense. In the case of Rodgers, he and veteran Davante Adams won’t need weeks of training to get on the same page, even if new plays and wrinkles are introduced. But what about the rest – and especially those players who are new to the NFL or to the Packers playbook?

Rookie Amari Rodgers is not only likely to get a bunch of snaps as a rookie, but his versatility figures to be a key component to the team’s success. Perhaps no other Green Bay player will suffer as much from the Rodgers’ holdout as this exciting rookie.

Devin Funchess is a veteran who’s with a new team and quarterback. In failing to return to the team, Rodgers is irreparably harming Devin’s chances of achieving success here.

Allen Lazard, who was only thrown to 46 times last season would also surely benefit from spending more time practicing with Rodgers.

Tight end Robert Tonyan was thrown to just 59 times last season – some are projecting that his targets could, and should, double in the upcoming season. Also expected to see considerable playing time is Josiah Deguara, who missed almost his entire rookie season with an ACL injury. These two young guys need lots of practice time with the team’s starting QB if they are to be assets to the organization.

Two other big-bodied promising young receivers who would benefit from as much practice time as possible with Rodgers are Malik Taylor and TE Dominique Daffney.

Another key to the Packers hopes in 2021 is A.J. Dillon, who had fewer than 50 total rushes and receptions in his rookie campaign. We’re also likely to see a third running back get some substantial action sometime during the regular season. This could be Patrick Taylor, Dexter Williams, or rookie Kylin Hill – all of whom have little or no NFL experience.

Then there’s Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Here’s a guy who led the NFL in yards per catch a year ago. We talk about his drops, which Fox Sports says numbered seven last year (after three each in his first two years), and about his poor completion percentage of 52% (33 of 63). I’ll bet, however, that he and Rodgers failed to connect on deep balls last season at least a half dozen times in which MVS got very open deep. Though MVS might be the most dangerous deep threat in the league, he and Rodgers were not in synch last season on way too many potential game-changing bombs. Practice is the cure for that deficiency.

And how about WR Juwann Winfree, who got open and hauled in several catches from QBs not named Rodgers during the mini-camp? Here’s a former Denver wideout who quietly spent a fair amount of time in 2020 on the Packers’ roster. He too needs all the time he can get with Rodgers.

Aaron will no longer be taking snaps from Corey Linsley. The Pack’s new starting center might well be a rookie, the Buckeyes’ Josh Meyers. There could also be two or three additional inexperienced offensive linemen who will be getting some offensive snaps. They’ll need to get used to their quarterback’s cadence (Rodgers’ is unique); otherwise, instead of getting a bunch of “free plays,” it will be the Packers who go off-sides, rather than the defense.

Along with Myers, other inexperienced O-line players who are in line to get some reps include Jon Runyon, Yosh Nijman, and Simon Stepaniak; in fact, besides Myers, rookies Royce Newman or even Cole Van Lanen might earn some playing time at some point during the season. They’ll also need to spend time working with the starting QB if they are to perform well.

Then there’s the matter of all of the jet sweeps, reverses, slot receiver patterns and the like that Green Bay has talked about since the arrival of Coach LaFleur, but which they’ve yet to install in any meaningful way. These plays call for split-second timing, which requires lots of practice (between the QB, receivers, and running backs).

Aaron Rodgers training camp 2018


Almost everyone is saying that if Aaron Rodgers returns, the Packers will be Super Bowl contenders. As shown above, the team’s roster includes a dozen or more inexperienced offensive players who show substantial promise, and who might be called upon to contribute this season. For these players to be ready, they need to have sufficient practice time with Mr. Rodgers.

As of June 8, when Rodgers failed to show up for mandatory team training, he has definitely already done real damage to the team’s chances in the upcoming season. His not being around to adequately train with his offensive teammates is inexcusable. Aaron’s right about one thing: at this point, it’s all about the people, but primarily his teammates, the coaching staffs, and the team’s fans.

Aaron’s behavior is an act of betrayal. As of the past week Aaron inflicted hurt on this great organization that can’t be undone. The longer he continues to hold out, the more damage he’ll do to our team.

I hope he returns this season, but I won’t shed a tear if he doesn’t ever wear a Green Bay uniform again.

By holding out, Aaron appears intent on attempting to destroy the team’s prospects as a way of compelling the front office to trade or release him. It’s also possible that his ego knows no bounds, or that his desire for vengeance against the front office is all consuming. None of these three possibilities, however, does any credit to the character of the reigning MVP QB

I’ll leave it to the psychiatric professionals to try to explain why one of the nation’s, and the sport’s, most admired and beloved persons would choose to take this course of action.

Maybe the explanation can be found in just four words from the King James Bible: pride goeth before destruction.

But there is a bright side to all this drama: Jordan Love is getting a boatload of valuable training opportunities, and he’s making the most of them! As I indicated a week ago, it’s looking like the Jordan Love era is about to be launched in Green Bay.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Andy Peth June 13, 2021

    I don’t consider this a Super Bowl team with or without Rodgers, but one thing is certain: If we don’t trade him, our cap will implode after this season because we’ve gone EXTREME ALL-IN, and we won’t get critical draft capital to overhaul our cap.

    In every way, keeping Aaron is a strange, inexplicably foolish move. I can’t believe we haven’t traded him. I’m losing all hope.

    1. Savage57 June 15, 2021

      TotalPackers would be a better site if the folks who frequent it would try something different.

      If your position is rebutted or challenged, it’s not an insult. More so, it’s evidence of nothing more significant than someone just having a different opinion. More security in your musings, while letting go of the belief your thoughts are infallible would lead to fewer ad hominem attacks.

      There’s a lot of anxiety and frustration voiced here, but because someone doesn’t share your perspective, that shouldn’t earn them status as targets of abuse solely for the sin of disagreeing.

      1. PF4L June 15, 2021

        Well said Savage, and admittedly, i could heed that advice myself sometimes……but here’s the rub.
        The people hear are passionate Packer fans, and most are highly intelligent Packer fans/ NFL fans.
        I like that we have an edge about us. I love that we have the freedoms to say what we want (to a point i’m sure).
        But nonetheless, we have mostly free reign here. That i value above anything, even a busier more active site.
        Sometimes, and we’re all guilty. It’s hard to read personalities over an internet blog. Like…is someone smiling in jest if he’s giving you a shot? Some of us have been here a long time, but still, it’s easy to misinterpret personalities sometimes.
        NOTE: when i’m wrong about something, maybe about something i strongly disagreed to with another reader, i always…try to make a conscious effort to acknowledge and admit i was wrong.
        We sometimes laugh at each other, with each other, maybe get pissed…lol. Sometimes we veer off football occasionally over real thoughts. To me it’s all good.
        I can honestly say (though it won’t happen), i can honestly say if i met anyone in here on the real, i feel like i could
        drink and break bread and talk football with anyone in here. If they can’t say the same about me, that’s ok to. But it’s how i feel.
        The only pet peeve i have is that people create different user names and hide behind them. Personally, i wouldn’t allow multiple usernames from the same IP addy. But it isn’t my site to make that call. I just think it’s weak and childish.
        For all the new influx of Rodger haters among us, sing your song, just stop repeating your self 90 times. You don’t like Rodgers, we get it. But you seem all obsessed and upset.
        When in reality, you should be happy, if you have that much angst against Rodgers, shouldn’t you be happy he isn’t around and Love gets his chance?…Cheer up you angry fucks….lol
        If anyone from the outside doesn’t like the tone or the passion here, you’re free to leave, just don’t whine about it and threaten to leave….lol…no one GAF :).
        Those who insist on staying, all are welcome, but PLEASE….try to keep the intellect above the 5th grade level.

        Since i’ve been on other sites, i’m qualified to say that the people here are more intelligent, have more football acumen, have more passion, than anywhere i’ve seen.
        And….it isn’t even close.
        Ok…thanks for letting me be heard, i have to go eat lunch now.

  2. Cheese June 13, 2021

    Lol, did Mark Murphy pay you to write this?
    “Rodgers is irreparably harming Devin’s chances of achieving success here.”
    That’s gotta be the funniest thing I’ve read all weekend. The only thing harming Devin’s chance of success is his 50% catch rate and the fact he hasn’t played football in over a year.
    “Aaron’s behavior is an act of betrayal. As of the past week Aaron inflicted hurt on this great organization that can’t be undone. The longer he continues to hold out, the more damage he’ll do to our team.”
    You’re starting to sound like a mix between E.Wolf and George Bush. When will we see the petition to keep Rodgers out of the Packers HOF, and how much oil can we expect to gain out of all of this?
    “I hope he returns this season, but I won’t shed a tear if he doesn’t ever wear a Green Bay uniform again.”
    He missed voluntary mini camp and three days of OTA’s. Calm your horses. The new center is going to get reps regardless of who is caressing his buttcrack, and the scrub WR’s have their new offseason MVP Jordan Love to show them the way.

    1. PF4L June 14, 2021

      They whine when Jordan Love doesn’t get enough training camp snaps, and then they whine when he does.

      1. PF4L June 27, 2021

        It’s a funny thing…..
        The front office has been hurting this team in a multitude of different ways for 10 years, and most people don’t say shit and….defend them.
        Rodgers misses 3 days of mandatory camp for the 1st time in 16 years and everyone loses their shit…lmao

  3. PF4L June 14, 2021

    Well….I have to agree with Rob…Aaron Rodgers is a Bad Man.
    If he comes back he should be disciplined immediately, Like a one day time out…minimum!!

  4. INPKRBKR June 14, 2021

    I agree Rob, ego, ego, ego…..his ego doth go before a fall. But hey A-Rod always has Jeopardy to fall back on. GO PACK GO!

  5. PF4L June 14, 2021

    In 16 years, at Rodgers current rate of missing camp time, he’d have to play another 96 years to equal the camp time that Favre missed.

  6. Diane Walter June 14, 2021

    Aaron is truly hurting the team, the coach and the fans that love watching this team. It is time to come back, not for the front office but for all of Packer nation. Either retire or come back…..lead us to one more Superbowl win, please! Then leave and f*#ck the front office, not your team and fans!

  7. dlw June 14, 2021

    Quit hurting the team and your fans! Come back one more season and then move on and screw the front office. Or, just retire and ride off into the sunset. Enough is enough!

  8. stiggy June 14, 2021

    That Rodgers sure is a complicated fella.

    1. Tom M June 14, 2021

      You gotta love Ted. A man of few words with no ego and no drama….

  9. Tom M June 14, 2021

    Aaron Rodgers is not hurting this team. He is hurting his dwindling fan base. The team is just fine. Even if he were at OTA’s he wouldn’t be doing much. He’s 37, knows the offense, and is looking at a 17 game regular season with at least another game or two in the playoffs. He doesn’t need the reps and wouldn’t see the field in preseason games regardless. He did just fine last year without all this preseason nonsense. Jordan Love, like any young QB, needs every rep he can get. By now, Rodgers knows he isn’t getting traded. He’s got a decision to make. Retire or show up to camp. He should man up and tell us now. He won’t, he’ll play the drama queen right up to July 26th when camp opens. The real “precipice”. Either way, the Packers will be fine. We’ll run the ball and play defense and if Jordan Love can make a few plays here and there, we’ll make the playoffs. Which is all you ever get with Aaron Rodgers. A trip to the playoffs and boat load of excuses….

    1. Ferris June 17, 2021

      Tell US. Jesus. WE’LL make the playoffs. WE’LL run the ball. Oy. As you write your dribble remember exactly what YOU are the the Green Bay Packers…a body from which to separate money. That’s it. You’re not WE, no matter how loud you yell at the TV.

  10. Glenda June 14, 2021

    He signed a contract and should fulfill that if is a man of his word. He was hired to do a job, if he can’t honor that then retire but then his jersey should never be retired with the other Green Bay Packer jerseys in Lambeau Field

    1. PF4L June 15, 2021

      Like the way Gute honored Jordy’s contract?
      Welcome to the site Glenda.

  11. Reality Bites June 14, 2021

    What a bunch of Whiners! It took more than 1 person to get us in this position. Save all your vile for when and if a transition takes place. I hope I don’t hear a single one of you cheering for the Packers when Rogers comes back and guides us to wins in spite of “the team” he has to work with. They’re not perfect and won’t be at any point this season. Rogers gives us a chance at a Super Bowl. That’s all anyone gets! If you think Love is taking this team to the playoffs this year, then I want to be part of the dream world you’re living in. This organization is severally damaged whether you want to believe it or not. Not being accountable to anyone is a dangerous precipice. Let’s not blame all the Packers problems on one person.

  12. PF4L June 14, 2021

    The “new” people are back….
    Welcome Diane, dlw, INPKRBKR.
    Always good to see you also L B.

  13. PF4L June 14, 2021

    We’ll run the ball and the defenses we face probably won’t even pick up on our new strategy!!

    1. Tom M June 14, 2021

      Matt LaFleur did just that as OC with the Titans. Ran the ball, played defense, and made the playoffs. And everyone knew what was coming. Jordan Love doesn’t have to be Aaron Rodgers good from the get go, just Ryan Tannehill good and this is a playoff team. This team isn’t just Aaron Rodgers. I understand that’s a difficult concept for you to accept. There’s pro bowl talent on both sides of the ball. Along with ascending players in Gary and Savage. I understand the world revolves around Aaron Rodgers for all you girls. But your going to find out there is life without your boyfriend.

      1. PF4L June 14, 2021

        Duh, ummmm…we…umm were just gunna run da ball dah ummm.
        Whose world has the Packers revolved around the last 13 years?.. jackass,,,lol
        If you said Rodgers…run upstairs and get yourself a cookie…..good boy!
        “But your going to find out there is life without your boyfriend, cuz da Packers gunna ran dat damn ball down udder teams throtes!!”

        1. Tom M June 14, 2021

          I understand your scared. You’ve been in love with Aaron Rodgers for a long time. Break ups are never easy. Go have a good cry and a nap. And if that’s not enough, maybe mommy will nurse you and make it all better. Let the men run the team. You can dress up and play cheerleader.

  14. Cheese June 14, 2021

    Good to see at least a few of us are not the only people that view Murphy as a bumbling idiot.
    That last rant at the end is spot on.

    1. Tom M June 14, 2021

      Yep, basically Mark Murphy is telling Aaron Rodgers “your my bitch for the next three years” and there’s not a thing you can do about it. I love it!

      1. MMSUCKS June 14, 2021

        Just take your Murphy apologist man crush and go away. MM is the problem in Green Bay.

        1. Tom M June 14, 2021

          Let me ask you a question MMSUCKS and try not to panic. Why does it matter what Mark Murphy says? Rodgers has already said, thru his minions, he’ll never play for the Packers again. He won’t come out and say it himself which makes him a pussy. But be that as it may, if he’s never going to play another game for us then who cares if Rodgers gets butt hurt over what Mark Murphy says? Mark Murphy isn’t going to suck his dick. I know you girls would love to. Not Murphy. Aaron is used to getting whatever he wants. Not this time. He’s under contract. He has absolutely no leverage. And it doesn’t matter what you, your girlfriends, Pat Mcafee, Jason La Canfora, Adam Schefter or anyone else says. He either plays for us or he retires. It’s just not that complicated.

          1. joefan June 15, 2021

            Here’s the reality at least as I see it. The Packers can be stubborn and do things their way because Rodgers after all is under contract. I mean sure that’s how it should work. But he could potentially sit and the Packers chances of winning reduce a lot with Jordan Love who will be a first year quarterback. If you want to make a super bowl, you need to be a first or second seed. Wild card teams almost never make it. With Jordan Love playing? I have no idea how he will do, but I imagine it would be hard to replicate another 13-3 season with a first year quarterback. For that reason, the Packers should consider working out some deal with Rodgers. Also Rodgers does have leverage. He can sit the year out. He’ll lose money but all of that money will easily be made once he is on another team. The packers will be forced to trade or release at some point. So if the Packers actually want to have a super bowl run this year, then they should compromise. But it seems like they’re fine taking the risk.

          2. Tom M June 15, 2021

            Do our chances of making it to a SB improve with Aaron Rodgers as our QB? Absolutely. Then again, there have been 20 QB’s in the last decade to play in the SB. Not one, win or lose, was named Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers playing this year is no guarantee either. It just improves our odds. One thing is certain. He wins nothing sitting on his ass at home. It’s hard for me to believe he’ll skip out on this year’s paycheck AND have to payback 11.5 million in signing bonuses just because Brian Gutekunst cut Jake Kumerow, who, after 7 years is a marginal NFL player at best. But Rodgers is stubborn and prideful and anything is possible. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say he’ll report to camp at some point and tell everyone he’s here because he “loves” the fans. It’s a ball face lie, and everyone will know it, but will accept it because they’re just tired of all this….

          3. MMSUCKS June 16, 2021

            Listen Tom M . . . Motherfucker; I suck NO MANS dick. Stop projecting you pissy little Packer “fanboy”. M. Murphy is the problem in Green Bay, you are just too obtuse to see it. LOL!
            When someone (YOU) says this: “Mark Murphy isn’t going to suck his dick. I know you girls would love to.” Wow! real cute eh? That is NOT irreverent . . . that is just a pussy trying to be a bully.
            I have maintained a professorial tone with you up until now. You have finally shown your hand, it is a petty, childish and angry fanboy’s hand. Did Awon Woddgers huurtt yowr wittle feewings? Because he is pushing back on how he is treated? What? You mean that he has NO RIGHT to protest his working environment with upper management? I was NOT aware that we were still in the 1920’s when authoritarian, Luddite pricks like you ran the place . . . Don’t delude yourself with the past you misguided, misanthrope. Why would you ever show that kind of obvious fealty for the Packer upper management that you so profoundly have?
            So NOW Rodgers may not play for “YOU” this year??? Well? Just get over it fanboy! Go play with other less aware, and more obtuse, less critically thinking fanatics like yourself. Come to think of it, you most likely don’t even know the name of the coverage defense that cost the Packers 7 points right before half time in the NFCCG last year . . . or which defensive formation that Pettine SHOULD have used instead . . . Better still; just go away you cunt.

          4. Tom M June 16, 2021

            Explain to me MMSUCKS how Aaron Rodgers is being mistreated? Here’s what I see, a QB that has the best WR in the NFL. A top 5 RB. A top 10 OL. A pro bowl shut down corner, a pro bowl OLB, a defense that’s gotten better every year under GM Brian Gutekunst , one of the best young offensive head coaches in the NFL, and a 135 million dollar contract until he’s 40. Your right MMSUCKS, those are third world, child labor, sweatshop working conditions right there!

            And what does your girlfriend say to defend himself over such childish behavior? Well, you cut my buddies Jake and Jordy and you won’t extend my contract until I’m 45 at 45 million per year. There isn’t a GM in the NFL that would give him a contract beyond 40 right now. MVP or not. And as far as his buddies, the NFL is a hard business for players, coaches, and front office personnel alike. The end comes for everyone. Even for Jake and Jordy. That’s life in the NFL.

            Mark Murphy is telling Aaron Rodgers your beef is with me, not Brian Gutekunst. I’m the boss, I’ll take the heat over this and I’m not going to kiss your ass. I’m not going to make nice just to get you to show up to work. And he shouldn’t have to. I understand how that upsets you and everyone else that posts here because of your undying love for Aaron Rodgers. I see no indication of player being mistreated in anyway. What I see is the Antonio Brown of QB’s.

          5. PF4L June 17, 2021

            That’s enough kool aid Tommy.
            What you need to chug down is a nice, cool refreshing pitcher of anti-freeze.
            The drink of Champions, like yourself.

          6. Tom M June 17, 2021

            And the absolute stupidest one out of the collective hive mind chimes in…..

          7. Ferris June 17, 2021

            Tom does not understand the words in your post. You can measure his intelligence by his homophobic references. Just ignore him, he will go away.
            Tom please look up the proper use of you’re and your…maybe you should have listened that day in 4th grade.

          8. MMSUCKS June 18, 2021

            Truth . . . thanks Ferris

    2. MMSUCKS June 14, 2021

      To further quantify Cheese’s position regarding how anyone with any cognitive skills see’s this Green Bay debacle; here is another article. Anyone believing that Rodgers is the main culprit on this is DELUDED period . . . Mark Murphy sucks . . .

  15. joefan June 15, 2021

    I’m surprised anyone can be on the Packers side, although that is anyone’s right. I’m also disturbed at the excitement to see a Packers season without Rodgers, a great long time Packer and all time great quarterback. I’m going to throw my towel in with Rodgers on this one. It’s still a bit vague what exactly his issues are with the team as his interview on ESPN wasn’t specific to anything making allusions to “culture” whatever that means. As far as we know, he doesn’t want to be traded, so I don’t think his demands are unreasonable at least to what I can only guess. My guess, which could be wrong, is that he wants a guarantee to be the starter for the next few seasons or at least until his contract is done. But I now keep reading that Rodgers has to be cut now or traded because the Packers can’t afford him after this year. Well I think possibly they could make it work by restructuring the contracts of other players. I mean is Davante Adams and Zadarious Smith going to say no to a restructure if the Packers also redo Rodgers deal? The success of a football team relies on the quarterback. Adams is probably not going to stay with the Packers anyway if Rodgers is cut or traded next year. Might as well redo both to keep the window open for as long as possible. Sure, it pushes the money out but I’d rather the Packers do that and have a better chance of winning then going with Jordan Love who will likely reduce the Packers chance of winning. The Packers have to be the most unappreciative franchise in the whole NFL. Rodgers winning his third MVP gets nothing more than a shoulder shrug from Murphy and Gutekunst who are ready to dump him as soon as they can. Even Wentz could demand a trade and the eagles made it happen for him. But the Packers can’t compromise on anything Rodgers wants? Surely his demands would have to be easier to deal with than a trade situation which has to involve dealing with negotiations for compensation. It seems like everything with Rodgers can be handled within the organization, yet it remains unfixable because the Packers are too stuck in their ways.

    Rodgers could potentially sit the whole season and it won’t hurt him at all. He can easily make the money back when he gets traded to a new team or cut and signs as a free agent. So far it seems the Packers are fine doing that at risk to their season. And if Rodgers doesn’t play there are consequences for the entire time. Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Zadarious Smith, Preston Smith, Adrian Amos, Kenny Clark, and Jaire Alexandar are also in their best years right now. So if Rodgers doesn’t play they’re also wasting a year of every one of those players because they would be playing a year with a reduced chance of winning with a first year quarterback in Jordan Love. If you actually want to make the superbowl, you need to be a first or second round seed. Wild card teams almost never make it. But it seems like the Packers are cool taking that risk. They’re willing to waste an entire season of not just Rodgers but every other player on the team all because they’re too stuck in their ways and can’t make a deal.

    1. MMSUCKS June 16, 2021

      A very rational point of view. Thank you!

  16. NobodysBurfect June 15, 2021

    Packers fans have experienced some sad shit – NFC championship losses, careers cut short by injury, wasted draft picks, a mentally decaying GM, a coach running a stale offense with the most talented QB to ever play the game at the helm…


    But good God. In all my years watching this team, the saddest fucking thing I’ve seen is the front office bootlickers turn on Aaron. The man dragged our sorry asses to more success than the team deserved for 2/3rds of his career. I hope you fuckers get your wish, I really do – and as we collapse, and turn into the West New York Jets (but with a shittier defense), you will hear my laughter wafting through the breeze.



    1. Joefan June 15, 2021

      You are so right. I’m frustrated there are so many people taking the side of management. Im not sure if some of them are serious or trolls.

      There are multiple seasons the packers didnt deserve to be in the playoffs but they were because of rodgers. Im thinking of 2013 when he was able to come back and win the last game of the year to get them in the wildcard. Then in 2016 when they started 4-6. Most teams aren’t going to make the playoffs at 4-6 never mind make it all the way to the nfc championship.

      1. PF4L June 15, 2021

        Isn’t 2016 the season we ran the table?
        I can’t be sure, but isn’t that the season we won 8 straight games going into the NFCCG?
        The same season Jordy led the league in TD’s i believe.
        Remember?…..the same Jordy who “lost it” and was deemed too old. At the exact same time Rodgers got injured in 2017.
        Hell of a coincidence amirite?
        So what happened in the NGCCG……
        Well….it’s tough getting to the SB allowing 44 points.
        It’s tough when the defense gives up almost 500 yards (493)….once again.
        It’s tough when Matt Ryan throws for 392 yards, 4 TD’s, 0 picks, a 10.4 yard average
        On the bright side, the defense held Ryan’s passer rating under 140 (139.4).
        Packer running backs carried the rock 12 times for 39 yards.
        So lets put our heads together and figure out why all that was Rodgers fault.

        1. joefan June 15, 2021

          Now I just triggered myself by bringing up the 2016 season which ended in another playoff blowout. I don’t remember the running backs rushing for so little yards, but I’m not surprised. The running backs that year were Montgomery and Michaels who was released by Seattle. It was another patch job team being dragged to the playoffs by an all time epic Rodgers season. The only good thing is I don’t remember thinking the Packers had a chance to win after the first drive where the defense couldn’t stop anything the falcons did. That would continue the whole day.

          1. Cheese June 16, 2021

            Patch job indeed. That was the year they started the season with only two RB’s on the roster. Brilliant, hey? After both guys went down, the front office refused to go pick up another RB so the team converted a WR to RB and acted like they were geniuses because Montgomery had one good game against the Bears who had no idea what to expect. After that, it just looked like a WR trying to play RB.
            So that means the top rusher in 2016 was a WR (Montgomery, 457 yds), and the second leading rusher was a QB (Rodgers, 369 yds). Sounds like a Super Bowl winning backfield if I ever did see one. #STACKED #RB’SAREFORLOSERS

          2. PF4L June 17, 2021

            To this day, i think that was a bad move on Montgomery’s part.
            The Packers used him as a pawn because they were inept at the time in roster building.
            The reason (i think) Montgomery acquiesced in changing positions is the Packers sold him on the idea he’d get more playing time and make more money.
            It was also discussed that he was injured too much. So part of that solution is moving him to running back?
            That made no sense.
            Here’s what i know….his career target catch rate is 73.6%. Even a simpleton like Tommy could tell you that’s damn impressive.

      2. NobodysBurfect June 15, 2021

        @Joefan – the image of Ladarius fucking Gunter trying haphazardly trying to cover Julio Jones will always be burned in my brain.



        1. Mick June 16, 2021

          Ladarius Gunter, now that brings up painful memories. If I remember right, nobody in that secondary could stop any of the Falcons receivers.

    2. MMSUCKS June 16, 2021

      Amen NobodysBurfect! 100%

  17. PF4L June 16, 2021

    The Rodgers/Packers drama, according to PF4L……..
    I wish Rodgers just play out the season, and get traded at the beginning of 2022,when it’s more advantageous timing wise.
    Both sides share responsibility in this mess. The equity of blame is open to interpretation.
    The best opportunity for Rodgers to be traded was with the 49ers before they traded up in the draft. The Packers seemingly didn’t want to discuss it. But you can’t help but wonder in retrospect, if they wish they had.
    May through July is not the optimum time for a trade, for Rodgers or the Packers.
    We have to acknowledge, we as fans have have limited knowledge, we didn’t have a front row seat behind the scenes to make total judgement.
    But, what do we know…….
    (1) The Packers over the years have ignored Rodgers desire to share input, failing to treat Rodgers as a vital partner in this team regarding (at least some input) in key personnel moves.
    (2) Facts….point to the conclusion that it was highly likely the Packers picking Love in the first round was by design, even months before the draft.
    (3) MM, BG…..are smart people. They know Aaron Rodgers, better than we do. They have known his personality quirks and his displeasure for not being involved over the years.
    So in deciding to draft Love….they “consciously” made the decision not to inform Rodgers of possible plans to spend resources drafting a QB, vs trying to improve immediate team needs being so close to a Super Bowl appearance.
    In simplistic terms…..they were well aware before the draft, that they were creating a situation of inevitable conflict with Rodgers.
    (4) The Packers can act like they didn’t anticipate this problem all they want, the truth is, they knowingly created it.
    (1) Rodgers has a very strong penchant for being highly sensitive, holding grudges, and being disrespected.
    I know this….his teammates knows this….the Packers know this….the world knows this.
    (2) Rodgers feeling the way he does has been consistent, ever since April 23rd, 2005.
    (3) Again….i wish Rodgers would just play out the season giving it one last shot with the Packers, and then be traded early in 2020. But it’s not my call , Rodgers is highly intelligent, who does his own thinking and can make his own decisions.
    Thoughts from out in the ether…..in 16 NFL seasons……
    (1) This is the first time that Rodgers has had a reported contract issue.
    Even when he outperformed his contract, he always handled it with class…… stating his contract would work itself out in time, when asked in interviews.
    (2) This is the first time in 16 years, that Rodgers has missed any camp time whatsoever.
    How many blue chip players can say the same thing over a 16 year timeline?
    Put things in perspective and look at the big picture. Then, maybe, maybe….even the Rodgers haters can show a semblance of respect. But i doubt it.

    1. MMSUCKS June 18, 2021

      As usual PF4L, good points that speak volumes to what has happened in Green Bay for the past 20 plus years. If only Packer Homers had the cognitives to realize these points, and not be so easily gas-lit by the obvious hypocrisy and obfuscation from the Packer’s front office year in and year out. Murphy is an outrageous DICK for the way that he is painting this; especially by the way that he is NOT even following his own advice. Murphy IS the one who has been stirring the pot, NOT Rodgers. The arrogance in the Packers hierarchy WILL be their downfall . . . but even more importantly? The Packer fans will be the ones paying the price for believing Murphy and his minions for this fucked up pissing match. No one wins with this shit-show. Fuck MM.

      1. PF4L June 19, 2021

        Thank you good Sir…..
        There has been a pattern over the last decade, that your most likely aware of.
        Some of us have been way ahead of the curve on Packer Management/Coaches in years past.
        By that i mean our critique of Capers, McCarthy, Thompson, and Murphy years ago. In doing so we suffered the verbal wrath of those apologist who defended them. But we knew better.
        We believed we were correct, and we never wavered
        As time and years went by….we were all vindicated. What we talked about years ago, today’s talking heads on ESPN and NFL Network were/are repeating the same things we were posting….years before.
        The last 2 or 3 years, i watch Sports talk shows on TV, and i hear them say the same things we were all saying, years before that.
        I’d be watching and thinking…..this is your first clue, where have you been?
        Remember?….guys like E Wolf, phatguz, and others would get on our shit….lol.
        And now you have the new breed, some still here…the clueless ones who loved/still love McCarthy, and take shots at Rodgers.
        Because they only know 2 HOF QB’s and they don’t know any better, or appreciate exactly how rare having HOF QB’s for 30 years means.
        Like….the Packers will always have a HOF QB……clueless
        At this point, the dysfunction has gone on too long…fuck it, i don’t care anymore, 2 SB’s were won, but otherwise the damage has been done. Too many wasted years i’ve invested.
        If Rodgers doesn’t play….i’m cool with that. Gute can bring his new hero in….i’ll crack open a cold one and watch the show.

        1. joefan June 21, 2021

          Over the years reading fan comments online, a common phrase was “In Ted We Trust.” Basically, the idea was that the Packers didn’t need to do risky free agent moves because they would always draft and develop. Then as long as they had Rodgers they were good enough to make the playoffs, which is kind of ironic because people are now downplaying Rodgers and saying they can still have chance at the playoffs with Jordan Love because he’s a franchise caliber qb. I don’t know if those are the same people. If they are that would be funny since they said before how important he is to the team, but now they’re saying they’ll be fine without him. Anyways, after the Cardinals Divisional playoff loss and the NFC Championship loss to the Falcons, I really started to think about the strength of these Packers teams. Yeah they had made the playoffs most years that Rodgers played. So a lot of people defended the Packers management because of the “success.” Meanwhile, I’m watching the Packers suffer more playoff embarrassment and becoming more convinced they’ve had bad teams for years, but most fans aren’t seeing that because they’re convinced that getting to the playoffs is all that matters. I think they are still stuck on some weird bias after the Packers 2010 Superbowl where they made it as a wildcard team. According to Wikipedia and other sites, since 1970, only 7 wildcard teams have won the superbowl. 10 wildcard teams appeared. That seems like bad odds to me and why I’m not interested in being just good enough to appear in the playoffs. I saw some people express the idea as well that the playoffs were a crapshoot and there’s no guarantee of winning. So if you get to the playoffs then that’s good enough although I think according to these statistics that is disproven. Wild card teams have a huge disadvantage. But still that was used as justification for the Packers to be so conservative. Don’t spend money on free agents because there is no guarantee! Meanwhile there is a guarantee that if you’re a “just good enough” playoff team your chances of going to the superbowl are very low. I’m not surprised the Packers could squeeze 10 or so wins a year vs the average teams, but then lost to the elite in the playoffs.

          1. Dean June 21, 2021

            Draft and develop maybe had a chance to work back when rookies were able to have more practice time with OTAs, quarterback school, and basically more off season training time. Now rookies have to make the practice squad to get that extra practice time.

  18. Mick June 16, 2021

    All good points PF4L. Rodgers has to sit back and think rationally and realize his best chance at another championship;;;;;; right now, is with the Packers. That’s if, winning another ring in the near future, is his top priority. Even that is not a guarantee. If he gets his wish of moving to another team, he’ll have to get used to his new teammates, system, and coaches. That takes time and it’s not guaranteed to work either. On the other side of the coin, Murphy needs to shut the hell up. He is a good business man, but he sorely lacks in handling people on the football side of things. And; he proves it every time he opens his mouth. So, as you said previously, both sides are at fault.

    1. PF4L June 16, 2021

      Mick….i’ve said, after the trade (wasn’t announced), maybe even before that. That Rodgers would be under center for the Packers come September.
      I mostly still believe that.
      But….Rodgers is a wildcard as far as predictability. By that i think he was more pissed off than he’s ever been. So the question is. Did he see enough to actual not want to play for the Packers under any conditions?
      Could he really hold out, and force a trade?
      The reason i believe that could happen, is that i think Rodgers has high credibility, secondly, this man doesn’t just forgive and forget. All the reason why i keep saying the Packers know that, and still consciously created the issue.
      Who knows…maybe that was the Packers way of trying to shoo him out, trying to be blameless in the public eye.
      I have no doubt Rodgers has damn serious problems with the Packers, just as i have no doubt the Packers knowingly planted the seed creating the problem.
      Rodgers won’t retire, i’d put serious money on that. Too many monetary considerations.
      I expect to see him under center(90%), but if he holds out(10%). I wouldn’t be shocked.
      The Packers front office has been run for years with no accountability. Largely due to the play of Rodgers.
      Maybe Rodgers is done providing job security for those who keep fucking with him.

      1. PF4L June 16, 2021

        As far as Murphy speaking…..
        Murphy?….DON’T BE THE PROBLEM!!
        That’s the t-shirt Rodgers should have worn.


        1. PF4L June 17, 2021

          Concerning the Packers and Rodgers, Jay Glazer on the Pat McAfee show…” I don’t understand why they keep fucking with him”.
          Interesting to note……that people whose business is the NFL, whether it be a talking head, past coaches, current and past players….they mostly seem to all agree, that the Packers have done Rodgers wrong. When i say agree, i mean in the 90’s percentile.
          So i don’t give a flying fuck what cheeto eating couch potato’s like Tommy has to say about it. The people in the NFL business agree.
          My advice to people like Tommy is concentrate on your own career. Make G D sure my order is right, so i don’t have to circle back around in the drive thru.

          1. Tom M June 17, 2021

            PF4L, the sweetest of Templeton’s. In a lifetime you couldn’t match my education or my salary. Keep your advice to those with whom you work. In the food service or manufacturing industry…..

          2. PF4L June 17, 2021

            That statement alone you just made is ludicrous on it’s face.
            Tell me where i work, tell me my salary, tell me how tall i am?
            You’re as clueless, as your statement.
            You seem obsessed to keep wanting to sell us on how smart you are?
            It’s your world, paint the sky any color you’d like.
            We both know one thing…nobody in here would piss on you if you were on fire.
            They’d wait until the fire was out.
            Have a nice day :)

          3. Ferris June 17, 2021

            The more people talk the less I believe. I’ll throw down degrees and W2/1099s Tom. Should we meet up to do it at the 50 yard line on opening day at Lambeau? Let me know.

  19. Sal June 17, 2021

    Quitting on your team is a bitch move, even when you’re an MVP QB. Ultimately I think Rodgers cares far too much about what people think of him to just go out as the bad guy in the situation, so he will likely come back for one more season as a victory lap for the fans. I know the team gets significantly worse for at least a couple years if he walks, but I don’t care. He’s just another douchebag with too much money and pride for his own good to me now.

    1. rebelgb June 19, 2021

      Amen Sal.

  20. rebelgb June 19, 2021

    At least if the whiny little bitch drama queen Aaron goes away people like PF4L will go away since the love of their lives is gone…..

    1. PF4L June 19, 2021

      You tell em Rebel!!